mother daughter lesbian adventures finale



lisa woke the next morning, had a shower and got dressed, kim and jen were at th table having some breakfast, lisa sat down said good morning to them and poored herself a coffee,
“i was telling jen about the playroom we are building” kim said to her mother
“oh yeah, about that, i have a little surprise for you, come with me” lisa led kim and jen down into the basement, the girls were gobsmacked to see the room fully kitted out, the showers the paddling pools the sex machines the shelves of toys and the giant bed.
“oh my god mom when did you do this?”
“yesterday thats why i was so tired” lisa explained
“why didnt you know bring us down here last night?”
“i wanted to save the grand opening for tonight, you and jen get michelle over and i will get some people i know around and we will open this playroom in style tonight.
“ok mommy.” kim said excitedly.
“we’ll kick off at nine oclock.” with that they girls went back up stairs and sat around the kitchen table again and finished thier breakfast. jen decided to go home to get some sleep for the night ahead, lisa and kim gave jen a lift home they say arrange to pick her up later on then say thier goodbyes. on the way back kim drives while lisa phones her friends from vaness, samantha and sky. she tells them about her new play room an how she would like them to come over that night to try it out, both sky and samantha agreed to be there. kim and lisa stopped off and bought some wine for the night ahead. when they arrived home kim went up stairs and lisa went out into the garden she removed all her clothes and walked around her garden naked feeling the sun on her body, kim could see her mother in the garden from her window she watched mother for a while rubbing her nipple, kim took off her top and rubbed her tits hard stiill watching her mother naked in the garden. kim slipped off her skirt, went down stairs lisa, still naked, came into the house and walked into the livingroom to be confronted by kim sat back on the couch naked with her legs spread, lisa said nothing, she knew the time had come to fuck her daughter she,walked towards her, knelt down and started to slowly lick kims pussy, it was wetter then it had ever been, lisa licked her daughters cunt some more before reaching up to kims big tits, lisa sucked as hard as she could on kims nipples making them errected, lisa moved higher to kims mouth they kissed passionatly as thier hands moved across eachothers bodies feeling every part. kim sucked hard on her mothers tongue and squeezed her mothers huge breasts tightly, lisa stood up straight and pulled kim to sit up, kim was staring at her mothers pussy lisa pushed kims head towards it, kim pushed her face into her mothers wet lips and thrust her tongue deep inside her cunt, lisa placed her hands on the back of kims head and gentley held her in place as kim french kissed lisas pussy, lisa got back down on her knees and took hold of one of her tits and rubbed her nipple quickly over kims clit, kim breathed heavily as she felt the orgasm inside her, lisa moved back and sat on the floor and layed back, kim got on top of her mom facing the other way, her ass rested on lisas face, lisa pushed her togue into kims pussy and began licking, kim layed down and licked her mothers clit, lisa slipped her mouth over kims asshole and pushed here tongue inside, kim sat up pushing her ass into her mothers face, forcing lisas tongue deeper into kims ass, kim moved herself down lisas body she sat between her mothers legs and pshed her cunt against lisas, both women began to grind there pussys together, thier moans grew louder as they scissored hard, they came at the same time, kim moved over her mother and sucked on one of her huge tits, she pushed two fingers into lisas wet cunt and thrust them in and out as fast as she she could lisa reached up between kims legs and pushed her fingers in kim and followed kims lead, soon kim felt herself coming again and moved herself over her mothers face, lisa finshed kims orgasm off with her tongue deep in kims pussy, kim reached back and continued to finger her mother, lisas moans grew louder as she she grew closer to her next orgasm, they moved back to a 69 position and fingered each others assholes whilst licking thier clits until they came again, both lying back on the sofa they sucked thier each others fingers after removing them from thier asses, they kissed each other passionatly and squeezed thier tits, lisa Escort got off the couch and got on all fours in front of it facing away, she reached back and took hold of kims leg, then guided it into her pussy from the couch kim jolted her leg back and fourth pushing more and more into her mother, lisa felt a huge orgasm building and pulled kims foot from her cunt, she pulled kim onto the floor and rolled her over so she was resting on her shoulders and neck, kim lowered her knees towards her tits so her ass was sticking up in the air, lisa ran her tongue over kims asshole and throw here pussy lips, then with one fooy eitherside of kim, lisa squatted over kim, thier ass checks touching, lisa then held kims pussy open and began wanking her own clit, it didnt take long before she began to spay her pussy juice down on to kim, a long stream of hot juice fired into kims pussy filling it kim felt it run down the crack of her ass and down her stomach towards her tits, lisa kept wanking and spraying her juice down on to kims body and face, kim opened her mouth to catch nd swallow as much as she could, lisa finished coming and instanlty licked up the juice running down kims ass, she placed her mouth over kims filled pussy and sucked out all of her love juice, holding it in her mouth lisa moved to kims face , they placed thier mouths together and shared the love juice, keeping it in thier mouth as they french kissed for as long as they could, lisa layed back down on her back and postioned kim to squat over her, lisa took kims hand and placed it on kims pussy and then moved kims hand back and fourth over her clit, motioning her to wank her pussy like lisa did, kim looked down at her mom and told her she didnt know how to and everytime she had tried all she did was piss, lisa simply smiled and told her to try, kim wanked herself into a frenzy, she screamed as she came, she pushed hard and began tp piss all over her mothers tits, niether of them seemed to care, lisa was reaching her head up with her mouth wide open trying to get a taste, kim responded and aimed a little higher, pissing into her mothers face and mouth, lisa let her mouth fill with piss and let it pour out down her chin and over her tits, as kim stopped pissing her mother pushed her face into kims still dripping cunt, kim could feel her mother sucking on kims meat, kimbent down and kissed her mother with an open mouth tasting her piss on lisas face and in her mouth, she layed back down on her soaked mom and heavily kissed her mouth and piss soaked tits, kim was cumimg without being touched now, the thrill of what she was doing was enough to make her orgasm again, kim begged her mom to do the same to her, lisa got kim to kneel up and lisa stood behind her, lisa then pushed her cunt against the top of kims head and began to piss, kim felt the warm liquid run down her head and over her face like a shower, she looked down and watched the piss run down her face over her tits and down her stomach, kim put one hand against her stomach and let it fill with her mothers piss before rubbing it into her own pussy., she then tilted her head back and opened her mouth and let it fill again, this time with her mothers piss, before spitting it out on to her body. lisa stepped round to kims front and got back down on her knees, both saoked with piss and come the kissed, rolling thier tongues in each others mouths and running thier hands over and into thier bodys for what seemed like hours, eventualy they stopped kissing and looked at each other, and at the same time both said.
“i wanted to do that for ages.” they laughed and kissed some more before both getting up and hand in hand went for a shower, they washed each other clean and then cleaned up the living room, before laying together naked on the sofa, they watched tv to pass the time, strocking each others bodys.
before long there was a knock on the door, lisa and kim answered it together, still both naked, it was michelle and jen, they both smiled and entered the house and kissed the mother and daughter with open mouths, kim led the girls into the living room and gave them both a glass of wine before helping them remove thier clothes, lisa came in and all the women sat naked on the couch drinking wine, talking and laughing. soon there was another knock on the door, again lisa and kim went and answered, this time it was samantha, she looked a little surprised to see lisa and her daughter greeting her nude, but was instantly Escort Bayan arroused lisa introduced samantha to kim, who immediatly pressed her naked body against samantha kissed her and ran her hands over samanthas tits, samantha looked back at lisa who then also kissed her and smiled, samantha felt very relaxed, kim took her into the living room where jen and michelle were sitting, they both got up, introduced thierselves to samantha before kissing her, samanthas fantasies were coming to life as three young girls she didnt know slowly stripped her naked, she felt six hands move over her naked body, she reached out and cupped her hands over jen and michelle’s pussies and then up thier stomachs and onto thier tits, jen and michelle sat samantha down on the sofa, then sat either side of her and each placed a hand on samnthas legs and ran them up and down, touching her pussy as they did. samantha placed a hand on each girl tit and slowly rubbed them, they all talked laughed and kissed, lisa and kim stood at the doorway, with lisa slightly behind, kim watching thier friends becoming more intamate, as they did lisa put her hand down under kims ass to her pussy and pushed her finger inside and began to slowly pleasure her daughter, kim breathed heavily as she felt her mothers finger pumping inside her, no one had noticed and kim wasnt sure how they would react to a mother figering her daughter, but she threw caution to the wind, turned to face lisa kissed her and rubbed her pussy, the three other women looked on getting turned on by what they saw, soon the thre were kissing and rubbing each others cunts too, the door bell rang again, and again kim and lisa went to answer it, sky was greeted by the naked mother daughter team, kim had a hand on lisas massive tit, using her finger to circle lisas nipple, lisa introduced sky to kim, the pair shared a long passionate kiss, then as before kim led sky into the living room, sky unbuttoned her coat to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneathe, kim took sky by the hand and pulled her onto the coach with the other women, lisa watched as the five women kissed fondeled each other drank wine and laughed, all were very relaxed and happy to do anything with one another. lisa poured herself some wine and joined in, after a few five bottles between them lisa announced it was time and le everyone into the basement, all the women gasped as they looked around at all the toys and things to try, jen took kim to the paddling pool with the clay in it and pushed her in, she then jumped in with her and began wrestling with her soon they were both covered in wet mud, the rest of the women climbed in and all began play fighting and rubbing the mud into each other, tits slipped in and out of thier hands, all six women slid over the others bodys soon it was hard to tell whos body parts were whos as they rolled around together in the mud, samantha was laying on her back with another girl resting on top of her facing the other way with her legs spread wide open samantha was staring at whoever its was mud covered pussy, then all of a sudden lisa lent over samantha and began slapping her huge wet muddy tits in samanthas face, samantha laughed and tried to get hold of lisas tits but the wet mud made it impossible. after a while all the women climbed out and into the walk in shower, they washed the mud from one another dried off and then went to explore the playroom, samantha and michelle got on the see-saw, a sex machine that worked in the same way as a see-saw with a dildo on each seat that rose up and down as the person on the other seat pushed up or down. kim sat on the potty dildo from michelles shop, sky used the long bench machine that lisa had tried, lisa and jen used motor operated dildos and jen sat on the sybian machine, the room filled with the sound of pumping motors and orgasming women, as they came they moved around swapping machines all of them cam on each machine. after they had worked up a sweat the women walked over to the wall, lisa samantha and sky cuffed themselves to the wall, thier hands stretched high above the lisa was on the end next to her was sky then samantha, kim knelt infront of samantha, jen infront of sky and michelle infront of lisa, the three younger women all had butt plugs in thier asses, on thier knees they began to finger and lick the the pussy of the women chained up infront of them, when all three women had cum the three on thier knees moved down a person Bayan Escort and started to lick and finger them again, they kept going until the chained women came again, a third time the girls moved down a place,this time kim was eating her mothers cunt, no one seemed to care at all, and kim loved the taste of her mothers sweet pussy. for a third time the chained women came, this time the three girls stood up they kissed and sucked on the cuffed womens tits, as they did they pulled the dummy shaped but plugs from thier asses and placed them into the shackled womens mouths, lisa sucked on her daughters but plug while kim uncuffed her, jen and michelle uncuffed samantha and sky, the women swapped places, kim jen and michelle chained themselves to the wall while lisa samantha and sky removed the but plugs from thier mouths and pushed them into thier asses, they then got on thier knees and repeated what kim jen and michelle had done, when they had all tongued out each of the girls they stood up and agian like the girls had done to them placed the but plugs in thier mouths, the girls sucked hard on them as they were unchained. all six women grabbed various toys and then got onto the big round bed jen laid on her back while kim got on all fours, she took hold of one of the vibrators and pushed it into jens pussy samantha put on a strap on, got behind kim and began to fuck kims wet cunt, sky climbed over jen and sat on her face pushing her pussy into jens mouth, jen pushed her tongue inside sky licking at her juices behind them lisa and michelle sixty nined. sky climbed off jens face and over to lisa and michelle, she sat on one side of them and reached her hands to each of thier assholes then pushed a finger deep into each one, she fingerd them hard in the ass while they licked each others cunts, kim slipped the vibrator out of jens cunt and into her ass and continued to pump it, samantha did the same pulling the strap on out of kim and pushing it into her ass, kim pushed back hard against it feeling the strap on thrust deep inside her asshole, jen turned around still on her back and moved inn under kim and licked at her pussy, kim lowered her head to jens pussy and started to lick and suck on it. lisa and michelle each pushed a finger into skys ass and pussy and finger fucked her hard. the room filled with the sound of women moaning in extascy, kim jen and michelle layed on the edge of the bed, while lisa, sky and samantha put on strap ons, stood between each girls legs and fucked them hard, the three girls played with each others tits as the three women pumped them with thier fake cocks the three girls screamed in orgasm they came hard and together the girls could hardly breath, the women then pulled off thier strap ons and and climbed over the girls and rubbed thier clits hard, each one of them cried out as they began to spray thier juices over the girls faces, lisa picked up a large jug and the three women sprayed thier juices into it , it was soon filled, when the girls had stopped kissing the pussy juice from thier faces they sat up, lisa took the jug of her sky and samnthas love juice and poured it into six tall glasses the six women downed the glasses of women cum, lisa grabbed five straws and took the the remaining juice in the jug, she sat down, lisa rolled back and rested on the back of her neck and sholders, her pussy was now facing the ceiling, she used her fingers to open her pussy then poured the last of the love juice into her, filling her cunt, she then placed the straws in, the rest of the girls knelt down and took hold of a straw then altogether sucked the juice from lisas pussy, the women then layed on the bed and formed themselves into a large circle, all laying down, they each ate the pussy and asshole of the women in front of them. kim jen and michelle screamed as they came again and again, each time lisa samantha and sky came they shot out a stream of warm love juice over kim jen and michelle which made them lick harder and faster, by the end all women were exhausted thier pussies throbbed from multiple orgasms. they all headed for the shower and cleaned each other before heading back upstairs, all six women sat around the living room still naked, drinking wine laughing and touching one another. they agreed to make it a weekly thing between them. they drank into the early hours and one by one got dressed and left, untill only kim and her mother lisa remained.
“that was so good” kim said
“it really was, and i dont think anyone cared about me and you doing stuff either” replied lisa.
“me either.” added kim. the two women shared a long kiss, before going to bed.


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