Mother And Son, A Tale Of Forbidden Love- Part 5

Mother And Son, A Tale Of Forbidden Love- Part 5
That afternoon, Dev came home.

There she was, his mother clad in blue chiffon Saree. She served him lunch and stood near him. But his eyes were all set to his mother alone. He pulled his chair back, got up, gazed at his mother
“You look so beautiful” He removed her saree. Clad in light blue blouse and petticoat, he lifted his mom and went to his bed. He lifted her petticoat and ate her, they made love and mother and son fed each other.

That night Priya, slipped out of her room and snuggled together with Dev. They hugged, kissed and played.
“There is one thing I want to do with you Ma..I want to make love with you a whole day!”

“May God grant us such wish beta!” Priya whispered. She got up very early that morning and went back to her husband.
That morning, Priya woke up to see Ravi packing his suit case.
“Business trip…I won’t be home for a few days…Dev will look after you”
Priya couldn’t contain her excitement.

That morning Deva, got up late. He went to the kitchen, He saw Priya at the sink doing the dishes. She wore a blue chiffon saree. Dev watched the way saree accentuated her curves and her fertile hips. He got an enormous hardon. Priya was caught unaware by Dev’s hands. He wrapped his hands around her waist and nibbled her earlobes

“Good morning maa!”
“Good morning my darling son”
Dev traced his fingers along her hips and rubbed his hands against her buttock. Priya let her pallu fall and closed her eyes as Dev traced his fingers through her spine
“Where is Dad?”
“Gone to some buiseness trip..” Priya gasped.
“Good” Dev said.

“What do you want me to do Maa?”
“Today is a special day son. I want you to massage me with heated oil”
“I can’t wait to do that!” Dev exclaimed.
Priya seductively removed her saree, clad in her blouse and petticoat, she lay down on the floor.

Dev heated the oil and mixed the herbs.

Priya lay on the floor. Dev poured the oil on her navel, as it overflowed, he gently spread them across her belly. Priya bit her lips as her son oiled her fleshy belly. He then removed her blouse and poured oil on her cleavage. He kneaded both her breasts and poured more oil till he could freely move his hand over her flesh.
“Ohhh beta, my body feels good!” Priya moaned. He poured oil over her hands and her armpits. Then he massaged her thighs, knees, the place behind her knees, her milky white calves and her feet. He then made her turn around. He gently poured oil on her back and massaged through her spine. He poured oil on her waist and rubbed towards the top, kneading her breasts he went back down. He slid her petticoat and panties down and put his finger inside her butthole. Priya flinched.

He oiled his mother’s ass crack, then caressed her ass cheeks one by one covering everything with oil.
“I’m finished maa!”
“That was so good beta. Now my turn”

Priya poured oil over her son’s muscular chest and spread it evenly. She then rubbed his shoulders. She massaged his taut stomach and strong ribs. She massaged his lean strong legs, his muscular thighs, his broad back.

She poured oil on his balls and penis and rubbed them with abandon. Priya jerked his cock and rubbed it with her fingers until it became rock hard. He raised his torso from the floor and spread his legs straight. His mother placed her legs around Dev’s hips and gently wrapped him.

“Do you know what this position is called” Priya asked
“I don’t know”

“This is called the lotus” Priya said as she brought her pussy and pressed it into her son’s hardon. They made love in that position, gazing into each other, Dev pressed her back deeply towards him as Priya moaned in pleasure. The room resounded with sounds of “spluch spluch “ as the mother and son made love. Priya rode Dev’s pole like an a****l in heat. Dev and Priya climaxed together…hugging each other they kissed passionately and tenderly.

They both lay on the floor like that for some time.
They laughed, shared stories, teased each other. Priya licked and bit Dev’s nipples. Dev teased his mother’s clitoris, bringing her to another dashing orgasm. They went to the bathroom. The mother and the son rubbed soap over each other’s body. They stood within the shower. Dev soaped her breasts, the crevice between the breasts, her armpits, her ass crack, the back of her calves, the sole of her feet. She stood facing the wall with both her hands on the wall, stretching her legs a bit. She turned to Dev
“Turn off the shower beta!”

“Put your finger into my arse, can you do that?”
“Ohh yes maa!

“Goood! Slowly penetrate in…yes now put both your fingers inside” her asshole was well lubricated thanks to oil massage.
“Now place your cock in mommy’s entrance…enter me slowly…oh yes…slowly Deva…yess..go deeper…yes!!! “
“you like this mommy, you like your son’s cock in your ass”
“Oh yes baby…I love this, now fuck her asshole”
Dev began his drilling work. Holding her fertile hips, he thrust deeper and deeper. Her asshole was hot and tight as anything.

As he fucked his mother’s ass hole he fingered her pussy making Priya moan and scream like a bitch in heat.
“ahhhhhh…mfffff…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….I’mmmm cummmmmmming…ahhhh” Priya’s body shook in yet another waves of orgasm. Dev withdrew his monster but it was still hard.
They turned on the shower. Dev leaned his mother against the wall, she wrapped her legs around him. He positioned himself at her entrance.
“ready for another ride?”
“Oh yes beta…uffffff” she let a soft moan as her son once again invaded her deep treasure…
“Oh you want me huh mom”
“I want you beta…fuck me,…..ahhhh ahhhh ahhhha hhhha hhhha uff ufff ufff mmhh yeaahhh yeahhh fuck your mother like that, yeah…don’t stop my son, breed me, mate with me, impregnate me with your seed baby, make your mom pregnant, give her a baby..yeaahhh…ohhhh…issssss betaaa…Deva….fuck me dev” she feverishly moaned as her son made love to her. He gave her multiple orgasms.
“Take me to bed and fuck me again my son!”

Dev walked towards the bedroom, dropped her on the bed and began ramming his cock into her cunt
“Take It maa….this is for you maaa”

“Ohhh beta, sweet son…ohhhh make love to me , drill me uffff ufff uffff haaa yess ufff ahhh ahhha hhhh oh ohhhhhhh mmmmfffffffffffffff oh yea baby….hit me harder, deeper…yaa yaaa.. fast, fuck me faster son…yeah yah…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Iiiii’mmm commmming “ Priya’s body shook as impending waves of orgasm torrented past her body.
“I’m going to cum Maa” Dev warned.
“Come inside me son, release into your mother!” Priya moaned. Dev again released loads of cum into his mother’s fertile unprotected womb.
Both lay on the bed exhausted. After some time, they got up and dried each other’s clothes with the towel. They kissed and smooched each other.
Dev helped Priya put on her saree. He fell asleep.
Later that evening, the mother and son had a good time, shopping and simply staying in love.

That night, Dev did the cooking and Priya was busy cleaning the mess and bedsheets when the doorbell rang.
Priya opened the door to find Uma.
“Hey Uma! Come in!” Priya welcomed her home.

They spent some time chitchatting and finally Priya asked the reason for the visit. Uma’s face turned pale

“I’m sorry to say this Priya didi but Ravi Sir and me had many intimate moments. You know I was desperate for a job, Ravi took advantage of that and used me. I pleaded with him but he would not budge. He promised me that he’d take care of my expenses and support my parents…..Now I’m pregnant Priya didi, I’m pregnant with Ravi Sir’s c***d….and now he had dismissed me from the company, he pretends as if he do not know me. I am helpless and trapped”
At that point Dev came in. He listened to her story.
“Uma, I promise to help you!” Dev assured.
“Take a DNA test and in two weeks’ time, bring your parents here and fix the marriage between you and father”
“Whaaaaaat?” Uma and Priya was shocked.
“Do as I say. You’ll be safe. Go home and get the test done soon” Dev said.
“Thank you Didi, thank you Dev Sir..Ravi Sir will be here any minute. Please don’t tell about my visit or he will kill me” Uma said.

Dev moved around with a determined look on his face.
“Do you love me mother” Dev asked.
“I love you beta”

“Would you live with me…”
“I don’t know…I’m..I’m”
Dev held her shoulders
“Tonight, sleep with father”

“No Dev..I can’t I want you…”
“See maa…you already proved you need me….Now you have to do this Ma, sleep with him tonight”
“My bastard husband has ruined so many lives son, bloody cheat, cunning son of a bitch!!!” Mother couldn’t contain her anger.
“We’ll get away from his clutches ma…”
Soon there was sound of a car. It was Ravi.

“Ma,,act as if nothing happened” Dev said.
Ravi came home.
“How did the trip go?”
“It went well Priya. I’m tired. Need some sleep”
“Get some dinner first”
They had the dinner. Dev retired to room early and closed the door.
At about midnight, Dev texted his mother

ME:“Are you awake ma?”
MOM: “I’m awake and HORNY…I need you beta! Can I come to you”
ME: “You must not maa! Dad asleep?”
ME: Open your door.
MOM: Okay.

Dev got out of his room, wearing his boxers. He went to his dad’s room and opened the door, Priya stood by the door in her nightgown
“Your dad’s asleep beta, love me…take me to your room” Priya pleaded.
Dev lifted her and placed her on the master bed next to his snoring Dad
“Are you crazy beta! We might get caught!” the risk factor surely aroused Priya.

Being loved by her son while her husband is sleeping, making love next to him sounded so arousing. Priya allowed dev to eat her pussy, she ate his dick and soon Dev was fucking Priya doggystyle.
“Do you love me maaa”
“yes….yess” she whimpered.
“I love you too mother, you like this huh?”

“yess beta…I love your big cock inside my tight pussy….fuck me…yess…yesss…Deva…yess.. give me …yes yes…ahhh,,,ahhhh…I’m your slut Deva, I’m yours take me,breed your mother…ahhhh,…ahhh”
“Please slow down Deva…your dad….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she let a huge moan as Dev grinded and stimulated her g spot
“Uffffffff…..ohhhhhhhhhhh….” Priys’s loud moan awakened the sleeping Ravi..

When Ravi opened his eyes he saw his wife nakes, her mangalasutra swaying and Dev pounding her from behind
“Whaaat” Ravi roared
“How dare you!” Ravi got down from the bed. Dev held up a flash drive, as he thrust his mother. Ravi stopped at seeing the flash drive. Priya was shocked and embarrassed at her situation she almost froze.

“Dev ,you son of a bitch!! How could you do this? “
“I’m not going to explain anything to you, your wife is my lover. She is mine. Now look, I know what you did to Uma, I know she is carrying your c***d…..I put up a proposition” Dev continued.

“You divorce mother, give us one third of your riches and then marry Uma who is carrying your c***d. Doing so will save your business and reputation…If you do anything contrary to this, I will have Uma testify to your relationships…the proof is within this flash drive. I accessed your strong room and I have every tape of your afternoon fuck session with Uma. Transfer everything by tomorrow. Follow us and you will find this video of yours going viral. You promised to take care of Uma, at least be faithful to her”
Ravi had no option but to agree. The deal was done

Dev became a millionaire overnight. Priya divorced her husband. Dev purchased a farm in a remote place….The mother and son changed their names and settled in the farm. They made love under the stars, they made love upon haystacks, they made love on every nook and corner of their new home…Priya grew younger and her health got just fine….

And one day, as they lay on the haystack naked under the stars after a great lovemaking session, Priya lay her head on her husband’s chest and whispered

“Dev, you are going to become a father…”

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