I watched the curve of her side as she slept. Lifted my hand, running my fingers over her curves, tracing her. Her neck to her hip, feeling the smoothness of her skin contrasted against my rough fingers. Reveling in it. Leaning forward to kiss her neck. Licking and nibbling my way down her neck, over those same curves I had touched. Following the trail of my fingers as I explored her. Heard her start to stir as my teeth nipped their way down her spine to her curving ass. Heard her yelp a little as I bit her ass. Not hard, just enough to let her know I was there and what I was doing. Her hand came down and tried to sleepily push me. I grabbed her hand and held it there as I licked the curves of her ass, my teeth again nibbling, then biting down a little harder over her hip.


She sat up and looked at me. “That hurt!”

I winked at her. “I know.” I held her gaze as I leaned down and bit her again in the same spot, then kissed it.

“I’m not going to get any sleep now, am I,” she asked.

“Nope,” I answered with a grin. “I’m up, you should be too.”

She rolled over onto her back, rolling her eyes a little. Seeing this, I bent down and bit her inner thigh.

“Stop it,” she mock warned as she grinned.

“Or what?”

“I’ll do something you might not like to you.”

“Like what,” I challenged her. “I can’t think of anything I don’t like you doing or trying to do to me.”

“You’re Impossible.” I could hear the capital “I” in her declaration.

“Yes, I probably am.”

My head dipped down and I started to lick her belly, nibbling on her navel piercing. She started to giggle and put her hands on my head, trying to push my insistent tongue away. My hands crept up her sides, starting Sivas Escort to tickle her, trying to keep my head still. Between both our efforts to have our way, we both dissolved into laughter after a little bit.

I put my arms around her and pulled her on top of me, pulling her head closer. “I love you.”

She looked at me, “I love you.” Simple meaningful sentences. I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her. Kissing me back, we just lay there for a while, making out.

I broke the kiss by moving my hands to her hips, lifting, moving her up my body.

“Huh, what do you want?”

I kept quiet as I scooted my body under hers, lifting her legs over my shoulders, my lips going to her thighs, kissing her softly.

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed, “next time tell me.” She settled onto my chest as I started to lick her pussy lips softly. Finding her clit with my tongue, teasing her lips open slowly. Knowing it drives her nuts when I tease her. My hands going to her hips, holding her there as I teased.

Feeling her start to move on my tongue, trying to anticipate where I was going to touch, moving her clit to that area, wanting more touch. I surrounded her clit with my lips and started to suck gently, then harder while my tongue laved her. “oooh, yesss.” Not stopping, keeping up the gentle assault on her lips and pussy. Starting to taste her wetness as she warmed up.

My hands going up to her breasts and cupping them, pinching her nipples and pulling on her nipple rings as I tortured her with the attention. Her hands wrapping in my hair, trying to pull away from the intensity. My hands going back to her hips to hold her there, not letting go, not wanting to stop.

She looked down on me as I bit her clit Sivas Escort Bayan gently. “Please?” I love it when she asks me to cum.

I winked at her and semi mumbled yes as I pulled her down on my tongue, making it as hard as I could while slipping it inside her. Her body stiffening a little and then I taste her cum as her wetness gushes on my tongue. My hands holding her there as she orgasms, losing herself in the moment. My enjoyment of her enjoyment, watching her, tasting her. I start to lick her clit again, softly, taking her by surprise and she squeals a little bit as she cums again, not expecting it.

I love taking her by surprise like that.

Lifting her off me as she starts to come down, laying her down next to me, her back to my chest, cuddling her. She can feel how hard I am, how hard she has made me. I lift one of her legs and prop it on my knee. I push the head of my cock just inside her.

“Ohhh. Yess. Mmmm.” Not knowing who says what what as we both just lose ourselves in the moment. Starting to rock back and forth, withdrawing almost completely then just pushing the tip inside her, stroking that place I know gets her going. My arms warp around her, pulling her head back so I can kiss her neck and bite too.

Picking up the rhythm as I start to thrust a little deeper each time, filling her up. Feeling her warm, tight wetness envelop me until I am buried as deep as I can be inside her.

My hand covers her mouth as she starts to be loud. Muffling her cries as I pull almost all the way out and then bury myself inside her. “Oh fuck,” she cries.

I whisper in her ear as I fuck her, “I don’t care if you cum right now or not.” My words punctuated my my cock thrusting deep Escort Sivas inside her, my arms pulling her closer, holding her to me.

Her moans getting louder, almost turning into a scream as she cums on me hard. Her teeth clamping down on my hand as she spasms, squeezing a scream past my hand. She grips me tight, hard as she cums. Her body rolls a little as she leans back against me.

I kiss her and roll her onto her stomach, kissing her neck and shoulder. Using my weight to pin her there, I start to fuck her harder, pushing as deep as I can over and over again. Finding that speed and tempo that lets me last and still drives me and her insane.

Moans and cries from both of us now as we are lose ourselves in the moment. Hard thrusts, soft cries. I lean down and somehow get the words through my mouth that she can’t cum until I say so. Somehow the words penetrate her haze and she whimpers. My hand goes to the back of her neck, pinning her there as I pound her hard. Feeling my cock bottom out inside her. Hearing her half scream from a little bit of pain mixed with pleasure every time it happens.

Feeling her try to back into me as her body responds. “Please, please, please, please,” a constant litany of asking for permission to cum as I drive her body past that point, begging for me to give her that release she wants. I grab her hands and spread them wide, my fingers twining with hers, driving deeper.


She screams as she cums, gushing onto my cock as she almost throws me off of her back. My hand going to her mouth, accepting her teeth on my arm as she clamps down hard on me. I pull halfway out and then thrust back in hard.

I half scream myself as I cum deep inside her, our orgasms mingling in more ways than one. Moaning as her pussy milks my cock of all it holds.

Subsidence of both of us as we come down from our high plateau. Still inside her I pull her close to me, kissing and nibbling her ear. Her arms wrapping around mine we both shudder from the intensity.

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