Morning PT


Gunny was the living, breathing embodiment of the old saying” Once a Marine Always a Marine!” After retiring from the Corps Gunny found himself drinking bourbon every night because unfortunately he could not unsee all the things he had witnessed around the world. Two tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, Somalia and he had several others that were classified that he never spoke about.

He joined the Corps as a wide-eyed 18 year old and from the beginning was a Marine through and through. He married his high school sweetheart, Angie, and they had two kids Drew and Lizzie. Gunny was a great Dad when he was home but during his 22 years of service that time seemed limited.

Drew the oldest was a handsome young man with book smarts to spare and he wasted no time after his high school graduation in leaving for college. He soaked himself into the college experience and rarely came home other than holidays. Lizzie, the youngest, had just graduated high school in June just four months after Gunny retired from the Corps. She spent most of the summer running around with friends saying her goodbyes and counting the days until she was free from the nest. Angie was also busy that summer. She had been meeting secretly with a divorce attorney who was drawing up the divorce papers she would serve Gunny.

The day they moved Lizzie into the dorm on the way home Gunny stopped at a local restaurant so he and Angie could enjoy their first of what he thought were to be many romantic dinners alone. Instead he was blind-sided by her newly drafted divorce papers. He was crushed, he had spent more than half of his life married to Angie and the Corps and now he was going to be without both. In addition to the shock of his impending divorce, sadness and anger consumed him. He paid the check at the restaurant got into his truck and drove home without speaking a word to Angie.

He didn’t want to know if there was someone else or if it was something he had done. In fact he didn’t care. She wanted to leave and he was not going to stop her. He was not as pissed off about her leaving as the demand in the paperwork for half of his pension. He served his country all those years, he had put his ass on the line not her.

Gunny parked the truck in the driveway, stormed into the house packed a small duffle bag with some basics, grabbed his bottle of bourbon from the bar and left. He drove to a local hotel and checked in. He decided tonight he would drink away the pain and tomorrow he would rise again and leave it all behind, no remorse, no sorrow, and certainly no chasing after Angie.

Gunny completed his mission; he finished the bottle of bourbon and talked through many different scenarios as to why his wife was leaving. In the morning he rousted himself out of bed at 5a.m. or 0500 in his world. He threw on shorts and a t-shirt and headed out for a run. After cruising through the first 2 miles of his run he turned into the park where they had recently dedicated a new memorial for veterans of the armed services. The monument had an obelisk in the center with a flag court and a wall with each of the branches of service represented.

As he ran up the hill toward the monument Gunny saw a small lithe figure about a quarter of a mile ahead of him also running towards the monument. By the time he reached the apex of the hill he was within 100 feet of the other runner. She was a small woman without any real distinguishing features other than her red hair that was pulled back into a pony-tail that wagged from side to side as she ran and her incredible ass. It was an ass that only a devoted runner could have it was round and firm and it seemed to defy gravity.

Gunny was not sure if it was her hair, her ass or the burning desire to prove to himself he could move on from Angie so quickly but Gunny was sure he needed to meet this woman. As the gap between them was quickly disappearing he realized it would be awkward to just run up to her and start talking so he decided to pass her by and finish his run. Back down the hill in the parking lot he would wait to see if he could somehow make her acquaintance after her run. So without breaking stride Gunny ran past her around the monument and back down the hill he had just climbed.

Gunny looked at the app on his phone as he slowed his run into a cool down walk as he reached the parking lot. Not bad 5.6 miles in 40:48. Certainly not record time but not bad for a 40 something who was recovering from a night filled with anger and bourbon. As he walked the perimeter of the parking lot he kept looking up the hill to see if he could spot his target. After 3 or 4 minutes she came trotting into the parking lot and was headed to the opposite end from where Gunny was standing. She was jogging straight towards a Nissan that was parked all alone. Gunny was only half way across the lot when she backed the car from its spot and turned onto the road and left the park.

Gunny figured it wasn’t meant to be so he turned around and started şişli escort running again back to the hotel. All the way back he could not shake the image of her beautiful crimson locks swaying to and fro while the cheeks of her luscious ass rocked back and forth in concert with the red pony-tail. The image replayed over and over in his mind and had Gunny’s cock stiffening making it rather difficult to keep running. By the time he reached the hotel Gunny could not open the door to his room fast enough.

Once inside he headed for the shower leaving a trail of clothes in his wake. As the warm water cascaded down his body Gunny took his still raging cock into his hand and starting pumping it to the rhythm of her ass swaying in his mind. He thought about what it would feel like to fuck her from behind banging his hips against that fantastic ass. He thought about fucking her in that incredible ass (something Angie had only tried once) and shooting his load all over those well-rounded cheeks.

That night in his new temporary home Gunny uncorked a new bottle of bourbon and tried to decide his next steps. He had received no less than 20 calls from Angie wanting to know if he was ok and when he would be home so they could discuss the divorce. “Fuck her!” was all Gunny could think to himself as he raised the bourbon to his lips. As he sank deeper into his drunken stupor the image of the woman from the park came rushing back to him. Wow how had he let himself become so taken by her? “It was that ass!” he said aloud to himself as he took another swill of bourbon.

After several more bourbons and nearly an hour of replaying that ass swaying back and forth in his mind Gunny decided to hit the rack so he could get up early and go for a run in hopes of seeing her again. Before he closed his eyes for the night Gunny stroked his cock to another orgasm and after using a wash cloth to clean himself up off to sleep he went.

By 0445 Gunny was already awake and massaging his morning wood to the thought of his “running friend”, at 0500 when the alarm on his phone started sounding he walked out of the bathroom toothbrush hanging from his mouth to shut it off. He had already washed away the results of his morning “exercise” and was now brushing his teeth and the after taste of bourbon.

As he entered the parked Gunny looked in the parking lot for the white Nissan and was disappointed when he did not see it. Gunny turned to run up the hill to the monument as he strode along he thought maybe he was too early for her today. Maybe he was running at a faster pace than yesterday probably motivated by the anticipation of seeing that ass again. So he decided to run past the monument to the far end of the park in hopes he might see her on his way back.

As he neared the monument for the second time that morning this time from the opposite side after putting in the extra miles to the far end of the park he saw several figures moving near the monument and hoped one would be her. Gunny picked up the pace. He was overwhelmed with adrenaline. Would she be there? Would he find the right words to introduce himself? He wasn’t sure but he was positive he needed to see her again.

As he closed to about 100 yards from the monument he saw her. Actually he saw her ass swaying just as seductively as he remembered from the day before, only today she had her long red pony-tail sticking out of the back of a ball cap. Could she possibly get any sexier? He decided to use the same tactic as yesterday he would pass her on the road down to the parking lot but this time he knew which car was hers. As Gunny tracked her down he found himself slowing his pace as he became almost hypnotized by the rhythmic motion of her ass. He shook his head to clear the fog on his brain then he quickly resumed his original pace. He got to the parking lot and eased into his cool down walk heading towards the far end where the white Nissan was parked.

As she reached the parking lot Gunny was treated to a clear view of her face as she approached her car. She wasn’t glamor model beautiful; she was more wholesome girl next door pretty. In addition to the red hair, which Gunny had always been a sucker for; she had very pretty greenish/grey eyes. He guessed she was mid-thirties by the sparse but present wrinkles on her face mostly near her eyes. Gunny walked towards her with a smile and said “great day for a run huh?” As he said it he wished he had been able to say something smoother.

She half smiled and replied “yeah just like every other day.”

Gunny sensed she was annoyed with his unwanted conversation so he decided quickly to go for the one conversation opener which nearly never failed. “I’m Martin but all my friends call me Gunny it was my rank in the Marine Corps.”

“You are a Marine?” she asked coyly.

“Yes Ma’am.” was his reply feeling emboldened by her interested tone.

She stopped jogging towards her car and turned too looked him over. “My husband taksim escort is a Marine.”

Oh shit Gunny thought not only is she married but she is married to another Leatherneck. This changed things. Gunny wanted to apologize for his unwanted advance and leave but something (her ass) kept him standing there wondering what to say next. “So what unit is he in?”

Her eyes started to well up and she burst into tears. Her reaction startled Gunny at first but then he understood. Her husband was gone. Not gone like deployed overseas, but gone like dead. Gunny had been forced to be a part of too many funerals for Marines who had given the ultimate sacrifice and he knew the “widow weep” all too well.

He closed the gap between them and embraced her in a gentle hug allowing her to rest her head on his chest. It was not his intent to use her pain to his advantage but he wasn’t complaining as she held onto to him tightly and sobbed into his shoulder. Gunny felt his cock start to swell so he adjusted his stance pulling his hips back to avoid her feeling his stiffening cock.

As he moved she looked up at him and started to wipe her eyes and apologize for her emotional outburst. “I am really sorry she said” still wiping her tears. “It must be something they teach you guys in boot camp.”

“What’s that?” Gunny asked.

“The ability to charm women into feeling safe in your arms” she replied.

“Well” Gunny said “it is classified so I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” She laughed but not like it was funny more like she had heard it a million times from her husband.

Gunny took her left hand in his right hand and with a gentle squeeze said “listen I didn’t mean to bother you this morning and I certainly did not want to make you think about the loss of your husband.”

Before he could finish she took his other hand and said “no need to apologize it is always good for the ego to know I can still turn the head of a Marine.” Gunny started to blush and he was searching his brain for the right words to let her know he was just being friendly.

Before he could muster up some lame excuse she looked him in the eyes and said “I have run this park every morning for the last 19 months since I buried Brian. Many men have stared at me, a few have waved or said “hello” as we past, but none of them have had the courage to really speak to me.”

Gunny interrupted “once a Marine always a Marine”

She chuckled and said “by the way Gunny, I’m Ashley and very flattered”. With that she turned and opened her car door and got in. As she pulled out she lowered her window and said “morning PT tomorrow Gunny?”

With a loud and guttural voice Gunny let her have his best “Ooooh Rah” she waved out the window and laughed as she pull off.

Gunny was excited to know he was going to see her in the morning but right now he had to do something about the raging hard-on in his shorts. He turned and double-timed back to the hotel and straight to the shower where he spent 20 minutes under the warm water stroking his shaft and thinking of Ashley and that ass of hers.

He spent the rest of day thinking of what he would say to Ashley in the morning and ignoring the calls from Angie. By two in the afternoon he headed to the liquor store for another bottle of bourbon when his phone buzzed he started to ignore it thinking it would be Angie again but this time it was Lizzie. Without hesitation he answered “Hey honey, are you ok? What’s going on?”

In her usual rapid fire burst Lizzie replied “Daddy where have you been? And why aren’t you answering Mom’s calls? She is really freaking out and has called me like 5 times this morning while I was in classes.”

“Lizzie honey, your Mom served me with divorce papers at dinner the other night after we moved you into the dorm” “So I really don’t give a shit if she is freaking out” After a few seconds Gunny said “Lizzie…you still there?”

“Yeah Dad I just can’t believe she did that.” ” I had no idea.”

“Well she did and so I packed a small bag and left.”

Lizzie sobbed into the phone “Where are you? What are you going to do? What about me and Drew? Does he know? You need to call him and tell him Dad.”

“Slow down baby, I needed a few days to wrap my head around things and then I was going to tell you both.” He continued “I will call Drew when we hang up. As for what we are going to do I will figure that out but for now I am at the Hampton Inn in town and I will be here at least through the weekend.”

“Dad I’ve got to go to class but I will drive home this weekend and I will pick you up at the hotel.” we need to go home and talk through this with Mom she can’t do this.”

Gunny replied “ok Lizzie listen get to class and have fun at school as for talking things through with Mom we can talk to her so you can hear everything from her but as for me I am done. I love you and will see you Saturday” Bye, Baby.”

“Bye Bye Dad topkapı escort I love you too” she said as she ended the call.

As promised Gunny called Drew and he offered resistance to the idea of a divorce similar to what Lizzie had. He wanted to know why? What had Gunny done to make her do this? Gunny remained patient and assured Drew he did not know. He also let Drew know that while it was not his idea there was no going back. Gunny’s mind was made up.

He bought his bourbon and returned to the hotel. He spent the afternoon watching re-runs of Law and Order: SVU and stroking his cock to thoughts of Ashley and her incredible ass.

0445 up and dressed ready to go Gunny left the hotel and started his run towards the park. As he neared the park entrance Gunny felt that stirring in his loins as his cock began to stiffen at the thought of Ashley and their run together. Gunny was stretching in the parking lot when the white Nissan pulled in. It was the third car to enter the lot this morning and with each set of headlights Gunny’s prick lurched with the excitement of seeing that beautiful ginger again.

As she pulled into the space next to where Gunny was stretching he could hear the radio blasting country music. Gunny thought to himself she got better with every new detail he discovered about her. She turned the car off and popped out and to Gunny’s surprise she was wearing the tightest black compression shorts with a sports bra that for the first time revealed her ample breasts and cleavage. Apparently the previous two days she had really strapped those puppies down and covered them with baggy t-shirts. As Gunny drank in the sight of her he noticed the running shorts had formed a nice little camel toe outlining the lips of her pussy.

“What do you think?” she said as she did a model like spin in order for Gunny to see all of her.

“Wow…that’s all I got is…Wow” Gunny stammered as he felt the warmth of her embrace as she hugged him pressing her chest into his.

“So I was thinking instead of my normal 3 miler around the monument we could run the trails back to the falls it’s about 6 ½ miles round trip but I don’t have anything on my schedule until later this afternoon so you up for it?”

Gunny still somewhat flustered by her new sexy running attire said “I am up for just about anything.”

She slapped him on the ass and took off running towards the tree line were the hiking trail start. As she ran she yelled over her shoulder “I can see you are up for anything!” and with a chuckle she ducked onto the trail.

Gunny was blushing as she had obviously noticed that his cock had been standing at attention also taking in her new attire. All he could do was laugh as he closed in on her but slowed so as not to draw even with her. She never looked back she knew he was there and she knew why. Brian always told her she had a great ass and she did but with the running over the last 19 months it had gotten even firmer and seemed to sit higher now at 35 then when she was 25.

As they neared the falls they could hear the sound of the plummeting water and feel the mist that seemed to hang in the air. She slowed to a walk as they reached the observation deck. They walked out to the edge to get a better look. He placed his hand on the small of her back as they leaned over the rail to see the bottom. He felt the beads of sweat as they disappeared under the waist line of her shorts and all he could think was how he would give anything to be one of those beads of sweat right now. She arched her back at the feel of his hand raising her perfect ass even higher and forcing his hand to rest on top of it.

She said “come on I want to show you something.” Gunny was praying it was her ass but she started down the steps that lead to the river bank at the bottom of the falls. She was only half way down when she stepped over the railing onto a small rock ledge.

Gunny said ‘Where are you going?”

“If you want to know I guess you will just have to follow me won’t you” her wicked grin told Gunny he would not regret it and besides with that view he would follow her anywhere.

After scooting along the ledge for 40 or 50 feet she stepped into what appeared to be a small cave in the side of the rocks. Once inside she pulled her cell from her arm band and used the flashlight app to guide them to the place she wanted him to see. It was a beautiful sight an opening in the middle of the rocks behind the falls with a pool of water in the center being fed by the wash from the falls.

Gunny said “wow…how did you know this was here?”

“This is where I made out with my first boyfriend when I was in high school. We used to come here and drink and make out and from the looks of things not much has changed” as she pointed to some empty beer cans in the corner.

As she stepped closer to Gunny he felt the pulse of his cock straining against the fabric of his compression shorts. She looked up at him and closed her eyes and gently kissed him on the lips. As he began to return her kiss she slid her tongue into his mouth and began to wrap her arms around him. When they broke the kiss Gunny slid his hand over her ass and began to pull her close to him pressing his raging hard-on against her stomach.

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