This is a continuation of my story, Librarian. I’ve been thinking about what happened with Corrine and Adam.

And there’s more to come.

As always this story goes out in memory of Colleen Thomas.

Don’t forget to vote and comment. I do enjoy hearing from my readers.

* * *

I groan and wrap my hand in the sandy blonde hair of the woman who has her head in my lap. “Oh yes, you lovely slut. Suck me.”

At the sound of my words she trills a lusty response. She pulls at me with more force, tickles my sack with her hand. Her tongue washes over me with greater frequency and she pushes down until her nose rests in my greying pubic hair.

“Jesus!” I exclaim, throwing my head back. The wet, warm feeling of her mouth around my shaft, the tightness of her throat squeezing my crown, is incredible. My eyes lose focus and my body goes taut. A thick haze of heat fills me making my balls jerk in her hand.

She pulls back, proceeds to bob up and down, laving me, sucking me the whole time. Her free hand disappears under her, reaches towards her legs.

I know what she’s doing and it shows just how ready she is.

My hand pulls on her hair, drawing her away from my prick. I stand and guide her up as well. Turning, I push her face first to the bed. She lands with her legs spread. Placing myself between them, I raise her pelvis and she come to her knees.

“Ready, woman?” I ask her.

She reaches between her legs, places fingers on her labia and opens herself wide. The pink, dripping interior of her sweet cunt is revealed. Her centre finger curls and straightens, beckoning me to her. “What do you think, you sexy bastard?”

I’m not a man who ignores a lady’s invitation. Using the finger she signaled me with as a guide, I guide my steely rod to her entrance. And with a solid shove I push my whole length into her.

“Ah!” she gutters. Her head comes up and her inner muscles squeeze me. She works her hips, driving herself back at me, making me fill her with every millimeter of my cock.

I grunt as her heat surrounds me. Taking her waist I guide her through my strokes. Her ass ripples as I bounce myself against it. This is one of my favourite sights and my primeval instinct comes closer to release.

The slim woman kneeling in front of me grunts with each slap of me against her buttocks. Little growls and hisses punctuate those lusty declarations. Her head tosses, flaying her shoulder length hair around. Pushing her torso up with her arms, one hand takes a small breast and tweaks the nipple.

My teeth grit as her pussy pulses around me. I increase my thrusting speed and strength. The skin around my balls strain and I feel that tightness that signals my release.

She’s a second before me. Her arms give way and her upper body falls face first to the bed. A scream barrels from her mouth, muffled by the bedspread covering it. Her cunt snaps tight on me. She quakes and jerks in haphazard movements as her body passes control to her climax.

With a bellow of joy, I shoot into her. I can feel the fluids, hers and mine, sloshing around my prick. The pulsing of her inner walls drives a bright light into my skull and awareness fades. There is nothing but this moment of exquisite bliss.

My perception returns. I’m still kneeling behind her, my member limp but held in place by still quivering muscles. We draw deep, rapid breaths. Our climaxes have taken us on a long run indeed.

Concentrating, I succeed in pulling myself from her. I don’t want leave her damp warmth, but I need to lie down.

“Oh!” she whines as I do. The willowy lady stretches herself out as I place myself next to her. Rolling to her side, facing me, an arm and leg reach out and she snuggles close. She rests her head on my shoulder.

My arms go around her and I bask in the warm dampness of her skin against mine. I can feel the slick on her vulva where it presses against my hip.

“Damn! You’re a good fuck,” the blonde woman exclaims, breaking the silence. Her body tightens and quivers.

“I’ve no complaints,” I reply.

She raises her upper body over me, leans down and gives me a very hot kiss. I pull her close to answer it.

Eventually, she pulls away, gives me a wicked grin. Her grey eyes twinkle with licentious highlights. “Am I as good as the other woman you’ve been fucking?” she asks then.

“How’d you know about that?” I ask, a little surprise in my voice.

“The torn panties I saw in the bathroom garbage pail,” the rumpled woman tells me with a smile. “They weren’t mine. And you’ve never torn mine off. I’d love it if you would though.”

“I’ll remember that,” I grin back at her. “You’re not jealous, are you?”

“Hell, no. We just fuck. Why should I be jealous?” Her eyebrows rise and her smile grows curious. “You haven’t answered my question. Is she as good as me?”

“Ms. Nevis does just fine. She’s a little inexperienced but she’s a damned good student.”

My paramour’s face frowns as she concentrates. Her eyes glance to one side. They come back büyükesat escort to mine and she notes, “There’s a Ms. Nevis over at the library.”

“Yes, Corrine,” I tell her, wiggling my eyebrows, “that’s the one.”

Her eyes grow wide in surprise. “Her?” comes the question, amazement flavouring it. “You’re shitting me. No way. That woman wouldn’t warm up if you set fire to her.”

“Looks can deceive, Elaine.”

“Tell me about it. How’d you know? What did you do?” She straddles me, rests her elbows on my broad chest and places her chin in her hands, settling in for a good story.

I recount the project I made of Ms. Nevis, and the act that formed its successful conclusion. Elaine occasionally interrupts. “Cool. Really? Wish I’d seen that. Crotchless?!”

She chuckles when I finish and smiles impishly. “If I’d know what she was like underneath I’d have made a play for her a while ago.”

“Are you serious?” I ask her. My eyebrows lift up in curiosity. I hadn’t know of this predilection of hers until now.

“Oh yeah,” Elaine replies, “she’s pretty good looking. That whole spinster oeuvre she projects. It’s kinda sexy.”

Her hand reaches between us, takes my prick, strokes it gently. “Looks like you’re ready again.” Her face takes on a lustful glower. “So am I.” She mounts me and rides hard.

Half an hour later, Elaine collapses on top of me, completely enervated. I’m in the same shape. My professor is a demanding and very satisfying lover.

We fall asleep that way. And it lasts until after dawn.

* * *

We’ve had breakfast and showered. The two of us are in my living room. Elaine’s wearing a dress shirt of mine. She lounges on the couch, one leg bent perpendicular to it, facing me. The hem of my shirt rests over the soft thatch of hair at the juncture of her legs. She’s reading some students’ papers and her right hand holds a pen that deftly marks them.

I’m sitting in my recliner, pretending to read but watching her. Her easy sensuality is so intoxicating. My prick starts to harden inside the boxers I’m wearing.

Her head comes up. One side of Elaine’s face draws into a smile as she catches my eyes. A moment later she grins seeing the lump in my pants. She stands and strides over to me. Setting her legs outside my hips as she kneels on my lap her hands reach into my garment, pull my stiffness into the cool air. She raises it to the right angle, places her wet lips on my crown and pushes the full length of me into her. A voracious snarl grinds from her.

I reach down, slide my chair into a full recline as she impales herself on me. My free hand comes up, takes a breast and gives it a soft squeeze. My thumb tickles her nipple where it pokes out against the fabric of my shirt.

She leans forward a little, sets her hands on my chest and starts her hips pumping hard. Her lambent eyes stare into mine. “God,” Elaine hisses, “I love your cock inside me.”

“And I love being in your hot, tight snatch,” I grunt back at her. My hands grip her narrow waist, push her down so her ass slaps against my thighs. The hot fluids bathing my prick gluts me with an ardent fire. Sweat pops out of my pores as it heats me. I give the randy woman astride me a grin that tells her how fine she makes me feel.

Her grey irises glaze, go blank. Eyelids fluttering, she pumps harder. Sounds start to spit from her, ejected by the passion blazing inside her. They’re full of the amazing lust this erotic woman feels.

She throws her body against me, digs her fingernails into my pectorals. Her ass slams up and down at a rapid pace, her rhythm set by the sudden explosion in her. Her spending flows out of her and runs down my shaft, soaks into my boxers. “Gaw!” seeps out from her mouth, the sound shaking with her joy.

“Shit!” I shout. My balls draw up and fire their load into her. My eyes close and bright lights fill my vision. My hips pump at a clip that matches hers. My arms go around her and I clasp her tight to me.

We stop coming, limp and satisfied. Panting, we lie there, sweat running from our skin. I can feel little twitches run through her, she squeezes my soft prick at each one. My body jerks softly in response. I make small sighs.

“You never disappoint,” I finally manage to tell her.

Her head comes up and Elaine rests her chin on my chest. “Years of practice,” she says in a sweet voice.

My right eyebrow quirks at her. “Any survivors?”

“One or two. They were never the same again. I send flowers on occasion.”

“Should I be scared?” I’m joking, mostly.

“Yes,” she tells me with no change of expression.

At that we both fall into gales of laughter. Hugging each other, our bodies shake with hilarity. We laugh longer than we fucked. It’s an activity just as gratifying.

As we wind down Elaine replaces her chin on my chest. “I want a piece of her,” she announces.


“Yeah. She sounds like a hot woman. Just the kind I like.”

“Hmm,” I ponder. “I’m not sure I can just ask çankaya escort her. She’s still not entirely comfortable with her sexuality.”

“I’m sure smart people like us can think of something,” the PhD sitting in my lap notes.

“We have to make it her idea,” I decide. “If I just tell her, I’m sure she’ll run.” My brow furrows as I ruminate. “You available this Friday night?” I finally ask Elaine.

“Yes. You have something in mind?” Her eyes sharpen with a wicked glint.

“I’m going to brush her off until then. Tell her things have come up and we can’t get together. I’ll ask her to be here Friday, at eight.

“You get here before then. Hide in the spare room. She’ll be pretty horny when she gets here. I’ll work on that. When the time is ripe, you join in. If we do it right we can keep her flying all night.”

Elaine grins at me. “I like it. I’ll bring along a couple of things I’m sure we’ll need.”

She rises off the chair, steps to the floor. I stuff my cock back in my pants before it can get chilled.

“I need to get home,” Elaine tells me. “Another shower, a change of clothes and my morning comparative Lit class.” She leans down, gives me a short kiss. Her hand strokes over the material covering my flaccid cock.

As she pulls back, my hand goes between her legs and I pet the wet lips there. She hisses a sharp breath through her nose then steps away giving me a delicious smile.

Going to the bedroom, she dresses. When she emerges I walk her to the front door and we share a last quick kiss.

“See you Friday night, you wonderful bastard,” she tells me.

“I’m looking forward to it, you sweet slut.”

She heads off and I close the door behind her.

* * *

With deft pours I fill two glasses with dry white wine. This is going to be fun, I think. It’s almost eight and my sweet, sexy librarian should be here soon.

A hand comes around my stomach and a warm female body pulls itself against me. “You ready?” whispers Elaine in my ear.

She had shown up twenty minutes earlier, dressed in a simple T-shirt and khaki shorts. Her nipples were pushing at the fabric of her garment and she gave a lusty grin as I opened the door to her. Smart lady that she is, she wore no perfume to give herself away. After a quick kiss she went to the spare room to drop off the small gym bag she had bought her ‘couple of things’ in.

“Oh yes,” I reply, reaching around behind me and giving one of her ass cheeks a squeeze. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

The knock we expect sounds at my front door.

“Just a moment,” I call out.

“Time to hide yourself,” I tell Elaine. “I trust your instincts on this.”

She slips out of the kitchen, pauses at the entrance, flashes me another grin and heads to the spare room.

With glasses in hand, I go to the front door. I place one on the small table in the foyer there and open it to my lovely librarian.

Corrine stands there in her uniform, the same dark grey ensemble I first saw her in. She wears a square shouldered and buttoned up jacket, knee length skirt and a white blouse with the collar closed. Her mouth holds the prim line she’s kept it in for so long. Her long, black hair is gathered in a bun at the back of her head, held in place with chopsticks. The blue eyes behind her square rimmed glasses are warm though.

I hand her the wine. “Come on in, beautiful. I’m happy to see you.”

Her mouth pulls up into a tiny smile and she enters my house.

Picking up my glass I lead her into the living room. I motion her to the couch. Corrine sits at one end and I take the other.

After we take a sip of wine I ask, “Did you have a good week?”

She nods. Her eyes run up and down my body.

“Enjoying the day shift?” is my next question. She changed from evenings so her nights would be free.

“It’s rather busy,” Corrine tells me, “but there are pluses.” Her cheeks flush a little and she squirms ever so slightly.

“There are, indeed.” My face pulls into a smile at that and I wiggle my eyebrows at her.

“I should apologize though,” I go on.

Her forehead crinkles in curiosity.

“I didn’t really have a reason for you to stay away. I didn’t want to see you for a few days.”

Corrine pouts, her eyes start to glisten.

“Not for any of those reasons. Tell me how you felt when you arrived at the front door.”

“Anxious,” she tells me.

“I think impatient would be a better word, don’t you?”

She makes a small nod of agreement.

“I haven’t touched you for days.”

Another nod.

“You wanted my tongue and hands on your tits, in your pussy.”

Corrine gasps, her mouth drops a little. Her chest swells and pushes her breasts tight against her jacket.

“You wanted me, my body, my cock, in your hands, mouth and cunt.”

“Oh!” she hisses. “Yes.”

“You wanted it very badly.”

Her eyes flutter and she shivers. “Yes,” comes in another hiss.

“And that’s what I wanted. You, wanting very cebeci escort badly.”

Corrine focuses on me, the doubt and worry gone from her features. She smiles, knowing I can play with her mind and her passion even when she’s not around me. And she does like to be played with.

I reach into the back pocket of my jeans and pull a swath of fabric from it. I toss it to her and it lands in her lap.

The lovely librarian picks the square of black cotton up, unrolls it to reveal a blindfold. She looks back up at me and her features have a touch of concern in them.

Smiling, I tell her, “I’ve got a surprise for you. I can’t wrap it and I don’t want to reveal what it is until the time is right. Trust me. Have I ever done anything that you didn’t adore?”

Corrine’s eyes go out of focus for a moment and she shivers again. What we’ve done before carries sweet memories. Her hands come up to her head and she removes her glasses, sets them on the coffee table. That done, she places the piece of cloth over her eyes.

I stand, step over and guide her to her feet. Leading her to the center of my living room, I then take my place back on the couch.

“Face me,” I tell Corrine and she swivels to the sound of my voice.

“Strip for me,” is my next request. “Reveal that gorgeous, sexy body of yours. Make a show of it.”

My sweet bitch smiles, the corners of her mouth have a touch of wickedness. Her hips start to sway to a silent beat. Placing her hands on the front of her thighs, she draws them up her body, teasing herself. Corrine’s mouth opens a little and she draws a deep breath, the hiss of it barely audible. As her hands come to her breasts she grabs them, squeezes them. A gulp sounds from the horny woman and her legs tremble.

A motion catches my eye. Elaine is standing in the hallway where it enters the living room. An admiring grin shapes her mouth and her eyes roam lustily over the heated scene. She lifts up her right hand and tickles her left nipple where it sticks out against her shirt. “Wow,” she mouths silently.

“You are such a sexy woman,” I say out loud, smiling at Elaine.

She kisses the air. Corrine smiles and does the same.

The dark haired woman leaves off her playing. Her fingers go to the buttons of her jacket and she undoes them at a deliberate pace. When finished, she holds it closed. Corrine cocks her head a little, the right side of her face forms a sultry smirk, asking me a silent question.

“Of course I do,” is my reply. Elaine nods eagerly.

The lovely wanton undressing grasps the lapels of her jacket and yanks it open. She throws her shoulders back, thrusts her breasts forward. The jacket runs down her arms and falls away from her.

“Jesus!” I exclaim. “So lovely.”

Elaine shudders at the sudden burst of pleasure that the erotic show fires in her. A few drops of sweat appear on her brow. Her free hand goes to the apex of her legs and she pets herself slowly.

Corrine smiles sweetly, a tiny blush comes to her cheeks. Running her hands over her torso she turns her back to me, bends slightly and spreads her legs just a touch. She reaches back, takes her ass in her hands and rolls the firm muscles. Her legs cord for a second.

“Mmm,” I vocalize. The passion that’s rising in me gives the sound a heated edge.

My literary criticism professor grins at me, then her mouth drops and her eyes flutter. I see her hand press hard at her cloth covered vulva.

The raven haired lady giving me a show leans further forward, draws her legs back together. Her fingers leave off playing with her cheeks and move to her skirt’s zipper. She draws it down, the garment comes loose and drops to the floor.

“Wow!” is forced from me. The tail of Corrine’s blouse covers her ass but all of her sexy legs are revealed. Sleek and firm, they are encased in hold up stockings. “Damn, beautiful,” I go on. “You are so gorgeous.”

Elaine hunches and shivers. She moves her hand up and pushes it inside her shorts. Her eyes roll when her fingers come in contact with her slit. Legs trembling, the hand on her small breast squeezes. To keep from making noise, she bites her lower lip.

Corrine turns back to me. Her mouth is starting that transformation from stuffy to sluttish. There is a sheen of moisture on her forehead, a bloom of heat in her cheeks. She grips her tits and presses them together. A groan slides from her mouth. Her body shivers.

She lets go of her breasts, moves her fingers to the buttons of the blouse. One hand undoes it while the other holds it closed. When finished, Corrine runs the hand that did all the work inside and she fondles herself once more. Her mouth opens wide and hisses in a deep breath.

Elaine pulls her hands away from her body. Her eyes shine with heat. Her chest rises and falls at a rapid pace. Running her tongue over her lips, she smiles at me, excitement and gratitude shaping her expression.

Abruptly Corrine lets her blouse fall open. She rolls her shoulders and her attire joins the pile of garments on the floor.

“Jesus!” I exclaim as she reveals herself. Corrine’s wearing a black, nearly transparent teddy, snapped closed at the crotch with her shoulders bare. I can see her stiff little nipples press against the thin fabric. “You sexy woman!” I snarl. “You look so fine.”

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