More than Roommates Now


My junior year in college my friend Mitch and I had a line on an apartment but needed a third person to afford it. As luck would have it a waitress at the diner we frequent was also looking and although we didn’t know her all that well and she was almost 40 years old, she didn’t look or act old, so Mitch and I figured it could be a good enough fit. And so Sharon joined us and everything looked like it would go well.

We were all on varying schedules of class and work so we really didn’t spend a lot of time together at home. One Saturday afternoon after a couple of months Sharon and I were home and I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Sharon came in and started looking under the seat cushions and was bumping me around some in her search. Now that’s not so hard to imagine since Sharon is a healthy girl, 5-5 tall and 190 well rounded pounds, she’s not really fat just thick and pretty solidly built with a nice big pair of tits and wide round ass. That’s in comparison to me all 5-8 tall and 145 pounds of well conditioned slim Jim.

After being pushed some I playfully put my arms around Sharon’s waist and tried to sit her down, unsuccessfully, and asked, “Just what is it you’re looking for?”

She was kind of laughing as she squirmed in my grasp and said, “Well I find myself horny and in need of some man meat loving and I think I can find some right here.” Then she rolled out of my grip and put her arms around my waist and rolled me on top of her as she laid down on the couch.

So there I was lying on top of Sharon, my face elevated from hers since I was resting on her sizable tits, as she held me around the waist. “So Jim I’m game for a man to show me some lovin’ are you up for it?”

I was a little surprised at the situation but was indeed starting to be up for it and replied, “Sharon I am there for you, let’s go for it.”

Sharon slid her hands down grabbed my ass and atakent escort said, “That’s what I like a man of action.” Then I leaned forward and we kissed long, wet and deep.

We quickly retreated to my bedroom and got ourselves naked. Sharon was quickly on her back with her legs spread wide and I was pumping my 7 inches into her harder than I had ever fucked a woman. I had never fucked a woman larger than myself but Sharon wanted it good and hard and I was doing my best to nail her.

After I came Sharon rolled over on top of me moving up to bury my face in her tits which was just fine by me. Straddling my stomach Sharon hugged me with her thighs and rubbed her pussy on my body, oh it was good. Sharon was moaning as I reached around feel up her ass.

As I moved my hands felt another hand and muffled by Sharon’s tits engulfing my head heard someone say, “Is there some of this left for me?”

Sharon turned her head and answered, “Well you’ve got that boner Mitch you might as well put it to use.” Sharon then raised up on her hands and knees and I was able to see my other roommate putting a condom on his 7.5 inches kneeling behind her.

Mitch put his cock in Sharon’s already wet pussy and started fucking her doggy style. I reached up to suck on Sharon’s jugs as they hung over my head. I was doing my best to squeeze, suck and fondle Sharon’s fat tits as they swayed with her motion matching Mitch’s pumping her from behind.

Sharon was really enjoying herself. Mitch is 5-10 and 170 pounds so like me he’s lighter than Sharon but he was up to the task fucking her good.

When Mitch was done Sharon crawled forward and planted her pussy on my face and I lapped away at her already wet bush. Mitch straddled me on his knees and reached around to play with Sharon’s tits and kiss the back of her neck. It was a little weird having ataköy escort Mitch on top of me but my attention was pretty focused on munching on Sharon’s muff and I didn’t think much about Mitch.

After Sharon got off she and Mitch got off me and I sat up against the headboard. Sharon slid between my legs getting into position to go down on my recharged cock. Mitch knelt next to her rubbing her back and fingering her pussy. I had my eyes closed and was just basking in the sweet feel of my dick sliding between Sharon’s lips. I was able to hold out until Sharon deep throated my cock and tickled my balls.

I shot my load which Sharon swallowed with a wicked smile saying, “That will get you off every time.”

Then she had Mitch stand at the edge of the bed and she sat up to suck him off. I knelt behind Sharon and massaged her shoulders and reached around to cup her tits in my hands as she deep throated Mitch. With a fat tit in my left hand I moved my right down to finger Sharon’s pussy. She continued to suck off Mitch but was grinding in my grasp a little more.

Finally with me kissing her neck, playing with her tits and fingering her pussy Sharon gave Mitch the deep throat and tickle move and he came.

Well I gave Sharon a hug and said I needed to take a leak, and Mitch concurred. Sharon laid back on the bed, “Could you boys bring me some water, I’m thirsty and I think I need to clear my throat.”

Mitch and I were on either side of the toilet and he asked, “So how did this all get started?”

“We were sitting on the couch and she said she was looking for something in the cushions. We were close together, got our arms around each other and she wanted it.” I replied.

Mitch just shook his head and said, “Well Jim it appears we have hit the jackpot.”

I slapped him on the ass and agreed then we went to get Sharon atalar escort some water.

Downing the big cup of water Sharon took a deep breath and said, “OK that was a good break now sit your ass down Jim and let me start with you.”

Then she leaned down and took my semi stiff dick in her mouth. This woman was hot and wanted it bad, lucky for her she had two guys to take care of her. As Sharon sucked my cock Mitch knelt next to her massaging her back and fingering her pussy while she stroked his cock.

When she was sure we were both ready Sharon handed us both condoms. With me on my back Sharon straddled my hips and stopped. Sharon handed Mitch a tube of lubricating gel and lowered herself onto my cock.

She directed Mitch to kneel behind her and grease up her butt. With my cock planted in her pussy Sharon turned to Mitch and said, “OK big boy, it’s time to give the girl the old double header. So climb on and stick it in there you’ve got yourself a nice big butt to fuck.”

Knowing that Sharon got off on getting fucked good and hard once he poked his dick into her asshole Mitch wasted no time banging it in there. Sharon was in heaven humping on top of me while Mitch pounded his cock in her ass. I was taking a bit of a pounding myself getting mashed into the bed with Mitch and Sharon’s combined weight pounding down on me but hugging Sharon and kissing and squeezing her fat tits certainly eased any pain.

When Mitch pushed his dick all the way in Sharon flattened on top of me. Mitch came first then with their weight on top of me I shot my load. Mitch was grinding on top of the pile and massaging Sharon’s shoulders when she caught her breath and said, “Oh now that’s how a woman likes it. You boys are a perfect tag team. I am one lucky broad.”

Looking up at Mitch who had a smile as big as mine I said, “That’s good to hear Sharon and I think we’ll be more than happy to give you all the man meat lovin’ you want.”

We hugged, kissed and groped for a while until Mitch and I were ready and then he took the bottom position and I gave it to Sharon up the ass. And damn that was one fine ride on her fat butt.

This was just the start of the wild times for me and my roommates.

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