More Dutch , Rosa Ch. 11


More Dutch & Rosa

Chapter 11
Formerly 31

August 13, 1999

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Marilyn woke up at 8:37 to find that Dutch and Rosa had left during the night. They had left her a note, thanking her for all she had done to make their stay a pleasant one; and said they hoped to see her again in the near future.

She checked on Marcie and Evie and discovered they had not come home, before remembering they had called the day before and asked permission to stay overnight at Tucker’s. She smiled to herself and started to make coffee, poured some cereal into a bowl and had her breakfast. As she was doing the dishes the phone rang. She flipped the dishtowel to one side of the sink and went to answer the phone.

It was her old friend Mary, and Mary wanted to talk, so Marilyn hit the speaker button, told her she was on the speaker and returned to drying the breakfast dishes.


“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m alone. I just need to move around while we talk, so go on.”

“Um, I’ve met someone, Marilyn.”

“That girl from the office?”

“No, not her, someone totally unexpected. I mean . . . well, we met at the supermarket, actually in the produce section, and . . .”

Marilyn interrupted, “Can you get to the point?”

“Sorry. Okay we met and hit it off instantly. We left our carts where they were and went for a cup of coffee. Twenty minutes later we were in a motel. Can you believe it?”

“Stranger things have happened, believe me, but go on, I want all the details.”

“Okay, okay. Anyway, we got to the room and after a tight hug we got kind of shy with one another. I mean, I wanted to kiss her, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

“So she kissed you, right?”

“Yes! How did you know?”

“Someone had to start it, didn’t they?”

“Mmmmm, that’s right, that’s right. So what happened was she asked me if she could kiss me and I said, no – I nodded yes. Oh, Marilyn, it was such a lovely kiss, long and tender and passionate. And when it was over I started to undress her, and as I lowered her jeans, I said, “”I never thought I’d be doing this.”

And she said, “Me neither.”

I recall lifting my foot out of my jeans as she lowered the toilet lid and sat on it.”

“Wait a minute; the two of you are in the toilet?”

“Umm, yeah, we, err, checked the place out first, you know, for roaches and stuff, and we ended up in the bathroom.”

“Peas in a pod,” Marilyn said, and let Mary continue.

“What? Anyway I sat on her lap, and we started kissing again, little pecks at first and then I sent my tongue into her mouth. When our tongues touched it was incredibly magical, my spine actually tingled. We held each other tight, and eventually, I opened her blouse and peeled it off. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts were simply gorgeous, perhaps they were a little smaller then mine but they were lovely all the same.”

“You’re doing well with your description, Mary. In fact you’ve made me a bit horny and if you don’t mind I’m going to start playing with myself as you continue.”

“I don’t mind at all, in fact I’m already fingering myself, although not too fast, I want this to take a while.”

“That’s fine with me. Anyway, she pulled my shirt off . . . I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt.”

“How good what felt?”

“Oh, sorry, the material of my shirt as it brushed over my breasts.”

Mary began to giggle. “She had these tiny goose bumps on her areola, and when I cupped her breasts the nipples rose up under my palm. And suddenly she was nibbling on mine. Oh, Lord she was so tender. My husband is incapable of such tenderness. Well I countered by pulling lightly on her nipples with one hand, while caressing her face with the other.”

“Your powers of description are excellent,” Marilyn said, interjecting and continuing with, “I can feel the first signs of an orgasm and by the way, I had a terrific time last with my ex-husband and his fiancée.”

“Your ex is back in town?”

“Was, they left for LA this morning; at least I think they did.”

Mary forgot her story for the moment and asked, “How did he look, all bloated, maybe 50 pounds heavier?”

“On the contrary, he’s in great shape. I went down on him while we were in the restaurant.”

“You didn’t!”

“I went down on her too, same place,” Marilyn giggled.

“My God, have you no shame?”

“What does shame have to do with it?”

“I mean. . . in public and all.”

“As far as I know there were no witnesses except my ex and Rosa, his fiancée.”

“Oh.” Mary sounded disappointed at this, apparently having wished that others would have enjoyed watching Marilyn, “Well it probably wouldn’t have bothered you at all anyway.”

“By the way,” Marilyn asked, “What’s this woman’s name?”

“Victoria and I think she’s beautiful.”

“How old is she?”

“Maybe 33, possibly a year older, I mean, we talked a little, but I honestly don’t recall a Sivas Escort single thing wee said and that’s so unlike me. Normally, you know, I can quote a conversation back verbatim and . . .”

“I’m cooling off, Mary. Get back to the dirty details, please.”

“Where was I?”

“Into breast play,” Marilyn said and sounded bored.

“Yes, well after considerable toying with one another, Victoria, I now call her Vicki, pulled away and looked at me for a minute. Well you know how self-conscious I am, so it comes as no surprise that I blushed from head to toe and probably went a lot redder when she knelt down and pulled my pantyhose off with her teeth.”

“Now that’s a vivid scene I wish had been videotaped.”

“Me too,” Mary said, obviously relishing the retelling. “She started to lick my toes, one by one. I can’t begin to tell you how aroused I’d become.”

“You don’t have too, I’m quite wet myself just listening to you.”

“I hate to admit it, but I am very excited myself. I’ve been touching my cunny for the last couple minutes now.”

“We may get off together on this story of sexual debauchery,” Marilyn giggled.

When she stopped licking and sucking on my toes I balanced myself and removed my underwear. Vicki stared at my cunny and said, “You know, I’ve never done this before.”

“I know,” I said, and let my hand rest on her shoulder. And suddenly she reached out, grabbed my rear-end and pulled me close so that her face was resting against my belly. Her tongue darted into my navel and I almost came from the sensation. I had to kiss her and so I hauled Vicki to her feet and embraced her. We shared a long, hard kiss before I returned to her breasts, and drew the entire center into my mouth; gently flicking my tongue across the stiffened tip causing Vicki to shake perversely until she swooned with delight. Then I laid her spread-eagled on the bed. I did have a thought about tying her to the posts, but rejected it as being too early in the game for either of us.”

Marilyn interrupted, “Have you done that before?”

“Ummm, yes, with my husband. I was always the one tied up. It seemed to excite him because instead of wham, bam, thank you ma’am, he’d come three times and eat me as well.”

“Go on.”

I moved downward to her bushy thatch and discovered she was wet and trembling with anticipation.

“Have you ever?” I asked her. Vicki nodded and said, “No, never.”

And so tweaking a nipple to distract her, I lowered my face and sucked her slightly gooey cunt hairs into my mouth, rejoicing in the rich, thick taste of it. I tell you Marilyn; I just couldn’t seem to get enough of it and hurried on to her glistening slit.

“What technique were you using?” Marilyn asked as she slid her fingers in and out at a faster pace.

“Oh, my tongue, of course. I slid it from bottom to top and back again, lapping up as much of her sweet warm froth as I could. And when Vicki moaned I paused to momentarily suck hertightly tiny clit into my mouth. Vicki was mine from that momnet on. I sent my tongue directly into her, putting an end to all the preliminary licking and sucking about on the labia. I mean she was wet enough and already open enough to allow my tongue to get in there.”

“And how was this . . . first taste?” Marilyn panted her orgasm just seconds away.

“It was sheer bliss. I know my hands were trembling as they caressed her flanks. Her hands were on me as well, on my head; my face and my neck, or at least the back of my neck, urging me on. When Vicki felt a repeat of my feathery caress across her clitoris, her entire body shivered with intense pleasure.”

“Yes!” she cried out, “That feels so . . .”

I never let her finish. I pushed on relentlessly, exploring her sex ever so slowly, enjoying the soft texture and firm resilience of her petal like labia. I actually took the time to pull on each of her dampened lips, tugging them gently outward and caused her to groan loudly.

“Did you smell her?” Marilyn asked, frigging herself furiously, her own climax hovering.

“Yes, her scent was becoming more and more evident. I knew Vicki’s entire being was caught up in a delicious cloud of arousal.”

“God!” she cried out, “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful!”

I laughed, for her breath was coming in unsteady hisses by this point and her hips were beginning to grind upwards in a lewd, fucking motion.

I kissed the tiny little nub that was her clit, momentarily sucked it between my lips before moving back to her puffy labia. Vicki moaned loudly and writhed against me. I planted a series of wet, sloppy kisses and sucked the warm flesh of her cunny, causing her hips to shiver.

Finally sliding down between her legs, I settled in to devour her pussy. By this time Vicki was making strange sounds, her breath was shallow and quick. So was mine for that matter, but the strange thing is everything seemed to be in slow motion during this period.

I maneuvered my body around so she could have at me too and when I felt her tongue licking Sivas Escort Bayan my labia, I was overcome with emotion. I hate to say this, but I enjoyed that moment more than I did my entire time with you. I only say this because I was so frightened all the while you made love to me that although I had several cataclysmic orgasms, this was more sensuous, more exhilarating, and more erotic and so when I finally came, it was like nothing I’d ever dreamed of.

There we were, sticky and sweaty, hugging and kissing like there’s no tomorrow and I recall thinking that perhaps there wasn’t. Vicki started to finger me and I urged her to try to put her entire hand in me.

“Is that possible?” she asked.

“Yes it is,” I said. “It would be perfectly all right if your hand burst through my back.”

“That’s not possible,” Vicki replied.

Laughing insanely, I replied, “I know, but you could try.”

And then her fingers were pushing into me. I can still feel them.”

“I’m coming!” Marilyn shouted into the phone. “Keep talking, keep talking, oh . . . its soooo good!”

“Um, err, well I gripped her head; pulled her hair; and held on for dear life because I wanted to make that orgasm last and last and last. My cunny and her hand were one; slick, wet and firmly entwined.”

“Oh shit! Oh Shit!” Marilyn exclaimed roaring through her climax.

“This is so exciting,” Mary gushed. “I love the fact I’m making you come, Marilyn.”

Marilyn purred contentedly into the phone.

“Well Vicki had me on the edge . . . as I pounded back at her with a primal rhythm. I remember my head wrenching back as I pushed hard and her entire hand lurched into me, a finger, maybe two, right on the G-spot. Everything went black. Had I died and gone to heaven? I don’t know. What I do know is that when I recovered her hand had left me and I was all a tingle with varied sensations.”

“She fisted you?”

“Is that what it’s called? Well I guess so. Vicki was kind enough to let me come down a little before giving me a sign that she’d like similar treatment and of course I complied. After all, my fingers were hungry too. I was surprised at her wetness, I played with her, perhaps half an hour passed as I fingered her— three was all I could manage to insert in her tight box — but what a marvelous clit she had and I sucked on it for the entire time, bringing her to one climax after another.”

Mary was lost in her reverie now, having forgotten that Marilyn was on the other end of the phone. “Then we began kissing with renewed fervor. Vicki’s thin lips, demure early on, were now swollen and trying to devour mine. Oh, I tell you, Marilyn, what privilege women can give. I covered her with my body, my kisses, my hands and my twat. And the way, the most remarkable way she moved her hips when my hands and mouth roamed to certain places was sheer loveliness . . . an art form. And her cries of satisfaction caused me to have yet another orgasm.

Marilyn was recovering from her climax and polite enough to ask, “It sounds like you two were made for each other. Will you be seeing her again?”

“But of course! But she’s also married and so there are problems on when and where we can get together.”

“My place is available to the two of you, at least occasionally.”

“Why thank you, Marilyn. I appreciate that.”

“And there are always motels.”

Expensive, we have to watch our pennies.”

“And the van.”

“Yes, the van. I’d forgotten.”

“And a hundred other places, including your homes when your significant others are absent.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

“Use your head, there are plenty of places to get together.”

“Oh, Marilyn thanks for listening and for all the good advice. I love you so.”

“Anytime you want to give me a lick and a hug I’m available.”

“Okay, sure, I’ve been meaning to bring that subject up, but you can’t have Victoria.”

“I understand. Now I’ve got to go. My girls are late and I’m going to check on them.”


But eighteen-year-old, Evie and nineteen-year-old, Marci were past the point of needing to be checked on. That morning, Tucker had escorted them to a friend’s indoor pool and was watching as Evie reached behind her back and released the catch to her bikini top. The huge bulge in his swimming trucks would have been discernible to the casual viewer from a city block away. But there were only the three of them cavorting around now; Tucker’s friend having left for a business appointment without having sampled either girl. He had promised to return as quickly as possible, but the girls were impatient to start and readily began without him.

Evie, giggling like the adolescent she was, held her top at arms length to her side then let it drop to the side of the pool. Her skimpy thong bottom soon followed. Tucker’s eyes traveled from her medium sized breasts to her freshly shaven pussy.

“So here I am, Mr. Tucker the fucker.”

He smiled at her and placed his thumbs inside the top of his red Speedo’s.

“I’m Escort Sivas all here too,” he said, “Wanna see?”

Giggling, Evie nodded.

He turned to Marcie who lay on a lounge chair some four feet away. “Are you all right with this?”

“Go for it big guy,” she said smiling and with a strictly feminine gesture, quickly removed her own top, revealing a luscious, medium sized pair of breasts.

His hands plunged downward; carrying the red Speedos with them and his huge, eleven inch phallus sprang up against his belly after being released from confinement.

“Ewe, Evie shrieked, “it’s bigger than last time I saw it!”

He shook it at her and caused the young girl to flinch.

“Well before we get too far into things . . .”

“Into things?” she said her eyes sparking mischievously.

“Mmmm, like this . . .” Tucker whispered and lightly pressed his mouth to hers. Evie’s lips parted and his tongue flickered in between them, grazing hers. Evie trembled slightly as he moved hungrily into the deeper recesses of her mouth. Then she was sucking feverously on him.

Marcie watched almost entranced, as the kiss went on and on. The two mouths ground against each other in an almost painful manner. Marcie’s hand slipped down into the bottom of her bathing suit and clenched her pubic hair trying to stem the heat pouring from her pussy.

Tucker decided to move on and breaking the kiss, moved downward, and Evie moaned softly as his lips glided over the tops of her pliant breasts. And then he moved up again nuzzling at her throat before asking, “Want me to stop?”

“Are you kidding?”

“Mmmm, no, but maybe we should slow down a little, what do you think?”

“Well, I think about sex, you know, all the time.”


“Oh yeah, c’mon, you saw us last night.”

He had seen them last night, going at it like frenzied rabbits. Using one variation after another while he had watched because to had to visit a female client later in the evening and had to be ready to serve her needs.

“I did, indeed. The two of you were remarkable, insatiable.”

“What’s insatiable mean?”

“Hmmm, I guess very hard to satisfy.”

“I was satisfied quite a few times. Hey Marcie, were you satisfied last night?”

Marcie halted her fingering, frowned and looked puzzled.

“Last night,” Evie said, “did you come or what?”

“Oh . . . yeah, several times sweetie.” Marcie averted her eyes and allowed her hand to slip under to tight bikini and down to her mons.

“See? She said, “She came several times and I came a zillion times.”

“What I meant,” Tucker said with a broad smile on his face as he saw what Marcie was doing out of the corner of his eye, “Was that insatiable means you want more, even after you come. You’re not satisfied but need it to happen again and again.”

“Like a greedy slut?”

“You could put it that way.”

Evie nodded in understanding and twisted her fingers in his hair and kissed him again, making excited little sounds in her throat as her tongue flickered over his gums. When the kiss melted away she said matter of factly, “I love it when she plays with them,” holding her breasts up for his inspection. Her pert nipples pointed at the sky as Tucker gazed down upon them.

“They’re some beautiful tits you have there,’ he said, his voice already husky with lust.

Marcie was slowly circling her clitoris with her thumb, the material of her bottom bikini revealed a small wet spot that loomed larger by the minute.

“Have you played with lots and lots of titties?” Evie inquired, wanting to feel his hands on her.

“Depends on what you mean by lots,” He said cupping one of her magnificent breasts and tweaking its nipple with his thumb.

She moaned softly and Tucker was positive he heard a similar moan from Marcie.

“Six or more,” Evie said as she caught her breath, and then hissed with satisfaction when he gently squeezed the stiffened nipple.

“So how old are you, Tucker?”

“What do you think?” he smiled at her.

“Maybe . . . twenty-seven?” Her hand lay on his chest and she slowly let one finger circle his nipple.

“Very close. I’ll be Twenty-six in two months.” He shifted his weight, trying to get comfortable, but his erection kept growing and without releasing it from its confined cover, comfort was out of the question.

“Ewe, you’re like ten years older than me.”

He laughed at her poor math application. “Does that bother you?” he asked, nonchalantly rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She sucked in her breath. “God… I love that. Can you suck on them for me?”

“That would be a pleasure,” he said bending to suckle her left tit. In turn Evie cradled his head in her hand, teasing his hair and lightly caressing his forehead with her fingers.

Perhaps a minute passed before he switched to the other breast. Evie sighed contentedly. And from the lounge chair where Marcie laid sprawled, legs akimbo, her hand making a bulge in the front of her obviously dampened bikini, Tucker heard the faint sound of squishing and knew her fingers were probing the depths of her cunt.

Knowing everyone was highly aroused; Tucker sent his left hand down to Evie’s belly.

“You have a plan, do you?” Evie asked with another giggle.

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