Monday’s Meeting


Sunday was such a bore and I swear I looked at my phone every 30 mins all day long. I finally turned it off and went to the mall for a few hours. I couldn’t stop thinking of him and Saturday night.

Would he text or call me again? Did he enjoy himself as much as I did? Will I ever get to feel his hands on me again? All these thoughts and more raced through my head all day on Sunday but I knew I had a big meeting on Monday to take care of with a major investor in our firm. I had to clear my head and forget him as I fell asleep Sunday night.

When I woke up Monday morning, refreshed I of course I turned my phone back on and looked to see if there was a message.


“Baby girl I don’t want you to wear any panties to work till I see you again on Friday night,” the text read. My jaw dropped to the floor but I did as I was ordered.

I continued getting ready in my normal sexy but business attire. The short pencil skirt in gray and my cute soft pink sweater was my lucky meeting outfit, along with my pearl choker. By the time I made it into the office I had forgotten about him and our date. My mind was focused on meeting the new investor my boss had told me about right before I left the office on Friday evening. The only catch was he forgot to tell me the investor’s name so I could not do any research over the weekend.

AsI walked into the office, trying to ignore the fact that I had no panties on under my skirt, I sipped on my iced coffee and ignored everything till I bumped into a pillar. Wait! There are no pillars in the front office, so I slowly look up and see the most gorgeous green eyes that I remember quite well from between my legs last Saturday night!

“Holy shit! What are you doing here sir,” I exclaimed with a start, almost dropping urfa escort my coffee.

“I have a meeting with the head of advertising this morning at 10am and I am a bit early to get the lay of the land. What are you doing here Baby Girl? Stalking me already?” He says in a hushed tone.

I look around and then blush furiously because he knows I have no panties on under my skirt but is polite enough not to say anything. I stutter and look down at the floor then totally forget that I’m the head of marketing for the company as I rush away from the man of my dreams.

As I get to my office my cell phone beeps with a message and I know it’s from him!

“Baby Girl, why did you leave so quickly? Did you follow my orders this morning under that hot outfit of yours? Meet me for coffee after my meeting at the cafe around the corner.”

What was I to say to that? Do I tell him yes I followed his directions and added my thigh highs with the garter too boot? Do I tell him I never expected to hear from him after last Saturday night? Will I meet him for coffee after my meeting? My meeting!! I’m the head of advertising and he has a meeting with me! Me! Who is currently not wearing any panties and he knows it!

I start to tuck my phone away as another message comes in….

“Baby Girls should answer their Daddy’s questions or they will get punishments instead of rewards…”

I text back quickly. “Yes, I followed your orders Daddy and I am not sure if I will be free when you are done.”

As I am tucking my phone into my pocket, my boss walks in and tells me they are ready for me. All I know is that this new investor wants to see a few of the projects we are working on right now. So I grab some of the workup art and my computer so I urfa escort bayan can show him…ugh Daddy…the work from my team.

I walk into the room and the only person there is Him. I look around for my assistant or the rest of my team or even my boss but no one else is there and the windows are all closed.

It is literally just him and me in a room where no one can see us and these rooms are sound proof as well just in case the mock up advertisements are too loud to start with. He looks me up and down like he did on Saturday and he smiles even wider.

“Garter?” is all he says to me with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, sir.”

“You wore something this sexy to have a meeting with a man you didn’t know?” He asked, a bit perturbed.

“I am not normally alone in this room with just one man, Mr….” I replied quickly.

He looks at me and crooks his finger for me to come fully into the room and he locks the door behind me. With the click of the lock he grabs me and pulls me in for a hot, nerve wracking kiss. My legs melt and I am in sub space just like last Saturday night. I try to shake myself out of it and start to set up my presentation.

“Did you know on Saturday that you had this meeting with me this morning?” I ask as I continue to set up everything I will need.

“No, that it is you is just an added bonus. I did figure out who you were when you ran into me downstairs. I asked your boss, who is an old college friend, if I could take the meeting alone with you after I realized it. I know these rooms are sound proof and I know I won’t be able to keep my lips off that hot pussy for long,” he replied, stepping another step closer to me. “But please show me your presentation first. Be quick though I want to taste you escort urfa badly now that I know you followed my order.”

“Daddy, this is gonna be hard. Can you taste me first?”

He stands up and puts himself in front of me. He then lifts me up onto the table and gets on his knees in front of the table. Next thing I know my skirt is up and his head is between my legs. I can feel his warm breath on my silky bare lips. I try not to moan as he starts to lick up my bare lips.

“Open wider for Daddy, Baby Girl. You know I want to see all of this sweet treat. If you get really wet I may even fuck you before you give me your presentation,” he whispers in his deep baritone voice.

I open my legs as wide as I can and prop my high heeled wrapped feet on chairs my bosses normally sit in.

He this proceeds to finger and fuck my pussy till I’m almost coming hard enough to wet his shirt. He then stands up slowly. I hear him begin to unzip his pants very slowly. The next thing I know his huge cock is inside my wet pussy on a table I am seated at once or twice a week.

“That’s it Baby Girl keep quiet and Daddy will make you cum.”

Of course we both know that is not gonna happen as I let out a squeal of delight. He immediately stops, stands up, flips me over and spanks my ass as hard as he can without anyone hearing. I of course know better than to make a sound but I have learned my lesson.

He zippers himself back up and then sits down across the room before he says another word.

“Baby Girl, stand up and impress me with your head like you’ve impressed me with your body.”

I stand up slowly and adjust myself. My pussy is soaked and throbbing for release but I load up my presentation. I try not to look at him directly in his eyes cause I know I’m so very on the edge right now.

As we finish up the presentation, he leaves after telling me he will text me with our next meeting. I see him go into my boss’s office as I go to the ladies room to clean up. I’m meeting some girls for lunch in a bit so I don’t see him again before he leaves.

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