Mom Tied And Spanked


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Mom Tied And Spanked

Mom caught me with my finger in my sister’s pussy. I had her down on the floor, face down, and I was sitting on her. I had my back facing her head and I was leaned over getting a good look at her. I had her skirt up under me, I had her panties off, and I had two fingers as far up her pussy hole as I could get them.

That was when Mom caught me. She grabbed my collar and dragged me over the couch when she sat down, pulled me across her lap, and started spanking me. I told her that she would live to regret it. I told her that paybacks were a bitch. I even told her that she would get it worse when I got my hands on her. She thought that I was just saying idle threats.

My sister knew better. In fact that was how she had wound up with my fingers up her pussy. I told her to leave me alone and she didn’t. It certainly wasn’t the first time that I had my fingers inside of her. The truth of the matter is that my sister likes it when I attack her. I play with her titties, I finger her pussy, and I fondle her ripe round ass too.

Well I endure the twenty spanks to my ass with my blue jeans and underwear on. Mom would not have it so lucky. I had already come up with a plan. All I had to do was implement it.

While Mom was fixing dinner I went upstairs. I got out some rope, made some loops, and figured out how I was going to do it. Then I went down to dinner.

At bedtime I was all set, I set my alarm, and I turned in. At three o’clock in the morning I went into Mom’s bedroom. She had locked it but that didn’t stop me. She was nude under a sheet like always. When Mom sleeps, she turns from side to side. She told my sister once that she couldn’t sleep on her belly with her big breasts, that they hung under her arm pits if she slept on her back, and that on her sides were best. I watched in silence for her to roll over. When she did I put part of my plan in motion. I secured one hand to her headboard. I was ready when she turned back a few minutes later. I secured that hand too and then I sat on her stomach. She woke up and started to bitch me out. I reminded her that she was going to get spanked. She raised a knee to get me off, I side stepped it, and then secured it to the headboard. She wasn’t thinking properly because she drew up her other knee for me to secure also. She was in a pretty helpless position when I landed the first stroke on her ass. She cried out for my sister’s help.

When my sister came in she started laughing. Then she handed me the big brush that I asked for. Mom gave me twenty so I planned in giving her two hundred. Rus Escort After a hundred her ass was beet red and she was crying uncontrollably. I told her that she had another hundred coming. Then I told my sister to fist fuck Mom like she had told me about. Mom didn’t know that I knew about the two of them having sex together.

My sister smiled as she crawled up on the bed and started finger-fucking Mom. The very same thing that I had been punished for that afternoon. One by one she got them wet, Mom got wetter, and eventually I saw her entire hand go up inside Mom’s pussy. She made a fist and started rubbing her knuckles right along the inside of Mom’s pubic bone. Soon Mom was enjoying the feeling to the maximum.

All of a sudden Mom leaned her head up and licked my asshole. It shocked the hell out of me but at the same time it felt so good. I got up high enough to feed my cock into my mother’s mouth for my first blowjob ever. After I had cum in her mouth I had my sister pull her hand out.

Somewhere between getting off the bed and releasing Mom I decided to fuck her. I got up there and I shoved my cock into the hole that my sister’s hand had come out of. I was pleased that it could still grip my cock after gripping my sister’s wrist. Mom never said a word as I fucked into her but my sister sure made up for it. Man, she couldn’t shut up about it. To listen to her I was now the man of house, I was going to be the one to set the rules and dish out the punishments, and I was going to fuck them both whenever I wanted too.

Not such a bad idea after all!

After I had finished fucking Mom I released her and told her to go to sleep. I then took my sister into my bed.

Our days of playing with sex were over. That day started our sex life for real. I got her cherry and I definitely got the box that it came in. She was so tight that I couldn’t get enough of her pussy around my cock. In fact I fucked her twice before I fell asleep.

In the morning Mom came in to wake us up for school. Instead she covered us up and called in sick for us all.

Later we got breakfast in my bed and we were invited into her bed where we fooled around all day long. Surprisingly Mom reminded me that she needed another hundred spanks. That was when she confessed that she liked to get spanked. My pleasure.

She wanted it over my knee with the hairbrush. That spanking was much nicer than the first one. I could hold her breast as I beat her and I could see her ass jiggle too. I even shoved the handle of the hairbrush into her wet pussy. I stopped at fifty because Sincan Escort I didn’t want to run out. Mom assured me that I would never run out. She told me that I could spank her any time that I wanted too and for no reason at all.

I wondered if my sister liked being spanked. So I had her get across my lap and take a few. I didn’t hit her as hard though. Yes, she liked it because her nipples tingled and her pussy drooled.

The next day after school Mom asked if we wanted to go out to dinner. To us, going out meant Burger King. However, Mom said that she was taking us to Applebee’s. Then she told my sister to put on her skimpiest top and skirt without a bra or panties. Mom did the same and said that it was for my benefit.

Before we took off, Mom set down a few guidelines. Neither she nor my sister could sit on their skirts. Their bare asses were to touch the seat of the car and in the restaurant. Their knees were not to touch either. Then Mom said that if they needed to bend over and pick something up that they were to keep their knees locked and only bend from the waist. Those three simple rules should give some very lucky men a very nice view of their pussies and asses. I was quite shocked that Mom would even suggest such things.

The ride to the restaurant was interesting with Mom’s skirt up to her waist in the front seat and my sister’s up to her waist in the backseat. She had me hold the doors open while they got in and told me to hold them open when they got out too. That way I got the best possible view of all.

No one saw them getting out of the car but they sure got some looks as they entered and were shown to our seats. Mom lifted up her skirt and slipped into the booth. Boy did she get attention. However, when my sister lifted her skirt up to sit on the bench there were twice as many people watching her. Our waitress did not say a thing. Mom smiled as she told my sister not to drop anything. Dinner was excellent but half way through it Mom told my sister to go to the lady’s room. She assured Mom that she didn’t have to but Mom insisted. That was what everyone was waiting for. She got out with her knees spread wide, stood up, and then lowered her skirt into place. She was gone long enough and then returned to reverse the process for her mostly male audience.

When she sat down she told Mom and I that she had been propositioned in the lady’s room by our waitress. When Mom asked her what she did about it, my sister said that she let the waitress finger her pussy and kiss her nipples, then she gave her our address and told Sıhhiye Escort her to stop by sometime. Mom smiled and told her that she had one well.

Then it was Mom’s turn to show off for the place. However, she made sure to drop a napkin that she had to pick up before wondering off. She returned, put on another show, and then we finished our meal.

The waitress came over and asked Mom if the man at the last table could pay our tab. He offered the waitress a fifty-dollar tip if she could talk Mom into it, he wanted our phone number too. Mom smiled, told her that we needed three cherry cheesecakes to go, and then she handed her our phone number.

The waitress smiled when she brought our deserts to us. My mother and sister stood up and adjusted their skirts one last time. Mom told the waitress to stop over someday. Then we walked out. The men smiled and turned to watch us leave. Mom dropped her purse and asked my sister to pick it up for her. Everyone stopped talking, everyone stared at my sister as she bent over to pick up Mom’s purse. She took twice as long as necessary, she spread her feet out to give a better view, and then she did not adjust her skirt when she stood up. She just handed Mom her purse and walked out in front of us.

All the way home the two girls talked about the thrill, the excitement, and the orgasms that they had had. I knew that we would be going out again in the near future.

Mom sent us up to bed and then a few minutes later the doorbell rang. Soon after that Mom asked us to join her and our waitress in her bed.

My sister and I stayed up until one in the morning making love to that waitress with Mom. The three of us drove her crazy. When I didn’t have my cock in her someplace the girls were all over her. At Mom’s suggestion I butt-fucked the waitress. Now that was an experience that I wouldn’t forget very soon. Her asshole was so tight that I had to keep forcing my cock further and further into her. She asked Mom for some lubricant but Mom told her to take it dry and that I would enjoy it more. I did enjoy it but at the same time I knew the waitress was not. The friction was incredible, the tightness was incredible, and when I shot my load into her that was incredible too. Mom made it up to her though and gave her three orgasms for allowing me to finish. At one o’clock Mom sent us to bed so that we could get some sleep before school.

My sister slept in my arms that night and we were awakened to the smell of bacon, eggs, French toast, and orange juice. The waitress could cook and serve too. She gave my sister and I oral sex as we ate and sent us off to school before climbing back into bed with Mom.

She was gone when we came home but she was not forgotten. She stayed in our lives for several years as Mom’s lover but allowed my sister and I full access to her body.

The End
Mom Tied And Spanked

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