Mom Has Me Turned Out


“God damn it mom, he’s a fucking fairy! You’re gonna get AIDS from him!” I yelled.

My mother gasped, “Tim! There’s no need for you to speak that way about him, I don’t know what’s gotten into you the last few years.”

“Well, I know what’s gotten into you and it’s a fucking faggot’s dick, Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed, frustrated.

I don’t know why my dumb mother thinks that it’s a good idea to fuck a dude who has told her that he’s bisexual. We’ve seen his boyfriends come around lately trying to kiss up on him. Sure, Frank acts like he’s not doing it with them and that they’re just a bunch of overly affectionate gays, but everybody knows that fags are a bunch of sluts who go on grinder and fuck everybody they meet nonstop. It’s ridiculous!

I’m lucky I turned eighteen already or the fucker would probably be trying to molest me. I sighed in disgust and went back to my bedroom to chill and play Call of Duty. Hopefully I could get my mind off my mom and her fag boyfriend. I only had to make it through this shithole for four more months and then I’d be off to college. Sure, there’d be queers there but at least they wouldn’t be coming into my home. My mom worked second shift and would leave me alone all evening with Frank several nights a week, which was super awkward.

It doesn’t help that this wannabe He-Man is 6 feet tall making him a full foot taller than me, so that I must physically look up at him. He is broad chested and hairy, a bear, that’s what his fellow gays would call him. His cock is fucking huge too, that’s all my mom wants, fucking whore. I saw him in the shower the other day. He slept over without me realizing it and when I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom I just opened the door and walked in. I was confused for a moment by the steaminess because my mother does not shower in the morning. Then out of the shower he stepped, big and naked, his huge cock just swinging there. I kind of stood, mouth agape, while he apologized for not locking the door, but did nothing to cover himself.

He tried to blow it off, “We’re both guys,” he said, “It’s no big deal.”

“Both guys?” I exclaimed, “That doesn’t apply if it’s guys that you have sex with bro!”

I just kind of stood there for a second even though I was conscious that I was staring at his cock and I realized he had to be as well. It was just such a bizarre situation for me to be in though. Eventually I turned away very slowly and went back to my room, locking the door. I hid until he left.

The last few weeks have kind of gone by like that. He spends more and more time at the house, and I’ve had these uncomfortable interactions with him. Apparently, he’s one of those guys who likes to walk around naked. He realizes I’m in the house and he tries to stay to my mom’s room or the bathroom when he’s doing it but obviously we bump into each other. Sometimes I see him when he doesn’t notice me and I’ll watch just to see what he’s about. I can’t help but notice that he has a big ass. Not girly mind you, the guy squats and works out so he’s got these huge fucking muscles down there.

What does a man need muscles like that in his ass for? Fucking fag shit.

Recently I snooped through some of his stuff and I found a small suitcase full of girls clothes, wigs and makeup. I wondered what they were from because while at first I thought maybe he was dressing as a girl they were clearly too small for him, maybe they were stuff he was buying for my mom. I didn’t understand the wigs though, my mom already has great, long, feminine hair.

I decided to bring it up to my mother, maybe it could be evidence that he was cheating on her. She just laughed about it and said he had already told her that his ex was a cross dresser, those were some clothes that had been left with him. She joked that maybe I could try them on and it could be fun and maybe make me less “judgmental.” What kind of stupid fairy shit is that?

I googled some crossdresser porn, awful. Things tagged tranny porn were not as bad, some of those trannies do an okay job, especially the Thai ones. Ultimately though it’s all basically just putting lipstick on a pig.

The big kicker came today, I woke up and I came into the kitchen to find them both fucking sitting there looking at me like they had something to talk about. Then this dumb bitch says she’s marrying him and I was like are you fucking serious this is some dumb shit. I told Frank he needs to get the fuck out of my house and stop trying to give my mother herpes. I stormed back to my room to hide, sitting there with my headphones on playing Call of Duty and ignoring my mother at the door. She seemed pretty pissed.

Two of Frank’s friends came over in the evening I had calmed down enough to come out, or so I thought, and we all sat around watching movies and eating. None of them were flamers so I could kind of pretend that these dudes weren’t a bunch of queers even though I suspected that they all were. My mom serving them drinks and making food for them, snuggling up next to Frank so close, really bugged me.

Then one of them, who introduced himself as Peter, commented, “You know who he reminds me of? Ralph.” Peter was another bear, not as fit as Frank but a bigger dude, with a short, well-trimmed beard. Probably an idiot.

“Do wha?” I said, “Me?”

I saw that this comment made Frank a little uncomfortable, so I pursued it. “So who was Ralph?”

“He means Rachel.” Frank’s other friend said, as if I might now know who they were talking about. Friend two was Frank’s token black friend, Byron. He was a tall, lanky fellow and had this dumb, flat-topped haircut. I thought that shit was an 80’s thing.

“Yeah yeah,” Peter said, “Ralph was what, 5 feet flat and really small. Had a cute face.”

“Nah.” I said, catching his drift, knowing that I was in fact 5’1. “Ain’t nobody says I’m cute but my mom!”

Both of Frank’s friends were then like, “Ohh, come on, you’re cute!” as if I needed some assurance that I was cute.

I almost blew up right then, but instead I shoved popcorn in my mouth and stewed. I understood that they were comparing me to some damn fairy, which irked me. I’m just short! I could be the bigger man, figuratively. I had stormed off too much lately, needed to stand my ground. This was my house!

I had an idea… I started to just throw random insults at them, and Frank in particular. Not a tirade, but frequent comments over the next hour. I figured if I was intolerable enough, Frank would call it off with my mom. I thought embarrassing him in front of his buds would be a good start. I saw him get progressively more annoyed, but what could he do? I was his fiancé’s son. My mom was getting more pissed, while Byron kind of laughed, maybe he thought these were good natured jabs.

Peter, for his part, looked shocked, I guess he lives in a bubble. His face told me he couldn’t believe anyone would say things like, “Must be rough knowing you’ll burn in hell.” Definitely an idiot.

My mom broke first and sent me to my room. Shortly thereafter I was treated to the sound of Frank and her arguing. She burst in my room just before ten, in tears.

“Frank said he needs some time to think about things!” She shouted at me, tears in her eyes.

Even though this was great news, you can’t really be snide when somebody is crying in front of you, so I got quiet, just letting her lecture me. She yelled about how I was running her life, how hard it was to be a single mom, etc, etc.

She could probably tell she wasn’t getting through to me so she concluded with, “I hope you’re happy!” and retreated back to her room. The house was quiet the rest of the night.

It was quiet the next day too, as we were both on eggshells. Frank wasn’t around though, so I was silently patting myself on the back. On the third day my mom started to perk up, and said she’d make her lasagna, my favorite dish, and some kool-aid.

Fuck yeah kool-aid is lit.

I was sitting at my desk in my room playing CoD, and after downing a few glasses of cherry limeade I started feeling woozy. “Fuck.” I said to myself, “Too early for bed…”

I woke up laying on my bed, someone was leaning over me, touching my face.

“The fuck…” I said groggily.

“He’s awake.” A voice said, a male… Byron’s?

I opened my eyes and saw that he was brushing my face with something. “Hold still.” He told me. I complied because, why not? I had no clue what was happening, I thought maybe I was injured or something. Someone was pulling my arm, messing with my wrist. I couldn’t see them at first but when they stopped I saw my mother standing next to my bed.

“Mom?” I asked, before she walked down to my right foot and grabbed my ankle. I saw then what she was doing, tying me to the bed with a silky black rope.

“HEY!” I shouted. “What gives?”

Byron put his weight on my chest as I thrashed about but, he needn’t have. Three of my limbs were already bound, and I failed to stop my mother from tying my left foot down. There was enough give to the ropes that I could move my limbs a good amount, but crucially I couldn’t bring my hands together.

“You’re gonna mess up your make-up.” Byron warned me.

“What?” I asked, taken aback.

“It’s about done.” He said and kept working on my face while I blinked at him in horror.

“There.” He announced after a moment, stepping back off the bed. I was able to look down and see that these freaks had dressed me in a fucking Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Fucking weebs.

“Isn’t that a pretty young lady.” My mother said, smiling at me. She then raised her phone and started taking photos.

“He could pass.” Declared Byron.

“Looks like a twink.” Peter said.

“He IS a twink.” Byron said. “But he could pass, given some more time and effort. For now we can make do with a sissy boy.”

“It’s perfect.” My mom said, and I saw she was typing on her phone, “Look at me… so hot and ready for a man to pop my cherry.”

“Put ‘boipussy’ instead of cherry.” Suggested Byron.

“Yeah.” My mom agreed, fixing whatever she was working on. “That’s good.” She walked to the right side of the bed, showing me the phone. I shook my head in disbelief, there on her phone was a profile for Onlyfans, featuring me. She had posted some normal pictures of me, just doing random stuff. But now she was preparing a post of a bunch of pics of my ass in panties, and a one with me tied up that she just took. I saw a wig was on my head, I hadn’t even noticed it. She had managed to catch a pic of my face in a fairly neutral position, like I was just laying there looking at the cameraman.

“Hey! My friends could see that!” I shouted. “That stuff gets out and follows you!” I knew people were fucking stupid about girls with Onlyfans, like it was some big deal.

“Well, I think it needs more content, for it to really stick to you.” She said.

“Yeah.” Byron agreed, “Like a blowjob video.”

“Wh-wh-what?” I stammered, pulling harder on the ropes, panicking. “Come on mom enough!”

“Hmmm, no we’ve gone this far Tim, or should I say ‘Kim.’”

“Kimberly sounds more sophisticated.” Said Peter, which made Byron chuckle.

“I’m gonna let you choose,” My mother explained. “Is this going to be a sucking or a fucking video?”

I shook my head, “Neither you dumb bitch let me out or I’ll scream my head off.”

“Oh yeah,” Byron said, “I forgot.” He knelt over me and I wondered what was up. He took something laying behind my head.

“Wait, what is that, what are you” I was cut off as he shoved the ball of the gag into my mouth rudely, and clipped the thing behind my head.

“I guess it’s a fucking then.” He said.

I screamed into the gag, but we could all tell it wasn’t very loud. The damn ball felt huge and was dominating the interior of my mouth.

“Get him really horny first.” My mom said. “I want him to cum for the camera, the edit needs to look like he loves it.”

“Yeah.” Peter agreed. “I’ve got this, it won’t be the first twink I’ve turned.”

“You ain’t turned nobody gay Peter, jeez.” Byron replied.

“Sure I have.” He said, removing his clothes. “Ralph was straight when I met him.”

Byron laughed, “It’s Rachel now, man you ain’t even using her pronouns. Can’t believe I gotta hear this ‘I turn ‘um gay’ crap and you won’t even call her Rachel.”

“Listen,” Peter explained, smiling in such a way that you couldn’t tell how serious he was, “They are guys when I meet um, I can’t help what happens after they take this dick.”

I looked at the dick in question, terrified. He appeared pretty normal I suppose. I couldn’t help but compare us. He was bigger but not silly porn video titled ‘huge guy meets small girl’ big. He was hairy like Frank and perhaps 5’10,’’ enough to loom over me even if I wasn’t strapped down. I bursa eskort tried to ward him as best I could as he crawled on top of me, but my options were limited, and he pushed my arms aside easily.

He pushed his face into my neck and started sucking. I was surprised by the feeling. I had never had anyone suck on my neck like that, and the physical sensation, while disturbing, was wonderful. I willed myself to make no noise that could be interpreted as pleasure. My mother was right there, kneeling on the side of the bed, filming the whole thing.

“My little girl’s first time.” She muttered. “Enjoy it baby, they’re gonna dick you down so hard.”

I tried to convey, “What the fuck?” with my eyes, but as my painted eyelids blinked, I knew there’d be moments she could edit, since I couldn’t really express anything with the ball gag. What noises I did make were soon grunts and stifled gasp, pathetic little ouch’s and whimpers as Peter moved his mouth around my body. The fucking queer even sucked on my armpits, is that a thing? People do that?

It felt good, shockingly good. Of course, I understood, even if you are like, not a fag, somebody sucking on your nipples is gonna feel good, and Peter attacked my nipples like they leaked malibu rum, pushing my top up to get to them. I closed my eyes as he bit them, unable to help it, and not really wanting to see.

He was forced to push a bra out of the way, which they had packed with some bag thing of gel. I figured they jacked this stuff from Rachel’s cache of tranny shit and wasn’t pleased to be dressed in the clothes that Rachel probably used to get fucked in, exactly like this. I figured these panties had probably had tons of sissy cum on them. It was fucking humiliating. I almost wanted to vomit but the ball gag would have made that a terrible idea.

I could feel Peter’s cock against my thigh, and I know I just said he was normal, but once I was in contact with it, it felt much too large to be getting fucked by. Not that any size would be desirable! My stomach churned, this dude was really gonna fuck me, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Even worse I was gonna be sloppy seconds for Byron, and then… Peter couldn’t turn me gay, I reminded myself. You can’t turn somebody gay by fucking them, right? You’d have to already be a fag, like some latent homosexual, to get ‘turned gay.’ That’s not me, I’m not some closeted sissy.

Thinking about this I started making all kinds of noises, just whatever I could get out, trying to get their attention.

“I think he wants to say something.” Byron said and leaned over me. “Are you gonna yell?” He asked.

I shook my head, no. Off came the gag.

“Please, please, please stop, I’ll be good mommy. I won’t bother Frank anymore I swear, I’ll send him an apology and everything, just don’t make me fuck these guys!”

The bitch actually laughed! She smiled at me and said, “I’ve put up with you long enough to know you are a stubborn little shit. You need this, Kimberly, to help you grow as a person.”

Peter’s face was on my stomach now, his beard tickling me as he licked around. Fuck he’s gonna suck my dick! I thought. I could already feel his hands pawing at my ass and I knew the panties would be coming off shortly.

“I’ll suck your dicks!” I shouted, desperately.

“Fuck yes.” Byron said, “You just made my day sissy, I hate sloppy seconds.”

Byron removed his pants, clearly excited. “I love a white bitch’s mouth.” He whispered to me as he climbed on my chest, pushing my hands above my head. His cock, skinny but quite long, slapped my face.

“You know on second thought…” I muttered, but he ignored me, rubbing it around my lips.

“The better you do the quicker it will be over.” He said.

“I can’t reach it.” I complained, showing him the limited mobility of my hands.

“So? This is a blowjob, not a handjob, up your game girl.” I glared hatefully at him as I hesitantly started kissing his cock, making the most ‘This is disgusting’ face that I could. I gave little pecks around the shaft, psyching myself up to lick him in a manner that would finish him off. I thought about some porn videos I’d seen of girls making guys come just by licking the bottom of their dick, maybe I could manage that.

As I was tentatively touching my tongue to his shaft I felt my panties pulled down.

“Oh no… you don’t need to, ah! AH! Come on do you gotta?” I wheezed into Bryon’s nuts as he settled them onto my face, but the source of my distress was Peter’s lips, which had clamped firmly onto the tip of my dick. I heard my mom chuckle, and I realized my legs were quivering, I willed them into stillness.

I couldn’t help but moan though as Peter’s lips lowered over my glans, his tongue circling the crown of my head. Byron’s right nuts fell into my mouth as I did, and my tongue instinctively explored it, drawing a sigh from the horny black man T-bagging me.

Fuck it. I thought, and sucked on the soft testicle. I swirled my tongue around it, working towards getting this over with. His nuts wanted to shrivel up in response, cowards, and made my job harder. I persisted in licking and sucking his sack, which was utterly gross. He didn’t shave or trim his pubes, and his nut hairs filled my mouth. I almost gagged but held it back, if I bit I figured I’d be back on the ass fuck train or maybe even a beatdown.

I know my mom got some great footage, she was leaning on the bed filming up close, and Peter’s tongue was introducing me to the feeling of having my cock and balls licked, so I probably looked like I was loving sucking Byron’s balls. I pretty much kept the moaning to a minimum, but I couldn’t not breathe heavily, and since I wanted Byron to finish, I had to lick up and down his shaft aggressively. Unfortunately, without my hands, I couldn’t apply the force that was probably needed to press my tongue into his frenulum the way it would probably require to bust, and I strained helplessly against my bonds to raise myself up, trying to press his cock back enough to flatten my tongue on it.

The sadistic bastard seemed to back off as I did this, as though teasing a girl that wanted his cock in her mouth. So I dejectedly gave up on it and formed an ‘O’ with my lipd, catching his head in my mouth and sucking it in.

“Fuck yeah, that is hot bitch.” He encouraged me, lowering himself back down to feed more of it into my mouth. I started bobbing steadily, trying to set a pace that would work him to an orgasm. I heard the damn ‘click click’ of my mom’s phone camera, telling me she was getting some HD pics for my Onlyfans. I would see later that I looked ridiculous, makeup smeared all over my face and Byron’s cock, spit dripping off my chin as I took about half his long cock in my mouth.

I felt an orgasm building in my balls and clinched my fist, shaking my head ‘no’ and trying to picture Peter’s hairy, gross ass body. It’s a guy! I told myself. Don’t cum, don’t cum!

“Fuck she is sucking this cock good.” Byron moaned. “This bitch is gonna get a treat.”

Yes! I thought, if he came then it would be Peter’s turn and my dick could get a break before I busted. I sucked even harder on Byron, working his cock frantically with my tongue.

“Oh… darling…” Byron hissed, really loving this straight boy’s lips on his pulsing rod, “You gonna get your first taste of cum, ahhh, then you’ll be a fag for life, right Peter?”

Peter was too busy to answer, his mouth was full of my nuts and he was jerking my cock like he knew he was about to win the race, but I had other ideas. I forced myself up so that I was sitting up with my arms behind me, and took more of Byron’s cock in my mouth, also making Peter chase my dick. I swallowed for all I was worth and while I failed to get Byron in my throat the feeling of me gagging on his cock set him off.

I suddenly remembered the nature of my dubious reward as it flooded my mouth, and I tried to pull off, but Byron grabbed the back of my head, holding me there, choking on his cum as it spurted, one long line after another, into my mouth and throat. It poured out of my lips around his shaft as I fought to not swallow any, although I couldn’t help but swallow some. Most flowed out onto my chin, and my mom’s camera went ‘click click.’

Byron let me fall back onto the bed when he finished, and Peter stopped playing with me just in time, I don’t think he realized quite how close I had been.

They all sort of stared at me, and for a moment I thought maybe they were coming to their senses, realizing they were all terrible, awful, people who belong in prison.

Instead my mother said, “Wow. That was incredible. My son is a hot piece of ass.”

“You ain’t lying, looks like a freshly fucked schoolgirl.” Agreed Byron.

I rolled my eyes, but wondered if I did, catching my breath and trying to recover before round two. Did I look like one of those ads, ‘barely legal girls destroyed by cock?’ I kind of wanted a mirror to see, but I knew it was being recorded… I thought maybe I’d see later.

Peter sat on my chest while my mom adjusted my bonds. I was made to roll over and my hands were tied to other post, my legs being freed.

“Ahh, hey now…” I said. “This ain’t the best way for me to ah, suck you there Peter.” I fumbled, I looked back at him as he knelt behind me, his cock alarmingly approaching my rear.

“Take this.” He said, as though he were fucking giving me something I’d want and shoved the ball gag back in my mouth. Fucking lying bunch of cunts!

He lay on top of me, his stomach on my back. I felt very small under him, and was horrified by the way he pushed his cock against my crack, dry humping me slowly.

“Lube him up really good.” My mom said, and Peter backed off enough to poor ridiculous amounts of KY on my ass, not just lubing the crack but spreading it around to make my ass shine.

“Oh yeah, he’s been bad.” My traitorous mother said. “Give him a spanking!”

Both the guys liked this idea and the room was quickly filled by wet slaps as Peter beat my ass. I screamed into the gag uselessly as he smacked by poor bottom again and again, until I just lay there sobbing.

“Don’t worry,” He said, “Faggots like you grow to love having their ass beat, you just need me to breed you a bit to see.”

I shook my head and pressed my face into the mattress, trying to block out what was happening, but his hot cock insisted I feel what he was doing. I felt him drag it around my red ass, rubbing his nuts in the lube, working the cockhead around my globes. I could feel his precum dripping on me, adding to the KY and the room started to smell like sex and sweat. Most awfully though, was how my cock strained against the sheets under me, because his meat teasing my crack was the most erotic moment of my life up to that point, and it took every once of willpower I had not to push my ass back against him.

The feeling only got worse when he started plowing his cockhead through my crack, letting it slide greasily over my hole again and again. I stopped being conscious of what I was doing then, and realized I must be making some dumb fuck toy ahego face when I saw my mom filming a close up of it. I turned my head away to hide my shame.

“It’s time you little bitch.” Peter said, eliciting a whimper from me. His hands took my hips and adjusted my body, lining his cock up with my virgin hole. I tried to talk, to plead, to get them to take off the gag, but they ignored me. Talk was over and fucking was about to begin.

Tears filled my eyes as he pushed in. It hurt like a bitch of course, fags must all be masochist because the shit was ridiculous, but the worst was the knowledge I was losing my virginity to a queer. Part my brain was also getting very worried because my cock still hadn’t shrunk, I mean, getting sucked hard I understand but why was I leaking precum after that spanking, and now with a dick opening my anus, slowly and painfully working its way inside my rectum?

My anal ring spasmed, freaking out almost as much as my brain. It didn’t understand what was going down any more than I did and the flood of signals my nerves were sending me was overwhelming. I had to poop suddenly, and I also needed about a million Advil. Most strangely was some broken transmitter that was saying, ‘God I’m so full’ and making my cock harder than it ever has been.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I plopped my chest down on the pillow. Face down and ass up I was like a bitch in heat, ready for Peter to breed me. He let me stew on it for a while though, huffing through the pain and feeling my ass clinch and unclench on his tool. Eventually, with Peter sinking into me as slowly as a sub descending to the bottom of the ocean, I felt the pain ease while Peter’s nuts came to rest on mine. That was a strange experience in itself, another bursa escort bayan man’s sack spooning with mine, making me picture my deflowered asshole, with his cock buried to the hilt.

“He’s ready.” My mom said, as if she would fucking know?

I groaned into the gag as peter withdrew, feeling like the titanic was passing through my bowels, it’s wake a wave of freakish sensations that my brain was attempting to categorize. He started moving in and out like a clam day’s ocean waves, slapping against my ass. I mumbled nothing into the sheets, unable to talk, only able to take this older man’s cock.

“Fuck this is making me hard again.” Byron said. “I might need a turn on that ass after all.”

Oh God, no. I thought, if these two started taking turns, they could be turning me out all night.

“Yeah,” Peter said, as though reading my mind, “We got time right, we could fuck him all night.”

“Damn it,” My mother lamented, “Here I am super turned on too! Stuck with all gay men!”

While they chatted I wheezed into the sheets, trying to breathe around the stupid ball gag they thought it so amusing to cram in my mouth. The pain from the entry had eased up but I was huffing out with each inward stroke of his meat into my guts. After a few minutes my pathetic gurgling was unmistakable to them as exactly what I willed it not to be; fucking balls busting pleasure.

My legs started shaking like I was overdosing on meth and the urge to grab my dick and beat off was overwhelming, but the cunts had bound me such that it was impossible for me to reach. I was feeling the effects of ‘winning’ the blowjob race earlier. My nuts were gonna be blue if this shit kept up any longer. My ass was open to Peter now, no mistaking it. His cock glided in and out like my buns were silk pillows and the perverted squishing sounds let everyone present know how quick his pace was becoming as he raped my ass, dripping oil all over the bed. I wondered how much fucking precum this guy was pumping me with cause I seemed to be getting wetter down there. This made me think about all the cum that was going to be in my ass and I thought I’d sob into my gag.

But what I heard come out was a long, drawn out moan.

Now I figure any guy would get some pleasure out of this, right? Doesn’t make me gay, I mean men have prostates, and if you rub them they feel good. That’s just the mechanics of it. Straight dudes get pegged, yah know, or have their girls’ put fingers in their butts.

Peter was kind of fucking it up though, the angle wasn’t quite right, he was hitting me in a way that felt good but also, my ass was telling me that the real spot was a little bit… I arched my back and tried to feel around for the angle, making his cock probe me in different spots. I couldn’t get it quite right, and his speed was a bit off so maybe I could…

“Hot damn!” Peter exclaimed, “This sissy is milking my fucking cock.” I cringed to hear this, ‘Shut up fucker!’ I wanted to yell, pushing my ass back on him. It’s not my fault he can’t properly fuck cause he’s a god damn fairy. I went up on my hands and knees rocking back and forward on his dick, spearing myself more and more violently. It was gonna work, I was gonna cum!

Byron unlatched the ball gag and I spat it out. I think he saw me struggling to breathe and had some fucking mercy for once, probably didn’t want to turn this rape into a murder.

“Tell us how much you love it.” He teased me.

“Fuck you fag! Ahhh, you sons of… bitches, ohhhh fuuck!” My toes must have been curling because it felt like every muscle I had contracted as an orgasm exploding throughout my whole body. I sprayed my sheets with jizz while my mom filmed, trying to hold back laughing at me. I fucked myself on Peter’s cock until the last notes of it faded, then I plopped my head back down, winded.

That’s when the post nut clarity hit me. Holy fuck what did I just do? I thought. I just came from that guy’s dick like a bitch getting railed!

And now that I had the plundering of my hole, while still feeling physically good, was horribly embarrassing again. My urge to hide returned but, there was no escape.

“Fucking cum in me already.” I whined.

“Not with that attitude!” Peter said. God the fucker did have stamina, how long had this been going on? It felt like I’d been taking his shaft for 30 minutes.

“Yeah you gotta ask like a nice sissy.” Byron instructed me. “Otherwise, how can your man feel good?”

“You’re not my man!” I grumbled. The room was quiet, other than the wet squishing.

I do know that many guys get off largely on the sound of porn so I said fuck it I’ll help this loser get his jollies. Trying to put on a sissy voice I whispered, “Do you like my ass?”

“Oh yeah you little cum slut I love it.”

I made lewd moaning noises for him and even wiggled my butt, “Fill me with you cum, Peter, please?” I begged, utterly humiliating.

“Fuck yeah bitch…” He grabbed my hips and started slamming me.

“Oh yeah,” I encouraged him, “Fuck me harrrrd.” I imitated the stereotypical porn voice actress, so dumb but, it obviously works for fags just like for straight guys, because he was getting off on it.

“Cum in me baby, fill me up!” I shouted.

“Ugh, take it bitch!” Peter forced himself balls deep and held me, his cock twitching and hot cum pumping into my ass for the first time.

“Gross…” I muttered. There was cum in my ass, worse I realized you absorb shit through you ass, so at least some of his fucking semen would be part of me now, my dumb body taking it in. “Oh man…” I groaned.

“I think that’s good guys.” My mom said, finally calling this bullshit over.

“Did you see how I made him nut from this cock?” Peter asked Byron, who laughed.

“Yeah but let’s be real he is obviously a sissy, I mean nobody normal bust a nut from getting fucked the first time. This bitch was gyrating on your cock in no time.” Byron countered.

“Well, it’s normal when I fuck ‘um.” Peter said as they dressed. “Happens 100 percent of the time.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You can get my number from Frank later if you’d like some more.”

I just scowled at him.

“Can you fucking untie me now!” I yelled to my mother when they left.

“Let me just upload this stuff to my cloud I’ll be right back.”

“What???” I yelled at her as she left, and lay there in a puddle of cum for about 15 minutes until she returned.

“It’s all ready,” She said, “You have two choices; call Frank in the morning, apologize and beg his forgiveness, or I post a few videos of you loving being fucked on your sissy boy Onlyfans.” She leaned in, “And I will put your full fucking name on there Timothy D. Miller!”

She reached over between my legs and ran her hand down my ass crack, and then over the bedsheets. To my shock she then wiped the cum over my face as I tightly shut my mouth hand eyes.

In the morning my mom had sent me several text. “Check this out!” The first read. Attached was a picture of my soft dick, spent and dripping cum onto the sheets. Peter’s cock was stretching my asshole obscenely above my tight nuts. She had written a caption on it, “My sissy cock cumming from getting my cherry popped.” The others were all similar, showing me sucking and taking cock.

I had showered before bed, but I went and showered again. I washed my bedsheets and even the girl clothes they dressed me in, putting them back in Frank’s luggage. I have to do everything for these retards. Afterwards I sat at my desk, chewing gum and trying to stop smelling and tasting the cum from last night.

“Fucking shit ass bitch.” I muttered, preparing myself to get this over with.

“Hello?” Frank said when I called, sounding surprised.

I had a *********** written, so that I wouldn’t launch into any off color remarks. I apologized for my behavior, and told him if he could forgive me then I would not give him or my mom any more shit about what a fucking fag he was. In the *********** I used other words, obviously. He seemed to take it with a grain of salt, but I could only do so much.

I pulled up some porn afterwards, checking to make sure I still like the boobs, and yep not gay. “Take that Peter.” I muttered. BOOBS, you limp dicked ass sniffing cock sucker!

Frank was back around the house the next weekend, and I suspected he was unaware of what my mother had done with his friends, which made sense. Couldn’t have the old man picturing the step-son as a sexy little twink could she? Nooo, my bitch mother couldn’t take the competition.

As the weeks passed and Frank saw that I was a good little boy he spent progressively more time at our house, their wedding being planned for the fall. I got more used to him being around, but he still tried to hide his obvious nudist tendencies. I kept spotting him though, comparing him to Byron and Peter. He is waaay more handsome, and his cock well kept as the rest of him. One day when he was scurrying away after sensing my presence I confronted him.

“You can stop running away, man!” I yelled as he went to the bedroom. He stopped and turned around.

“Uhhh, are you sure?” He wondered.

“Yeah we’re both guys!” I told him. “In fact…” I stripped off my shirt and pants, standing in my boxers. “Just fucking do what you’re doing.” I told him.

I didn’t need this guy leaving my mom after all, he needed to feel comfortable around the house. He sat on the sofa, naked, watching the TV. I sat next to him, playing on my cell phone. I kept glancing at his dick. It occurred to me that guys get erect sometimes, so even if he was just chilling, I’d eventually get to see him at full mast. After a while he caught me peeking.

“Still nervous?” He asked.

“I’m fine!” I insisted, and to prove it I yanked off my boxers, standing in front of him. We both looked down and saw my dick was rock hard.

“Ahhhummm, I was looking at your da, boobies at da boobies on my phone!” I said.

He laughed, “Okay, we all like them.”

I paused, “Even… the gays?”

“Yeah, gay men often still like boobs.”

Holy shit, my face must have revealed my horror because he asked, “Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes! You keep doing your stuff and I will ah, go play CoD.”

I lay in my bed and about hyperventilated, thinking about his sexy body. I reached between my legs and fondled my dick, remembering the feeling of it being sucked, and of cumming on Peter’s cock. “Fuck!” I hissed, “They put the gay in me!”

The next day, with Frank more comfortable around the house, he got naked around me more and more, and it was driving me slowly nuts. I just kept staring at his fat cock and drooling, I had to run to my room and beat off just stop thinking about it for a few hours. I also found he was leaving his laptop out a lot. When he went to the bathroom I snuck on it quickly and checked the browsing history. Fucking newb hadn’t cleared anything, whole history was there to see. God how could he be so hot but so dumb.

It was full of tranny porn. Fucking men with tits were sucking off guys left and right on this fool’s search history and I remembered how Frank still kept the girly clothes from some ex. This was definitely a major kink for him, something he wasn’t getting from my mom based on his browser.

I imagined myself as the tranny in the videos, getting fucked and slurping on the men’s boners. God I wanted him, day after day starting passing with me getting blue balls from this bastard parading his huge nuts literally close enough that I could have reached out and squeezed them. I lay in bed at night dreaming of him making me his bitch, and I was jealous of my mother when I’d hear he moaning from her room.

The idea was obvious really. My whore mother wanted me to accept this guy? Well I would, I’d fucking accept him, by FUCKING him.

I raided his stuff at the next chance, betting that he didn’t often check it. I took all the makeup, the jello tit bullshit, and some black lace bra and panties. I went to the thrift store and bought my own mini-skirt and shirt though; I didn’t want it to be immediately obvious where I’d gotten the outfit.

I watched makeup tutorials from some other twinks, I mean dudes, on youtube, talking about how they did it and tried to imitate them. I spent literally hours doing and redoing it trying to find the right level of sultriness that made me look more fem but not drag show over the top. This ultimately required me to raid my mother’s supplies as well because the harlot Frank was with before clearly had no taste, but eventually I got there.

I also practically bathed in Nair hair removal cream and turned myself into a smooth skinned weirdo but Frank would, I believed, appreciate that. I am privy to the fact that my görükle escort mom hates period sex, so I wanted until she was on the rag, to start my seduction of Frank.

As Frank sat on the couch, early after my mom headed to work, I walked into the room, butt naked. Frank looked at me curiously, noticing that I was nude and clean shaven. I sat next to him, letting our thighs touch.

“Sooo, why’d you shave?” He asked, unable to resist the bait.

“Oh, I heard the girls like it.” I said, looking at his hairy chest.

“Is this some kind of jab at me?” He asked suspiciously.

“No you can do you man, actually I like your chest, it’s really manly.” I reached over and grazed my hand over his chest, feeling the hairs.

“You want me to make us some dinner?” I asked him.

“Sure…” He said, eyeing me.

I made us both T-bone steaks that my mom had bought to make the next night, giggling as I did. I brought them out to him and we ate on the loveseat, with my thigh touching his. At one point I let some A-1 drip onto my chest, right around my nipple, and scooped it up with my fingers, licking them clean. I carefully did not look at him as I did this, wanting to seem innocent, but unfortunately my dick wasn’t playing along, pointing straight up.

“You ah, enjoying that steak?” He asked me. I think he was suspicious, amused, and curious at the same time, bewildered by my change in attitude.

“I love a thick piece of meat in my mouth.” I said. I couldn’t help but laugh, though I’d honestly meant it seductively. He laughed too, taking it as a joke and dropping his guard a bit.

When I stood up from the couch I stretched, and leaned over to touch my toes right in front of him, glancing at him between my legs, he was staring now, almost unabashedly, and I took my plate to the kitchen. When I came back for his I saw his dick was semi-erect under it. I made sure to graze my hand against his member as I took it, allowing us to pretend it was an accident.

Frank wouldn’t have gotten any all week by this time, my mom having been on her period since Monday, and I could tell that Frank’s ego was keeping his id in check because the idea of fucking me had now entered his consciousness, I just had to stoke the fire some more.

I went to my room and did my makeup, donning my girl’s clothes and wig, and then slightly unscrewed the lightbulb on my ceiling, letting the room go dark.

“Frank!” I yelled.

Frank came down the hall and opened my door, “What’s up?” He asked, squinting into the darkness.

“My light’s out.” I said in a pouting, fem voice. “Can you help me?” I said.

“Uhh, sure.” Frank said, coming in and beginning to investigate. To do this he had to get on the bed, standing to reach the ceiling. I stepped up to him.

“Don’t fall.” I said, grabbing his hips. I stepped right up to him, my face inches below his nuts, and breathed heavily onto them. “Um you smell good, do you wear cologne?” I asked.

“Not right now…” He said, clearly a bit nervous. Then the light came on as he screwed it in, and when he looked down he saw me, long haired wig, short skirt, dark red lips, just like the girls in the porn he watched. “Holy fuck!” He exclaimed.

“Do you like?” I asked him, laying my head on his thigh, keeping eye contact.

“Jesus christ!” Frank muttered, pushing me back and getting down. “I, ah, need to pee.” He walked into my mom’s room and closed the door.

I gritted my teeth in frustration and knock gently on the door. “Come on Frank, don’t be a pussy!”

There was no response.

“Frank,” I said, sounding sad, “I’m so confused, who am I supposed to talk to about this?”

After a moment the door opened. “You’re right.” He said. “If I’m gonna be your father then I guess we need to talk about this.”

We sat on the couch, but on the way there I grabbed a tube of red lipstick, concealing it at first. Frank droned on about, responsibilities and boundaries, and how I was young and could explore my sexuality in a safe environment blah blah blah.

As he talked I pulled out the tube of lipstick and applied a layer to my lips, very slowly. As I finished he stopped talking, just watching me.

“I want you to explore my sexuality right now.” I said, and he gulped as he felt my hand run up his thigh. “I want you… to be my Daddy.” I said in my best girly voice. I tossed aside my shirt, revealing my smooth stomach and bra. As I rubbed his thigh, I took the tube and traced the lipstick around my chest writing.

“Daddy’s little slut.” I spelled above my fake tits, and said; “I want you to fuck me.”

“Your mom though…” He protested, clearly about to give in.

“Doesn’t need to know.” I finished for him. “You don’t have to do anything but, lay back…” I tossed the lipstick and brought my face to his hairy chest, watching his eyes follow me. I kissed his left nipple while I moved my hands feeling his muscles.

God what a man, what a tasty, sexy beast of a man.

I explored his chest with my tongue, the hair didn’t make it easier, but what it did do was turn me on. I found I loved running my fingers through it, feeling it caress my face, but I wanted to smear my lipstick on something else, so I dropped to my knees in front of him, seeing him scoot his ass forward on the couch, presenting my meal.

I dove onto his cock, too fucking rev’d up for more teasing, I wanted him hard and ready so he’d pound my fucking boipussy into oblivion. I choked down as much as I could, actually making him ask me to slow down, but if I’m gonna suck a cock I’m going hard! I wanted the lipstick stains on the base of his dick, to show that I took the whole thing. This was easier said than done though, because the monster fuck tool this freak had between his legs poked out of both of my hands as I wrapped them around it.

I bathed his cockhead with my tongue, hearing his words of approval start. He asked me if I liked it, purred and moaned his approval, I even had his legs shaking, his balls contracting as I squeezing them, I wondered how fast I could make him cum. Aggressively I pumped his shaft in and out of my mouth, going a bit deeper each time, the gag reflex wasn’t even an issue, I choked on it without letting up, but the damn thing just wouldn’t fit in my little throat.

I had some ideas from the excessive porn viewing I’d done that might help though and I stood up, pulling him back to my mom’s bedroom. The thought of him fucking me there was so scandalous I had to do it. I lay on my back, head hanging off the bed and asked him to fuck my throat.

“Fucking make me take it!” I told him.

Frank was clearly having his mind blown by this, I must have been the most eager cock slut that he’d ever met because I was so horned up from weeks of fantasizing about his cock that I wanted him to absolutely murder me with it. He followed my egging and started fucking my face as I lay faceup on the bed, his hands going under my skirt to play with my dick through my panties. I gave little coos of assent as he pillaged my oral cavity, tasting his manly precum running onto my tongue. Finally, I swallowed the head, aided by the angle. There was no pain really, just some discomfort. Even the urge to gag passed once he was buried deep in my neck.

The feeling of the head pushing in and out of my throat was sublime and I had a big wet spot on my panties that his finger played with before they went underneath. He warned me he was going to cum, and I made him back off.

“Can you still fuck me afterwards?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, we can fuck for hours.” He replied.

“Then do it.” I told him, to his delight. He pushed between my lips again, my makeup smearing all over my face and his cock, and he started pounding my throat. I squealed in delight as he made me his bitch, cumming right into my throat, my muscles milking his cock of every drop.

When he was spent he lay back on the bed, me, his little slut, sucking her daddy’s cock softly while he recovered. “I love your cock, daddy.” I whispered to him as I worked, hands exploring every inch of his wonderful form. I tongued his hairy nuts, sighing into them as I felt my cock pitching a tent in my panties.

I imitated what I’d seen in the sissy videos, calling him daddy and begging him to use me. I was exactly catering to his fantasy to drive him wild, getting him hard and ready again. It was a bit weird when he started licking my ass, which I hadn’t expected, but it felt incredible. I almost wished I’d set up a video camera, because Onlyfan simps would pay dearly to see how fucking steamy we were, me wiggling my mini-skirt encased ass on his face as my daddy ate my rosebud an I begged him to shove his cock in me.

I got my wish but he wanted to look at my face, which was even stranger than having a man lick my asshole. I found it harder to do the dirty talk when I was looking into his eyes, seeing a man’s face so close as he entered me, my legs on his shoulders.

“You’re so cute.” He told me, making me blush.

Is that dirty talk, I wondered, or…

“Am I really cute?” I asked him.

“You look like a sweet little college girl.” He whispered as I clinched my fist and teeth, groaning in pain as his huge cock stretched my asshole.

“Oh daddy…” I whimpered, “Please go slow.”

“I will.” He said.

He did go slow, but he also only used spit as lube, I realized. This made my ass less slippery, and my anal ring dragged along his shaft, feeling every ridge and vein.

“Oh.. oh… Frank…” I moaned as he slowly worked into my boipussy.

“Whose ass is this?” He asked me.

“Ugh, yah-yours daddy.” Silly really but, fuck it turned us both on!

We kept up the moaning and dirty talk while he loosened my tight little hole, my sad little squeaks and whimpers driving him to greater heights of excitement. I was loving it the whole time, from painful entry to blossoming pleasure, I relished every bit of being fucked by this virile man, his strong chest pressing me into my mother’s bed. I hoped she’d smell some faint trace and wonder, would she suspect her son was fucked silly on her bed by her fiancé? Unlikely, she’d probably assume he was masturbating on it, or that she just needed to wash the sheets.

Frank tried to jerk me before he came, but I didn’t let him, I didn’t want to realize how fucked up this was until after I’d enjoyed every second of fucking he could give me, which was quite a bit. Because he had already fed me a load, I was able to ride his cock cowgirl style, and have him pound me on all fours for a while. Finally though he wanted to cum in me face to face, so I let him put me back in missionary and he kissed me while filling me with his seed.

I lay there drooling with his cock in my ass, him jerking me off as I imagined how much cum he’d pumped in me. I almost cried when I spurted it was so intense, and I knew I was going to be a cock sucking whore for the rest of my life.

He climbed up my body, offering me his dirty cock. I shook my head, revolted. “My bitches clean me when their done.” He said, “If you want to be my slut, suck me clean.” The immediate need was gone, but gross as it was, I wanted to please him. I knew I was gonna need this again and again, so I licked and sucked his dirty cock clean, feeling it go soft on my mouth, tasting the drops of cum that still leaked out.

He dipped his nuts into my open mouth, in absolutely no rush, showing me that he was the man and I was his bitch. I reached up and squeezed his strong ass, I loved it. His cock grew hard on my face and I spat his balls out after maybe 20 minutes.

“Oh my God,” I tried to catch my breath, my dick hard again as well just from worshipping him, “Are you gonna fuck me again?”

The answer was yes, and he took his sweet time, turning my ass out as we kissed, him holding his new sissy tight as I wrapped my legs around him, eventually spurting on our stomachs from his manly abs rubbing over my dripping cock. The next day my ass was horribly, yet wonderfully, sore. I was thrilled when my mom went to work, because we sat on the couch cuddled up. He didn’t want to hurt me by fucking me again until I was ready, but he let me suck him while he watched TV.

Now when my mom is around, she is amazed how well we get along. She was shocked when he told her I didn’t mind him sitting in the nude, even next to me. Mind you, I do be careful about how much I love admiring his hot body when she’s home and I try not to lick my lips when he sometimes gets hard.

I’ll still drop the occasional smear at him, and my mom warned me if he leaves because of me she’ll post the video, but I don’t think my new daddy is going anywhere. When I call him a fag he just laughs, after all no one can be offended by a girly boy who they personally trained to lick their ass while begging to be sodomized. I switched to a college closer to home so I can keep living with them and Frank is really happy about that, because when mom is on her period, I fulfill his every fantasy about a having his own dirty little cock sucking sissy.

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