Moge przeleciec Emme Watson?(Can I fuck Emma Watso

Moge przeleciec Emme Watson?(Can I fuck Emma Watso
Can I fuck Emma Watson?
the translation is from the net so do not be surprised with errors.

Can I fuck Emma Watson ?The dark gray overnight parking in one of the highways in Germany.All but one of the places are available on the site is occupied only escort combi with tinted rear windows.A brief moment of silence between przejezdzajacymi cars interrupts with suppressed a groan and auto zachybotalo only slightly.The nearby bushes comes a man in a thin jacket -proof cap and visor.He stopped when he heard a faint beep looked around the parking lot just descended from the highway big truck so effectively drowned out everything.The man walked to the car opened the driver’s door reach hand and opened the rear .Slammed one door and opened another.I asked you to be quiet you said, getting in the back seat.In the back seat sat shackled and gagged woman with dark blond hair on her neck as thick metal collars for dogs made ??of thick wire in such a way that every time he moves tightens the neck thrusting sharp pieces of wire .Pokaleczysz a neck.The woman shook her head violently again groaning in pain.Do not do that again because you ‘ll have to sleep.Girl continuously blinking eyes.Oh I’m sorry you want to use the bathroom?The girl shook her head.But the parking lot is not the toilet you had to go for a bush unless you hold out to the next exit ?The girl began to turn his head negatively .Well that’s good but you know the rules .The woman shook her head again .Man howl old looking phone out of his pocket and hung it on the dark leash around his neck.Slide out locking the girl in a hooded who was wearing a vest man appeared howl from his pocket a small key put it in the lock from underneath the vest turned slamming shut immediately lit up two red lampeczki the padlock.Well now we can go .From behind howl long knife cut the gray tape on his hands and then slide shut her blouse and undid the clasp collar which she wore was attached to one of the handles screwed into the roof of the car.Draw a girl his door and holding it at arm led to the coming of trees where not reaching to the dim light of lamps.Please, he said , handing her a few packs of wet wipes just watch is slippery .The girl went on a morszczyzna watched as the lights go out in the cab of a truck that has recently entered the parking lot.Hurry up !Do you hear ?You know the rules every time I call you to answer.Push button mounted to a small black box on the bar but nothing happened .Sorry whispered and grabbed the phone sought out contacts inscription NOT obey .As soon as the phone is connected to hear a few yards from him muffled but loud moan immediately hung up and looked whether the driver of the truck did not hear anything .He ran down the small embankment uncontested in the thicket of bushes.But then ran into a plowed field .In the distance he saw the ground moving figure .The woman crawled into homes appearing in the distance.Suddenly he froze cowering on the ground and crying.The man walked up to her .It is not like the movies where you played life does not end at the end of klapcie or scream pictures.Emma , do not be stupid here not just wave a magic wand and say a few spells that everything was as before .Although at this point I would have you do not .I asked you not to run away because I only added it worse your situation by pressing the button on the toolbar.The girl began to thrash on the ground trying to scream through the gag in her mouth .I do not want to do that I know how it hurts as the current passes through each even the smallest particle of the body.The woman began to crawl back pain weakened the entire face and clothes were in the mud.Again, the current passing through her body made ??that raged on the ground.The man turned the girl on his back leaned against muddy shoes on her breasts pressed tight enough that it will take away all the air out of the lungs .Hands wrapped around his leg now thrashed wildly trying to catch air.You’ll be a good girl ?Yhy yhy yhy er …He took the leg and walked a few steps after a while she began to breathe normally and stopped to pant again skrepowal her hands lifted me off the ground and slung it over his shoulder .Uuhh …Aged to whisper under the weight of women .You know what terribly pobrudzilas the mud and it seems that someone recently spilled fertilizer here so before we get to the end I think we have to stop somewhere and bring you to a tolerable state of whispered by climbing up the slope back to the parking lot .Fortunately, there were still only two cars .He sat again in the back seat and strapped it to the roof of the car cord .As quickly as possible they went on their way .After three hours, turned off the highway for some time wandered side streets just as I started to do some light reached the campsite drove past several large motorhomes until they reached a small forest a few kilometers away .The man went rented one of the cabins in the woods deeply as possible.A few minutes later were already in front of a small wooden cottage .We get off .He opened the cabin door and then as soon as he could moved the girl to the house .We’re here.Howl from his pocket tape seated girl for cold wooden floor and even skrepowal her legs and then went back to the car .He returned with two bags one large and one small .With a smaller bag howl handcuffs with a very long chain took them and went to the bathroom.Unfortunately, this is only a shower but it must suffice cry from inside .He returned to the room cut the tape on his feet and escorted to the bathroom was a small room with no window in one corner stood next to the toilet shower and sink on the opposite wall .On the leg cuffs shut the other end was fastened on one of the pipes .Now listen to me , we are in a remote area is not anyone here who could help you a shout but warn that it will not hurt as much if you try to curl it some other number.Do you understand?The girl nodded .He cut the tape on his hands unbuttoned and removed his dirty sweatshirt next turned the key in the lock lights went out immediately undid the second padlock on the back and I bring a vest.At the end of the tape and howl develop the gag .Good girl.Then he got spit in your face you insane pervert you crazy girl began to scream and pummel .The man even though he got a few spirited blows laughed muddy grabbed his neck and pressed to the wall of the shower .Emma still raged and rained insults to the time when her face went purple then once set slightly fell to the ground coughing .The man turned and was about to go when he heard him whisper quiet .Just **** me know that you want what the whole fuss ?Oh Emma not so fast everything in my time I’ll wait until you begged me alone about it.No way yours.We’ll see we’ll see.And now, because you stink wash it unless I have to help you in the bath.In the evening of the same day everything was ready Emma in a bathrobe sitting on one of the old and damaged seats to which was pinned handcuffs greedily devouring pizza box that lay on the table beside the chair.Phone ringtone broke the deathly silence in the room.So listen and everything will be ready for some time when I call aroundNajadlas Emma ?Silence answered him .So whether it’s time to start .Get up and because Emma did not move grabbed by the neck and entail pulling the seat to which he was pinned .He threw her on the bed howl from under the blanket gag looks like a big rubber seal with strips and force push him in the mouth and fastened at the back first so as to close the bar at the trousers and buttoned in place a small gold padlock.Girl by the gag she could not close the paragraph and in addition you can see it was the whole interior of the throat.Pressed the woman with all her strength to the bed and buckled harnesses previously prepared on the wrists and ankles .Only after the last belt fastened down from the bed and undid the handcuffs with his feet.Emma looked like a giant X vivid against the white linen was pinned face down so she could not really remove so head to see what was going on behind her in the room.Beautifully will have to bend over a little but oh well .Knife slashed sleeves revealing gown I bring him fully nude body and then covered with a blanket , leaving only the girl ‘s face on top.Extinct , and lisped drooling but she could move her hands only a few inches in each direction .Good all ready waiting for you to come .Man with was coming to and draw from a larger bag , two bottles of vodka next few bottles of whiskey a few white and red wines , and Brenda and two large bottles of French champagne .Then someone knocked on the door .The man opened the door to an older couple came so somewhere in the 60 ties , wearing only bathrobes aforementioned right behind them, a woman much older then them were two older men moments later the room was filled with a total of twelve people of all ages dressed in different colored robes only .Emma with tears in her eyes she tried to say something few people moved away allayed her hair to get a better look at her but no one paid no attention to her attempts agreement.Max is a hundred times better than the previous one said the woman with dark hair sitting on one of the chairs .Max that is the man who organized it all begin to collect from the people envelope.I know it is an ideal worth the money .Well as before everybody knows your number , our guest of honor is number f******n who draws it will be able to start the first said pulling out a bowl of small white sticky notes .Everyone in the audience drew a card but they read them only on the character of Max .He began to hum talks moaning and screaming perhaps one of the oldest of the men gathered in this room.So I’m f******n so.We congratulate the winner can start Berni .Immediately thrown off the greenish robe and ran to the bed of losing a blanket on the floor.For a moment we all admired the girl to puki Berni not rushed at her.Bound and crying girl could not do anything when Berni licked her buttocks and bit the nipples .After emptying half the bottle fun started on the whole .Berni long finished dropping to the back of our women .There was no place where Emma had no traces of tweaks or traces of sperm.One of the women shoved under her and lick her nipples when one of the guys lick her pussy .The largest in the audience with a huge penis pounded Emma was in her mouth with such zeal and so deep that sometimes it was chocked up and then choking tears flew ciurkiem the same as saliva mixed with sperm that literally pouring out of her mouth pipe.Her vagina was red hot and just under half of men and one woman only managed to fuck her .Somewhere after the first night was over alcohol and somewhere two hours later the guests slowly started to fall asleep at random .Once you have all slept Max quietly freed Emma slept like a log of how much alcohol in her doll from the beginning of the game .Enlist her sweatpants and sweatshirt and carried her back to the car .When Emma woke up was in a building no longer had a gag in his mouth but the whole jaw hurt me .She was lying on a wooden table hands and feet were tied to the table light came on then she saw a lot of strange objects resembling medieval torture machine .Entered the room long hair male .Who are you?The guy turned to her will smile again become to her back . I was k**napped let me beg you will let you call the police .Then the man turned in his hand was a whip with many thongs is SMALL .What do you do?Then I swung and great pain pierced the body fettered girl.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA …No no no , please …Next time I hit that her breast was red mark.Why do you do not blagammmmm …AAAAAAAllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …TO BE CONTINUED .

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