Mistress Vee and fuckpuppy


Vee looked at her watch – it was 7pm. Time to see what her puppy was up to.

She hoped he had followed her instructions to the letter.

Her pet, fuckpuppy, was waiting for her in the bedroom. As instructed, he was on the floor, on all fours, dressed only in his collar. His leash lay beside him. His legs were spread as wide as they’d go, and he faced away from the door, so Vee could see his hardening cock and smooth shaven balls as she entered.

Vee knelt beside fuckpuppy and lazily stroked his balls. Her fingers brushed through his butt crack. She stroked his stomach, chest and nipples, finally coming to his neck and ears.

“Hand me your leash, fuckpuppy” said Vee. fuckpuppy obediently picked up his leash with his mouth and raised his head to hand it to his mistress. She took the leash, patted his head, and attached the leash to his collar.

“Let’s go to the bathroom” she said. fuckpuppy walked to the bathroom on his hands and knees, and Vee followed, holding the leash.

She removed the leash when they reached. “You may undress me” she said. fuckpuppy knelt and removed Vee’s shirt. She took off her bra. fuckpuppy pulled Vee’s pants down, and she stepped out of them. Then fuckpuppy waited on all fours for instructions to remove Vee’s panties. He knew from painful experience that removing them without his mistress saying so could result in her slapping his balls, or worse.

Vee stood in front of fuckpuppy. She held his face steady by clutching his hair, and rubbed her panty covered mound on his face. Her excitement marmaris escort grew as she rubbed. He inhaled her scent and whimpered in anticipation.

Vee was getting aroused, but wanted to go slow. She let go off fuckpuppy’s face and told him to remove her panties. She decided not to let him kiss her mound or cunt yet. He needed to learn to be patient.

Vee opened the shower faucet and let the water heat up. “Get into the shower” she ordered fuckpuppy, and held the door open as he walked into the shower on all fours.

The heat of the shower felt good on Vee’s skin. She decided to allow fuckpuppy to soap her body, and gave him the command. His eyes lit up. Still kneeling, he applied shower gel on his Mistress’s shoulder, underarms, breasts and stomach. She parted her legs and he then moved to her mound, and gently applied gel on her cunt. Vee turned around and fuckpuppy soaped her back, ass and in between her ass cheeks.

“Sit in the corner and wait until I finish” said Vee. fuckpuppy sat on his haunches facing his Mistress. His legs were spread and his front paws were held up the way he’d been taught. His hard dick stuck out, swaying a little as the water hit him.

Vee took her time. She washed her face and leisurely soaked in the hot water. Then she motioned fuckpuppy to get on the seating ledge in the shower area. He immediately got on all fours, trembling in anticipation. Vee squeezed gel in her hands, and proceeded to soap his body. She took her time on his back, chest and underarms, marmaris escort bayan ignoring the hard dick screaming for attention. Vee soaped his ass, getting her fingers in his crack. She pushed on his bud gently, and he moaned. “Quiet fuckpuppy” she warned him. If he disobeyed, she’d leave him to finish up, and he knew it.

Vee then soaped his balls, and noticed he was breathing fast and making an effort to control himself. It was time to have some fun! Without warning, she grabbed fuckpuppy’s dick in her soapy hand and jerked him, making sure she stopped before he came. He struggled to control himself from cumming, and whimpered in agony when she stopped. Vee got out of the shower. “Finish up and come out” she told fuckpuppy, then grabbed her towel and went into her closet.

fuckpuppy washed and dried himself in record time, and went on all fours to his mistress. She was seated naked at the edge of a red recliner in her bedroom, and had some cream near her, on the floor. “I’m going to let you hump my leg, fuckpuppy” said Vee. fuckpuppy was thrilled! He kissed Vee’s ankle and licked it. Then her applied cream on her feet and straddled them, his hard, wet cock touching Vee’s shin. He held Vee’s thighs for support and shamelessly humped her legs. Vee could feel his pre-cum leaking on her skin. She knew he couldn’t go on for long or he’d cum.

Sure enough, fuckpuppy stopped, panting. He dare not cum without permission. Vee raised both her legs until her ankles touched her ass. Her pussy lips were marmaris eskort open and glistening.

fuckpuppy did not need an invitation.

He licked her slowly, from asshole to clit, dipping into her wet cunt. Vee held his head and guided him – a little pressure here, a lick there. Eventually, she made him lick her cunt while she stroked her clit. It didn’t take long – Vee crossed her legs around fuckpuppy’s head and came, crying out loud as her orgasm hit her in waves. fuckpuppy sucked her juices with his tongue.

Vee uncrossed her legs and took some time to catch her breath. Her pet had been good today, and deserved to cum. “On your back” she said.

Fuckpuppy lay on his back on the floor, his hands holding his ankles as he’d been taught. His butt crack was open, exposing his asshole to his mistress. His hard cock was leaking precum on his belly. He really, really hoped his mistress would make him cum.

Vee held fuckpuppy’s cock between her toes, and slowly jerked him. Her other foot rested in his crack and toyed with his anus.

It didn’t take long for fuckpuppy to cum. Thick strands of semen launched onto his chest and belly. Vee gently squeezed his balls with her other foot, and more semen leaked out, some on Vee’s toes.

The puppy knew he had to clean up. One time he’d let the semen slip onto the carpet, and mistress had been furious.

Still lying on the floor, he carefully turned around so his face was under Vee’s feet. He held each foot and licked the toes clean, tasting his semen on one foot and his shit on the other.

Once Vee’s feet were clean, fuckpuppy wiped the semen on his belly with his hands, and licked his hands clean. The final touch was to squeeze semen from his cock head and lick it.

Vee watched her pet clean up. He was getting better at it. Maybe it was time to take him to the next level…

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