Mistis’ Adventures Part 192


Mistis’ Adventures Part 192Bob was enjoying the playful nature of this beautiful, blond lady. She had given lie to almost everything he had always thought about American women. She was open, caring, and, ACTUALLY FUN to be around. Her “come hither” act, she had displayed the day they bought the pickup, HADN’T been an act. It was the “real” her. It was something that really took him off guard. First she had displayed herself to him, in the MOST wanton manner, then had told her son to find them a private, shady spot, to stop for a bit, and invited HIM to fuck HER, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER SON!!! She had said NOT a word about protection of ANY sort, or whether or not she took the pill, and had insisted that he cum INSIDE her. ALL THREE WAYS!!! THEN she had climbed in the back seat with him, and urged him to fuck her, AGAIN! He had already surprised himself, by coming in her for the 3rd time, but wasn’t able to get it up for the 4th. She had relented, finally, as they were pulling into the lot. But she had also insisted that he come to her house, the next morning, and repeat the performance of THAT morning.When he arrived at the appointed hour of 7 A.M., she had greeted him completely naked, invited him in, and took him outside by their pool, and presented herself to him, as if reading from a dinner menu. They had laughed and talked, and she had invited him to remove HIS clothes. He did, and she simply asked him to relate some of his “pussy stories” from his time in Vietnam. He had told her a couple, and she had related the circumstances of her son’s conception, birth, and younger days. Then she had all but dared him to take her in the pool. He accepted the challenge, and they had had sex in about 4 to 5 feet of water. They had climbed out, and she had cooked him some breakfast. They talked some more, and she had suggested that the go and find a more comfortable setting, and get to know each other better, still.This time, they used her bed. It was HUGE, soft, and the perfect place to enjoy such a luscious woman. They had made love in the most tender ways he had EVER seen, TWICE, and went in and took a shower together. She had admitted that she was 33, and had given birth to her son when she was 15. If he had seen her without her son, he would have guessed her age at somewhere between 19 and 24. Now here she was, making him feel like he was 19 again. He smoked and drank too much, picking up both habits in the Army. He had given up cigarettes, but loved to smoke cigars. He drank to try to forget some of the things he had seen in Vietnam, as a LRRP. Long Range Recon Patrol. It had been their job to go to places the regular troops weren’t able to go, including several across the border forays into North Vietnam and Laos. He had seen things that were burned into his psyche, and he would carry to the grave, someday. He had earned many awards, and promotions, and, after 4 years in the military, he had been discharged as an E-6. He was given an Honorable Discharge. He had also been awarded 70% disability. He had almost drank his way out of the Army. He had also been in counseling for almost 5 years after separating. They talked about his experiences, and he had cried, but had, eventually, come to grips with it. He still had nightmares, at times, but was impotent for a long time, too. In the last few years he had regained his manhood, and had enjoyed the company of women. BUT, LIKE SO MANY OTHERS, he was drawn to Asian women. Their soft, petite bodies, and their smooth, silky skin, was irresistable to him. He had visited a few “professionals” as he did in Vietnam, but had little interest in a woman as a partner. UNTIL NOW!!!She had touched him in a way he thought was gone forever. She was everything he had imagined a woman to be. His first meeting had been good, but the second, at her home, was beyond description. What he couldn’t fathom was her interest in HIM! He was balding, grey, and had a bit of a pot belly. He looked like death warmed over when he didn’t shave in the mornings, and was anything BUT handsome. Here was a beautiful, young looking lady that acted like SHE was head over heels about HIM. He decided that, for as long as it lasted, he would enjoy himself. She had asked for nothing in return.That evening, she had fixed dinner for them all, and had it on the table on the veranda, next to the pool, and he had heard her son, Albert, come in and announce he was home, and was going to take a shower. She had grilled steaks for them, and fixed baked potatoes, with a sour cream dressing that was the best thing he had ever tasted, to top them. he had asked if he could get the recipe for his sister-in-law, and she had given it to him in great detail. He used the pocket recorder that he carried to record it, and HER VOICE!!Albert joined them, as naked as THEY were, still, and they ate and exchanged banter about their days. He had been slightly surprised when Mel had asked Al if he had got any “nookie” that day. Mothers weren’t supposed to take THAT sort of interest in their son’s activities. BOTH of them had laughed, and told him that THEY had sex quite often. So, he found out, THAT hadn’t been an act, EITHER!!! They had even offered to make love while he watched, and saw Al cum INSIDE Mel’s pussy. Them Al had told his Mom about getting some from the girl that was named Barbara. She was the blonde, older sister, to the pregnant nurse, and the daughter of the woman that had given him his first real lesson on sex, before bringing him home, the night he had fucked HER the first time. Mel had smiled at him. “So that was the pussy I tasted on your dick that night!” He nodded affirmation to her. Mel asked if he was going to stay at home that evening, and he told her he had a date with a girl named Susan. She knew the girl, and asked if she was going to spend the night. He told them that they were going to get something to drink, SOFT drinks, since she was only 15, and him 17, and go watch the submarine races at the lake. Mel had asked if he had plenty of protection, and he told her he had bought Kağıthane Escort a whole box on the way home, but, they weren’t really needed. “Her Mom took her to the doctor the next day, and got her started on birth control. She likes to fuck almost as much as YOU do, Mom.” He went upstairs and put on his clothes, and came back out with them. He kissed his Mom, and hugged Bob. Bob, AGAIN SURPRISED , returned his embrace. “Have a good time.” he offered. “Got to.” Al retorted. “I have to have her home before 11 o’clock. Her Dad isn’t only a friend, but, he was my boss when I was working.”They sat talking for a bit more, and Mel gathered their dishes, and told Bob to sit and enjoy his cigar, while she cleaned the kitchen. He asked her why she didn’t hire a maid to clean the house for her. Mel smiled and told him, “Maids are usually nosy, old bats, that talk out of turn all the time, telling things that they shouldn’t, and are almost always women. Boys have the tendency of sticking their dicks into any hole that is wet, and holds still long enough, no matter what the woman looks like. I don’t want my son wasting his cum on someone that doesn’t appreciate it, and hasn’t any idea of having a baby with him. There are only two men I want to make me pregnant. YOU and Albert. He, because I love him so much, and is the image of his Father, that I am STILL in love with, and YOU. I can’t, yet, put my finger on the why, but I want to have a baby with you, almost as much as I want to have one with Albert. I have been taking fertility medicine to make me conceive with Albert, and as soon as it’s born, and I am able, I want to have a baby with YOU, also. I would like the first to be with Albert, but I would be just as happy if YOU were to give me the first one. Am I turning you on, or off, with all this sexy talk? I hope it’s turning you on, because my pussy is dripping streams of juice, and it’s running down my legs. All I want to know is where, and when, you are going to fuck me, again? I hope you can fuck me at least a couple of more times. In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t douched, but have been putting a fresh tampon in myself to hold in your cum.”She put her foot on the chair next to him, and inserted one manicured finger inside, to pull out the string. He smiled at the thought, that he might, even at this late date, have a baby in the offing. She saw his dick rising to the occasion, and grabbed a couple of the beach towels that were laying nearby, and took his hand, leading him to the diving board. “This looks like a good place to give you another shot of leg. Isn’t THAT what you called it, when you screwed the little native girls?” He smiled and squeezed her breast. “We called it many things. It would take days to tell you ALL the names we called it. Mostly we just called it getting some gook pussy.” She put her finger over his lips to silence him. “Tell me later. Right now, you have something better to do with your lips and tongue, than talk. I have something for you to nibble on, like you did, earlier. Please give me what I am wanting. I want it, and you, so badly. Make me a Mommy. We;ll talk of other things when the time is right.”He took her proffered hand, and she led him to the diving board. There were other, more comfortable, places to have sex, but something about laying over the cool, clear water to give her what she, and he, wanted was so erotic. “Fuck me.” she whispered. “Please fuck me hard, and long. Give me a good shot of your cock. I want you to plant your seeds deep inside me. Let them race Al’s seed for the task of making me pregnant. I’m too young, and did too well with Albert, to stop without conceiving, again. I know I have been wasting precious time, but I wanted to devote my time, fully, to seeing Al grow up. Now I see the nearly finished boy, turning into a man, and want another. A little girl would be nice, so I can teach her to use her intellect, and her looks, to win a proper partner, and carry on the family, even if it carries another name.”She was laying on her back, with the towels under her for a cushion. Her legs were dangling off of each side of the diving board. He reached up and pulled the tampon from her. “Gotta open the bucket to put more cream in.” He leaned down throwing the tampon to the side, to dispose of, later, and nibbled at her pussy. He licked around the outside edges, using his lips to pull them out, and tease them. He licked her slit, and separated her folds that watched over her clitoris, and as many times as he had forced them open, they didn’t last long. Her clitoris was already swelled and red, engorged with blood, from the stimulation he had been giving her.He carefully, lest he dump them both in the pool, eased up between her thighs, and separated them. He placed his hands on either side of her head, and lowered himself to kiss her, but she wasn’t going to let him off, THAT easy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders, and her legs around his waist. She ground her lips into his, hissing through her nose as she kissed him, over and over. She felt his erection pressing against her stomach, and reached down to guide him to where she REALLY wanted it. He felt the moist opening at the end of his dick, and pushed slowly and carefully. She broke the kiss, crying out, “YES, YES, YES!!! PUT IT IN ME!!! GIVE ME A FULL LOAD!!! FUCK ME LIKE IT’S THE LAST TIME!!! MAKE ME BEG YOU FOR MORE!!! OH, GOD, HAVE MERCY!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME!!! THAT’S WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE!!! SHOVE IT DEEP INSIDE ME!!! FUCK ME LIKE YOU DID THOSE OTHER GIRLS!!! FILL ME UP WITH HOT CUM!!!”Bob felt himself sliding inside of her. It wasn’t QUITE as tight as it had been, before, but what it lacked in tightness, it made up for in wetness, and HEAT! It felt like he was sticking his dick in a furnace. He reached the point where he was completely enveloped in her, and her legs pulled him down, trying to make him go even deeper. He had always been proud of what he had. ALL 8 INCHES OF IT!!! He had had many mamasans and babysans to Kağıthane Escort Bayan hesitate when they saw him hard. A couple of them, he had had to hold down, to put the dick to them. They had complained, at first, about his “cock too big for me. You fuck me and kill me. That no good. Pleas, don’ fuck me wit dat big cock. It too bookoo big fo’ me. Wat my husban’/fodder/fam’ly, say me. Say I’m no good!!! Tell me my pussy no good, no more. It too bookoo big fo’ dem.He had persisted, in most cases, and before he had finished with them. Their songs had changed. “YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD!!! YOU MAKE SHE WAN’ MORE AN’ MORE, YOU BIG COCK!!! YOU MAKE SHE FEEL SO FUCKIN’ GOOD!!! FUCK ME GOOD, AN’ I GOT YOU BABYSAN!!! HE GOT BIG DICK LIKE HE FODDER!!! HE MAKE ALL GIRL FEEL SO FUCKIN’ GOOD. CHOI OI!!! YOU CUM FO’ ME SO MUCH!!! YOU LUB MY PUSSY DIS MUCH? YOU GIB ME LOTTY YOU CUM, IN MY HOLE!!! MEBBE YOU SIGN PAPER, TAKE ME GO HOME WID YOU!!! I GIB YOU TOO MUCH MY PUSSY, AN GIB YOU MANY BABYSAN. WE CAN FUCK ALL DE TIME. WE FUCK TWENNY TIME A DAY!!! I BE GOOD WIFE!!! I NEBBER GIB YOU TROUBLE!!! I DO EBBERTHIN’ FO’ YOU!!! I DO ANY’TING YOU SAY ME DO!!! YOU WAN ME FUCK AN GIB YOU MONEY, I DO FO’ YOU!!! YOU WAN’ WATCH UDDER MANS FUCK ME, I GIB YOU LOOK LOOK ME FUCK TOO MUCH!!! I TELL ODDER MANS “YOU MAKE ME FEEL FUCKN’ GOOD!!!” MAKE DEY WAN’ FUCK ME SO MUCH, AND GET YOU BIG MONEY!!! YOU TELL ME DO, I DO!!!”He felt himself trying to cum, but gritted his teeth and held it. It was MUCH too soon to let himself cum inside this fabulous pussy. She was shaking, and hunching back at him, and her cunt was chewing his dick like an old stick of gum. It was so fucking good. He was almost at the end of his rope, in spite of his best efforts. He closed his eyes, momentarily, and when he looked down at her face, her eyes were squeezed shut, and her mouth was wide open. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! SHOOT ME FULL OF CUM!!! OH, GOD, OH, GOD!!! I’M COMING AGAIN!!! SQURT MY GUTS FULL OF CUM!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! I’M COMING, I’M COMING, I’M COMING!!!” He felt her hands shift, and her fingers were like claws, grasping the cheeks of his ass to help him go deeper in her. She pushed her pelvis up to meet his thrusts, quivering to beat all. He decided that now was as good of a time as any, and let himself go. Wave after wave of sperm flowed into her. Seeking that egg that was ready to surrender to the one lucky sperm that would find its way inside to start a new life. She shook from the feelings that were overwhelming her. She was actually jerking under him, she was coming with such force. THIS was a FANTASTIC PIECE OF ASS. Guys would have given up their combat pay for a piece of her, ANY TIME! HE had fucked a couple of nurses like that. They were trying to make enough to buy a house, a car, or any number of things. Some even held to the lofty idea of making enough to retire on. He had met one nurse that had been there almost 4 years, and claimed to have banked over $200K from selling her pussy. He had asked her how she kept it so tight? She had told him that douching with alum, and exercising her pussy with a semi soft dildo did the trick for her. Round eyed girls could make a fortune, selling pussy. MOST didn’t, but many more DID!!! Nurses had the best access, but “Donut Dollies”, the (in)famous Red Cross Girls, had the most opportunity. THEY went to the camps in the bush, and mingled with the troops, constantly. Everybody knew, so many of them never wore clothes, from the time they got off the choppers that took them in, until they had given the chopper crew a little, in the way of thanks, on the way out. They arrived at their “homes,” in the evenings, with a purse full of $20 MPC notes. Finally spent, he attempted to get off of Mel, but he was almost too weak. He felt himself being hefted into the air, and his feet being guided to the cool, cement floor at their side. Albert and Susan were standing there. NEITHER of them was wearing anything. He watched Susan’s sweet, young ass shake as she jogged into the house. A minute more, and she returned with two tall glasses. After Al had had him sitting up, he had gone to the other side of the board, and lifted his Mom up and had her feet on the other side of the board. She leaned over and kissed him, telling him he was wonderful. Both of the youngsters were smiling at them. “Ya done a number on ‘er, I see. GOOD FOR YOU!!! She needs lots of dick.” His Mom took a playful swipe at his shoulder. “HUSH YOU!!! Ya’ don’t have to tell ALL ya’ know. Girl’s need a few secrets, to keep you guys guessing. Makes it more fun to get ya in the sack. Speaking of which, have you two had time to have yourself some fun? Or have ya’ spent all your time watching the OLD FOLKS knocking off a piece?” Al smiled, and Susan giggled. “WE got PLENTY of time. The other day, when Floyd called ya, they came home and caught the three of us in bed. Althea was sitting on the edge watching Susan and me go 69, and her Mom and Dad told Sue, that if she would play with my nuts, I would cum harder, and make it feel better. ‘Thea had had the first shot of my dick, and was diddling herself while Sue was sucking my dick. ‘Thea fell backwards off the bed and landed with her legs wide open. THEY were smeared good with my cum. Maria told her to go and give Floyd a shower, JUST LIKE she gives me. We all knew what that means. She stood there looking at the two of us, and asked a bunch of questions. Sue, and later, me, figured she already knew the answers, so we give it to her straight.” “They saw us on ‘Thea’s bed, when they came in, and stood there taking it all in. Floyd was tryin’ NOT to laugh, and, from the look on ‘er face, so was Maria. That’s when she told ‘Thea to go and give Floyd a shower, and started asking the questions. She had known about us all the time, and told us HOW she knew. First thing she asked was how many times I had fucked the girls THAT afternoon. Then she wanted to know if they let me cum inside their pussies. Sue told her they did. THEN she wanted to know how many Escort Kağıthane times I fucked them, all the OTHER times. We told her that, too. She told Sue to go and help her sister give their Dad a shower, and told me that I was gonna fuck her, TOO!””We went in ‘Thea’s shower and washed each other, and played around a little bit, dried off, and went to Sue’s room. WE stopped and watched Floyd, ‘Thea, and Sue doing a three way. Sue was sitting on his face, and ‘Thea was having a good time, with Floyd’s dick in her, doing him reverse cowgirl. We watched for a few seconds, and went on to Sue’s bedroom. I had undressed her and talked to her before we went in the shower. She douched, and shaved her pussy, so now, I had it to do. I had already fucked the girls, four times, and was ready, after getting a good look, AND feel of her pussy. It was fantastic to look at, and feel, inside and out. I gave it my best, and she was getting a nut almost as fast as I could say “cum.” I fucked her for over an hour, and, it turned out, Floyd and the girls were standing there, watching me fuck her. Floyd called you and got permission for me to stay the night.” “The girls went and fixed soup and sandwiches, and we had them for supper. It was almost midnight. I fucked her one more time the next morning, and the girls fixed breakfast, and we ate, then I came home. You were out, so I slept till you came home. It was cold. so I didn’t get to go swimming, but took a shower, instead.”Susan smiled at her. “Albert came to get me and ‘Thea to go out, tonight, but ‘Thea started her period, today. Daddy told me that if I wanted to, I, with YOUR permission, could stay the night. MAY I, PLEASE? I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD GIRL!!! I’LL EVEN HELP TO WASH THE SHEETS!!!” Melody, who had already told the girl to call her Mel, or Mom, if she wished, reached out and took her hand, pulling her to her breasts, and kissing her. Their breasts touched, revealing to each of them, how soft the other’s breast really were. They held their embrace for a good bit, nuzzling at each other’s necks, and kissing. Susan looked at the older woman and remarked, “Your boobs are just as soft as Mommy’s are. I hope, when I’m grown up, my tits will be that soft. I want them to stand up nice, but I want them to be soft, too. Just like you and my Mom. Mom shaved her pussy for Al, the other night, so he wouldn’t get a hair when he ate her, but it’s so soft, and there’s NOT much of it. I think her pussy ‘s nice either way. I tried to shave mine, but I cut myself. I had been picking at Daddy, and he came in to see what was wrong. I told him I had cut myself, trying to shave, and he wiped all the shaving cream off and took something from the cabinet, and poured it in his hand and rubbed it on me. It burned TERRIBLE bad. He said it was Bay Rum, shaving lotion. AND he told both of us to remember, HE was the king of dirty tricks the next time we wanted to pick on him.” “We all kissed and made up. Then he took a wet washcloth and washed it all off, and put some kind of cream on me to take the burning away. Touching me, to put the shaving lotion on, then washing it off, and rubbing in the cream so it wouldn’t burn any more, got to him, though. His dick got VERY hard, and he let one finger go inside of me, when he was putting the cream on me. I knew, right then, that I wanted him to fuck me. ‘Thea watched what he did, and we went to her room and talked. WE BOTH WANTED HIM TO FUCK US!!! He’s so big, strong, kind, and sweet, that we both knew that, sooner or later, we were going to let him fuck us. The other night, when Albert stayed at our house, we ALL got what we wanted. Mom got fucked by Albert, and both of us got fucked by Daddy. TWICE EACH!!! Mommy took me to get birth control pills the day after we met you, at the picnic, because Albert had fucked me for my first time. She didn’t want to have to worry about me getting pregnant. NOW I can fuck all I want, and let the guys, my Daddy, and Albert, cum inside of me, all they can.”Mel turned to Al, and asked him, “Would you hand me my phone, please. We’ll get this taken care of right away.” Al went over to the table where they had ate dinner, and handed her phone to her. She smiled up at Susan. “Dial your number into my phone, so I’ll have it in the memory, and I’ll talk to your parents. We’d love to have any and all of you, any time you wish. Our door will always be open to you. We have enough bedrooms for sleepovers, too.”Susan dialed her Mom’s number, and the answer came quickly. “We’d love to have any and all of you over as much as we possibly can. I am at a point that, unless I decide to run for public office, or find a case that intrigues me, I will be free much more than I have been. I would be VERY happy to spend time with you and the girls. We can cook up all sorts of mean things to do to our guys. Suzy and I have been talking this evening, and it sounds as if we have much in common, and the devil in our hearts. YOU CAN? WONDERFUL!!! THEN I’LL SEE YA IN THE MORNING!!! BYE BYE!!!”She handed the phone back to Al, and smiling broadly, told Sue, “It’s all set. You are spending the night here, with us, and your Mom and Althea are coming over in the morning. She’s going to bring you a suit of clothes, and WE are going shopping. We are also going to work on some dirty tricks to pull on the men. WE are going to have a BLAST!!! We won’t tell your Mom until we have come back home, but I want you to pick out some outfits, from the skin out, to leave here. They will come in handy, and you won’t have to worry about wearing the same clothes, twice. Now come here and give me a kiss. I think I’m going to love this arrangement. We can even use my car to teach you how to drive, so you can get your permit.”She hugged and kissed Mel, and let her know how much she appreciated what she was doing for them. Then she surprised ALL of them, with her next question. “Would you let me watch, while you and Albert make love? I want to see what he does, and what you do. He told me a little about him and you, but I want to see for myself. I’ve seen him make love to Althea, and to Mom, but no one else.” Mel smiled even bigger at the girl. “Let me go and wash my pussy, first, and then you and Bob can watch me get split by my dear, dear son. You may want to let Bob fuck you, too. Take my word for it. He is VERY good.”

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