Missy-Sue Ch. 02


That morning, Jimmy was awakened by the sound of a loud truck coming down his driveway. Like a kid on Christmas morning, he bolted downstairs and to the front door, seeing his ebon-haired lover coming out of her pickup truck with a shopping bag in her hand. He walked outside to greet her, his dick already making a tent in his pants.

“Hey, baby,” Missy-Sue said. “You miss me?”

“You have no fucking idea,” Jimmy growled as he embraced her and kissed her hard. Missy-Sue hummed with pleasure as she felt his tongue enter her mouth. He then kissed her neck and fondled one of her heavy breasts as he ground his body against hers.

“Easy, cowboy,” she chuckled. “Let’s get in the house!”

Jimmy made no reply, but simply grabbed her hand and led her towards the cabin. Once they were safely inside, he yanked down his boxers and removed his shirt. Missy-Sue smiled down at his waiting man-meat.

“I can see you’re ready to get this started. Good.” She set the shopping bag on a nearby table and pulled out a box of condoms. “You’re going to need these.” Jimmy ripped open the box and pulled out a single condom. As he unwrapped it, Missy-Sue also pulled out some a six-pack of bottled Yuengling beer. “That’s for later.” She walked into the kitchen and deposited the beers into the fridge.

As Jimmy fastened the condom over his dick, Missy-Sue raised her shirt over her head, and as she did, he was again greeted by the large tufts of long, dark hairs underneath her arms. He ran over, wrapped his arms around her waist, and dove face-first into her armpit. His nose inhaled sharply, taking in her rich, natural scent, mingled with her deodorant. Missy-Sue discarded her shirt and gently pulled Jimmy’s head out of armpit.

“Aw, baby. Why you like my hair so much?”

“Because you’re a real, natural woman. I’ve never been with anyone like you.”

“Well, that ain’t nothing, sugar,” Missy-Sue said softly. “Don’t forget my other bush.”

She undid the clasp on her blue jeans and pulled them down to reveal her large pink panties. Jimmy could still see lots of tiny hairs poking out of the edges of the fabric, not to mention the tiny wet spot in the crotch region. Missy-Sue took his hand and put it to her stomach, letting him feel the line of hair below her belly button. She then slid it downwards into her underwear, letting him feel the coarse, moist bush between her legs. Their toes curled from the sheer sensation.

“Ohhhhhh,” Missy-Sue moaned. “Touch me….yeah, baby…touch me more.”

“Touch me, too,” Jimmy begged.

He grabbed her right hand and brought it to his crotch. The young woman wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock, stroking it within their warm confines. The condom’s lubricated surface made her hands slippery, so she reached down and cupped his balls into her hand.

Determined to see more of her body, Jimmy reached over with his left hand and pulled the front of her bra upwards, causing her heavy breasts to flop out of their cups and into the open air. The sight of those hard nipples and those large, dark areolas was more than he could bear. He took her into his arms once again, kissing her while reaching behind her to undo her bra clasp.

“I wanna be in bed with you….now!” Missy-Sue growled as she reached down and pulled her panties down, letting them fall to her feet so that she could step out of them.

Once her bra had been removed, the two lovers raced upstairs and into the master bedroom. Missy-Sue wasted no time in jumping into the bed, rolling onto her back, and spreading her legs wide, beckoning her new mate to join her. Jimmy climbed on top of her and pointed his sheathed phallus to its destination. Missy-Sue squealed and gripped the sheets tightly as Jimmy entered her. Jimmy laid himself on top of her, stared at her face intently, and watched her drown in pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that dick, don’t you, my Love Cow?” Jimmy growled.

“YES! Give me more! MMMM!”

Jimmy grabbed as much of her breasts as he could, squeezing them so roughly that they spurted milk into the air, showering the lovers as they continued to copulate. Both Jimmy and Missy-Sue tilted their open mouths to catch the inundation of tasty goodness that erupted from Missy-Sue’s breasts. Jimmy let go of her breasts, seeing that his hands had left two large handprints in her skin.

“Fuck, you taste great! You always make that much milk? Huh? ANSWER ME, LOVE COW!”

“Yeeeeeees! Every day! I can’t help it.”

“Your milk is all mine, got it?” Jimmy hissed, right before sucking on one of her gushing tits.

“YES! Drink my milk! I’m all yers!” Missy-Sue moaned as she cradled his head and pulled it towards her chest. She grabbed the other breast and lifted it to her mouth.

Jimmy looked at her in surprise. “Oh, that is fucking hot. You’re sucking your own titty?!?”

“Mmmhmm,” Missy-Sue replied, her mouth still full of her own breast.

“Let me taste.”

Missy-Sue stopped sucking on her nipple so that both she and Jimmy could lick the milk from it. Eventually, the two started licking Sivas Escort each other’s tongues and eventually joined their mouths. Missy-Sue wrapped her legs around Jimmy as he continued pump into her. He slowed to a steady rhythm as he removed his mouth from hers and buried his face in her long, straight, black hair. Missy-Sue wrapped her arms around him as he continued to rut.

“Baby, where you going?” Missy-Sue asked after Jimmy suddenly stopped and slid downwards atop her body.

“Relax, baby,” he cooed. “I just want to stick my face in your hairy twat for a while.”

“Noooo, baby, that’s nasty. I’m too hairy.”

“Don’t say that,” Jimmy said before kissing her happy trail. “You’re beautiful. Now, spread your beautiful legs so that I can see you better.”

She was far too aroused to deny him. Missy-Sue parted her large thighs so that her lover could have better access to her crotch. Jimmy began kissing the inside of her thighs, drawing ever closer to his intended target. When he was face-to-face with her bearded womanhood, he inhaled deeply through his nostrils, savoring the heady aroma of her lush pubic region. Without warning, he put his mouth to her bushy nether lips and began to lick her.

Missy-Sue’s eyes fluttered as she felt Jimmy’s tongue lapping at her sex. She grabbed her tits and began to knead them, trying her best to ride out the waves of erotic sensations that coursed through her body. Jimmy wrapped his arms under her thighs, pulling his face even closer to her crotch.

“Ohhhh…Aw, Jimmy, I….OH! Oh, Lordy!” Missy-Sue moaned.

The only reply from Jimmy was a muffled grunt as he circled the entrance of her womanhood with the flat of his tongue. He relinquished his grip on her thighs so that he could use his hands to part her hairy lips. Once he sighted her clitoris, he put his head back down and began to attack the swollen protrusion with his tongue.

Missy-Sue’s back arched as she continued to fondle her chest, wondering how much longer she would be able to hold out before she came. Though she whimpered and wailed, wishing that Jimmy would stop, she found herself running her fingers through his hair, wanting him to keep going. Jimmy made things worse by sticking his index finger inside of her, making her thrash on the bed.


“You gonna cum, Missy-Sue?

“YES! Ohhhh, god!”

Jimmy removed his face from her crotch, smiling at the sight of his lover’s face as she was racked with pleasure. He stroked her and played with her clitoris, his soaked fingers working her sex with expertise. At long last, Missy-Sue screamed and twitched, and then lay still on the bed.

“Ahhhh!” Missy-Sue gasped as she slung her forearm over to cover her eyes. “I’m seein’ stars!”

“Did I do good, baby?” Jimmy asked as he took his damp fingers and wiped the juices onto her stomach.

“Yes! Oh, a million times yes!”

Jimmy lie down beside her as she continued to catch her breath, slinging an arm around the Southern beauty. She looked at him with a dazed, yet grateful expression. The two exchanged more kisses, which were an unspoken agreement to rest before they continued to make love.

“I want to marry you,” Jimmy said softly.

Missy-Sue cupped his cheek in her hand and smiled at him. “Don’t you think we’re rushing thangs a bit?”

“Not at all. I’ve been with a lot of different women in my life, but none like you. To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d ever find a woman that I would want to marry…until I met you.”

“You don’t wanna marry me, Jimmy.”

Jimmy sat up in the bed. “Of course I do!”

“No you don’t,” she said, looking away. “I’m all used up, damaged goods. You deserve someone new.”

“You ARE new!”

“No, you see…” She sat up and looked at him with a forlorn expression. “I was married before.”

“So? People get married more than once all the time.”

“Not when they’re sixteen. My high school boyfriend, Ennis, knocked me up when we were kids. My ma said that we had to get married, because he wasn’t going to have any bastard grandchildren.”

“You had a child? Where is he?”

“She is with Jesus. Leah was born a month premature and didn’t live very long.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jimmy whispered, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“That’s why I still lactate, cuz I’ve been pregnant before. After that, Ennis and me were married for about 5 more years until he decided to get behind the wheel with a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon and ended up driving off a bridge. After that, I swore that I’d never get married or have another baby.”

“Listen to me,” Jimmy said, grasping her hand. “I know I’ve only known you for two days, but I seriously can’t be without you. If you don’t marry me, I’m going to come here every weekend so that I can be with you.”

The two of them were silent for a while, until Missy-Sue reached over and began to caress Jimmy’s leg.

“You know, you’re a sweet guy. It’s nice to be wanted by a man like you. Ever since my titties came in, I’ve only attracted married men and fellers Sivas Escort Bayan with half their teeth.”

“Well, I’ve got all my original teeth, and I’m not married.”

“And, to tell you the truth, I ain’t never been with a man the way I’ve been with you. Whenever Ennis took me to bed, he used me like a piece of furniture.” Missy-Sue moved her hand to touch his still-throbbing erection. “He wasn’t even half the man you are.”

“Is that so?” Jimmy asked with a sly smile.

“Also,” Missy-Sue said as she took his left hand and put it to her right breast. “He sure didn’t call me ‘Love Cow’ when we had sex.”

Jimmy began to blush furiously. “Sorry about that, I don’t know…”

“No, I love it when you call me that. I love it when you drink my milk.” Missy-Sue cradled his balls her in palm. “Oh, Jimmy! You didn’t cum yet. Get on yer back and let yer Love Cow ride you good and proper.”

Jimmy lie flat on his back, while Missy-Sue stood over him, smiling down at him. Jimmy gazed at her with the same desire he felt the first time that he’d seen her. Missy-Sue bent forward, swaying her huge assets from side to side. Jimmy stared at the pendulous udders, his eyes fixated on her large, saucer-like areolas. He gazed at her hairy calves, wordlessly begging her to crouch down so that they could once again make their loins one.

“You ready for yer Love Cow, baby?” Missy-Sue cooed.

“What kind of question is that?” Jimmy snarled. “Get down here so I can plow that hairy cow pussy until I cum.”

Missy-Sue locked eyes with Jimmy as she seductively lowered herself onto his stiff cock. Once it was buried up to the hilt, she clamped her eyes shut and bit her lip, trying desperately not to cum. Unfortunately for her, Jimmy began pumping his hips, ramming himself upwards into the hairy slit between her legs.

“Yeah, Jimmy baby, fuck me like the hairy cow I am,” Missy-Sue moaned as she bounced up and down on his lap.

Jimmy sat up and wrapped his arms around her, clutching her body close to his, her massive breasts pressing against his toned chest. He could feel the milk spurting out of her pressed nipples, making both their bodies wet as it trickled down to their genitals. The smell of milk, sweat, and flesh began to flood the air.

Jimmy could feel the semen bubbling within his loins, begging to course its way through his cock. Even though Missy-Sue would be with him for the entire day, he wanted every time they had sex to last as long as possible. He took one of her sweaty, bloated teats and began to suck on it, unaware that the very taste of her milk would wear away at his resolve. As a jolt of ecstasy surged through his body, he bit hard on her nipple, shooting his seed into the condom. Missy-Sue cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as she and Jimmy orgasmed in unison.

Hours later, Jimmy awoke, finding Missy-Sue lying beside him, lovingly gazing at him. Heaving a contented sigh, he sat up in bed, both his mind and penis wide awake. He yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked at his lover.

“How long was I out?” Jimmy asked.

“Couple of hours; it’s almost 11 o’clock.” Missy-Sue said with a smile. “Did I really wear you out that much?”

“Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night; I was too excited about you coming over today.”

“You are adorable. Let’s get something to eat really quick, I’m starving.”

Going downstairs, the naked pair went to the kitchen. To Missy-Sue’s distress, the only things Jimmy had in his fridge were some frozen steaks, leftover pizza, milk, orange juice, and lots of Hot Pockets, in addition to the beer that Missy-Sue had brought. His pantry and cupboards yielded an even less promising bounty.

“Yeah, sorry,” Jimmy said. “I haven’t had much of a cause to cook anything.”

“Alright,” she said to him sternly. “Let’s get our clothes on. I’m taking you out for breakfast.”

“Fine,” Jimmy said, heading to his room. “But, I’m buying.”

After getting dressed, they got into Missy-Sue’s beat-up white pickup truck and drove away. Jimmy had proposed using the GMC Denali he had rented, as it was nicer-looking and less likely to break down, but Missy-Sue wanted to surprise him. She also didn’t trust his shiny new car, being very proud of her big, metal monster, which was great at blasting her favorite Country music radio station.

As they drove through the small country town of Billingsley, Georgia, Missy-Sue pointed out all of the interesting places in town: the farmers market, the schools, churches, and fun hangouts. Jimmy had to admit, he was having fun; they were laughing, singing along with the radio, and making dirty jokes. The strange thing was, he was amazed at how much he was enjoying the sight of Missy-Sue with her clothes on; her smiling face, her long, black hair blowing in the wind, and her beautiful green eyes gleaming with happiness.

At last, they pulled into the parking lot of a Hunky’s Diner, which was an old, small restaurant with a dingy sign. They walked inside and got into a booth. A portly, Escort Sivas auburn-haired waitress with bags under her eyes gave them some menus and took their drink orders.

“I’ll take some coffee,” Missy-Sue said.

“And I’ll take two glasses of orange juice,” Jimmy said. “I’m really thirsty.”

“Watch out, Robyn,” Missy-Sue said to the waitress. “We’ve got a big tipper with a big appetite.”

About 10 minutes later, the two of them were wolfing down a late breakfast. Jimmy was eating some pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Across the table, Missy-Sue was enjoying some French toast, sausage links, two eggs sunny-side up, and a bowl of fruit.

“Ugh,” Jimmy groaned, cradling his stomach after finishing his meal. “That was so good.”

“I’m glad that you liked it.”

“The city boy liked it!” Robyn the waitress yelled towards the kitchen.

Cheers erupted from the back of the restaurant, making the couple laugh. Jimmy hadn’t had food like that in a long time. Usually, his breakfasts consisted of bagels, cold cereal, or doughnuts.

“So, tell me yer story,” Missy-Sue said.

“My story?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah. Seeing as you asked me to marry me today, I’d like to know more about you. Where are you from? What are yer parents like?”

Jimmy took a sip of orange juice and said, “I’m actually from Illinois, but I spent most of my life in Pennsylvania.”

“Why’d you move? Did yer parents get a new job?”

“No, they died.”

“Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry,” Missy-Sue said in a hushed and regretful tone.

“It’s not your fault. That’s what happens when a drunk driver runs a red light and hits your parents as they are crossing the street. Anyways, I lived with my great-aunt in Philadelphia. Thanks to an inheritance from my parents, I was able to put myself through law school. Now, I work as a corporate attorney for a big corporation.”

“You like yer job?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jimmy said. “If you know the law well, people will pay through the nose to have you help them. So, what about you? There must be more to you than bathing in rivers, speeding around in a pickup truck, and being formerly married.”

“Well, as you can see, I was born and raised right here. Thanks my daddy’s wild dick, I’ve got about a dozen half siblings all over the place; I might have more, I don’t even know how and where he is.”

“And your mother?”

“Passed away from cancer about two years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’ve still got a few relatives around here still, a couple of aunts, uncles and cousins.”

“So, what do you do for a living?”

“Odd jobs around the county. I clean for some people, do some landscaping and gardening. I can also fix cars pretty well. I got it from my mama; when a woman has to raise a child without a man, she learns pretty quick on how to pick up the slack.”

“I love me an independent woman,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy was being completely honest in his admiration. Most of the women he’d dated couldn’t even pump gas, much less fix a car.

After Jimmy paid the bill, the two of them got back into the truck. Missy-Sue pulled into a nearby gas station. She asked Jimmy to pump some gas while she went into the convenience store to use the bathroom. When she exited the station, she had a small paper bag in her hand. Once they were back on the road, Jimmy didn’t ask what she had bought, but he had a very good idea what it was.

After about ten minutes, they pulled up to a secluded plot of land which was well-concealed by trees. A dirt driveway led to a quaint mobile home. Missy-Sue cut the engine, looked at Jimmy and said, “Welcome home.”

They got out of the truck and walked inside. It was a quaint and cozy place with a couch and some armchairs in the den. Missy-Sue walked into the kitchen, pulled two beers out of the fridge, and gave one of them to Jimmy.

“Aren’t you wonderin’ what I bought at the gas station?” Missy-Sue asked with a wry smile.

“I bet they’re round, rubber, and lots of fun.”

Missy-Sue took one last swig of beer, threw the bottle into the trash, and tossed Jimmy the bag from the gas station.

“I’m gonna go shower in my room. Why don’t you go wash up in the guest bathroom, sugar? After that, you can meet me in my bedroom.”

Without a word, Jimmy strode quickly to the second bedroom and got his clothes off as if they were on fire. He considered giving himself a whore’s bath, just wiping down his armpits and his junk, but he wanted to be extra clean for his lover. He didn’t even wait until the hot water came on; he jumped into the shower, scrubbed his skin and crevices as thoroughly as he could in the shortest amount of time.

He sprang out of the shower so quickly that he almost slipped on the tile, but was able to right himself. After drying himself off, the nude man ignored his discarded clothes, rolled a condom onto his erect dick, and marched towards Missy-Sue’s bedroom. He had to admit, he was too horny to knock, but, he did anyway.

“Come in,” Missy-Sue said in a sing-song voice.

Jimmy burst into the room, completely expecting to see Missy-Sue in all of her naked glory. Instead, she was wearing a voluminous, navy-blue nightgown with long sleeves, frills, big, puffy shoulders, and buttons along the neckline. The entire outfit did nothing to inspire his imagination.

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