Mindy’s Massage


Mindy made a regular habit out of taking very good care of her perfect body. At 5-05, and 125 lbs with a 34D-24-34 figure, with her gorgeous eyes and smile and smooth all over tan, flat washboard tummy with its smooth open navel, and firm, smooth thighs, legs and arms, strong muscled back with dimples just above her hips, full, taut, smooth skinned and firm buttocks, and large, full, taut breasts, all the guys in her life thought she was perfect, too. She made a habit of regular manicures and pedicures, kept her long, highlighted brown hair perfectly trimmed and highlighted, and tried to make sure her makeup was never overdone and she was always looking her best. She was a magnificent twenty years old, and had always been a good girl, having only two boyfriends in her whole life, and had very limited sexual experience.

She had always fought her urges back and tried to behave responsibly as a teenager and college girl, as she didn’t want a reputation at school or to take any chances with her future. She had always been afraid that people would look down on her, or not approve of her, and she was aware that her exceptional beauty was both a blessing and a curse. Women hated her for being beautiful and guys tended to think that her looks meant she was loose or easy. She had urges, and they were very strong ones, but she never acted on them, as she didn’t want to do anything that anyone would think was wrong. She had always tried to live very quietly and have only one man in her life, sometimes none at all. She thought she had found the one this last time. Then her last boyfriend, Robert, after three years of her devotion and love had unceremoniously dumped her because he was moving from Texas to California and didn’t want to be “tied to the responsibility” of her going with him.

She had been devastated, her whole life turned upside down, and had hurt worse than anything had ever hurt her. She was crushed and thought her life would end. She had always been so careful to respect him and his wishes, to devote herself to his wishes and pleasures, and had always been very careful to not ever cause him to think she might be unfaithful or even flirting behind his back. She had tried so hard to be the perfect girl for him, hoping that her whole life would be devoted to him. She had only wanted to please him and when he left her, she had no direction, and nowhere to turn. It had taken her a very long time to smile again, and to realize finally that her life was going to be separate from his. She had quietly recovered while she built her own life of work, a few girlfriends and her apartment and her two cats. She went to her work as a computer technician, and went home and except for a twice a month stop for one drink with the girls, or a trip to the beauty shop or her early morning trip to the gym four days a week, that was her life. She didn’t make enough money to do much more. She had been going through this for six months, and the pain had died to a dull ache, and she was not only bored, she was also beginning to feel the stirring of life in her again.

For the last two months, she had gone on Monday afternoon after work to the local massage school and let a student give her a massage. The massages were inexpensive and always very modestly done with her covered by a sheet and nowhere near any “private” parts, but she had noticed that even the gentle touch on her legs and back by the girls in the school had been not only relaxing but somewhat stimulating. She had dismissed those feelings for the most part, except for a long soaking bath later in the night. She did not often pleasure herself as she always felt a little guilty, and it was never as satisfying as what she had found with her boyfriends.

This Monday afternoon she arrived at the school for her massage, and was told that the student she had scheduled with had suddenly taken ill. She was told that one of the instructors would take care of her, and she was put in the private massage room to get ready. She undressed completely, as she always did, and lay down naked under the sheet face down with her face in the cradle. As she lay there, she thought in particular about one instructor she had seen in the hall, a tall blond Adonis of a guy. He looked about thirty, long lean and fit, with a muscular frame and movie star looks. Instead of the scrubs the students normally wore, he had been wearing a white T shirt and some short, tight white shorts the day she had seen him. He had made quite an impression on her, and she almost hoped that he would be her therapist, but tried to put that out of her mind.

Finally, the door opened and someone she could not see because of her face in the face cradle, stepped into the room. Then she heard a smooth masculine voice, saying, “Hello there, I’m Andy, and I’m going to be your therapist for tonight.” She quickly raised her head and cut her eyes to encounter the same blond man she had hoped for. She felt her whole body tingle and herself moisten as she quietly said, “Hi, I’m Mindy.” In her mind she was admonishing mecidiyeköy escort herself for responding to him in such a way. He was only going to give her a massage. She gritted her teeth at herself and made herself relax back onto the table.

When she had looked up, she had noticed that while he had his normal shorts on, he was wearing a heavy pullover sweater as it was a fairly cool day outside. He now spoke, “They kind of caught me by surprise with this massage because Judy is sick, and I’m afraid this sweater will have me dripping like a sauna. Would you be terribly offended if I pulled if off and worked without a shirt?”

Mindy immediately said, “No, please be comfortable. I’m fine with it.” But she felt her body respond to the suggestion immediately. “It is kind of warm in here, today.”

He responded, “Yeah, they got the heat a little too high. It’s not winter, just cool. Are you too warm?”

“Maybe a little. I’ve never felt it this hot in here before.”

She had turned her gorgeous face to the side on the cradle so she could see, and saw him nod affirmatively. “If you would like, the students don’t have this option, but since I’m an instructor, if you would like, we can use a towel instead of a sheet as a drape and you can cool off some.”

Mindy had to think about that for a minute, but hesitantly said, “OK, that sounds good,” and she put her face back in the cradle. He heard him open a cabinet and then suddenly without warning the sheet was stripped from her, leaving her backside totally nude to his eyes, before she felt a towel being placed across her hips covering her butt. She had thought she would be covered with a bath size towel, but this was a hand towel barely long enough to reach from one side to the other and only wide enough to cover her butt. She felt herself blush and hoped he couldn’t see her turning red with her face in the face cradle. She also was silently praying that the little towel was wide enough to go sufficiently low enough on her thighs so that he would not have a view of her bare pussy when he was working on her legs. She felt herself getting warmer instead of cooling off as he stood at her head and began to gently but firmly massage her neck and shoulders. His strong hands felt so good, and it was amazing to her the different feel of a masculine touch rather than a female. It just felt so good, and it was so stimulating in a very good way for her. He worked lower on her back, kneading and rubbing the muscles of her beautiful back. As he worked down, he asked, “How is the pressure?”

“Perfect,” Mindy replied, enjoying every second of the feel of his hands on her. He was working on her small waist, then began to gradually slide onto the widening slope of her hips and started encountering the edge of the towel. Every time Mindy felt him touch it, and it moved a little, she was torn between panic and even more excitement. She was afraid that her delicate, perfectly shaved and tan little pussy was betraying her to him, as she thought she could feel moisture already accumulating on the pink inner lips.

Suddenly she became aware that he was moving and then she felt his hands on her delicate tiny feet. She sighed heavily as she worried that he could see all the way up her leg. She knew he was getting quite a show. She tried not to fidget as he gently but smoothly and firmly worked over her whole foot and each toe. He had her leg bent at the knee and her foot straight up in the air as he worked her foot and ankle.

Andy was in ecstasy. He had never in his life seen a woman as perfect as this girl. And standing at her feet, he could see all the way up her long luscious thigh and under the towel to what appeared to be a perfect pussy. It was tan and tiny, and was not only completely free of hair, but also it appeared to be glistening in the dim light as if it was starting to moisten. He had been teaching here at the massage school for three years, and in that time, between willing female customers and the young massage trainees, he had gotten to have sex with over a hundred different women, enjoying not only the sight and touch of their willing bodies, but the taste and fragrances they left with him, as they let him invade their gasping mouths, slick and soft pussies and even their tight assholes. He had seldom heard no, and when he did, he usually managed to overcome it and bed the reluctant young lady anyway, including one who had resisted until the night before she was to be a blushing bride. He let his mind drift to her, and remembered the impassioned look on her face as he pounded her pussy into the table and the way she sucked the cum out of his squirting prick as he loaded her mouth and pussy with his cum. He imagined her new hubby the next night, enjoying himself while never expecting that his new wife had availed herself of a taste of someone else the evening before.

He had never had a girl this beautiful before, and there had been some that were exquisite both in face merter escort and body. He had never hoped so hard as now, that this would end in sexual euphoria for both of them. He worked over the calf of her leg, feeling how smoothly hairless it was and how firm and smooth and soft the skin was. Then the back of her knee which was so close to the other, that he gently put his hand on the inside of it, and slowly and gently moved it outward several inches. This parted her thighs a little more, and from his position he could see under the towel to what he was becoming sure was moisture on this gorgeous tiny pussy. He began to work gently over her thigh slowly moving from outside to inside and up from her knee toward the towel, letting his gentle hands glide over her incredibly fit and sleek thigh. As he worked upward, he could hear her breathing becoming a little more pronounced and even a little ragged. He was within two inches of the top of her thigh, and once again the towel was there, and he was bumping it.

Mindy was so totally embarrassed and so totally turned on that she was about to melt. Every time Andy bumped the bottom edge of the towel she could feel it over her whole butt, and it seemed that it ran electric shocks straight into her tight little vagina’s most inner reaches. She felt herself tremble as his hands wandered into very close proximity of her mound, as he worked her inner thigh only a half inch from her body. It was all she could do to lie still and not give her desires away by moaning and wiggling her hips.

Then Andy went to the other leg and started back over at her sweet little foot. Mindy was both relieved and frustrated to have him again so far away from her tiny and now very heated pussy. Gradually, she felt her tension rising even higher as he performed the same procedure working up the back of her leg. Again, he reached the edge of the towel on her beautiful thigh. Again, it was all she could do to hold her composure as she felt the luxurious sensations of his hands on her skin. Finally, he was working again only a half inch from her crotch on her inner thigh. Their breathing was almost synchronized as they both were gasping in stifled passion.

Andy took the corners of the hand towel and folded it back along the middle of the luscious buttocks of the trembling girl on the table, exposing one perfect cheek all the way to the crack. He began to work the side of her hip, gradually working closer to the center of her body and lower on her cheek. The skin on her beautiful ass was just as smooth and sleek and soft and hairless as the rest of her. He worked on her until his hand was as low as it could go on the bottom of her butt right where the cheeks touched, with his fingertips occasionally grazing very lightly just at the back of her lips, he could even feel the moisture when that happened. He then walked around to the other side and flipped the towel the other way, but when he did, it slid off into the floor. For a moment neither of them moved, hardly breathed, then Andy started to walk around to get it. Then he heard Mindy’s sweet innocent voice, almost like a little girl. “It’s ok, just leave it, I’m ok.”

Thanking the heavens, he returned to his position, and resumed the massage, as the lovely girl lay totally naked in front of his worshipping eyes on his table. He continued massaging both magnificent cheeks, going back and forth across the crack, watching it pull open to show him more of her wet lipped vulva and glimpses of her cute little asshole. His massaging was more fondling than anything as he felt her gorgeous skin in his hands. His hard on had been hard so long sticking up toward his waist in his shorts that it was almost numb. He was rather well endowed with a nine incher that measured over 6 inches around. The shorts he was wearing were low cut as well as being a form fitting polyester, and they were also cut very high in the leg, revealing almost as much skin as the naked girl was. He could feel the swollen throbbing head of his penis trying to escape the waistband of his shorts. He was aching to release it, too.

Finally, he spoke softly to her, “Mindy, its time to roll over.” She sighed deeply, all sense of modesty not only gone but forgotten in her state of arousal. He reached down to the floor for the towel, but before he could even get to it, she was moving, rolling onto her back, allowing him the full view of her magnificent breasts, her gorgeous flat tummy, her full thighs and slender calves ending at her tiny delicate feet, and the smoothly shaved and tanned mound that was the start of the slit of her now completely wet pussy. She honestly did not know what to do; lying there with her eyes squeezed shut in embarrassment, but wanting him to look at her so badly. Then it occurred to her that if she opened her eyes, she could look at him, too. She could not comprehend or totally understand what she found. Andy was shirtless, with a fine sheen of sweat, both from his labors and his tense anticipation. mutlukent escort He was one of those men that had almost no visible body hair, and a nice even tan to compliment hers. His muscular chest and shoulders tapered to a narrow waist with rippled abs, a tight navel and muscular arms and forearms. For some reason, Mindy noticed his nipples, smaller, very tight and very hard in erection, and then she dropped her eyes to his shorts, and gasped. There under the white shorts was what appeared to be the largest penis she had ever seen. Two very prominent testicles, large round and full showed below it through the thin, tight material.

Andy stepped to her head and began to work on the sides of her neck and shoulders, stroking gently to her arms from her ears. He was standing just above her leaning over smiling into her incredible eyes, as she looked up at him, half in fear and half in wanting. He began to work on upper chest and suddenly it occurred to her, that she had signed the permission slip when she first came in to the massage school that it was allowed for her breasts to be massaged. She almost gasped as she realized that if he knew that, very soon his hands would be caressing her sensitive breasts and nipples, not that she would have stopped him if she hadn’t signed it. She was way past that in her state of arousal. Then it was very apparent that he did know, as he slid his hands down her sides and came back up over the sides of her full breasts, each stroke getting closer, until his fingers were stroking her hardening nipples. He continued his massage, until he was again more fondling than massaging her gorgeous full breasts. He then started working lower onto her tummy, feeling the rippling muscling under her smooth soft skin. He worked down to her navel, and then lower, onto her lower abdomen. His fingers were brushing down onto the top edge of her mound, he could feel her tremble from his touch. He wanted to go lower, but wanted her to ask first, if he could stand it. He stood up to move back down to her feet.

Mindy gasped again as she watched him stand, the pink, full tip of his hard penis was actually showing just under the waistband of his shorts. He smiled at her as she looked at him. She laid back and spoke softly, “Those shorts look uncomfortable.” Once out of her mouth, she almost died that she had been so blatant, but he only smiled gently at her.

“Would you mind? They are really binding, so to speak.”

She shook her head no and smiled back at him, as he unsnapped the waistband and stepped out of his shorts, now as naked as her. His hardness was sticking out at a 45% angle above straight out, and she could see the purple color coming into the head as the full blood supply was now flowing, and she could see big drops of pre-cum appearing on his pee hole as it throbbed. She got a good look, too, at his swollen balls hanging tight under his penis, huge and full of cum. They were pink and smooth shaven, as was the hair above his penis, and she found she loved the look. It was so clean and sexy looking. At this point, as Andy was massaging up one leg to her thigh, Mindy knew she was lost. This handsome, sexual man was going to get to have his way with her, give her passionate, hot sex, there was no way she could stop it, nor did she want to. His hands were working up one thigh to her love nest. This time they didn’t stop but he massaged right onto her mound. She felt his gentle fingers caressing her wet lips and sliding all over and into her pussy, as her arms went around him, and he gently leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers and his tongue into her mouth. As their tongues played wildly, she felt his hands all over her, touching all over at once it seemed. He let his body slowly lower onto hers. They were sliding together as they kissed. Then she stopped him. “Andy, I have to tell you, I don’t think I can get your thing into me. It’s just too big. I’m scared.” He laughed.

“Don’t be scared, doll, it will fit, and we have plenty of lube, if we need it.”

Then he rose up a little to let the hard bulbous head of his swollen cock press into her tiny wet pussy. To her amazement, Mindy felt it start to slide into her very slowly. It also took some pressure from him but after a few minutes of slow easy pushing, it was buried into her, his balls resting against her sweet bottom. He slowly pulled it back out, feeling the delicious friction of the slide, then pushed it back in, as Mindy threw her perfect legs into the air and wrapped them deliciously around his hips. They began a rhythm as old as the world, but it all seemed so new to her as she felt not only his swollen penis sliding in and out of her warm, clinging vagina, and his balls slapping into her bottom, but she felt every inch of her body that touched his, all increasing her passion and excitement to boundless limits. Finally, she felt the waves of orgasm rushing over her, as his penis began to pulse and throb and shoot long hot ropes of sperm filled semen into her, filling her to the brim. She lay on the table, with waves washing over her, as he thrust and shook and trembled on top of her. They lay together for a while, with him resting gently on top of her, holding his weight off her with his arms and his penis slowly shrinking inside her. At last, it came out of her, dripping cum and a copious amount of white cum came out with it. He sighed as he got up off her.

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