Milky Adventure Alternate Plot- 1 (Shreyas Brings


Milky Adventure Alternate Plot- 1 (Shreyas BringsdeleteddeleteddeletedSo it has been a while since Shreyas started feeding milk from me. Though I felt uncomfortable initially since he is older to my feed. But later I started feeling normal about it as it created a bond between ourselves. He started paying more attention to me and started loving me as a mom since this happened.Moreover, it helped me release the pain whenever my baby doesn’t feed completely and there is a lot of milk left in my breasts. So I decided I will allow him to feed on me, whenever he asks for but I was just making sure that no one else comes to know about it since not everyone takes such thing in the right way.So a few days later, Christmas vacation started for all schools. Even Shreyas was on his vacation. So he thought he can bring a friend of his home so that they can spend the vacation together. He asked me for permission of the same. I thought that it will be a good company for Shreyas in holidays and so agreed to it. He got delighted with that and immediately called his friend to tell the same.The very next day, his friend arrived at our place. He wished me – ‘Hello aunty.’ I wished him back – ‘Hello.’ I asked – ‘What is your name?’ He told – ‘Rajesh.’ I said – ‘Nice name dear, feel like home and make yourself comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need anything.’ He thanked me with a smile and then he entered Shreyas’ bedroom as Shreyas guided him.They soon got themselves involved in chats and games till the afternoon. It was lunchtime and so I called them both to the dining table. Both of them sat at the table and waited while I arranged the plates and served them. Then we all started eating and I started a conversation with Rajesh – ‘So Rajesh, how are your studies going on?’ Rajesh – ‘Very well, aunty.’Shreyas then said – ‘He is one of the toppers in our class.’ I then said – ‘That is good Rajesh.’ Then Rajesh said – ‘My caretaker at my orphanage says that If I study well and get to a good position, it will give peace to my parents, So I work hard to make that happen.’It surprised me. Shreyas told about bringing his friend from school, but I did not know that Rajesh is an orphan and he stays in an orphanage. It reminded me of my c***dhood friend Ravi who was an orphan as well. I felt compassionate about him and said – ‘That is very sweet of you Rajesh, Don’t ever worry about your parents. They are already proud of you with the way you are studying. Keep continuing the hard work.’Rajesh said – ‘Thank you, aunty. I will.’ Soon we all finished the lunch. Again they continued with their games and chats. I went to the kitchen and finished cleaning.After all the kitchen chores, I felt tired a bit and thought of having a quick nap before the evening. My baby was fed sometime in the morning and so I decided to feed him before I go to sleep. Since both k**s were busy in their games in their bedroom, I picked up my baby from the bassinet and sat on my bed placing my baby on my lap.Then I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and bra hooks and pulled out my left breast. Then I placed the nipple of that breast on to the lips of my baby. My baby soon started sucking the sweet milk from my breast. I was feeling good and happy looking at the cute face which seemed satisfied with the milk.Suddenly, Shreyas entered my room and hurriedly hid behind the footboard of the bed just beside where I was sitting. He was gesturing at me not to speak out loud to him. I felt a bit alarmed since I was in the middle of feeding, but felt it was fine since he is like my son and he already had fed from me.I could sense that they were playing hide and seek and it was Shreyas’ turn to hide. I could hear Rajesh counting numbers giving time for Shreyas to hide. I laughed at him and nodded. Though Avrupayakası Escort he was hiding behind the footboard, he could still see my complete posture since footboards only rise up till the mattress.I was feeding on my left breast, and he was hiding under the footboard which was on the same side. So he could actually see that I was feeding my baby and he could see the sides of my left breast. I didn’t notice at first, but when I casually turned towards him, I could see him intently looking at my breast and the baby sucking on it. I whispered to him – ‘Hey, what are you staring at?’Shreyas in a low voice – ‘Your breasts. Mom.’ Me – ‘There is nothing to stare there. These are the ones you have already fed from and now your brother is feeding.’ Shreyas – ‘I also need milk now mom. I was fed only last night and not after that.’He was right in a way. He used to feed on me in the morning and nights. But I have already mentioned that he should not ask for milk when Rajesh is around since I did not want anyone else to know about that. I mentioned the same to him again – ‘I know honey, But I already told you right, this can’t happen when Rajesh is here. This should be between us.’Shreyas felt disappointed a bit but he knows that his mom can’t be wrong. So then Rajesh on the other room ended his counting and after searching a couple of other rooms, he entered my bedroom. As soon as he saw me, he found what I was doing. I quickly covered my pallu over the baby’s face and the exposed breast. But before I did that, he could get a glimpse of my breast and was standing there with awe.Probably it was his first time to see a woman’s breast and so I did not take it seriously. I said – ‘Rajesh!! Do you want anything!!’ He gained his senses and said – ‘Sorry aunty, I was looking for Shreyas.’ He could not find him beside me since the wooden door of the shelf beside Shreyas is open and it blocked Shreyas from Rajesh’s view. So he quickly turned back and moved out of the room.Soon baby started sleeping and so I covered myself, placed him back carefully in the bassinet. Then I told Shreyas that I will be taking a nap and so asked him to play outside. He quickly went out of the room and I laid on the bed and went to sleep after some time.In the evening, I woke up and got fresh. I decided to prepare a special dessert for both the k**s in dinner. So I finished preparing the dinner along with the dessert and called them both for dinner. They arrived at the dining table and sat at the chairs. Rajesh seemed shy and silent this time probably because of what he had to see earlier that afternoon.So I asked – ‘What happened Rajesh!! You seem so silent.’ He said – ‘Nothing as such aunty.’ Then I said – ‘Feel free and start eating. I have prepared gulab jamun for the dessert. If you finish dinner quickly, then you can have it.’ Rajesh and even Shreyas eyes lit up with that. Rajesh told – ‘That is my favorite aunty. I love it.’ Shreyas – ‘Me too.’They soon finished the meal and I served the dessert to them after adding ice cream on top of it. They latched onto that and had it quickly. I said – ‘You can have more if you want’ and added a few more jamuns to their bowls. They were so happy and finished that even.Shreyas then said – ‘Thank you, mom. That was delicious.’ Rajesh too joined – ‘Yeah that was delicious. Thank you so much, aunty. I never had such delicious food at my orphanage. You are so nice, aunty.’ I saw genuine happiness in his eyes. I was happy and said – ‘Glad that you both liked it. You can come over here whenever you feel to and I can prepare whatever you both like.’With this Rajesh was very happy and he had tears building up. I saw that and felt compassionate about him again. So went towards him and hugged him placing Avrupayakası Escort Bayan his head on my chest. He also felt happy about that and placed his hands around my waist. Shreyas too joined from other side and I placed my other hand on his head and caressed their hairs and kissed on their foreheads.So the next morning, I thought I can take the k**s to a water park nearby for them to enjoy their vacation. I woke them up, told them about the plan and asked them to get ready. They jumped out of the bed in excitement and started getting ready. Meanwhile, I prepared the baby and packed all the stuff necessary for us.Then I browsed through my wardrobe as to pick up one costume for the occasion. I picked up a light pink colored saree with floral patterns on it with a matching blouse. I removed the old saree, blouse, and inner wears. I took out the fresh dark pink panty and dragged it onto my milky thighs and covered up till below my waist.Then I picked up the matching velvet bra and hooked on to my breasts. Then I wore the blouse and petticoat and swiftly d****d the saree over it. It looked great on my skin. Meanwhile, both the boys were ready in t-shirts and jeans. Soon the cab we booked arrived and we started towards the water park. After reaching over there, I let them change into the nylon swimwears.Then both of them involved themselves in the water rides till the afternoon. I followed them with the baby in my arms out of the reach of water but just distant enough so that I have a good view over both of them. Soon it was lunch time and I called them out to eat. We chose a corner table at the restaurant available inside the water park. We got our orders placed on the table and soon we started eating.Meanwhile, I thought I can feed my baby at the same time since it is convenient there with scope to hide myself from the others than to do that out while walking in the public. So I covered my pallu over my baby and then slowly unhooked my blouse and bra. I pulled out the right breast from under the pallu and placed my nipple on baby’s lips. Soon he started sucking on to it.With my saree being transparent a bit, both the boys could see what is happening through it but it wasn’t visible to others sitting on tables beside us. That was the best I could do there. Both the boys were watching keenly while having their lunch. I felt a bit of discomfort but I convinced myself that they were just like my sons, and nothing better I can do there.Soon we finished our lunch and I covered up myself. After some time, they started enjoying a few more rides. But some time later, I could see Rajesh slowing down behind Shreyas while they were walking towards one more ride. Shreyas did not notice that but I could see it from far behind. He stopped for some time, fell on his knees. I walked quickly towards him.He was sweating and breathing hard. I was worried. I picked out my pallu and was wiping his sweat and soon he fell into my arms. I called out Shreyas. He came back running and then we picked him up to take him to the medical care outside the park. There was a lady doctor there who checked Rajesh.She told – ‘Nothing to worry. He just fainted because of blood pressure going down. It must be because of him roaming in sun for a long time. I have given some warm milk that will generate some energy for now. But he will still feel weak and need to be taken care for a day or two. You can give him some warm milk again if he feels nauseous. That should set him up.’Then we came back home. I made him lay on the bed in their bedroom. I then placed my baby in the bassinet and brought that to the same room so that I can check upon both of them. Soon I arranged dinner for all of us. But Rajesh vomited whatever he had because Escort Avrupayakası of the nauseousness he had. I was worried.Rajesh told that he didn’t feel like eating anything because of that sensation. So I warmed some milk left in the fridge and fed him the same. He felt better and slept for some time. I asked Shreyas also to sleep since it was already late. I sat on the side of their bed with my baby’s bassinet beside me. Soon I slept in the chair itself because of the tiredness from all the roaming in the day.After some time, I felt a noise as if some object was hitting the ground. I woke up and saw Rajesh fainting again and falling on the ground. He was on the way to the washroom. He must have got up to go to the washroom but must have fainted since he had not much intake that night after vomiting.So I called out Shreyas to pick him up. Shreyas soon came and we placed him back on the bed. I went to the kitchen to get some water. After drinking, he still seemed weak and was lolling his head in my arms because of his weakness. I was worried and so was Shreyas.Shreyas asked – ‘Mom. What do we do?’ I said – ‘The doctor asked to get him some warm milk which generates the energy at such a situation but I had used all the milk we had, earlier in the night. And now it is past 1 am and we can’t get milk now in the middle of the night.’ Shreyas then thought for a moment and said – ‘Mom, what if you feed him your milk?’I looked at him shocked. I know he must have said it in worry and because of his care about his friend. But I felt that it is not right. Seeing me thinking about it, Shreyas then added – ‘Mom, You had let me feed on you earlier. Please do the same for Rajesh since it will make him better.’I was thinking what will happen if I do it, what if others come to know about this, how will they take it. I then felt he is just like Shreyas and he is an orphan and he has no one else to take care of him presently. As Shreyas told, I had fed Shreyas earlier and so I thought I can feed him as well this once just to get him back into the normal state. And nobody will come to know about it and I will make sure about that.So I slowly unhooked my blouse and bra and pulled out my right breast out which was close to his face. I placed my nipple on his lips. He surely wasn’t aware of what I and Shreyas were discussing. He was semi-conscious. But once the nipple got placed between his lips, I squeezed my breast to get milk out of it.Few drops of milk spurted out on to his lips. He then licked it and then felt the nipple on his lips. Then he gained consciousness and started feeling it with his lips and started sucking from it. I could feel the milk flowing out from my breast. He then took more of my breast into his mouth and started sucking harder.I could feel his teeth touch my nipples. I felt a bit of pain and pleasure at the same time. But I concentrated on the purpose of doing it, on bringing back him to a normal state. So he continued and soon flow started to slow down. But the milk he had till now had shown its effectiveness.So I quickly pulled out other breast and placed on his lips. He soon latched onto that breast as well and sucked harder. His tongue occasionally touched my nipple giving goosebumps to me. I closed my eyes. He soon finished all the milk from the left breast even and was panting a bit out of exhaustion. I covered up myself but still held him in my arms.He opened his eyes and hugged me tightly placing his head on my breasts. I was touched and I even hugged him back. He released himself out of the hug and said – ‘Aunty, you are so sweet, you have fed me milk to bring me back to health. Thank you so much’ I said – ‘Its ok dear. Are you feeling better now?’ He said – ‘Yes, I feel a lot better. I feel so much loved and grateful to you. I don’t know how my mom was but I got that affection and love from you.’This touched me and I felt very good about it. I said – ‘You can treat me as your mom dear. Just like Shreyas, you will also be my son.’ Hearing this, he again hugged me and I hugged him back.Please give your review and do comment.

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