Mike’s Lesson Continues


Mike woke up slowly. He stared into the fading daylight. In the distance he hear a dog barking and perhaps that was woke him up. He lay there for a moment trying to remember where he was. In a few moments he realized he was naked and that someone was lying next to him. He turned his head slowly and then to his shock it all came back to him He had just had oral sex with a man.

The whole thing came back to him and as he lay there he was torn between shock and pleasant memories. He was shocked that he became arouse at the hand of another man. He was shocked that he had cum and let a man cum in his mouth. Yet, he did feel the afterglow of pleasure. It was an interesting experience, more like and experiment for his master’s thesis and now that he had his information he was sure that this was a one and only time experience.

His thoughts then turned on how to get out without a scene. John, he remembered seemed reasonable, but he would rather avoid the awkward moments of discussing what had happened and leaving. He though that if he could quietly slip off the bed, gather his clothes, he cold steal away into the living room, get dressed, grab his notes, and leave undetected.

He listened for a moment and heard steady breathing coming from John. Mike was sure he was asleep so he began to inch his way to the edge of the bed when suddenly he heard a voice, “Well, Mike, what did you think?”

He paused for a moment and then, not wanting to offend John, said, “It was fine. Something new. Just an experiment.”

John smiled. “Fine, huh? Just an experience, huh? Well, you really seemed to enjoy yourself more than, ‘fine.'”

Mike blushed as John continued. “You always feel a bit of remorse, guilt after the first time. You think I shouldn’t have enjoyed that so much. But the truth is, you did enjoy it. I mean you Esenyurt Escort Bayan kissed me back, you took my cock in your mouth without any prompting, and you swallowed, right?”

Mike just nodded. John touched his arm. “It’s all right. Doesn’t mean you are gay. Doesn’t mean you don’t like girls. It just means you have grown and matured. Pleasure is pleasure and you enjoyed it. There is no crime in that.”

Mike said, “Yes, but…”

“But what,” asked John. “You don’t need to justify it, just admit you enjoyed it and that if the opportunity arose again you would give it another whirl.”

Mike said, “It won’t ever happen again because I didn’t enjoy it that much.”

“You didn’t?” replied John. “Then would you tell me while you are semi-erect again?”

Mike blushed. “Well, its just happened that’s all.”

John moved close and whispered in Mike’s ear. “You were thinking how good it felt. How much fun it was to get another guy off. Kind of a power trip making another guy hard and having him shoot a load.”

Mike replied, “I better leave.”

“You’re mouth is saying one thing but your body is saying something else.”

Before Mike could speak he heard the front door and a female voice, “John?”

“Back here hon,” yelled John.

Before Mike could make a move a dark haired woman in her late forties appeared in the door way. She was petite and very cute. She smiled and said, “Well, John want to introduce me to your friend?”

“Jean, this is Mike. Mike, this is Jean. Mike was here doing some research on bisexuality and we had a practical lab.”

Jean chuckled.

“And now we are just discussing our feelings and deciding if Mike wants to stick around.”

Jean looked at Mike and said, “Well, it looks like his erection has already decided.” Avcılar Escort Bayan

Both Jean and John laughed as John said, “Join us.”

Mike couldn’t believe his eyes and Jean pealed off her clothes and climbed in bed with them.

She kissed Mike and said, “Nice to meet you.” As she kissed him again Mike felt John’s hand on his erection, stroking it to greater firmness. Mike couldn’t believe how hard his cock was after just coming a little while ago.

Jean kissed his neck and his shoulders as Mike caressed her back and hip. Her hand was now on his balls massaging them gently as John stroked him. Then John and Jean kissed as the two of them then jointly kissed Mike’s cock.

With his other hand Mike reached out and found John’s cock. He began to play with the man’s growing erection. Mike’s hand found its way between Jeans legs and into her furry, slick slit. She moaned as his fingers found her clit and circled the growing bud.

Jean rolled over on her back, looked at Mike and said, “Kneel over me and we 69.” Mike needed no further invitation. He move into position hovering over the prone Jean. He lowered his head and caught hold of her scent. It was rich and heavy. He lowered his head and kissed the sweet lips as Jean’s mouth close around Mike’s cock.

She began to suck gently on his cock as her hand reached up and began to massage his swaying balls. She smelled and tasted wonderful and he was enjoying licking her. This was what sex was supposed to be. He thought about John for a moment and felt bad for him but he went back to work on Jean’s clit.

Her legs went up around his neck and shoulders and she locked her ankles around his neck. Both of them were moaning and as he licked Mike felt something at his anus. At first he thought it was Jean’s dampened finger but then he realized it was John putting some lubrication on his anus. Mike was going to protest but with Jeans ankles locked around his neck there wasn’t much he could do.

He heard John say, “Relax, and push back like you are trying to take a shit.” Mike did and as he did he felt John’s cock pressing into him. Spreading his cheeks John’s cock pressed and then slowly entered Mike’s rectum. Pushing gently but persistently until John was all the way in. Then John just rested, letting Mike get used to his cock.

The burning of his anus was replaced by the pleasure that Jean was evoking from his cock. He went back to licking Jean’s puss and then felt John begin to withdraw. Then he felt John pushing back in. It was an amazing scene for Mike to take in. He was performing oral sex on a woman and she on him while a guy he hardly knew was fucking his ass. While strange, it felt incredibly good.

He licked faster and probed Jean’s cunt deeper with his fingers as she sucked on his cock and played with his balls. John was busy fucking his ass faster and deeper with each stroke. The room smelled of sex and sweat as the three moved to the ultimate pleasure.

The burning in his anus had changed to a feeling of pleasure and with resolve all three moved ever closer to orgasm. The thought flashed through his mind what he would say in his thesis but that thought ran away as he moved closer and closer to orgasm.

Her fingers felt so good as they tickled his balls and his cock was ready to explode. All three moved and suddenly John stiffened and pushed harder. He cried out and came in Mike’s ass. His rectum became full of John’s cum and then Mike came, bathing Jean’s mouth with his sticky white cum.

In moments Jean moaned, bucked, and surrendered to the assault by Mike’s tongue. The three finally relaxed, disengaged, and laid down on the bed. No one said a word as the room was covered in darkness.

Finally Jean said, “Well, Mike, since you’ve had dessert, you might as well stay for dinner.” The three of them began to laugh.

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