Mike and Debbie Meet… Finally


Disclaimer: The following story IS about real people, the events are also real, although they may have been altered slightly. Both parties agreed to the posting of this series of stories. The names in this series, may or may not have been changed.

Mike and Debbie meet… FINALLY…


My name is Michael, I am 48 years old, 6’3″ and 195 pounds. I have slightly longish blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don’t consider myself the best looking guy in the room, but far from the worst. I couldn’t be considered over weight by any means, but do have a slight soft spot around the middle, that comes and goes from time to time. I am happily blessed with one of those metabolisms, you know, the one that women hate, can eat and eat, and still stay below the 200 pound mark.

I am a big fan of Facebook and play more than my fair share of Mafia Wars. I have been twice married, and rather unceremoniously left by both of them. I have two daughters, one from each wife; both of them taken out of my life by their departing mothers.

During our married lives, I discovered that both of them had had on-line affairs. Then they both left me, great huh?

After the departure of my second wife, I began spending even more time glued to Facebook. Yeah, I know… why not go out and find a REAL woman and get out of the house and all that crap. Well, after two strikes, I was not really interested anymore… Guess I just got tired of setting up a life, only to have it stolen away from me.

I wound up istanbul escort losing my job, because of some superfluous bull shit, and had to get away from the place. I moved south, and had a difficult time find work, but managed somehow.

I posted a comment one night on Facebook about the brand of ice cream I was eating and received a couple of comments on it. Debbie had been one of the comments. She had been sending comments for some time in the recent past, but I guess I never really noticed them. On this occasion however, she and I got to talking and the conversations progressed from there.

We started sending text messages and talking to one another on the phone. I managed to find myself a steady income and managed to put some money aside. With my birthday approaching, Debbie and I decided that I would fly over and meet her for my birthday, and spend two days with her.

Heading for the airport, the nerves were something else. I had seen pictures of Debbie and knew what she looked like, or so I thought, but actually meeting her was another thing.

The flight over was fairly uneventful, I had a connection to make and that also went without incident.

It had been some time since I had flown a commercial flight, and didn’t know what to expect at the airports.

Upon arrival in Albuquerque, I headed off of the plane and my eyes kept searching for Debbie waiting for me, but to no avail. I continued walking down kadıköy escort the concourse, scanning from person to person and still not finding her, headed for the baggage claim area.

Just as I was headed for the escalators, I happened to look up and peeking around the edge of the sign in the middle I saw her. When she stepped from behind the sign, my jaw dropped to the floor.

The pictures she had sent me, did ABSOLUTELY nothing for her. Debbie is about 5’2″ dark hair, and incredibly hot! Outstanding chest, sweet smile, and an ass that just begged to be played with. At 44, there is no way in the world I would have ever given her more than 35 if I didn’t already know how old she was. The woman is just plain gorgeous.

As she approached me, I dropped my carry-on, and wrapped my arms around her. Our lips met and our tongues danced together like they had been meant to all our lives. Kissing her alone, was enough to make me hard enough to cut diamonds; and it still does by the way.

I grabbed my bag, and we held hands walking the rest of the way to claim my one suitcase. We got the bag and headed for her vehicle in the parking garage.

Upon finding the SUV, we got my stuff in, and got seated inside. We had discussed what we were going to do when I arrived, but I just couldn’t hold out anymore. Taking her by the hand I lead her to the back seat, and we frantically began undressing one another. Within minutes, we were kağıthane escort both naked and wrapped around one another; lip to lip, tongues trying the best to seek out the other’s throat. There was such and urgency to be one with the other, that it was incredible.

Reaching out I fondled her breasts, while nibbling on her yummy little neck. Kissing my way down to her tits, I found her nipples and had no choice but to slip first one, then the other one in my mouth and suck on them. During this, I reached down between her legs and found that she was as wet as I was hard.

I guess she started to get a little worked up, as she spun around, pushed me back against the back of the seat, straddled my lap and ground herself against my rock hard cock. I was certain that my plane must have crashed on it way and I was dead and in heaven. “I can’t wait, I need to feel you inside me”

Without a moment passing, she lifted herself and slowly slid herself down on my cock. The warm wet glove slipped around me like it was made for me. As she bottomed out on my shaft, her eyes rolled up to look at the ceiling. I leaned forward and started sucking on her neck again as she started to slide up and down my cock.

As hot as she was, I knew there was no chance of lasting very long, little did I know how wrong I was. The first time with this goddess, was the longest sex I had in years. Debbie had cum around my dick two or three times, shuddering to her climaxes, before I finally unloaded my balls deep inside her.

“Well, that didn’t take very long, I was actually surprised that we made it to the truck!” she said with a giggle.

“Good thing we have another 48 hours, huh?” I replied.

“Let’s get a move on them, times a wasting…!” as we got dressed and got ourselves together to get out of the parking garage.

To be continued… maybe…

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