Midnight Rendezvous


Everyone is over the age of 18.



You don’t answer me; your deep breath lets me know you’re still sleeping, but you slide closer to me. You lift your ass a bit and slowly grind on my dick. I don’t know how you end up doing that while you’re still in your deep sleep, but it always amazes me and turns me on more. I woke up from another dream of us. You climbed on top of me and began riding me slowly. You sped up as you watched my reactions and heard my moans and we were going wild, and right before I exploded deep inside you, I woke up. As usual.

I kiss the nape of your neck and you let out a small sigh as you continue to grind against me. You reach back and grab my hip puling me into you as you feel me getting harder. I still don’t understand how you do this, but it’s making me want you. I’m glad you’re just wearing my t-shirt tonight. You continue to grind until I can’t take it anymore. I begin to kiss and bite your neck and upper back and you respond by moaning. You grab my dick and start to massage it and I’m damn near convinced that you’ve awaken.

I pull one of your legs closer to me, spreading them. I continue to kiss your neck while I start to stroke your clit down to your entrance with my fingers. I feel your wetness and it’s making me want you more. You moan and I continue, stroking inside you. I feel your body tense up as you begin to move around, your body trying to wake you up and I stop. I move away from you and kiss down your body, tracing you with my tongue.

My tongue finds its way to your thighs, and I trace them still stroking you. I feel your hand caress the back of my head, playing in my hair. I lick up and stroke your clit Sakarya Escort as I feel your back begin to arch. I continue to taste you as your juices explore my mouth. Moments later, I taste your cum and you exhale a moan. You grind against my tongue until I make you cum for me again, gripping the back of my head and pressing it against your body.

“Baby, you’re nasty.”

You say when I come up for air.

“You like it.”

I retort while you lick off your juices from the sides of my mouth.

You continue to kiss me and pull my dick through the slit in my pajama pants sliding it inside you.

“Morning mami.”

You gasp for air your body debating on fighting me or just enjoying the pleasure; your body answers for you as you grind back against me slowly, reaching back to hold the back of my head, moving it to kiss your lips.

“Good morning baby.”

I kiss you slowly while I deepen my strokes, your slow winding is driving me crazy, but I refuse to let you out this easily.

I nip your neck softly, you moan while I lick where I bit. I tangle our legs briefly lifting your left leg so I can get closer to finding your spot. I feel your body shiver and I know I’ve already hit it before you even open your mouth.

“Aah, baby, damn.” You whimper as I stroke into it repeatedly.

You start throwing your hips back into mine to keep me there.

“Please, daddy.” You look back at me hoping that I’ll continue.

I say nothing but turn you on your stomach and moving so I don’t exit you, placing your ass in the air. I stay on your spot, switching my strokes. You moan into our pillows and hearing the muffles makes Sakarya Escort Bayan my dick ache. Your walls are pulsating on my shaft and it’s driving me crazy slowly.

I stroke a few more times before I feel your walls clench; a few more strokes are given before I watch your grab the sheets and your body stiffen; I give you another two strokes before your body shakes and I hear your moans just an octave lower than a scream. I withdraw from you and you turn your head after you recover slightly.

“Baby?” You ask.

I smirk and lean down to your spread legs. I dip my tongue into your pussy tasting the mess I’ve just made.

“You know you’re extra sweet in the morning?” A groan was your response.

I slip my tongue in deeper and you push against my face beckoning me to go deeper. I slide my tongue then slip it towards your clit, licking it to the speed of your breath. I slide two fingers in your pussy stroking it while I lick and you begin to let out more of your beautiful sounds. Right before you cum, I add another finger inside you and begin stroking your G-spot. Your orgasm comes at hyper-speed as well as you beginning to squirt catching me off-guard for a second before I depart from your clit and swallow your juices.

You stay laying face down unable to move from the last one and I take advantage of the situation, starting to lick the rim of your asshole.

“Daddy. No. Please. God. Ah.” I chuckle slightly at your begging.

I slide my tongue in and your hands reach back to grab the back of my head holding me there while I play inside you still rimming you.

“Please baby. Shit, daddy. I’m about to cum agai-” You Escort Sakarya barely get out before another orgasm erupts. No moans came out; your vocal cords were disturbed by the force.

I lay you on your back gently, kissing your neck. You hold me as I lick from there to your areolas. I suck your nipple into my mouth and you gasp as I knead the others with two fingers.

“You’re trying to kill me tonight.” you moan.

“No mami. I’m just trying to please you.”

I lick down to your belly button and trail further down to you thighs, tasting the juices that dripped down and smelling your scent. I look up at you and see that your eyes are closed, waiting for what I’ll do next. I dip a finger inside you and your legs spread wider. I offer you my finger and you suck on it, leaving no trace of you.

I kiss your lips as I lower myself on top of you sliding my dick back inside you. You grip my back, fingernails beginning to dig into my back. You know that turns me on and you see the extra spark of lust in my eyes ignite. You lick my earlobe down to my neck, teasing me while I begin stroking you slowly, making me speed up. You bite my neck and I jerk my dick inside you making you throw your head back and squeal.

“That’s what you wanted mami?” You nod and I oblige, beginning to drill my dick inside you.

“Bay, shit. Hold up. Damn” was all you could make out between my thrusts.

“Na, you wanted this, you can take it.” I bite your neck softly and continue feeling you begin to shred my back with your nails.

You look me in my eyes and kiss me while your body jerks underneath me. Your moans against my lips as you cum make my balls tighten and follow suite. I coat your walls with my cum while you cum even harder gripping me.

After a few moments, we both calm down still kissing. “Damn baby. Where did that come from?”

I laugh, rolling off of you. “You started it mami. I just finished.” You kiss me softly and we fall back to sleep.

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