Midnight Interlude

Midnight Interlude
Midnight Interlude

It was well after midnight when the taxi pulled into the driveway of the farm. The barn and main house were dark. The young woman, Kelly, stepped out of the cab with a single bag clutched in her hand as she paid the driver. She looked around toward the house hoping someone was still awake, but there was no movement to be seen. To the side of the barn were dimly lit path access lights leading off into the darkness. She glanced at the confirmation sheet and followed the path to the cottage assigned to her.

The cottages, if you could call them that, were very small, consisting of just two rooms, a main room and a sleeping room. The main room had a couch and coffee table plus a small kitchen table and chairs. A wide space with a curtain separating the bedroom space that was barely large enough for the bed and a side table with 3-drawers. It certainly was not the lap of luxury by any stretch of the imagination, purely a place to rest and sleep.

Kelly flipped on the light switch and a single overhead light bulb came on. She looked around stepped into the bedroom, turning its light on and tossed her bag on the bed. Just as she turned, the light in the main room flickered several times and went out. With only the bedroom light, the darkness of the front room and the faint shadows created by the pathway lights outside only highlighted the dismal surroundings more.

Oh well Kelly thought to herself. She was tired from the long ride and needed to get some sleep anyways, the burnt out light would have to wait until morning to be replaced. She opened her bag and put her belongings in the drawers, keeping out her nightgown and robe. She had just removed all her clothing when something caught her eyes outside. Was there something outside or someone she thought to herself. She reached up, flipped the light off, and peered out the front window.

A shadow moved across her porch, she heard the boards creaking eerily. Kelly stood perfectly still, stark naked, listening and watching out the window. The night sounds of the farm drifted thru the air as she strained listening. Must have been my imagination she laughed quietly to herself. She started to turn, when she again heard something, this time at the door. Realizing she did not lock the door, the feeling of fear crept into her. As quietly as she could, she stepped towards the door to turn the key in the lock. She was within one foot of the door, when the door burst open in the darkness and a figure rushed into the room and a hand clamped tightly over her mouth to stifle her.

Within seconds, a strip of cloth dug deeply into her lips and tied tightly across her mouth. Her arms were forcibly twisted up hard behind her back bending her down. Her large breasts swayed under her and she felt the dark figure behind her pressing against her buttocks. A strong piece of cord was wrapped and tied around her forearms, keeping them in place behind her back making movement impossible.

“Stay still you fucking Bitch, don’t you even think of struggling or moving,” the figure commanded in a deep guttural voice. “If you are a good Whore, I’ll let you go by morning.”

Kelly’s mind was wracked with terror, unable to move, helpless and naked. His words of if she was a good whore he would let her go did not bode well for her safety. She nodded her head submissively and did not move a muscle.

The front curtains were pulled shut and he stepped outside, brought a lantern inside, and lit it. His face was covered with a black silk mask, only his eyes and mouth were visible. He leered at her, his eyes roving up and down her body. He began removing his clothing in front of her. She tried to look away. He slapped her hard across the face and grabbed her chin pulling it forward toward him.

“Watch Cunt, Don’t even think of looking away. I want you to see the cock that is going to be stuffing your pussy and ass tonight,” as his pants dropped revealing a humongous column of flesh. Its length was almost 8-inches with a girth of a coke bottle, fat and ugly like he probably was since his face had to be covered.

Kelly’s eyes widened seeing him step forward with it fully hard and he pushed it between her legs rubbing it on her pussy. He grabbed her tits with his hands, which like his cock, were huge and roughly squeezed them. Moaning u*********sly at the touch, not relishing the idea of being used by him, she got even wetter as he slapped her tits hard until they were bright red with marks. Tweaking her nipples, twisting them in circles as if removing a twist off cap, she yelped in pain through the gag.

Unable to command her body to be unresponsive but her pussy started leaking a large flow of nectar as he continued to roughhouse her breasts. Kelly continued to moan loudly, but this was not pain, it was pleasure. The man sensed this and slid his cock between her legs again and it came away soaked in her juices.

“Ah, you fucking little cunt whore, you like this don’t you,” he asked but he already knew the answer to the question, as she nodded yes. He took three fingers, buried them into her wet pussy, and yanked on her with them inside. Her body arched forward and her head lolled like a rag doll.

He pulled his fingers out completely coated with cum and smeared it around the gag in her mouth. He took his fingers and ran them along her cheek and jaw, watching her face as he did. She didn’t move or react to his touch.

“You little cunt whore, you liked the taste of your own juice don’t you bitch? I’m gonna fuck your ass and fill it with my spunk and let it drip into a cup and make you drink it,” he spat out viciously with his spittle flying everywhere on her face and chest.

He rubbed his hard cock against her pussy lips, letting the tip follow the slit downward and into her butt crack, dragging her wetness with it. Reaching down, his finger finds the star muscles of her ass, and he begins putting soft pressure against it, slowly spreading it open. The tip of his cock just above his finger waits patiently for her anus to open wide enough for it to enter. The flow of her nectar trails along her butt crack freely, wetting the track completely until he slips the tip of his cock into her ass. The length of his cock is visible as the tip disappears inside her. He rocks against her, feeling her anus contract and grab at his cock. Grabbing her breasts with his hands, he squeezes them tightly, holds her still, increasing the pressure of his body against her ass, and lets his cock slip deeper and deeper in her ass.

As his cock becomes fully buried in her ass, using his hands on her breasts, he guides her towards the bed and staying inside her, forces her down on the bed face down. Once there, he begins pumping her ass, pulling himself almost all the way out, then pushing it back in fully. Kelly moans with her face buried in the bed, her hands still tied behind her, his stomach pressing them down into her back. Rhythmically he pumps faster, his balls bouncing against her with each motion.

Kelly feels his cock deep inside her ass and notes his gentleness with his thrusts giving her some hope that she would not be seriously hurt or damaged by the masked man. While the cock was unwanted, she felt herself giving into the feelings as her pussy continued to gush her wetness. She felt him stiffen and slow his motions, heard his breathing become ragged and in short bursts, when she felt him unload his sperm deep inside of her. He bucked a few times then lay very still, slowly pulling his cock out of her ass.

Kelly felt him wipe his cock on the bed sheets and move off the bed. As she listened to the rustling of the man behind her, she tried to turn her head enough to see him. The glow of the lantern painted his outline in shadows. She saw he was not a huge as she had imagined by his rough handling in the beginning. He appeared toned and athletic, almost familiar to me in some ways. The shadowy outline moved and the lantern was turned off. Soon afterwards the click of the door being closed was heard. She struggled herself upright in the bed and tried to loosen the bonds on her arms and wrists, but they were tied very tight and she was unable to free herself.

Kelly stood up, walking to the door and started to open it, but realized she had been stripped naked, and could not bear to be seen naked at her friend Frolic’s farm in the middle of the night. She realized that she should have called Frolic and let her know she was coming, instead of just writing a letter. Then it struck her, the shadowy outline, was it Frolic’s Uncle Tim? Or, OMG, her Dad!

As her mind pondered the revelation, Kelly tired and fell asleep on the bed. Kelly awoke with the sunlight showing through the shades in the living room while the bedroom was still very dark. Her wrists were sore and her fingertips were tingling with needles. She worked them, making fists and releasing them to get the blood flowing again. She felt faint, having not eaten anything since noon yesterday, she remained laying in the bed, contemplating what she should do, when the door opened and the window shades were pulled wide open.

Kelly’s eyes closed immediately with the brightness of the sunlight hitting her and she gasped out loud. Trying to cover herself, she rolled and promptly rolled off the side of the bed onto the floor, pinned against the wall. The figure that had entered opened the curtains, turned hearing the noise, but saw nothing, and turned back around about to leave the cottage.

“Help…. Don’t leave me here,” Kelly cried out. “I’m tied up and cannot move.”

“Kelly? Is that you?” Frolic’s Dad asked. “Where are you? I don’t see you.”

“Next to the bed by the wall Sir,” came the timid reply. Ben moved toward the voice and wall, finally seeing the girl laying on her side, completely naked, her large breasts flattened against the wall. Her sleek body outline was accentuated by the bed sheets hanging down alongside her. His eyes roved over her body, taking in the breathtaking view of her laying there.

“What in the world has happened here?” he asked as he knelt on the bed above her. As Kelly looked up at him with sheepish eyes, she saw him lick his lips as he peered down at her body wistfully. “Are you alright Kelly?” She felt his hands moving along between the wall and her body, brushing her sensitive bare skin. He stopped as they were upon her breasts and he grabbed a handful and started pulling her upward toward the bed. She almost instantly began to get wet, feeling her friends’ father’s hands on her body.

Splayed on her back, her legs askew and wide open, exposing her luscious pussy and ample breasts to him, she smiled at him. She was unable to cover herself and probably would not have done so anyways, liking the feeling of his eyes ravaging her body without even touching her. His eyes seemed far away as he looked at her. His hand went to her face, brushing her hair back out of her eyes and lightly caressed her cheeks, running his finger across her lips gently. Without thinking, her mouth opened and she sucked his finger into it, licking it with her tongue.

Moving his hand back to her cheek, he stroked her lightly, progressing down her neck and shoulder. He started tracing little round circles along her collarbone, larger and larger until his fingers were going around her mounds. He watched her areoles shrink in size and her nipples stiffen to rock hard points. Cupping the undersides of her breasts, he lifted them, feeling the weight, pressing them together, rubbing the nipples against each other. His mouth opened and he sucked one nipple into it, while holding the other close to his face.

“Kelly….you are one of Frolic’s most beautiful friends. I can not resist taking advantage of you like this, innocent and helpless in our little cottage, with no one knowing you are here.” His voice was soft and exciting her more and more.

“Someone knows I’m here, someone came to the cottage last night and ravaged me. They tied me up, fondled me and then ravaged my ass most of the night,” she spoke quietly. “I don’t know who it was…I thought it might have been you, but now, I don’t know.”

“My dear, I would not have ravaged your ass. I would have fucked you little pussy here,” he said as he moved his hands to her pussy and fingered her wet slot, “until the sun came up this morning. You would have never been able to sleep or fall off the bed if it had been me here with you.”

Kissing his way down her stomach, his tongue leaving a trail of saliva all along the way, he reached her pubic area. Using his hands, he pressed her legs further apart, and began kissing on her soft inner thigh down to the backs of her knees. His eyes were fastened to her pussy, the labia had swollen red with blood and parted on their own, exposing the inner lips, like a budding flower, they opened exposing the deep coral pink insides. Repositioning himself, he buried his face in her snatch, licking and lapping at it’s doorway, using his teeth, he lightly nibbled on the labia lips, pulling them gently into his mouth. Flickering his tongue deep inside her, he lapped like a puppy dog.

“Kelly…I want to fuck you now. Do you want me to fuck your little cunt?” he asked as he unbuckled his belt, unzipped and dropped his pants around his knees. His cock sprang straight out from his torso and bounced enticingly.

With a barely perceptible nod, she moaned, “Yes, fuck my little cunt. Make me your cum whore, give me your seed in my dirty little hole.” She drew her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, pulling his cock toward her.

Without another word or thought, he pushed his cock head into her pussy with ease. He felt the warmth of her nectar coat his shaft as it went in deeper and deeper. He started rocking back and forth, pushing himself in until he felt the resistance of her cervix on his head. He stopped, held it in place there, and wiggled again trying to get it open more to unload his seed deep in her. Her legs were tightly pulling him deeper into her and her moans of pleasure made him stiffen and begin to unload in her cunt. He thrust time and time again, shooting cum into her, his own grunting drowning out her moans. When his pleasure had subsided and the last drop of cum was spent from his cock, he lay full down on her, crushing her breasts against his chest, and buried his face into hers giving her a deep passionate kiss.

They lay still together, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs, kissing, both their arms and hands were caressing the other passionately. An hour passed as they both seemed to fall asleep without caring.

Frolic’s Dad awoke first, looking down at the girl, he kissed her neck gently and lifted himself up off her. Her eyes opened and her lips broke into a smile seeing his face over her. He pulled her up and untied he wrists and unwrapped the ropes from her body, rubbing her arms and got her circulation going again.

“You better get dressed Kelly, Frolic will be so happy to see you. I know she has missed you very badly. I’ll see you later my dear little whore.” He quickly got dressed and left the cottage.

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