Mick from Montana


As told by Marilyn, Single Female, 48

I finished reading the note for the second time, and looked up at him again. “Did you read this?”

He seemed surprised. “Oh, no, Ma’am, it was sealed by Mrs. Clarke, herself, and I delivered it the same condition.”

I folded it and stuck it in my pocket. “Do you know what it says?”

He shuffled his big feet, scratched his thick brown hair. “Well, from what she told me, you two are old friends… oh, I don’t mean old old, I mean like a long time.”

I watched him fumble with the words, like I do in third grade class for a student who stutters.

“She said to give you that, and wait for you to tell me what’s what.”

Laura Clarke, my oldest friend, was a wild one, as teens, in college, always dragging me along on wild escapades with boys, then men. She stayed in Boise, Idaho, and I caught the first train to New York, looking for glamor. And she wound up having the more exciting life, even in the middle of nowhere.

She raised three kids, her husband was a successful businessman who found new life in politics, and they traveled far and wide, until he died of a heart attack at 45. She stayed strong, kept the business running, and had a wide range of suitors, according to her letters, and few phone calls.

Me? A broken early marriage, followed by brief affairs, and then I lost the energy to chase or be chased. Now in my 19th year of teaching, I was settled into quiet nights at home, and church social groups here in Long Island, New York.

And now here I was on my front porch, with a tall, lanky young man, of maybe 25, and a note of introduction from Laura.

“Well, come in, please, it’s hot out here in the sun.” He moved past me, maybe six feet, slim, big blue eyes behind all that hair. He removed his ball cap as he entered.

I led the way into the living room. “Can I get you something? Juice, soda?”

“If it’s no trouble, water would be great, it was a bit of a walk.”

I poured a large glass from the pitcher in the fridge, added a few cubes as I thought it over. Laura’s note was simple, straight to the point. “This is Mick, a nice kid from Montana. He worked for me for a few months on his way east. He’s a big puppy, trust-worthy, loyal, and so damn cute! He needs a place to stay and I know you thought about renting a room. He has no money, wouldn’t take any from me, either. He’ll get work quickly, he’s a go-getter. BTW, he’s an excellent lover! See you soon!”

An excellent lover? That Laura hasn’t calmed down a bit! She’s my age and has kids older than Mick!

I handed him the water and he drank hungrily. “So, Laura says you need some place to stay? Well, as you can see, I don’t have much room,” trying to let him down easily.

“Oh, no big deal! I just wanted to see Long Island! Are the Hamptons far? Lots of movie people I guess.”

“Oh, they tend to work weird hours, actually. Like vampires.”

He laughed freely. “Yeah, I guess so! Anyway, when Mrs. Clarke said she had a friend, I was curious, because she’s so nice, and let me work for her, even put me up in her apartment over the barn! I was just curious, you know, to see you.”

“Oh? Am I what you expected?” This Ulus Escort kid had a way about him, innocence and honesty. It was hard not to like him.

“Well, no, not really. Her old pictures always seemed too far away. I couldn’t see you clearly. I didn’t know you’d be as pretty as you are… is that alright to say?”

I smiled. “That’s just fine, thank you for the compliment.”

“You were both a lot skinnier then too.”

“Okay, that’s enough! You just lost all the points you scored with the first one.”

He looked confused. “Huh? Skinny doesn’t mean better. The exact opposite. Skinny girls need to eat something. They got no cheeks. Their faces are sucked in, like they ate a lemon.”

I laughed out loud this time. “Well, I’m certainly not skinny.”

“No Ma’am, not at all!” He finished his water and started to rise. “Anyway, it’s a good hike back to the train station. I don’t want to be stuck out here for the night.”

“What station?” I asked.


“Mick, that’s five miles away, there’s one only half a mile south.” That’s why he was so tired, with his backpack weighing probably 30 pounds. “Where will you stay in the city? Any prospects?”

“I always wanted to see Greenwich Village.”

And I just pictured this poor kid at the mercy of some hustler, taking him for his last dollar, and I knew what Laura knew all along: I couldn’t throw him into the jungle.

“Listen, stay tonight, please. Any friend of Laura… Mrs Clarke, is a friend of mine. You can use that couch, I have sheets, pillows, you can start out fresh tomorrow, okay?”

He was like a puppy being let in out of the rain, wagging his tail, smiling.

I took a couple of steaks out of the freezer, lit the grill, and tossed a salad, while he used the shower, having traveled for 10 hours today. He came down in a clean tee shirt, jeans and sandals, his hair wet and slicked back, quite a handsome kid. It was easy to see why Laura was so taken by him.

We sat on the patio, sipping Lemonade, laced with vodka, enjoying the steak and the company, one thing making the other better. The sun was setting when I realized we had been talking for 3 hours, and with ample vodka, I had been reliving some of our college adventures, and he smiled through them all.

His eyes were glistening in the candle light, and his teeth were so white. I felt as if I’d known him my whole life.

“What about Eddie Crowe?” he asked.

“Huh? Eddie? What about him?”

“Well, Mrs… Laura said that if we seemed to be getting along. I should ask you about him. Did I say something wrong?”

Like I said, the vodka was affecting me, and thoughts rushed through my brain, going back in time.

“No, it’s okay, I just haven’t heard that name in a long time.” I gulped my drink and said, “Eddie was dating Laura, Junior year in college. I had a crush on him and told her that one night when we were drinking, just girl-talk, you know? Like, ‘If you break up with him, I’ll be all over him!’ That sort of thing, joking.”

He leaned forward, as if lip-reading, waiting for my mouth to move again.

“It turned out that Eddie had confessed the same thing to Laura, Escort Ulus and she being the schemer that she was, made a plan.”

I stopped and looked at him. “She even schemed this, by telling you to ask about Eddie, you know.”

“Wow, this is so cool, like a secret handshake!”

“Yeah, well, she arranged to be late when Eddie was coming over, and on the phone, she said we should ‘entertain’ each other until she got there.”

“When she did, nothing had happened, we were both thinking the same thing but couldn’t believe she was serious.”

“She asked what she had missed, and we told her about the TV show we watched, and she said, ‘Yeah, but how was the sex?’ We were both stunned! She said, ‘Come on, my two favorite people in the world, and you can’t figure it out? Maybe you need me after all!”

“She plopped between us on the couch, and said,

‘Who’s first?’ She pulled Eddie over and gave him a big kiss, hard, a real big one. He gasped for air and she looked at me. ‘Your turn’, and she kissed me, too! Not like a friendly kiss, either, like a lovers kiss.”

His eyes were wide now, and I said, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this… but anyway, things progressed and Eddie got involved, and you can use your imagination for the rest of it.”

“Wow,” was all he said, that silly grin on his face.

“I guess that shocks you about Laura, huh?”

“No, I got to see some of her in that frame of mind.”

I thought, Oh, did you now, Mr Innocent!

“I just would have loved to see you and her together! That must have been awesome!”

I smiled. “Yeah, Eddie sure liked it. In fact, he’s the only guy we ever shared…”

He stared, waiting for me to finish, and I realized, I was going to say, Until You!

“Well, I was much younger and prettier in college, that was a long time ago.”

He reached across the table and touched my hand. “Why do you put yourself down? I love Mrs Clarke a lot, but really, you look ten years younger and twenty pounds lighter.”

“I thought you didn’t like skinny.”

Those eyes were seeing right through me, and I was a college girl again. “You’re just right, not too much, not too little. I’m really glad I came here, and Laura was right about you in every way. Thanks for taking me in.”

I squeezed his hand. “Let’s go inside, okay?”

We took our drinks into the kitchen and stopped, just looking at each other. He said, “I know this is forward but…” and I put a finger to his lips.

“I think we talked enough, don’t you?”

He pulled me to him, my back arched, hoping this young hunk wouldn’t be disappointed, and looked up at him, feeling my 38D breasts heave against him, our thin clothing not containing the heat we generated. He bent and our lips met, our eyes wide, watching each other, and our tongues played.

At 48, I was at least 30 pounds too heavy, in my mind. There’s a belly roll, and my ass is the kind black men call booty-licious. My few affairs lately were one-nighters, at both our options, and then it was in the dark, not wanting to be seen naked since I was 35.

That was not to be, tonight. Mick pulled the scrunchie from my hair, and the freshly dyed blond Ulus Escort Bayan locks tumbled out, and I felt so feminine being with him. Our shirts stuck with sweat as I felt his hand under my arm, tentatively moving to my boob. I was breathing deeply, and so was he. Me being 5’9, he didn’t have to bend, and when he caught my nipple I gasped, and moaned.

My tank top was over my head in a flash, and he was kissing my neck, and I wished I had showered, too. He slid the strap off my bra and used his teeth to pull the cup down as I watched, lost in those blue eyes. My nipple was hard from contact and he went right for it, biting and sucking as I rubbed his own nipples.

He pressed me back against the counter as he worked the bra free, and I pulled his shirt off. We kissed again as we pulled at each other’s jeans, mine skin-tight and difficult in themselves. When they were down, we both steadied ourselves as we stepped out, now just in our bottoms. I saw the large bulge and made a mental note about foot size and penis size as my hand went for it.

He was clutching my fat ass, feeling the flesh as he kept sucking, biting, and kissing, and I got my hand inside his briefs, and felt him jump at the touch. We kissed again, and when I pulled him free, his pole extended, and I was thrilled to feel it’s length and girth, no hair to speak of.

He slid my panties down as I held him, and he smiled at me when he inserted the first finger as I stood spread apart.

I could feel wetness running down my thigh, I was so excited! He worked another in, then another, as I clenched his hand with my thighs! We still stared at each other, and I stroked him faster, feeling my own desire build even higher.

He half-knelt, moving between my thighs with his knees, forcing my legs apart as he hoisted me up onto the counter. Cups and papers went flying as we moved, and now I was sitting, eye level with him, and his big pink head was at my entrance, poised for the attack.

I never wanted it so badly, and he held it, all 8 inches at my trimmed patch of black hair, my clit raised and throbbing, glistening with love dew, and he slid the head past my lips, kissing me again, not concerned about age, or my weight, only wanting to take me to the next level and I pulled him to me, and I groaned, from pain and pleasure. He was bigger than my vibrator! And real!

He backed out, looking down between us, watching it like a close-up of a porn movie. He pinched my clit from the end of his cock, and he came into me again, harder and faster.

My body was drenched, as was his, and the cool counter top got wet and clammy as we screwed away.

His breathing was ragged, as I’m sure was mine. I could tell he was close, and held on, hoping to release with him.

He grunted and thrust and I fought back the urge, but he felt so good, so strong, and I screamed just as he thrust one last time, and we both gave in, letting our bodies go, feeling the waves of spasms pass through me, seeming to electrify him, too.

He stood there, inside me, holding on to me, and we kissed again, our bodies drenched. He gasped, “I need another shower now.”

I bit his ear, not in a rush to move just yet. “I think we both do, Honey. You really got me worked up!”

He leaned back, still inside me, looking at my face, curiously. “You think Laura had this planned all along?”

I kissed him, softly, and said, “I guarantee it. Best friends share, you know!”

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