Michelle becomes Michael


Michelle becomes MichaelWhile this story is completely fictional it is directed at an era when dressing or acting of the opposite sex was considered taboo and thus it forced many people to be closeted. I hope you like this story and all comments good and bad are appreciated.Michelle was by all accounts a tom boy she loved to partake in activities normally associated with being a male . Michelle hated to be dressed in feminine attire and on every Sunday she hated having to wear a dress and fancy shoes as she would be going to church and have to socialize with other young ladies. Michelle’s grandmother made sure Michelle sat properly and acted as a young lady should . The boys never seemed to notice Michelle because she was more masculine than her peers and wasn’t afraid to knock the hell out of them if they crossed the line.Michelle always felt deep down that god had gotten it wrong and she should be a he and in her fantasy her name was Michael a brute of a boy who stood six foot one and weighed one hundred eighty pounds . Michelle Beşiktaş Escort hated every thing feminine she waited for the day when she could leave her family and especially grand mother who was bound and determined that Michelle would act and dress like a lady. Michelle had to wait until the spring when she would be old enough to move out on her own but that couldn’t come soon enough.Michelle had a male friend his name was Terry he was a short skinny male about one hundred twenty five pounds dripping wet. Terry owned and operated an auto salvage yard it was left to Terry by his father who had passed away suddenly. Michelle would spend time with Terry working in the salvage yard against her grand mothers protests no female should be working on auto’s but Michelle was a natural she knew more about automobile parts and cars in general as it was one of her favorite hobbies.Michelle took no crap from the guys who came there looking for parts or tried to make advances toward her she thought of herself Escort Beşiktaş as a male not some girly afraid to get their hands dirty or chip a nail female.As time passed Michelle was now of age to make her own decisions and with help from Terry Michelle got her own place and slowly transcended into being Michael to be the guy she always wanted to be.But one thing Michelle couldn’t change was nature she was now fully developed a 38 DD chest slim waist and an ample backside she had all the curves in all the right places to keep a man satisfied. Michelle was any thing but satisfied she had no cock and certainly did not want to be some guys lady . Michael knew it was time to be the alpha male so he set his sights on his friend Terry.Michelle was doing every thing to look like a guy and this included taping her chest to wearing over sized pants to try to hide the nice ass that nature gave her. Terry and Michelle went out to a bar where it did not take long for Terry to be drunk they proceeded back to Michelle’s Beşiktaş Escort Bayan place for a couple more drinks. Michelle knew it was time for Terry to be her bitch. Michelle grabbed Terry and kissed him deeply all the time pawing at his crotch Terry’s head was spinning not knowing what to think of this. Michelle now had Terry’s pants down around his ankles and was playing with his now semi erect cock Michelle then had Terry sit on the couch and she got between his legs and started sucking his cock which was by now totally erect Michelle gave Terry such a great blow job that it was no time before Terry was shooting his wad.Michelle then told Terry it was her turn to do the driving she had Terry bent over the arm of the sofa legs spread wide Terry’s anus was on display and Michael was going to fill it with an eight inch strap on dildo after lubing Terry’s back side she slowly placed the dildo at Terry’s male pussy and proceeded to push that dildo into Terry soon Michael was fucking Terry with long deep strokes this went on for at least twenty minutes when terry suddenly groaned and shot his load on the side of the couch Michael was pleased he had dominated a male even though Terry wasn’t much of a man.Michael had now exited the closet and left Grandma’s Michelle in the rear view mirror

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