Mexican Vacation Ch. 02


At the end of the first chapter:

Her hips are moving quickly across Kate’s mouth as she cums. She doesn’t even warn her, she just starts squirting her pussy cream all over Kate’s mouth. Beth rolls off her and lays limp beside her.

I can’t resist as I start licking Beth’s cream from her mouth, her chin, and anywhere else she sprayed. I just fall to the other side of Kate. I’m done for now.

“Thanks girls, this is one vacation for the memory books!”


I suddenly wake up, I must have dosed off for a few minutes. I look to the side of me, two beautiful naked women laying there. Passed out! Wow what a day! I stand, I can not leave them like this. I go into both bedrooms and pull the covers down. I am barely able to carry Beth’s limp body to her room. I lay her on her bed and pull her sheet over her sexy body. A kiss on the cheek, then back to get Kate.

She weighs a little more than Beth, which was a struggle for me. I will need her help.

“Kate, let me help you to bed,” as I slightly move her shoulder back and forth.

As I move her, her large breasts shake a little at me. I still enjoy the view, but I am cooked for the night. I shake her a little more and she starts to stir.

“Kate, I am going to help you to bed, so you can rest, help me out here,” I said wearily.

She starts mumbling, “Ah, that was so…goood…mum let me sleep.”

I reach under her and help her to sit up, her head lazily hangs to the side. I wrap my arm around her chest and move to put my head under her armpit.

“Come on, lets get you to bed”

She starts helping me a little, we raise up and I half walk, half carry her to bed. When I lay her down, she curls up on her side. I pull the sheet over her, she reaches for me and pulls me down for a kiss.

“Thanks Mike, I had a great day today,” she whispered as she fell back asleep.

I left a note on her bedside table. I was planning on eating around 10am. If they were up and cared to join me, I would like to have breakfast with them.

I dragged myself back to my room and collapsed on the bed. I did not even bother to undress.

About 9am the next day, I woke, the sun filling my room with light. First time I really got to look around. Beautiful sunny day, the white sands, the blue water. Paradise! To my left I see some cabanas on the beach. They are behind a line of greenery blocking the view of them from the pool area. Even farther to the left, I see a larger cabana with some writing I can not make out.

To my right, I see nothing but beautiful beach. Lounge chairs dot the upper part of the beach, beach umbrellas scattered about. People already lying on towels closer to the beach, trying to get some early rays in. Some couples walking along the water, letting the waves wash their feet and recede back into the ocean.

Off in the distance, I see a large yacht moving closer very slowly. There is a small pier that juts out from the beach, close to the cabanas. Not big enough for that yacht for sure!

I hop into the shower, but not before catching a whiff of dried pussy juice on my cock. Still hard to believe my luck! Finished showering, I put on some comfortable shorts and a loose fitting shirt. I slip on some sandals, and head to the restaurant.

I get a table and order some coffee. While sitting there sipping my coffee, in walks Beth and Kate. I stand and greet Beth as she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I help her into her chair.

I pull another chair out for Kate, on the other side of me. She gives me a hug and expecting a peck on the cheek, I turn my face slightly.

She plants her lips right on mine for a quick kiss. I look at her quizzically?

“After the wonderful day we had, and all we have shared together, I think a kiss was more appropriate,” she replied smiling.

“I came down to cancun begrudgingly, hoping Beth would have some fun. Little did I know we would run into a handsome stud. Beth and I would love to spend more time with you today if you are UP for it,” she said coyly.

I look at Beth. She nods her head affirmatively, then looks into my eyes and licks her lips.

“Yea big boy, if you’re UP for it,” Beth spouted full of innuendo.

“Ladies! I am always UP for it,” I shot back gesturing to both of them. My morning wood re-appears as I adjust myself.

“You look a little uncomfortable Mike,” Beth replied!

I laughed.

While eating breakfast, I noticed this guy checking out the girls, sitting not to far from us. I don’t think Kate even noticed him, he was to her right and slightly behind her view. I look over at Beth, and she is turning on the flirt. She keeps looking over his way, smiles at him, giving him signs she is interested.

When he finishes his breakfast, he walks up to the table.

“Excuse me, but I could not help notice that your purse had fallen, miss…,” he asked questioningly?

“Beth,” she replied. “Thank you,” as she picked up her purse off the floor.

“You’re welcome! Beth is a very american name, küçükçekmece escort are you all from America,” he asked?

“Yes, we are, we just flew in yesterday,” she answered. “This is Kate, gesturing toward Kate, and this is Mike, a special friend,” she explained.

“Very nice to meet you all! My name is Brett, I flew in a couple days ago for business. I am from London, England,” he said.

“My company is looking for property to build a new hotel and I was doing some research on a few sites here. You will find the amenities are quite nice at this resort, they take care of their guests well,” he pointed out.

“I plan to spend the day enjoying myself before flying back tomorrow afternoon. Maybe we might see each other at the beach later hopefully,” he stated pointing toward the white sandy beach.

“We have a cabana near the end of the beach. It has VIP on the outside facing the walkway behind them,” Beth said proudly. “If you make it to that end of the beach, stop by and see us,” Beth said smiling at Brett.

“Will do, Cheerio,” as he walked away.

“Beth, we do not have a cabana,” Kate stated emphatically!

“While you were talking to the bellhop, I found out we could have the use of the VIP cabana. I paid for the cabana, my little treat to you for bringing me down here,” Beth said gratefully.

“Ah Beth, you’re such a sweetheart, that why I love you so much. I am so glad you talked me into this,” Kate admitted.

“It comes with our very own cabana boy, so we can relax while he gets the drinks. I hope he is cute,” Beth smiled.

“Mike, I would love for you to join us again today if you do not have anything planned,” Beth said questioningly? “I am thinking we are going to have some fun!”

“I would bite my right arm off to spend another day with you beauties,” I laughed.

“I do not think you have to go that far, just bring your middle leg,” she laughed back! “Meet us at the VIP cabana around 2pm, it the last one, the biggest one.”

We all go to our rooms to get ready for the day. I put on a pair of swim trunks that I have had for awhile. I cut the liner out of them a long time ago. They made a nice pair of loose fitting shorts, especially when I wanted to go commando.

I lay down for a nap, to make sure I was rested for the day. When I woke up around 1:30, I fired up a joint I brought down with me last night. I sat on the balcony and watched the people sunning themselves and getting some relief from the heat in the ocean. I can never get enough of sitting there watching the topless women. I smoked about half of it and saved the rest for later.

As I was sitting watching, two women walked down the beach by the water. One was topless, the shorter one. The taller one was carrying something in her hand and she was topless as well. They were holding hands playing in the sand with their feet and playing in the surf while walking.

All of a sudden I realized it was Beth and Kate! They walked up the beach and walked to the farthest cabana and disappeared. My cock was starting to rise, I needed to make the trek to the cabana before my dick was rock hard. It would be embarrassing to walk around with tented shorts.

I stopped by the bar and grabbed two screwdrivers and a beer. I started down the walkway toward the VIP cabana. It was secluded from the other cabanas a lot more than I realized, when I got closer to it.

I walked thru the greenery, when I got closer to the cabana, I could hear moaning coming from inside. The cabana had a flap front and back that could be pinned open for a breeze, or closed completely for privacy.

No wonder this was called the VIP cabana, it even had a small window air conditioner sitting on a slab in the back corner if you needed to cool off. It was huge as I got closer.

I heard the familiar buzz of a window unit outside as I got near the cabana.

I heard Beth cry out, “FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG HARD COCK!” “Ah fuck! Slam that dick in me.”

I pulled the back flap open and peeked inside. It had two cots and two chairs with a table in between the chairs inside.

Beth was naked on her back on the left cot. Kate was hovering above her, with Beth’s legs over her shoulders. Kate was wearing a strap-on and had it buried in Beth’s cunt. Kate’s back was to me.

Beth looked at me as I eased in and set the drinks on the table. Kate was startled by noise in the room, she turned and looked at me.

“Keep fucking me bitch, I want that cock bad. Pound my hot pussy,” Beth barked at her.

I looked at where the strap-on cock entered Beth’s pussy, she was so wet. There was white cream all over her cunt and the fake cock. Kates luscious tits are hanging, swinging below her while she plows Beth’s pussy. Every time Kate pulls out, Beth’s lips follow. Trying to hold that cock in her pussy.

“Don’t just sit there Mike, fuck her pussy with that fat cock,” Beth scolded me.

Wow, the dom in Beth was popping out like crazy.

I dropped küçükyalı escort my trunks and got on the cot behind Kate. Kate’s pussy lips were glistening with her cream. I grabbed my stiff cock and slid the head thru her glistening juices.

“Ahh Mike, fuck me with your big cock, pound my pussy,” Kate pleaded.

I slid my cock thru her moist lips a few more times and when Kate was on the downstroke with Beth, I slid into Kate’s pussy. When she bottomed out in Beth, my cock bottomed out in her.

“Oh fuck, fuck oh fuck, Mike, fuck,” Kate cried out. Kate started pulling out and I did too. We finally got into a rhythm. We were both penetrating and withdrawing at the same time. Beth was moaning, Kate was moaning, man did her tight pussy feel good.

I was hoping the cot was going to hold out. I looked down and Beth’s tits were shaking every time Kate bottomed out. Beth’s nipples are hard as a rock.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop Kate, fuck, oh you fuck me good,” Beth was moaning.

“Shit, oh fuck, damn, slam your meat in me Mike,” Kate exclaimed.

“Don’t you cum yet bitch, don’t cum till I tell you,” Beth told Kate.

“Ah, ah, ah I’m getting closer,” as I increase my pounding of her cunt.

Kate is whining, her body is trembling, her pace quickens as she pounds Beth’s cunt.

“Don’t you cum yet Kate,” Beth strains to say. She is close.

“I’m almost there,” I say quickly with a strained voice as well.

As Kate is on the downstroke, Beth cries out, “CUM NOW!”

Beth starts shaking in orgasm as Kate bottoms out and stays there. Kate is shaking with her own orgasm. I hold onto her and I bottom out in her and fill her hot pussy with my cum. Beth drops her legs down as she spasms with the remnants of her orgasm.

Kate lays down on Beth chest to chest, their tits mashing together. I rest against Kate’s back, not letting my full weight bear on her as I come down from my orgasm. As I start to become soft, I slip out of Kate. I grab my beer and sit in one of the chairs.

Kate stands next to the cot. “Lick your cream off my cock,” she orders Beth.

Beth sits on the edge of the cot and engulfs Kate’s cock. She sucks it in and out of her mouth, like a lollipop. She let the cock slide out of her mouth with a ‘pop’. Kate removes the strap-on harness and sits on the other chair close to the edge.

“Hurry up Beth and clean up this mess, it is starting to run down my leg,” Kate said anxiously.

Beth gets up off the cot and drops to her hands and knees in front of Kate. She takes a long lick of my cream that has started down Kate’s leg. Kate moans. Beth is hungry for my cream and dives into Kate’s cunt.

She starts lapping at her cunt, cleaning the outside. She then takes both hands and spreads Kate’s labia, pushing her tongue as far as she can. Beth curls her tongue and drags more of my cream out of her pussy.

I see Beth wagging her ass, her eyes make contact with mine. I stand close to Kate and she aims my limp cock for her mouth. Kate starts sucking my cock as it fills with blood. Watching Beth suck her cunt is making me hard. I play with Kate’s hard nipples and she moans again.

I pull my stiff cock out of Kate’s mouth and move behind Beth. Her lips are slowly dripping her cream, she is so excited. I guide my cock close to her pussy and with one swift movement, I bury my fat cock up her cunt.

“Ohhhhh,” she moans

I see her reach a finger into Kate’s pussy as she tries to drag more of my cum out. She sucks on Kate’s clit as she pulls her finger back out.

I cannot stand it and I start pounding Beth. I grab her hips and drive my cock as deep as I can go. I am slamming against her ass so fast, she has trouble keeping her lips on Kate.

“Thanks Kate for lubing her up for me,” I said appreciatively.

Just then Beth squeezes her pussy muscles on my cock. It is like my cock is in a vice. She randomly squeezes my cock as I continue my assault on her cunt.

Beth starts moaning louder. Her body shivers, her ass moving around, she is close.

“Cum for me Beth, Cum for me NOW,” I say as I bottom out.

Beth starts cumming on my cock. I can feel her pussy muscles contracting on my dick.

I start pumping my seed into Beth’s overheated pussy while she squeezes my cock. I can feel some of my seed seeping out of her cunt. It is dripping on my balls.

“Beth, on your back beneath me and clean off my cock, while I finish this red haired vixen. And don’t forget to clean my balls.”

I slide forward and spread my legs to give Beth room. Kate’s pussy lips are swollen and distended.

I tongue up and down her slit. I slide my tongue into Kate, realizing she tastes a slight bit salty. I’m not stopping now, realizing the aftertaste is remnants of our cream mixed together.

Beth slides under me and I feel her warm mouth encircle my cock.

I flick Kate’s clit with my the tip of my tongue. She moans. I slide a finger up her pussy and stroke the upper wall of maltepe escort her cunt. She is really moaning now.

“Mike, don’t stop, I am soooo close. Ahhhhh, ooooohhhh,” Kate cried out. Her hips are moving all over the chair.

I hold her hips still and suck her clit into my mouth. I suck on it and she goes crazy!

“Mike, Mike, ah, ah, ah, o, o, o, I’M CUMMMMING,” she blurts out as she leans back!

I see her orgasm taking over her as her stomach convulses, her chest has a light red glow to it, almost like a rash.

I was so distracted with Kate, I didn’t realize Beth had cleaned my cock and balls. She was laying under me smiling.

“Thanks Beth for cleaning my cock,” I said while getting up and grabbing my beer.

I lay on one of the cots on my side, sipping my beer in post orgasmic bliss. Beth is still laying on the floor with a smile on her face. Her pussy is crimson color, from getting two cocks shoved up it.

Kate is laid back in the chair, her large breasts heaving, as she comes down from her orgasm.

“Wow, you ladies never cease to amaze me. Who would have thought you would be traveling with a strap-on,” I wondered out loud?

“You never know if you will meet someone interesting on vacation. One way our another we were going to get laid. I packed a couple of my toys just in case,” Beth smiled.

“Well, you know that cock is not mine, I am an teacher and a upstanding person. Even if my co-workers think I am a little prude,” Kate replied.

“Ha! I always knew you had an inner slut in you, we just had to get you past your prudish upbringing,” Beth said matter of factly.

They both laugh.

Beth gets up and sits in the chair beside Kate. She grabs her drink (screwdriver of course) and downs it. Kate is almost finished with her drink as well.

“Pick up that phone on the table and tell them you want two screwdrivers and a beer brought to the VIP cabana,” I asked Beth please?

“Sure,” as she picks up the phone and orders another round.

The girls pull on the bottoms of their swimsuits, grab some suntan lotion, and are out the front. “We are going to get some rays for a little while,” Kate said over her shoulder while walking out the front flap.

I wait around till the drinks arrive, then go out front to join them. There are two lounge chairs on both sides with a small table between. I place Beth’s drink on the table beside her. I put my beer and Kate’s drink on the table between us. I sit on the lounge chair beside Kate.

I watch as the women massage sunscreen into their beautiful bodies. Beth is rubbing the lotion on and spends an in-ornate time massaging the lotion onto her breasts. I notice her nipples are quite hard from all the massaging going on.

Kate is also spending more time on her breasts, with their size, they move when she runs her fingers down their side. They look massive when she rubs the lotion under them, lifting them. I am mesmerized by their size, her nipples hard as a rock.

“Wait a minute Kate? You wore what little covering you had for your breast yesterday, now you’re showing everything,” I questioned?

“I just want to show you both, I am not such a prude,” she smirked.

“Well, we’re a little secluded from the rest of the beach, but I will give you a pass on that,” I joked with her.

She playfully jostled my shoulder with her hand, smiling at me.

They both lay their recliners back and started to sun. I took a swig of beer while watching the people on the beach. Out on the ocean, the yacht I had seen earlier from my balcony was almost in front of the hotel. No way it could pull into the small dock in front of us.

“I am going to cool off, you guys want to go with me,” Beth questioned?

“I’m good for now, maybe a little later,” as I looked at Kate.

“Yea, we will be down in a little bit, I want to finish my drink,” Kate replied.

“Ok, don’t forget about me,” as Beth scampered toward the beach.

“Mike, I want to thank you for spending time with us. I was really depressed, and almost did not come down. You have shown me there are good men out there. You have been polite, kind and a lot of fun to be with,” Kate looked at me.

“I have had fun with both of you, Kate. Especially the time we have spent together has been special. You are a special person Kate, don’t let anyone make you feel any different,” I encouraged her.

“Thanks Mike!”

“Look at Beth playing in the surf! She is really enjoying herself,” I said amused.

Just then I realized the yacht had dropped anchor off shore from the hotel we’re staying at. I had not noticed until I looked out at Beth. A speedboat was leaving the yacht and heading straight for the dock just to the right of our cabana.

I watched as it docked. A man in his early thirties got out of the boat and started heading toward the shore. As he got to the end of the dock, he looked to his right and stopped. He looked like he was talking to someone. I looked at the beach and Beth was standing there, it looked like she was talking to him.

He walks onto the shore and toward Beth. She walks toward him and they embrace.

“Kate, are you seeing this? Beth is talking to the guy from the yacht,” I exclaimed.

She turns her head and stares at Beth. “What is she doing?”

“I don’t know, this guy gets off the speedboat and when he looks over, it’s like he knows Beth,” I replied.

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