MEMORIES #8: Master-bate for me


MEMORIES #8: Master-bate for meThe majority of uploaders are non-native speakers of English and most misspell “masturbate””Masterbate” implies ‘bating’ on orders of a Master, which invokes my MEMORIES of three slavesMaty is my female friend in Uruguay – a lovely looking lady with a topjob handling airtrafficMaty loves to pretend she is my slave but not very good at it, showing thus indirect disrespectMaty informed me in the beginning about her two teen slave girls, both so hot and eager to learnMaty offered them both to me to enrich her sexy service in trying to please her hot Master PeterMaty manages to keep Master Peter satisfied to some extend with her efforts trying to obey himMaty captures on camera the painful lessons in discipline of her two sometimes obnoxious teensMaty meets her first sexy slave so willing to obey and sniff her stained sexy pretty pantiesMaty walks the main mall with posh shops, she checks the new lingerie just flown in from ParisMaty meets a young tasty teen who asks her for advise, pretending to be an uninitiated ingenueMaty soon finds out how hot the teen is, as she offers her to show her private collection at homeMaty learns quickly that the teen tries rather her wet warm smelly panties than a few fresh onesMaty soon finds the teen smelling at the crotch and licking, next the teen dives under her buca escort skirtMaty now usually gets a quicky before school starts and mostly one as well after school is out!Maty soon meets the best girlfriend of the fresh slave to suck her snatch, only one year youngerMaty never told me their age … but I do know that Latin girls develop very fast into womanhoodMaty writes back less and less, too busy with her lesbian lover sexy slaves almost every dayMaty writes me rarely a confirmation, as “Yes Master Peter, I am your willing woman sex slave”Maty goes silent for a few months after such a short outburst of obedience promised to Master PeterMaty it’s highest time to punish you and the two tasty teens very severely, teach you a long lessonMaty is still silent despite being here online quite often – time has come to punish them in publicMaty orders a few good cameras on my orders and installs them on tripods openly in her big bedroomMaty pretends with them they should be away with school for all of the next weekend, to have time!Maty gets great shoots from the eldest teen – vicious Victoria we call her between the two of usMaty takes a course in video-editing and sends my her compilation of the three cams simultaneouslyMaty does not lose time to shoot also Veronica the youngest, who got very wet and hot buca escort bayan from watchingMaty thus gains back a bit of respect for my distant disobedient sexy slave, Mistress to two teensMaty in the centre of attention of three cameras, pleased by both tasty teens, wet from comingMaty enjoys the juicy pussy of Veronica on her face, while the youngest squeezes her big breastsMaty lets the winning Victoria lick along her sexy shaved slit to many more orgasms than the teensMaty later writes me that she was coming for much longer, but that the memory of her cams was fullMaty is by now hot enough to obey to my final wish for them three: to be recorded on three camerasMaty takes a break downloading the shoot so far – while the teens make her a spicy refreshing lunchMaty gets wet once more, watching how her hot victim Victoria licks her love lips and a clit-munchMaty gets into the good mood for the final shoots of her hot sweet slaves at her Master’s warm wishesMaty has both girls kneel down at her big bed – with their heads in a pillow to smother sexy screamsMaty ties the two teens up to the bed posts and she grabs her two best leather riding whipsMaty knows her last task for me will be delicate and far from easy: make them come by whipping only!Maty has some experience in whipping them before, escort buca but then she let them come from caresses in betweenMaty knows she has no easy escape or any decent way out: either she will succeed in her deed for me…Maty isn’t sure whether she abhors or longs for the alternative: her teens slaves whipping her to comeMaty has Victoria, most experienced and willing slave, available at her best hand, hoping for successMaty feels her pussy juice dripping down her inner thighs while she is feverishly flogging the teensMaty sighs deep from relief when Victoria comes from flogging on camera soon followed by VeronicaMaty cannot stop the continuous cramping of her cunts’ muscles, giving her also an awesome orgasmMaty now still wonders what would have happened if she had failed and still followed my ordersMaty is still unclear in her mind about her wishes to be a sweet slave to an elder warm wise gentlemanMaty often fantasizes about that theme now, during those nights alone in her big bed without her teensMaty dreams her Master Peter will visit her one day, she can organise a VIP well-come at the airportMaty dreams she will win the lottery or her rich bad granddad will die – she will be a wealthy womanMaty longs to visit her mighty Master in Europe and bring him the teens as the present to honour him!Maty falls into Morpheus arms every night with a vey wet twat, dreaming of the flowers in hot HollandMaty knows her Master is eager to deflower her hot virgins, who both never were intimate with any manMaty knows she will succeed one day: to take the two teens along on a warm sexy Summer at me in Europe

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