Meeting Rose


Michael was on the plane, heading north. He was going to meet a woman he had met online. She and he had been talking for a while and he had brought up the idea of his flying to see her. After a few more talks and getting to know each other Rose had finally said yes. So here he was, outside collected and calm, inside nervous as all hell. Excitement also was surging through him. He was hoping this would be 5 days to remember.

The plane lands and as Michael looks over the crowd, he saw Rose. The picture of beauty she is. Shoulder length brow hair, little bit shorter than him, semi nervous looking knockout with pert, delicious breasts. She hadn’t quite noticed him yet, even though she’d seen his pic and he was dressed like he told her he would be. Michael decided to do what he had said he would when he first met her.

As he approached, Rose noticed him and smiled, waving a little and blushing some. He went to her, drew close and kissed her for all he was worth. After a couple of seconds turning red as a beet from surprise, Rose kissed back.

“I told you I would do it” Michael said to her, “You just didn’t believe me”

“Yeah, well, I…” Rose responded, blushing again. Michael just grinned, looking her over again as she did. He stood 5’11” and was a large fellow, but in a lot of good ways. “Let’s get you bags”

They headed to the baggage claim then her car, making small talk and a stupid question about what the white powdery stuff on the ground was. They finally drove to Rose’s place where she had made accommodations for her guest.

After they arrived Rose asked him, “What do you want to do first, unpack, eat, rest, bathe…”

“Screw” Michael interrupted her, “or…” He began to rummage through his backpack, pulling out books, handcuffs, oil, and a maid’s outfit, finally emerging with a feather duster.

“You wouldn’t” Rose cried, backing away. “No!” as she ran and he chased her.

Finally Michael caught her and tickled her thoroughly. Laughing hard and crying for him to stop, he finally did, rolling on the floor with her, holding her close.

“That was fun” he remarked, kissing her lightly.

“Uh, yeah” was Rose’s response, blushing.

“Nervous” he asked, looking at her, and she nodded. Sivas Escort “Why don’t we just sit, talk, bullshit and get comfortable then. I give great back and neck massages”

“O.K., I could use one I guess” Rose said as she got up and walked over to the couch.

So they sat on the couch, her back to him, and Roses hair moved out of the way. Michael’s fingers slowly began to work into her back and neck muscles, as they relaxed and talked.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and loosen the bra so I can get to your back better?” Michael asked and Rose complied having little problem with it.

He went back to work and they talked some more. Slowly the conversation turned to sex, and Michael began to kiss the back of her neck lightly. His hands brushed Rose’s skin softly, working toward her breasts, as he kissed down her back. He sat up fully, and cupped her delicious breasts, one for each hand, as Jill leaned into his chest. They kiss as his hands caress her breasts and rub her nipples. Michael, slowly comes from behind Jill, laying her down, and removing his shirt in the process. He goes back to kissing her, drawing her tongue into his mouth. His hands wander over Rose’s delectable body. One hand sliding down her stomach, the other cupping and fondling her breasts.

Michael unbuttoned her jeans, kissing down her neck to her breasts. Rose lay there, enjoying all the attention. She reached out to his crotch to repay the favor of losing her jeans, and to see what he had for her. Undoing his jeans, Michael’s cock pops out surprising her in that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Rose wraps her hand around it slowly stroking.

Michael was now kissing Rose’s breasts as he removed her jeans fully. His hand rubbing her wet panties, lightly. His other rolling her nipple in between his thumb and forefinger. Kissing one breast then the other, rolling his tongue over her nipples, the suckling one hard. Michael starts sucking her breast into his mouth, taking all he could, flicking the hard nipple with his tongue. He moves one hand into Roses panties, rubbing outside her wet slit. Slowly he kissed down her belly, his cock slipping from Rose’s hand. Deftly, he removed her panties as he began kissing above the Sivas Escort Bayan band, slowly opening Rose’s legs to get at the treasure inside.

Michael lightly licked the slit in front of him. Then he proceeded to kiss all around, and nibble lightly at her inner thigh. Taking his time and slowly kissing and licking everywhere but Rose’s pussy, teasing her to a new high. Finally, having had enough, Rose grabbed his head, and directed it where she wanted it, and Michael complied happily. Taking his time, and slowly dragging his tongue over her sweet pussy, licking up then down. Slowly he parted her pussy, and drove his tongue inside Rose. Licking up everything she offered, and sucking it in.

“Ooohhh yesss….” Rose moaned, opening her legs a little more to give Michael more room to eat her out, her hands still on his head to make certain he didn’t stop though. Michael quickly licked her clean, and proceeded to work hi tongue in, around, then out of her. getting a slow rhythm going, tongue fucking this wonderful woman. Slowly, he slips his tongue out and lightly bumps right under her clit. then goes back to swirling his tongue inside her. A few more minutes of this obvious build up teasing is all Rose can take. She grabs his head and positions his head just over her clit, and is well rewarded.

Michael begins to suck, lick, nibble, and eat like a starving man. Sucking hard on her clit, drawing it in this mouth flicking it with his tongue. Getting a rhythm of relaxing, sucking, and then rapidly sliding his tongue over Rose’s hard clit.

“Oh god yes, suck me harder Michael!” She screams, clamping her legs about his head, in the throes of orgasm. All the while, He is sucking her clit, as if nothing were happening. Slowly Rose relaxes, but not much, she is still being eaten, and one of Michael’s fingers has slowly entered her tight pussy. Wiggling inside her now is a finger and her clit is still being assaulted by his tongue. Rose’s back slowly begins to arch as a second orgasm approaches. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” is her hurried pant. Michael quickly shoves a second finger inside her, while grabbing her breast.

“Oh YES!!!” Rose bellowed, shoving her pussy up into Charles’s face, Escort Sivas grinding it into his tongue. Slowly, he licks her down, calming her.

“Want more?” he asks, a slight grin on his face. Rose’s only responses are a slight nod and her hands pushing his head back into her pussy. His fingers still working in and out of her, he cleans up all the juices she gave him. The he slowly lick up again to her clit. Hitting it hard and fast. Licking sided to side over it in rapid fire motions. Rose just screams, holding his head in place with her legs and hands, cumming for the third time.

As she relaxes, he slowly kisses back up her body, until they are face to face, and his dick is right outside of her. She looks in his eyes, happy, and nods. “Get a condom.” she says quickly as Michael reaches over her to his bag, and quickly pulls one out. She reaches down and pulls his dick up, as he opens the wrapper. Handing Rose the condom she gives Michael’s dick a quick kiss, and a tug to make certain he’s ready, then wraps the dick in rubber. He kisses her passionately, and positions his dick right outside of her. Slowly, He pushes inside, Rose gasps holding him close. “You are so tight.” Charles remarks as he pushes into her, feeling her pussy grip his cock.

He starts a long, slow rhythm, just enjoying the feel of being inside her. Stroking slowly in and out, the full length of his 7.5″ cock. rocking in her, kissing her neck and breasts. Slowly, he built up speed and force, plunging fully into the depths of her pussy. Rose moaned in pleasure, still sensitive from his tongue’s work. Straining, Michael rammed her harder and faster, trying to hold back the inevitable. He wanted it to last, and he wanted to feel Rose cum. Rose was loving every minute of it, holding him close, building to another orgasm.

It hit Rose first. “I’m cumming Michael. I’m cuuummmiinnnggg.” And cum she did, gripping him tighter, scratching her nails down his back. Within 2 more strokes it was all he could take, cumming. His orgasm hit, and they collapsed, happy, yet exhausted on the floor.

“Well what do you want to do now?” Rose asked Michael, her head on his chest, holding him close as he shrunk inside her.

“Rest, maybe eat.”. Michael replied, smiling. He was stroking her hair. His other hand came up to fondle her breast. “Do it all over again.”

“You’re insatiable.” said Rose, moving her face to his.

“Yeah, and we have 4 days to go.” were his final words, as he kissed her deeply, and held Rose tightly to him.

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