Meeting Rosa , Her Mom


With nothing better to do, Dutch found himself at a combination jazz/wine festival on the beach. Eyeing the women as they walked or sauntered past, and enjoying the bossa nova sound of a Stan Getz imitator who wasn’t half-bad. His gaze followed two surfers as they successfully rode a fairly large wave into shore.

It brought back memories of his all too brief stint in the Navy Seals. Back in 1971 Dutch had busted his ass getting into the Seals. He had completed three years in the navy, most of it in and around the waters of Vietnam. His specialty was under water demolition. When the Navy Seals recruited him he’d jumped at the chance to be among the elite, but fate intervened. Just prior to graduating from the intensive training program, he’d been given one last assignment off the cold, wet beaches of Coronado, California. Their team was testing some new equipment and was diving in 75 feet of water. His partner, a kid named Rolf Amoundson, (it was Amoundson who gave Bob the nick-name Dutch as a means of demonstrating that they were brothers.) was the first to have his test equipment fail. Amoundson’s air-valve stuck and Dutch wasted precious seconds trying to get it operational again before his own quit. Amoundson was already in trouble for lack of oxygen, and as Dutch struggled to bring his unconscious teammate to the surface, he too fell victim to a lack of oxygen and passed out. But not before he managed to jettison the heavy equipment and sent them both hurtling to the surface. Amoundson didn’t make it. Dutch himself got the bends and nearly died.

After a long period of hospitalization, Dutch realized his dreams of becoming a Seal would never become a reality. He became depressed and remained so until by chance he struck up a meaningful conversation with a black surgeon named Robert Ruark shortly before he was due to leave the hospital and return to duty.

They found they had much in common; became good friends, and as a result, his depression lifted and Dutch was motivated enough to become a corpsman.

Because of his heroic background, the Navy was happy to provide him with the necessary training, and he found he not only enjoyed the work but was highly proficient at it. When his hitch in the military came to an end his good friend, Doctor Ruark got him a nursing position at a busy Los Angeles Hospital.


Returning to the present, Dutch watched a young woman walk past in a thong bikini and realized he was in need of a pipe-job, or good piece of ass.

With such thoughts lurking in his mind, Dutch followed two young, well-proportioned girls for a short time — probably underage — but in this environment that was a difficult call, all they wore were skimpy bikinis, so who knew for sure.

He continued to meander through the crowd, sampling the mostly red wines; always following the sipping with either a cracker or slice of cheese, or both.

Then he spied two women. It was the bright colors they wore that caught his eye. Dark reds and deep yellows, swirling around as the two frolicked in the surf close to the high tide wall. He walked over and stood nearby until they ended their water dance. Then he softly applauded them. Both women smiled self-consciously, pleased with the attention he was paying them. One appeared to be much older, perhaps in her late fifties; the other was in her mid-thirties.

Mother and daughter? He wondered, as he smiled and introduced himself. Both women had big tits, something to which he was partial too. It was evident both women had had more than their share of wine because as he stood in front of them their eyes darted back and forth from his face to his groin with no thought of concealing their interest.

The older woman’s name was Sue. The reality of it was that she was actually 63 years old, but with her dirty blonde hair and size DD tits, she belied her age. The younger one told him her name was Rosa. Although she had some Mexican bloodlines in her features, her Caucasian lineage dominated. She was strikingly pretty, with long black hair falling past her shoulders and prominent breasts jutting out of her peasant blouse, like ripe melons waiting to be picked.

Dutch’s eyes roamed both their bodies and he felt himself hardening. The two acted like girlfriends, but something just didn’t jell with Dutch, and he still held onto the possibility this was a Mother-daughter team.

They were still in the social process of making polite conversation and getting acquainted; the usual bullshit that people go through on first meeting. Sue had just finished telling Dutch a dirty joke, when an obviously Mexican woman about forty, ran up to them. She was highly excited and wanted to borrow Rosa’s pickup truck.

“But why?” Rosa asked. “We’re gonna be leaving soon, ya know? So what’s the rush?”

The woman glanced at Dutch and decided to ignore his presence. “You got the camper shell,” she said, running her words together.

“So?” Rosa said, growing curious.

Sue leaned her breast into Dutch’s arm, and he almost missed what followed.

“Okay, okay! I met this guy!” Even with her dark complexion, Ankara escort Dutch noted she was flushed and sexually excited.

“Maria,” Rosa said calmly, “you’re always meeting guys.”

“You don’t understand,” she blurted, “this guy has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

“Oh!” Rosa gasped, and her hands went to her face.

“I gotta get him to fuck me, Rosa. I just gotta!”

“That’s different,” Rosa said. “You can use the truck on one condition.”

“What? What?” Maria was obviously in a rush to leave, holding her hand out for the keys.

“I go along with you. This big prick can screw both of us.”

“Si! Si!” Maria shouted, gleefully and they ran off together leaving Dutch and Sue standing there.

“Well that developed in a hurry,” Sue said, pressing her breast even harder against his arm. Dutch leaned into the pressure, and asked Sue if her wine was okay, or did she need a refill.

“I’m all right,” she replied.

“Me too. In fact, I’m fine with things as they are.” he said, laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

A knowing expression on her face as sue said, “Really?”

“Ah, truth is I feel like I’ve been rejected,” he said and winked at her.

“Don’t. My Rosa loves big dicks. Hell she’ll chase after one if she sees it on the street.” This confirmed his suspicions that they were mother and daughter.

“Gee,” he said, trying to sound disappointed, “I’m crushed. I mean, I know she checked me out. Shit!” he swore then laughed at himself. He pointed at Sue and added, “You both checked me out. I didn’t think I was lacking in that department.”

Sue chuckled and said, “No, Honey, you’re not.” And her hand dropped down and gave his cock a squeeze. “Definitely a keeper,” she said, and began laughing raucously.

They took a short walk and admired the setting sun while chatting and sipping their wine, Sue’s breast never breaking contact with his arm until she sighed and said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here. Those two are getting laid. If we work it right we can too. How about a ride to my place?”

He arched his eyebrows. “Your place?”

“If I told you I own a bar, would that help?”

They were both laughing as he extended his arm to her in exaggerated gentlemanly fashion and headed to his battered Volvo.


The telephone was ringing as they walked in the door. Sue went to answer it, pointing to the bar in the corner as she left the room indicating that Dutch should make them drinks. As he was finishing the drinks, Sue returned, he handed her a drink and she said, “That was Rosa. She said she and Maria met the guy and went over to her truck. She watched him fuck Maria and then he couldn’t get it up again. Rosa was pissed. I told her to come over and have a drink.

Dutch grinned, thinking of a juicy two-some with them, then clinked glasses with Sue. After finishing their drinks, they got up and danced. Sue leaned into him and his hardon pressed into her pubes. His hands found their way into the back of her shorts and he was playing with her bare ass when Rosa arrived. She had had a few more drinks and was more than tipsy.

Mother and daughter enjoyed some friendly banter about Rosa being a horny bitch. Rosa countering that “Mom” had had more pork inside her than the local sausage company. Dutch danced once with Rosa and enjoyed the firmness of her body against his. Then he made another round of drinks. Rosa threw hers down and almost made it to her bed before passing out. They helped her onto the bed then sat down on the edge themselves. One thing led to another and before long “Mom” was groaning, “God, you’ve got a nice fat one! Gimme a minute will ya?”

She returned to the bed and sat down. She had changed into a royal blue teddy, but had left her stockings on. She looked just fine to Dutch. (Pics available on request.)

Mom’s cunt had seen a lot of cock over the years and Dutch was in to the hilt in a matter of moments.

“You gonna gimme a decent fuck with that hunk of meat?” She asked with an eagerness that startled him.

He responded by going into high gear, fucking furiously for several minutes until she told him to rest for a moment.

“Don’t get upset, darling,” she purred in his ear. “It’s just that I want you to last and I know you’re ready to come right now. So take a breather and we’ll start again.”

He began to protest, but Sue hefted a breast up to his mouth and said, “Nurse on these for a while.”

As he nuzzled them contentedly, it occurred to him that she might want her tits fucked. “Want me to tit fuck you, Sue?”

“You want too?” She said, holding her pendulous tits in her hands. “Go ahead, but promise me you’ll save a couple loads for my cunt. It’s awful thirsty, ya know.”

As they both laughed, Dutch positioned himself so that his thick prick could ride the deep furrow between her huge “DD” tits. He used his hips to glide his thick prick effortlessly in and out of the valley as Sue clasped her tits tightly around his shaft.

Then Sue groaned, “Enough of this shit! Now fuck me where I really need to be fucked!”

Dutch slid down and Ankara escort bayan buried his face in her crotch eating her thoroughly enough that she came several times.

“Still need that cock!” she crowed, and yanked him away from her pussy, grabbed his cock and shoved it inside her.

First he was on top. Then she rode his turgid prick; then they switched to doggy style; and then he was on top again. Then he erupted, and she screamed out, “It feels like you turned a fuckin’ hose on inside me.”

“Give me a minute,” Dutch gasped, “and I’ll fuck you again.”

“You’re on Jack,” she cackled. “Now gimme that thing and I’ll get it hard again.”

Sue took him firmly in hand and closed her mouth over the knob of his cock. Dutch squeezed her nipples and she played with his testicles, almost but not quite sending a finger up his ass. When he became hard again, they resumed their fucking. This time it lasted about 45 minutes before he came and both were completely exhausted and lay panting on the disheveled bedding.

“So tell me about you,” she said after a while.

“Like what?”

“Where you came from. Tell me about your parents. Is this the first time you ever screwed a girl’s mother?”

He laughed. “Really nosey eh?”

“Oh, c’mon, let’s face it; you really want to put it to Rosa. The only reason you’re here with me is she’s away lusting after some guy with a 10-inch whang.”

“Okay, okay, you win. My father was Russian, my mother Ukrainian. Both were wartime refugees from Stalin’s Russia. Because of their proficiency in several languages they were recruited by Uncle Sam to listen to certain radio messages and translate them into English. Eventually, that was good enough to get them into the States. We all got our citizenship papers the same day.”

He took a long look at Sue and continued. “But you don’t want to hear about that. You want the sordid stuff.”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, my Dad, my brother … yeah, I have a younger brother. Um, we all have, what my Dad called, German Sausages. The tip’s of our cock’s are in the shape of a helmet that swells up and looks kinda like a beer sausage.”

“That’s pretty close,” Sue breathed heavily in his ear.

“Yeah, well, my fingers barely get around the damn thing. I was always getting ragged about it as a kid. But then I learned how to use it. Actually a couple women taught me how to please them and . . . well, you know.”

“They taught you well, bless their hearts.”

“Anyway one day when I was about 19 and just got home from school, I heard my mother yelling from her bedroom, ‘Ken don’t do that,’ she was yelling.”

“Now Ken was my younger brother; he’s maybe 18 then. So you can see that I was pretty dumb and I didn’t understand what he was doing. So I quietly crept down the hall to Mom’s bedroom, that’s where the voices were coming from. By this time my mother was moaning and saying “Oh yes! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Just like your Dad’s.” Well by God I knew what was happening now, I just couldn’t believe it.”

“So what did you do about it?” Sue asked excitedly. She was already fingering herself.

“I nudged the door open about 6 inches and looked in. What I saw made me drop my pants and start to jack my cock. Then I heard her say “Oh, God, you’re going to cum!” And Kenny pulled out and squirted all over my mother’s tits.”

An “Ugh! Ugh!” sound gurgled from Sue’s throat as she raced to a climax. Dutch ignored her. He was into the memory now and wasn’t stopping until he’d finished. His cock was fully erect as he continued. “Now my Mom was only 5′ 1″, with big tits, and it turned out that I was the only one in the family that hadn’t played with them.”

“Didn’t you have a go at her then?” Sue asked.

“No. I was too scared at the time. But I was patient and waited and watched everyday for my next opportunity. It took about a month. This time I waited for Kenny to leave the bedroom. He left to join his friends, and I moved inside. My mother was sleeping. Her legs were spread, and I could see Kenny’s sperm seeping out of her. I took my pants off and climbed on the bed, waking her up.

“Get out of here,” she huffed, but I could tell she didn’t mean it. “You shouldn’t do this,” she wailed, but clasped her arms around me pulling me in. “Okay, put it in,” she cried, and helped me insert my dick into her pussy.”

Moments later, just about the point where I was finally in her, she drove her heels into my ass and shouted, “Fuck me! Don’t stop fucking me until I come!” The funny thing is that she was already coming.”

“Wow! Some story.”

“I wasn’t finished. After all, I was only 19, and at that age I had a perpetual hardon. I fucked her again and again until she was begging me to stop.”

Dutch scratched his face and smiled at Sue.

“A couple years later my mother said I should keep my new bride, now my ex- wife, very happy with my cock. She said, “You, your Dad and brother all have this unusual shape to your dick. It drives a woman crazy for more.” So far it seems she was right.”

“So,” Sue asked, “You’re not married?”

“No. Escort Ankara I was divorced about 4 years ago.”


“Maybe. The thing was . . . we were great in the sack, I mean it was torrid. But she also wanted to fuck everything in sight, and when she caught the clap and passed it to me . . . well, I got pissed and stopped sleeping with her. To my surprise, she got a lawyer and sued me for divorce. I didn’t contest it because she asked for nothing. I’d still fuck her . . . if she’s clean. I mean I think she is these days, I don’t know for sure. I probably shouldn’t even mention this, but I’ve started seeing this doctor. She’s a hot piece of ass herself, and, well . . . she’s going to test me every month.”

Sue interrupted him to say, “I think that’s great.”

“Yeah, well … if my ex allows the doc to check her out too . . . well, we’d be fucking as soon as the results came in.”

“Do you want to fuck again, Sue?” he asked.

A light glimmered in Sue’s eyes before she answered. “No thanks, I’ve had enough for one day. It was great though. Now I gotta get some sleep.”


The air-conditioner in Rosa’s bedroom was too old to beat the relentless buildup of the day’s heat. The small room was warm and muggy. A thin trickle of perspiration started at Rosa’s throat and trickled sexily down between her large, firm breasts. She shivered slightly in pleasure and came fully awake. The heat didn’t bother her much — in fact, she rather enjoyed the tacky after sex feeling it gave her skin. As another rivulet of sweat navigated its way through her cleavage, she became aroused. It seemed to her that her breasts were heavier than usual and then she felt her nipples harden. Other droplets of sweat started in the small of her back and coasted through the hollowed channel of her spine to her rear, inveigling their way into the cleft between her ass, ultimately caressing her puckered anus.

Queasy, wet warmth flared up in her crotch. Rosa realized she was taking shorter breaths — almost gasping for air. Unconsciously, her sensuous lips parted, and her nostrils flared. The sensations spread slowly through her body and she savored them each in turn. Her cunt had moistened considerably, and she felt the first delicious beads seeping from her cunt and onto her thigh. Slowly she parted her legs, and then pushed them together, rubbing her thighs gently with soft smooth, nervous fingers. Without quite being conscious of it, she flicked open the top two buttons of her tight white blouse and only then realized she had gone to sleep with her clothes on.

Oh, yeah, she thought, I had a little too much wine . . . . She shuddered slightly and forced herself to open her eyes. It’s still dark out, that’s strange? The hunger continued to gnaw at her. Rosa knew she needed a man. Worse, she needed a good fuck. That prick Maria found had left her in a highly aroused state and the itch was still there waiting to be scratched. Quietly cursing her fate she got up and went to the bathroom to pee. She wiped herself and flushed, and as she returned to her room, she saw him.

A lust filled excitement stabbed her deep in her belly. She moistened her lips, staring down at the man who lay next to her mother, oblivious to her gaze. She watched his body move, and shoved her fingers between her lips to stifle a moan as he rolled over and his muscles rippled like snakes under his tightly drawn skin. He was nude and Rosa glanced heavenward in thanks for this magnificent gift that had befallen her. She drew in her breath and slowly exhaled while imagining what his hard, callused hands would feel like on her breasts. Her own hand moved between her legs and she started to masturbate; closing her eyes and thinking of his tongue, his thick, heavy tongue exploring her mouth and then her cunt. She had two fingers frigging furiously now, as he rolled back to his original position his legs parted and Rosa saw his member for the first time. It was flaccid and at peace; but she knew instinctively it would be long and thick; and would last for a long time as he invaded her mouth, fucked her tits, plundered her cunt and, perhaps even, ravaged her ass. Rosa’s body trembled with lust. Then shook with momentary terror as his eyes opened and he saw her standing beside him.

“Hello,” he said his voice dry with wine and sleep. He grinned up at her, coming completely awake. “Suck my cock,” why don’t you?”

“Wha . . . what?” Rosa stammered nervously. She glanced at her mother lying naked next to him, deep in the throes of her own well fucked dreams; then at her hand still lodged between her legs.

“Gimme some head, sweetheart!” He said authoritatively.

Unable to breathe, Rosa slipped to her knees before him. He sat on the edge of the bed, head bent, watching her. She reached up, and with trembling fingers took hold of him and gave him a tentative lick then moaned softly. His cock was huge, bigger than she had dared hope for. It seemed to be five or six inches long, and over three inches thick, thicker than almost any cock she’d ever seen. She cupped his balls as she explored him, a rush of pleasure coursing through her blood stream. She found them silky soft, yet heavy and oh so firm. Her hands moved up his strong, muscular thighs to his groin. Still fondling his balls, Rosa tried to encircle his cock, but failed, it was too thick.

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