Meeting Her Mom , Grandmom Ch. 2


As I lay on the bed in my girlfriends’ mother’s bedroom with Mrs. Wilder, my girlfriends grandmother, on top of me and my dick between her legs and up against her wet pussy, and my girlfriends mother Mrs. Grant sucking the head of my dick as it emerges from between her mother legs, I cannot believe what just happened. I am feeling really good but my mind is confused as to how this started and where it will go from here. I am startled to hear a car in the driveway and realize it is my girlfriend Tina and her father returning from the mall. I jump up, moving the women off of me, grab my things and head for the bathroom down the hall. The women are not in as much of a hurry as I am but get up also and get themselves together.

I get dressed and finally decide to come downstairs and face the consequences. I am happy to see that Tina has not come inside as of yet as she is talking to a childhood friend of hers in the driveway. Her father got out of the car and headed into the garage to finish a project he is working on.

I see the two women at the door waiting for me to say goodbye. I approach Mrs. Grant and give her a friendly hug. She grabs me tight and kisses me on the lips, laughing as the kiss breaks. I turn around and give Mrs. Wilder a hug and before I know what’s happening she grabs me around the neck and puts her lips on mine and slides her tongue deep into my mouth. I attempt to pull away but her daughter comes up behind me and sandwiches me between her and her mother. My dick starts to come to life as Mrs. Wilder’s tongue is working my mouth. Mrs. Grant then roams her hand all over my body until she reaches my dick and starts to rub it to life. She is talking in my ear, saying how nice and hard my big black dick feels and how her mother would love to feel it in her again. I can’t help myself now as Mrs. Grant pulls down my pants to free my aching cock. She gives it a few strokes to assure rock hardness, then asks me if I want more of that good pussy her mother possesses?

Before I could answer, Mrs. Wilder first raises her left then right leg and I instinctively take hold of each one to support her weight. Tunalı Escort Mrs. Grant, standing behind me, presses harder into me and I can feel her nipples going into my back. She grabs her mother’s legs and I move my hand farther up her legs to push her skirt out of the way and grab a hold of that juicy ass. I then find out why the women where able to leave the bedroom so quickly, they got dressed without putting on any panties. My cock slides into Mrs. Wilder’s wet pussy easily and I begin to pick up a rhythm. Mrs. Grant starts biting on my ears and neck; I search for Mrs. Wilder’s lips and place my tongue inside her warm mouth. I begin to fuck her with a passion that is rarely seen. Her pussy is so warm and wet as my cock slides in and out I want to continue forever. My cock is at its fullest and I know I can’t hold out much longer. Mrs. Wilder breaks the kiss to tell me that she is about to cum and wants me to cum with her. She wraps her legs around her daughter and me and I feel her cumming. I start to cum with her and she quivers, tears begin to run down her cheek. I empty my cock inside her with four powerful blast and I squeeze her ass firmly. She lets out a long, deep groan as my cum enters her snatch.

After a few deep breaths, she lowers herself down and backs away slowly. I pull up my shorts, say goodbye and leave out the front door quickly. I walk down the driveway, get Tina, my girlfriend, and get into my car to drive Tina home.

Tina apologizes for leaving with her father to the mall for the entire afternoon and asks how everything went at the lunch. I tell her it was better than expected and smile to myself. Tina says she will make it up to me because she knows how much of a problem her mother and grandmother can be at times. Tina leans over in my seat, rubs my cock, takes it out of my pants and quickly sticks it in her mouth. I hope she cannot taste her grandmother’s pussy juice on it, but I do get really hard thinking about her licking that juice. She sucks my cock the entire way to her apartment building’s parking lot and stops when I stop the car in front of the building. She puts Escort Tunalı my dick back in my shorts, kisses me goodbye and tells me how especially good my dick tasted. I say goodbye and watch as she bounces and skips to her apartment. I rub my dick watching her as she walks away; I’m thinking I may come over later and fuck the shit out of that tight white pussy.

I leave her building and head home to my apartment. I had to go a little out of the way to take Tina home. I was actually closer to my apartment when I was at her parents house.

I live on the third and top floor of a building that only has six units in it. Across from my unit lives Ms. Kravits, and older women of around 59 years that isn’t very friendly with anyone in the building. Ms. Kravits is known as being a little nosey. As I finally make it up the last flight of stairs I could not believe my eyes.

Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Wilder are standing in front of my apartment waiting for me to come home. I had no inhibitions about the situation now. I quickly walked over to Mrs. Grant grabbed her in my arms and give her a deep kiss. I run my hands over her back until I reach her plumb ass. I feel her ass and discover she isn’t wearing any panties. I pulled her dress up until I could squeeze her bare ass and said, “What a nice treat to be able to feel this ass with no panties in the way.” She moaned as I was massaging that ass. I dropped down to my knees, and with my hands still cupping her cheeks I began to gobble that pussy. She allowed the front of her dress to come down over my head. I loved the feeling of being under her dress hidden and eating her pussy. She lifted her left leg on the railing in the hallway to allow for better access. My tongue goes down deeper in her cunt. I find her clit and lightly bite it. I slid my finger into her tight asshole as I was eating her out, and she through her head back, licked her lips and came in my mouth. I drank all her discharge, licked my lips and came up face to face with her. I asked her, “Have you let anyone fuck you in the ass yet?”

She answered. “Nooooo.” I said, ” You know I going stick Tunalı Escort Bayan this black cock deep in that tight ass?” She said, “Yes, anything you want.” I told her to feel how hard my cock has gotten from her. She grabbed my dick and smiled a wicked smile. I told her to just watch me now.

Her mother, Mrs. Wilder, was leaning against the wall watching what was happening between her daughter and her granddaughter’s boyfriend. I walked toward her, grabbed her by the arms and turned her away from me. I lifted her skirt and revealed her juicy ass. (I knew she wouldn’t have any panties on since her daughter wasn’t wearing them.) I dropped my shorts and I shoved my hard black cock right in her mature pussy. She let out a grunt as I went to the back of her cunt. I started pumping feverously, looking down to see the white pussy juice she was applying to my dark dick. She started pushing off the wall with her hands and sliding back into my cock. I starting pumping hard trying to get every inch of my dick inside this 57 year old women. What good pussy this women has. I have and probably never will fuck any pussy that feels as good as hers. We are fucking for about a good ten minutes. She said, “I about to cuuuummmmmmm.” I didn’t realize how loud it was at the time. I held back my own impeding orgasm to wait for hers to conclude. She finished her loud cum with heavy breaths. I continued to pump her pussy, and looked down at my cock to see quite a bit of her cum on it. I then squeezed her ass as hard as I could and unloaded deep inside her. The sound she made was indescribable.

I buried my cock inside her wet cunt until it began to soften. I pulled out of her, pulled up my shorts and smiled at her daughter. Mrs. Wilder stood up fixed her clothes and headed for the steps. Mrs. Grant was going to follow her when I grabbed her arm and turned her toward me.

I said,” I’m thinking of going over to Tina’s apartment later this evening and fucking the shit out her tight little pussy.”

Mrs. Grant replied,” Sounds like a good idea to me, fuck her good and get a long, deep, dick in to the hilt stroke in for me.”

I smiled and said,” You are one nasty slut.”

Mrs. Grant looked at her mother and said,” Like mother like daughter.”

Both women left and I went inside my apartment.

to be continued…

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