Meeting A Long Lost Friend and a Couple New Ones (The Bright Side)


Chapter 1 – Meeting A Long Lost Friend and a Couple New Ones (The Bright Side)

Main Character Deions

Ha Na (JC’s wife) – 5’4” 130 lbs, olive colored skin, below shoulder length straight black hair, brown eyes, 34C breasts with small areolas, brown nipples and nearly hairless pussy. (Mid 60s)

JC (Me, Ha Na’s husband) – 5’7” 200 lbs; short graying brown hair; brown eyes; 6” L 1.75” D circumcised cock and hairless. (Mid 60s)

Mac – 6’ 190 lbs; short blond hair; blue eyes; muscular build; 9” L 2” D circumcised cock with a patch of blond hair above his cock. (Mid 60s)

Angela – 5’6” 135 lbs, light olive colored skin, long light brown hair, brown eyes, 34D breasts with quarter sized areolas, pink nipples with a thin brown strip of hair above her pussy. (Late 30s)

Bryce – 6’ 180 lbs, Native American, long black hair, dark brown eyes, muscular build. (Mid 40s)


Ha Na and I had just retired for good and returned to Korea as a retirement present to get away for awhile. We really had nothing special planned other than to visit with Ha Na’s family and see more of the country. We had returned to Korea many times on vacation over the years, but this time wouldn’t be rushed to cram everything into a couple of weeks. We had checked into our friend’s hotel near the airbase we had been stationed at many years before while on active duty, as we had been doing the previous times we had vacationed in Korea. It was a great central location to travel throughout the country. We have maintained our friendships in this area for nearly 35 years and it was more like returning home than a vacation each time we came back.

The fourth morning since our return, Ha Na and I walked into the lobby on our way to go have breakfast and I slipped behind the counter to put our room key into the nesting box. A man walked in from the street that looked vaguely familiar, and as he approached the counter asking for his key I instantly recognized his voice. We hadn’t seen Mac for almost 40 years, but he hadn’t really changed much, even in his 60s, and his voice was unmistakable. He was a little surprised when I addressed him by name and handed him his key. When he answered yes, Ha Na rushed over to hug him, almost knocking him off his feet. He hadn’t noticed her as he approached the counter, since he was concentrating on some paperwork he had in his hand as entered the lobby, but the instant he saw Ha Na, he knew who we were. Mac looked at me with a huge smile as he tried to pry her loose from the bear hug she had him in. Ha Na was so excited to see him after such a long time she didn’t want to turn loose of him.

Mac had just returned from an early morning business meeting and was going to get some breakfast after he deposited the contract paperwork in his room. We told him we were also going out for breakfast and we’d be happy to wait for him. He could go with us to our friend’s restaurant right down the street and we could catch up on old times. Mac rejoined us in the lobby and he moved to my opposite side from Ha Na as we entered the street for the short walk to the restaurant.

Our friends greeted us as we entered and asked if Mac wanted the same thing for breakfast as we were having. He answered yes without even asking what it was and we headed to the private room at the back of the restaurant. Food was already spread out on the table and we joined our friends and their 2 employees for basically a home style breakfast Korean style. Mac devoured everything they offered and 3 cups of coffee, before we had much chance to talk. He told our friends that he had never had such delicious Korean food ever before and asked what time they opened each morning. He was surprised when they told him they didn’t open until lunch, but always started their work day fixing breakfast for their employees, a few friends and themselves. They said it helped set the tone for the long day ahead since they were opened from 10 to midnight. They told us to stay and enjoy more coffee while we talked, as they left us to begin preparing for their usual lunch rush.

We had a lot of catching up to do since it had been so long and Ha Na started peppering Mac with questions. Was he married? No. Had he been married? No. Have a girl friend? Had one. How long had they been together? 15 years. Mac touched Ha Na’s hand as he said “woe girl, let me get a question or two in.” Ha Na froze mid question as if she had been hit by lightning, staring straight into his eyes. The three of us had a history going back to 44 years ago, when Mac and I worked and hung out together here the first time we were in Korea. We had both been introduced to Ha Na and her friend by another coworker and his Korean girlfriend. The six of us hung out all the time, going to movies and partying in the clubs. Neither Mac nor I was interested in the third woman, but both of us were interested in Ha Na.

Mac told me that if I wasn’t going to ask Ha Na to marry me, he was going to ask her to marry him. I beat him to the proposal by 2 hours, but she rejected both of us. With both of us trying hard to convince her to marry one of us, I finally won out. Even though I had won the proposal contest, we remained friends until we lost touch with each other after the constant moving around the world. Mac said he was never able to find another woman that came close to Ha Na, so never married. He had several women friends over the years and had been with his last for nearly 15 years until she died in a car accident a year ago. He stays busy with work and travels so much there is little time to establish new relationships. Mac had to attend to business most of the afternoon, but wanted to treat us to dinner afterwards. We agreed to meet in the lobby about 6 pm.

We accompanied Mac to dinner with drinks afterwards. We covered a lot of the missing years over those drinks and Mac admitted that as hard as he looked for a woman like Ha Na, there was never anyone that even came close in comparison, not even the woman he spend 15 years with. He became a very successful businessman after he got out of the military and was considering retiring himself. Ha Na was feeling the effects of the tequila when she got up the courage to ask Mac about his sex life. I think she finally realized she was embarrassing him by being so direct in her questioning and excused herself to go to the ladies room. As soon as she was out of sight, Mac asked me what was up with her. Not only was her questioning making him a bit uncomfortable, but she had been rubbing his leg into his crotch area with her foot. He was trying not to react to her advances, but she was getting him aroused and he didn’t want to ruin our reunion.

I asked him directly if he had ever wanted to fuck Ha Na and I wanted him to be truthful. He answered many times he wanted to in the past, but never tried out of respect for me. When I told him Ha Na really wanted to fuck him and I was okay with it, he stared at me to gauge if I was joking or not. I assured him that I was serious and if he wanted he could do it tonight. He wanted to know what the catch was and I gave him a few options to consider before he gave me a final answer. One, he could take her to his room for this one night and do whatever she let him do to her. Or two, he could join us for a threesome and he would get to start with her while I watched for a bit before joining them, then she could go with him to his room to fuck him as much as she wanted.

Ha Na returned before he could give me an answer and I noticed she had little devilish grin on her face as she approached. When she asked me if I had told Mac what she wanted, he looked at me wide eyed. I told her that I had and was waiting on his answer, prompting her to climb onto his lap. Ha Na hiked her skirt up as she sat down, then guided Mac’s hands between her legs. It looked like he had been hit by lightning when he realized she had no panties on and his hands were wedged into lap touching her pussy. I heard TWO, option two as he tried to adjust himself under her. I suggested we finish our drinks and head back to the hotel for the night. Ha Na slipped off his lap revealing the bulge in the front of his pants. She took him by the hand and led him toward the door of the bar. I retrieved both of our room keys upon our return to the hotel, giving Mac his. He said he needed to run by his room if it was okay before he rejoined us and I showed him our room number on our key. Ha Na and I headed for our room to prepare.

She wanted to strip naked and be waiting on the bed when he returned, but I suggested that she should wait and let him undress her, so she just went to the bathroom to freshen up while we waited for him. He knocked lightly on the door and had I not been expecting him, I probably wouldn’t have heard him. He had changed out of his business attire into sweat pants and a t-shirt, but was still sporting that hard-on Ha Na had given him. As I invited him in, he wanted to know what the ground rules were, since this was a first for him. He had never experienced a threesome, much less been watched by anyone while he was having sex. I told him to relax and go with the flow as we had no rules and he was free to try whatever he wanted to.

Ha Na overheard our talking and came out of the bathroom, grabbing Mac by his hand leading him back in with her. She pulled his sweats down and proceeded to wash his cock, balls and ass. Once done, she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off. She worked on him for a few minutes before she got up and led him to the bed, sitting him on the edge of it. She then guided his hands to start removing her clothes after she had pulled his shirt off. Once she was naked, Mac moved her onto the bed and onto her back before moving in to eat her pussy. He must have been hitting all the right spots because Ha Na was cooing and her nipples were standing at attention. She pulled him up next to herself on his back and mounted his face in a 69. Mac was super hard and Ha Na was plunging his cock deep into her throat. They were putting on quite a show for me. I quietly slipped into the bathroom to clean myself up and get undressed before returning to find Mac now entering Ha Na’s pussy with his hard cock. She guided him in and wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him as deep as she could as she looked over at me with a huge smile on her face.

Mac was working her pussy over changing up the rhythm and depth of his stokes, which was driving Ha Na to a building explosive orgasm. She let loose and squirted as Mac sped up his rhythm, pounding her hard and deep. He slowed the pace to let her recover and she wanted to change position to doggy. I moved closer so that we could split roast her, with me throat fucking her while Mac pounded her from behind. Ha Na was on the verge of another orgasm when Mac accidentally pulled too far out, removing his cock. She quickly reached for it and instead of guiding it back into her pussy, she aimed it for the opening of her ass. I don’t think it registered with Mac until he realized this hole was tighter on his cock than before and he looked down to see himself sliding to balls deep in her ass. He looked at me and I smiled back at him. He was working his cock in and out and when I could see he was about to blow his load, I warned Ha Na that he was about to cum. She pushed back to bury him balls deep and used her ass muscles to hold him there as his cock unloaded a very large load of cum. When his cock softened enough she released her grip on it and let it slip out. She spun around to suck his cock clean and I moved in behind her to ram my hard cock in to her cum lubed ass to dump my load too, causing Ha Na to cum again.

Ha Na’s deep throat skills had Mac hard again in short order and she moved back into position to impale his full 9 inches deep into her pussy. She was riding like a cowgirl and he was thoroughly enjoying watching her, when she spun around on his cock to be in a reverse cowgirl and reached out for me. She wanted to suck my cock while she rode to get me harder for the next step in her plan. When she got me rock hard, she lifted herself up off of Mac’s cock and moved it into her ass where she impaled it balls deep. She smiled at me as she laid back onto his chest while I held her hands, pulling me into position to enter her pussy. She wanted to be double penetrated to give Mac an experience he’d never forget. Mac froze up when he realized there was a set of balls resting on his since both of us were fully impaled into to her ass and pussy. Ha Na began to grind and thrust back as I began to work on fucking her pussy. She was working on Mac’s cock with her ass muscles and he got back to thrusting deep stokes into her ass.

Ha Na had us double fucking her for several minutes before screaming she was cumming. I felt Mac’s balls tighten as he drove as deep as he could and holding his cock there and could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded another load deep into her ass. Ha Na squirted and then I unloaded my load into her pussy, triggering another orgasm for her. When I withdrew my cock, cum ran out and down onto Mac’s still embedded cock and balls. Ha Na laid there on him continuing to work his cock with her ass muscles, bringing him to his third Kızılay Escort orgasm of the evening. She smiled up at me and reached out for me saying she wanted me eat her pussy. I moved in to fulfill her wish and when I accidentally grazed Mac cock with my chin, he blew a fourth load into her ass.

Mac wanted to withdraw his cock from her ass to take a little break, but she loved the full feeling of having that 9 inches stuffed deep so she prolonged her control of his now softening cock.

When he finally managed to pull it free, his four loads of cum plus my earlier one came flowing out like a raging river. I should have thought to get something to catch it in to see just how much we had pumped into that ass of hers. Mac excused himself to the bathroom and Ha Na told me she was so happy that I let her fuck Mac again. I asked her to repeat herself and again she said she was glad I let her fuck Mac again. I thought I had not heard her correctly the first time, but when she repeated it, my gut felt a twinge.

I was not aware that they had sex before, so it was a total surprise and I didn’t know exactly how to react. I had considered Ha Na my hot wife for years and she had even played alone many times, besides all the threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs we had participated in, so it shouldn’t have had the effect it was having on me. This would have to wait for later to sort it all out, because Mac returned. Ha Na went to work on his flaccid cock and had him hard in no time. She asked him to pound her pussy with that wonderful cock of his which he was happy to oblige. He pounded her in various positions including pile driving her. He must have been hitting her cervix in that position because she squirted like a fire hose. I counted 4 orgasms prior to her squirting, so she was really enjoying the fucking he was giving her. After she squirted, he moved to throat fuck her. He was thrusting his full length deep into her throat so hard and fast I began to wonder if she was able to breathe. She must have felt his balls twitch, because she grabbed him around his butt and rammed his cock as deep as she could, holding him there until he pumped his load down her throat.

Mac was done after that load and just looked at Ha Na with a loving look on his face. I had only seen that look on one other guys face and we had to put an end to playing with him. He had gotten too attached to Ha Na and thought he could convince her to run off with him. Mac might have been done for the night, but neither of us was. Ha Na focused her attention on me at that point and I proceeded to get some sloppy seconds in her pussy. She came again and asked for me to fuck her ass again. It still contained some of the previous loads form earlier. Mac just sat back and watched in wonder how all of us 60 somethings could still fuck like we were in our 30s. Ha Na had turned to face Mac in a reverse cowgirl position, as I continued to thrust into her ass. I was building to my own climax when Ha Na came, squirting and hitting Mac in the face. It was nearly 1am and we had been fucking pretty much nonstop for the last 4 hours.

Mac said he thought he had better head for his room to get some sleep since he had a meeting first thing in the morning again, and wanted to know if we would be going for breakfast at the same place. We told him we’d probably go if we got up in time, so he offered to stop by our room in the morning after his meeting. Ha Na was a bit disappointed he didn’t want to stay the whole night to play, but I reminded her he wasn’t retired yet so still had job responsibilities. Mac dressed and headed off to his room.

In the morning, we woke to a knock at the door. Ha Na jump up and run over to answer the door, forgetting that she was still nude. I can just imagine the look on Mac’s face when he saw her standing there in the doorway before grabbing him to pull him into the room and closing the door behind him. Ha Na didn’t notice the other person beside Mac when she pulled him into the room, and he told her his business associate was out in the hallway. He told us they were going for lunch and wanted to see if we’d like to join them. Mac didn’t expect to find us still sleeping, so he asked the other company reps if they would mind if his friends joined them. We told him that we’d need to shower first and he said it wouldn’t be a problem that we could all meet at the restaurant across the street from the hotel in 30 minutes. We agreed and Mac let himself out. I wondered just how much of Ha Na his business associate got to see.

We were greeted by the owner, another friend of ours, as we entered his restaurant. He directed over to the area Mac and his associates were seated. Mac introduced us to Angela and Bryce, representatives from a different company working on a joint venture project for the military. Mac was their project contract consultant. As I looked at the two of them, I was trying to gauge their facial expressions to see if I could determine which of them was in the hallway earlier. Neither of them gave up the secret if they had seen Ha Na in the doorway. Angela was the most talkative, asking all kinds of shopping related questions. She had only been in country for a couple days and hadn’t had any time to do anything beyond work related. With the weekend approaching, Ha Na suggested she could take her shopping. We had a pleasant lunch and as we parted ways, I asked Mac who had been in the hallway with him when he stopped by our room earlier. He smiled when he told me it was Angela, and she was so surprised when she saw Ha Na, she stepped back.

Angela had asked Mac how old Ha Na was and didn’t believe him when he told her she was in her mid 60s. She had told him she thought her to only be in her late 40s at the oldest. Angela was a Korean/American nearing 40 and looked much younger also. She had her hair tied up in a bun and her business attire really toned down her figure and made her look rather plain. Bryce was a Native American in his early 40s and he kept hitting on Angela throughout the lunch and it was obvious he wanted in her pants. They worked for the same company at different locations in the US, but were sent to Korea to negotiate a military contract. Seems the harder Bryce tried the more annoyed Angela got. It was probably a good thing it wasn’t Bryce standing next to Mac earlier.

When everyone finished eating, Mac told Angela and Bryce he would meet them on base for the late afternoon meeting. Angela asked Ha Na to accompany her to the ladies room and they excused themselves. Bryce immediately laid claim that he was going to tap Angela before this trip was up if it killed him. He knew she had to look much better out of her business suits she had been wearing since she had arrived, plus the fact that she was single, meaning eager and willing in his eyes. Mac looked at me with a smile and just let him ramble on. Ha Na returned by herself, telling us that Angela asked her to relay that she’d see them at the afternoon meeting because she had something she needed to attend to. As we left the restaurant, Bryce had a rejected look on his face. He had 3 hours to kill and figured he might have been able to work a quickie in with Angela during that time. He said he was going back to his hotel to hang out and maybe get a nap in. We all said our goodbyes and headed to our hotels.

When we entered the lobby of our hotel, Angela stepped out from around a corner in the hallway to greet us, thanking Ha Na for giving her cover to get away from Bryce. She was regretting taking on this assignment and couldn’t wait to get it finished so she could get away from him. Angela shared with us that she preferred women over men because she had experienced way too many failed relationships as she gauged me and Mac’s look of surprise. Mac told Angela that he would take care of Bryce for her and that she could rest assured that he wouldn’t be hitting on her again as he looked at me and winked. We all sat in the lobby chatting and before long it was about time for them to head out for their meeting. Mac asked us what we had planned for the evening, suggesting the four of us should get together for dinner and dancing afterwards. Sounded like a plan, but I think Mac had something up his sleeve. Angela headed back upstairs to her room to freshen up before they caught a cab back to the base.

Mac shared his plan once she was gone. He asked what we thought about Angela making out with Ha Na while we were out dancing so he could tell Bryce she was gay and didn’t like guys. Mac thought that would get Bryce off her back so they could finally get the work done without his constant harassment. Ha Na said she was game if it was okay by me and if Angela would go along with it. Mac said he would talk it over with her on the way to the meeting. When I mentioned that I thought it was only going to be the four of us for dinner and dancing, Mac winked and said he wasn’t going to ask Bryce to join us, but would just kind of mention us inviting Angela out to show her around the clubs. He would let it slip that he knew we’d be going to one of our friend’s clubs, so that Bryce would think if he just happened to be hanging out there when we came in with Angela, he’d just buy her enough drinks to get her drunk enough to get her in bed. The trap was set and Ha Na got excited about the possibilities tonight might bring.

We met for dinner at the same restaurant as we had lunch at, with Angela and Ha Na acting like a couple of school girls plotting revenge on a two timing boy friend. Since Angela only had business attire, Ha Na loaned her a short blue skirt with a sheer blue blouse, and she was wearing a sheer black bra beneath it. I fit her very well considering her larger breasts. She had applied a little makeup, but had bright red lips, which were perfectly by her beautiful long hair that reached half way down her back. Ha Na was dressed just a little less provocative, but not by much with her skirt being just a couple inches longer and minus the sheerness of the blouse. Upon completion of dinner, Angela began to show a little bit of nervousness, but Ha Na took care of that as we exited to the street. She grabbed Angela and planted a full on lip lock on her for about a full minute before releasing her. Angela was stunned as was Mac, while I just smiled and nodded my head because it was going to be a fun night.

We all danced at a couple of clubs without seeing Bryce. Angela danced with all of us, and Mac and I even had her grinding into our crouches while we both explored her butt. But she really got into the groove when she was dancing with Ha Na. They were getting really bold in their making out on the dance floor. We finally spotted Bryce at the third club we went to as we entered the door and before he saw us. He was seated at the bar chatting up the woman bartender with his back to the door. Mac motioned to us to step back out to tell us the final part of the plan. He wasn’t going to enter with us, but would come in a few minutes after us and go sit at the bar with Bryce, while the three of us would head in and grab a small table before the ladies hit the dance floor to put on their show.

Ha Na led Angela to the table while I went to talk to the DJ, another friend of ours. I asked him to play our special set of dance tunes. The set consisted of alternating fast and slow dance music. The DJ dimmed the lights a good bit as asked and would be increasing the lighting as the set progressed. I returned to the table as the drinks were delivered telling Angela and Ha Na to get ready. The first song of the set began and they headed to the dance floor with several other mixed couples and a few women couples. Mac walked in as the second song of the set began and headed to the bar. Bryce still was not aware we were even there yet. They began chatting and still had their backs to us until the beginning of the forth song, another slow tune. All of the women couples left the dance floor leaving a few couples with Angela and Ha Na, who had moved front and center so that when Mac got Bryce to turn around, he couldn’t miss them. The mixed couples were so wrapped up in the tune they were oblivious to the two women making out on the dance floor with them.

Mac turned around and tapped Bryce on the shoulder to get him to do the same. As he spun around, he just about fell off the stool. He didn’t notice me off to the side, but I was observing his reactions. He was ready to run out to take possession of Angela, when he froze in his tracks. Ha Na and her embraced and were French kissing each other hot and heavy with their hands roaming over each others’ bodies. Bryce didn’t know how to react as Mac pulled him back to the stool, telling him how hot the scene before them was. When the song ended and they broke their embrace they walked hand in hand off the dance floor over to the table I was at. I waved at Mac and headed over to meet them. I tried to shake Bryce’s hand but he was so focused on Angela, he didn’t hear a thing we were saying. Mac grabbed his arm and asked if he was alright, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the two women now making out at the table I had just left from. When we finally got his attention, I told him how hot it was to see my wife enjoying another woman. He asked what I meant by that so I told him that when my wife Kolej Escort found out Angela was a lesbian, she asked me if it would be okay if they played together.

Bryce was so perplexed, he couldn’t think straight. That had to be why she had been rejecting him all this time, but how could she resist him? He considered himself to be that ladies man that could fuck any woman he chose. How could she choose a woman over him? Then he began to get mad at me, what kind of man would allow his wife to engage in such behavior? I told him Ha Na and I loved each other more than anything, but when it comes to sex, I allow her the freedom to fulfill her desires to make love to other women. Bam! He was destroyed with that statement. When he asked again if Angela was really gay, I just pointed over in the direction of the table as proof. They both had their hands up each others’ skirts and blouses and were still passionately kissing. Bryce walked out of the club looking like the world had come to an end. He had experienced a rejection like no other and it had him questioning his manhood.

Mac gave me a high five as we walked over to the table with Ha Na and Angela still going at it. When I touched Ha Na it must have sent an electrical shock through the both of them because they jerked apart. Angela looked all starry eyed and Ha Na had a devilish grin on her face. When she asked what had happened to Bryce, we shared our observations. We all had a great laugh at Bryce’s expense and ordered another round of drinks. Mac and I took turns dancing with both Angela and Ha Na, having a grand evening. Ha Na asked to sit one dance out so we returned to the table. She asked me if Angela could spend the night with us so that they could finish what they started. They were hot for each other and would be frustrated if they couldn’t. When I reminded her of the deal we made with Mac, she said she’d ask Angela if it would be alright if he was included, so I gave her my approval.

Mac and Angela joined us at the table and Ha Na asked Angela to accompany her to the ladies room. I relayed Ha Na’s request to Mac and he smiled as he said Angela had asked him if he thought it would be possible for me to let her have fun with my wife. We agreed it might just be a really fun night. When they returned, we were told it was time to go back to the hotel. Hot damn, at a minimum, we were in for a show. Or, we’d all end up fucking the night away. Angela and Ha Na said not a word during the ride back to the hotel, but Mac let it be known that there was not going to be a morning meeting tomorrow so everyone could sleep in. Neither of us guys were given any indication of the outcome of Ha Na’s conversation with Angela in the ladies room, so when we reached the hotel, I gathered all of the keys for everyone’s room and handed them out. Mac and Angela got on the elevator together as Ha Na and I headed for our room.

Once we got into our room, Ha Na told me to leave the door unlocked because they would be back soon. Angela wanted to talk to Mac in private before she committed to them joining us.

Only a couple of minutes passed when the door opened and both stepped in with huge grins. Ha Na directed Mac and I to the sofa in our room as she led Angela into the bathroom. We could hear the water running in the shower, when we were called to join them. Since the shower wasn’t big enough for all of us, I was told to wait for them to finish cleaning Mac up before it was my turn. Ha Na and Angela had already scrubbed themselves clean when we were called, so they had Mac cleaned pretty quickly. He came out from behind the curtain sporting a grin and a raging hard-on, telling me I was up next. As I was being soaped up, I was getting a hand job by Angela and Ha Na was washing backside thoroughly. As I was rinsed off, the hand was replaced with Angela’s lips for a few minutes before the water was turned off and it was time to dry ourselves off. Mac was waiting with towels for each of us and he focused his attention on drying Ha Na while Angela and I helped each other.

We all reentered our room from the bath and Mac and I were asked to again sit on the sofa. Ha Na and Angela began with a passionate kiss exploring each other with their hands while standing in front of us, before moving over to the bed. Mac and I never broke our gaze as Angela and Ha Na made passionate love to each other ending up 69ing each other. We both were hard as rocks watching them pleasure each other and were itching to join the action, but waited until we were invited in. Once Ha Na was on top, she asked Mac to fuck her pussy while Angela continued to eat her out. Then I was asked to fuck her mouth. Ha Na was squirming a lot from the attention she was getting from both Mac and Angela so kept letting my cock drop out of her mouth onto Angela’s mound. After a few times, she said fuck it and moved my cock to the entrance of Angela’s steaming hot pussy holding it there until she felt Angela pull Mac’s cock from her pussy into her mouth, then guided me in. Damn this woman was tight, but she thrust down to meet me as my cock finally broke through sending me balls deep. I heard Angela gage as Mac must have thrust deep into her throat at the same time. She began a shaking as a massive orgasm built within her. Mac withdrew his cock from Angela’s throat and plunged it deep into Ha Na making her squeal. Angela came with such force, she squeezed my cock from her pussy as she squirted into Ha Na’s face. Ha Na did the best she could to catch much of it before guiding my cock back into Angela’s waiting pussy. Mac began pounding Ha Na hard and after touching her cervix a few times caused her to cum and squirt. Angela wasn’t as prepared for the squirt so ended up her face and hair covered with Ha Na’s cum.

With their orgasms done, Mac and I were asked to withdraw our cocks so they could get up. We were a bit frustrated that we hadn’t had our chances to cum yet, but complied with their wishes. Ha Na said she wanted to show Angela the pleasure of being double penetrated, and asked Mac if he preferred her ass or pussy. Mac wasn’t prepared for that question and didn’t know if Ha Na meant her or Angela, so he hesitated too long before she answered for him. Ha Na said she start with his cock in her pussy and me in her mouth while Angela watched. So Mac and I split roasted Ha Na as Angela enjoyed the show playing out before her. Ha Na pulled free from us and moved Mac onto his back where she positioned herself reverse cowgirl over his cock before impaling it into her ass. I moved in to position to fuck her pussy as Angela watched mesmerized. Ha Na called her over to watch up close so she could see in intimate detail all of the action.

Angela was so close she was brushing her tits and hair on my arm which sent bolts of electricity through me each time directly into Ha Na’s pussy. We were both on the verge of our orgasms when I felt Mac’s cock pulsing in Ha Na’s ass signaling him unloading his first load of the night. That was all we could take and as I unloaded mine, Ha Na unleashed her own massive orgasm.

Angela had her own orgasm to coincide with the rest of us and when she regained her composure, she said how much she enjoyed getting to see her first double penetration live and close up. Ha Na asked her if she’d like to try it for herself and Angela looked startled at first, but I could see her considering it seriously. She gave a few excuses such as she had never had anything stuck up her butt, it was going to hurt too much and wasn’t sure it would work because of her inexperience. Ha Na reassured her we’d take it slow and be gentle with her and that she would help guide her through her first experience. Angela accepted Ha Na’s assurances and she took her position on the bed for us to split roast her. I asked where she wanted me to start and she asked me to fuck her pussy while she gave Mac a blow job. She said it hurt a little when I first fucked her pussy earlier but she was able to get used to my size before she came. She wanted to be stretched a little more before trying Mac’s cock since his was bigger.

Mac and I took up our positions and began to thrust into her from both ends. It took me just a few thrusts before I was able to be fully impaled balls deep while Mac was able to go deep into her throat almost immediately. We were both thrusting and withdrawing at the same time and Angela began to moan and squeal. It didn’t take but a few minutes before she experienced her first split roast orgasm. Ha Na had been prepping Angela’s ass by stretching it with her fingers and applying plenty of lube and saliva. Before Angela came down from her orgasm high, Ha Na guided my cock from her pussy into her ass. Angela let out a gasp and squeal as I slowly thrust completely into her ass and held still for her to get used to me. She was panting and moaning, and I could feel her ass muscles tightening and loosening as they milked my cock. Ha Na helped us roll over so that I was under Angela and exposing her pussy, readying her for Mac’s penetration. Ha Na guided Mac’s cock into position before telling him to slam it home. As soon as he thrust in hard and deep, Angela screamed as a massive orgasm exploded within her beginning a set of rolling orgasms as Mac and I worked her ass and pussy relentlessly for the next 15 minutes until we both unloaded cum into her simultaneously. Ha Na was calling out Angela’s orgasms as they occurred. Ha Na had counted seventeen before the grand finale. Angela was enjoying the ecstasy of all of her orgasms with the aftershocks lasting several minutes beyond ours. Mac and I just kept her sandwiched between us as long as we could to help prolong her first double penetrations.

Ha Na finally helped Mac dismount Angela but let her stay with my cock imbedded in her ass until she was ready to try to sit up and lift herself off of me. Her ass continued to milk my cock for several more minutes and in the process got me hard and on the verge of blowing another load of cum into her. As she sat up, her movements were enough to trigger my climax and I sent a second load deep into her ass which in turn triggered another orgasm for her. It took another couple of minutes before she was able to lift herself off and when she did, she collapsed onto the bed next to me. Ha Na moved in to clean Angela up with her tongue and Mac moved in to fuck her from behind. Ha Na moved his cock from her pussy to her ass and Mac began to pound her hard driving her face into Angela’s pussy and ass, while I got busy sucking on her luscious tits. Both Angela and Ha Na experienced orgasms together, which was a fitting culmination of Angela’s many orgasms of the night. Exhausted, we all fell asleep in a heap of naked flesh with Mac and I on the outside with Ha Na and Angela sandwiched between us. Mac snuggled up behind Ha Na and I was snuggled up behind Angela with the ladies snuggled facing each other.

I woke with a pussy in my face and a mouth sucking my cock. Angela had mounted me in a 69 and was plunging my cock deep into her throat. I took advantage of my situation and began to tongue fuck her pussy and finger ass. Angela came, squirting in my face, then repositioned herself to impale my cock into her ass where she began riding me like she was on a wild bronco. I looked over to see Ha Na with her legs wrapped around Mac as he fucked her pussy hard and fast. Ha Na let out a scream as her orgasm hit at the same time Mac blew his load deep into her pussy. Angela jammed her ass down hard onto my cock causing me to squirt my load deep into her and triggering her own orgasm. We all said our good mornings and the girls headed to shower.

Mac and I chatted until they finished before getting our own showers. Mac went first and I was presented with another playful show as Angela and Ha Na paraded around the room playing with each other. They continued their show for Mac when he returned and I was run off to shower. When I finished and returned, I walked into the room to find them all dressed and smiling at me. Ha Na and Angela started having their fun with me, cat calling and whistling at my nakedness. Mac was laughing his ass off, too. I quickly dressed and we prepared to go get some breakfast. Mac and Angela excused themselves to run up to their rooms and we agreed to meet in the lobby in 30 minutes.

First thing I noticed as they returned was that Angela had not put her hair up in her usual bun leaving it to freely flow down onto her shoulders and back. Next thing was that she walked down the hallway hand in hand with Mac. Both were sporting grins and appeared to be as happy as they could be. Before we headed out to the street, Angela took Ha Na by the hand and led her out the door. Mac and I walked together behind them down to our friend’s restaurant for breakfast. The ladies were quiet through most of breakfast, but once everyone else finished and left the room, Angela said how much she enjoyed last night and was hoping for a repeat sometime soon. Ha Na announced that they had a little shopping to do before Angela and Mac’s afternoon meeting. When she asked if we wanted to tag along or not, Mac said he had a few things he needed to prepare before the meeting so he’d have to pass, but wanted us to enjoy ourselves. Maybe we could all go shopping again tomorrow since it will be the weekend. I opted to Maltepe Escort kick back in our room to rest up for the possible evening activities, knowing Ha Na probably planned on taking Angela to the lingerie shops in the market.

Ha Na returned nearly 3 hours later carrying several shopping bags. She said that all but one of the bags belonged to Angela and that she would pick them up later in the afternoon after their meeting. Ha Na showed me the skimpy little pink negligee and lingerie she had bought before asking me if I wanted to see what Angela had bought. Angela had purchased a couple of black micro-miniskirts with sheer black tiger striped blouses and several play outfits. She had a naughty nurse, secretary and genie outfits that left very little to the imagination. She also had a matching set of the skimpy pink negligee that Ha Na had bought as well as others in black, red, blue and white. When I suggested Ha Na should have gotten the others also, she smiled and told me she’d be right back if she could go get them. She was afraid I might get upset if she spent too much money since we had just retired and were trying not to buy any unnecessary items. We headed back to the shop together. When we arrived, the sales lady blushed as Ha Na introduced me as her husband and told her I had given her permission to get the other matching sets that Angela purchased earlier. As I looked around the shop I spotted some blindfolds and carried two of them to the register. Ha Na noticed them and asked who would be the ones having to wear those. I told her with a wink, we would decide that later. The sales lady again blushed as we paid and we wished her a good afternoon.

We arrived back at the hotel just as Mac and Angela’s taxi pulled up. As Angela slid across the seat her legs separated and her dress hiked up, exposing the fact she had no panties on, and giving us a full view of her pussy. She ran to Ha Na, grabbing her by the hand and the two of them quickly entered the hotel lobby. When Mac and I walked in, we were greeted by the two of them locked in a passionate embrace and kissing. I retrieved everyone’s room keys and handed them out. Mac took Angela by the hand leading her to the elevator saying they would meet at our room after they got freshened up. Ha Na and I went to our room to wait for them.

As I closed the door, Ha Na stripped off her clothes, begging me to fuck her as she stripped me out of mine. She bent over the small dining table and I could see how wet she was. That greeting Angela had given her had really gotten her horny and she had a massive orgasm the instant I thrust my cock into her waiting pussy. She held onto the table as her legs went limp. I thrust deep and just held on as her pussy continued to spasm through the aftershocks. When she finally was able to stand, she said we had to hurry so she’d suck me off to finish. Ha Na practically inhaled my cock deep into her throat and sucked like she was on a mission. It only took a few minutes before she could tell I was on the verge of blowing my load. She grabbed my ass while jamming my cock as deep as she could down her throat and held me there until I unloaded. She swallowed it all before coming up for air and releasing my cock. She jumped up and shoved her tongue into my mouth in one hell of a kiss. I thought it was a little odd that I didn’t taste my cum, so it must have all unloaded so deep in her throat none escaped into her mouth. I could tell Ha Na was still horny but at least she’d be able to control it a little better after she had her orgasm.

We took a quick shower together and had just gotten dressed when Mac knocked on the door. He asked Ha Na if she could take Angela’s shopping bags to her, while he and I had a chat. Ha Na was more than happy to run them upstairs. Mac told me maybe we should have a seat so we headed to the table. As I walked up to the table I noticed a small puddle on the floor I hadn’t seen earlier. We were in such a hurry, we had forgotten to clean up after our quickie. Mac asked me what I thought of Angela and I told him I thought she was one fine and hot woman. And, I hoped she would find someone that could understand her, treat her right and meet her needs. The next question blew my mind. Mac asked if I thought Ha Na would get upset if he and Angela got married. I sat there speechless. He continued to explain that Angela was the closest woman he had ever met to be just like Ha Na. He feared Ha Na would reject them as our friends if they became a couple. It was then that I realized Mac was still truly in love with Ha Na after all those years and he didn’t want to hurt her in any way.

Mac’s voice trailed off and he looked at me, waiting for my response. After mulling over everything he said, I was finally ready to give him my answer, but first needed him to answer one question. I asked him if he was still in love with Ha Na. He stared at the table and answered yes. I then told him that Angela is not and never will be Ha Na, and that both of them are special and unique women. I told him if he was considering marrying Angela to try to mold her into Ha Na that he would be doing both of themselves’ a great disservice and didn’t think it would end well with both being deeply hurt. I assured him that Ha Na would not reject them and in fact would be ecstatic if he and Angela became a couple. Of course, we’d all have to stay in contact and get together more often. Mac finally looked up from the table and whispered thank you.

Ha Na and Angela returned looking absolutely stunning in those matching micro-miniskirts and tiger stripe blouses. Mac’s jaw just about hit the table and our eyes about popped out of our heads when we saw them. Ha Na smiled as she excused herself to the bathroom after retrieving a black thong. Those micro-minis barely covered their ass cheeks and the blouses had the tiger stripes in just the right places to cover only their braless nipples. Mac and I were definitely underdressed to be escorting those two out on the town and man it was going to be one exciting Friday night. Mac excused himself to run back up to his room to change as Ha Na came out of the bathroom. She went to our closet to select my clothes while Angela started to undress me. She went to her knees, yanking my pants down to my ankles, leaving me standing with my cock just inches from her bright red lips. I could feel her breath through my underpants and as I began to get hard, she yanked them off too and kissed the head of my cock, leaving her lip imprints. As she stood she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside before stepping back to say the kiss was a down payment for later.

Ha Na and Angela began to redress me in black dress slacks and a black button shirt. I was so engrossed in being prepared I failed to realize they had skipped the underpants until they stood back to admire their work. My cock was standing at attention so I had tented my slacks causing Ha Na and Angela to giggle and ask if they had done that. I was having a hard time trying to make the necessary adjustments when Mac returned. Ha Na approached him and did a package check before going to her knees while dropping his pants just as Angela had done to me. After removing his underpants, she also planted a kiss on the head of his hardened cock leaving her lipstick imprint before pulling his slacks back up. Ha Na half whispered the same thing Angela had told me about it being a down payment for later. We all laughed as Mac was struggling to adjust the tent on his pants. They had laid out his clothes in his room before they came down stairs earlier, so we were all dressed in black.

We didn’t want to create a scene at our friend’s restaurant across from the hotel since it was already crowded with the dinner rush and really had no semi-private dining area. Ha Na told us she had made arrangements for us to have our dinner at the restaurant we had been enjoying breakfast at so that we could use the private room near the kitchen. The 21 year old oldest daughter of our friends, Jin Joo was waiting for us in the lobby of our hotel to escort us to their restaurant. When she saw how we were all dressed her face turned bright red as she took in the sight of Angela and Ha Na. She whispered something to Ha Na and got a reply in English that of course she could teach her how to get made up like this. Angela took her by her left arm and Ha Na took her right as the three of them walked down the street with Mac and I trailing behind. The occasional display of the bottom of their ass cheeks as they walked were impossible to ignore. I suggested they pull them down a little before we entered the front of the restaurant. Every eye in the restaurant was on us as Jin Joo escorted us through to the back.

Our friends greeted us as we entered the private room with huge smiles and compliments on our appearance. We placed our dinner and drink orders and conversed with our friends until the meals were delivered. We all ate lite and fabulous meals that went great with our cocktails and when I paid for the dinners I found the main dining area completely filled. Before I returned to the private room, I went to the kitchen in search of our friends to ask if we could depart out the back of restaurant to keep from disrupting the rest of their customers. Our friends insisted we exit out the front and not to concern ourselves with the other customers, and proceeded to escort us out. Again, every eye was watching as we exited the restaurant. Heading towards the club district, guys looked on in envy, with women in jealousy, as we walked by them. Angela and Ha Na were obviously enjoying the attention.

The first club we entered was packed with a bunch of drinking young male GIs, so we opted to go on to the next. The next 3 clubs were all the same, so we decided to head for our DJ friend’s club. It was also crowded but our friend spotted us as we entered and came to the door to get us. He cleared a booth for us and motioned for one of the waitresses to come take our drink orders. He got a hug from Ha Na and told us he’d play our favorite sets. There were about a dozen couples on the dance floor when we got there and we joined them after our drinks arrived. The music was lively and fast until our DJ began the sets he promised us. When the first slow tune came on about half of the couples left the dance floor. Angela paired up with me while Ha Na pulled Mac in close. Angela asked me if we could go back to the table after the song finished and spun around so that she could rub my cock with her ass cheeks. The dance ended and the four of us returned to our booth.

Angela and Ha Na excused themselves to go to the ladies room leaving me and Mac. I asked Mac why he hadn’t made a move on Angela to dance with her and he told me she had asked him to dance with Ha Na to begin with, that his turn would come later. The ladies returned from the restroom as another slow tune started and went straight to the dance floor to dance together. It was a very sensuous dance where they were fondling each other in their exploration of the other’s body. I think both Mac and I noticed at the same time that they had removed their thongs while in the ladies room because we both looked at each other grinning. After the slow tune ended, they came over to the booth and Ha Na sat in my lap while Angela sat in Mac’s. I grabbed a quick feel to see if she had indeed removed her thong and got all the confirmation I needed. She moved forward in my lap enough to unzip my pants and pulled my cock out before lifting enough to guide it into her wet and waiting pussy. I could see Angela going through the same motions with Mac and took note that they were both really enjoying the ride. Another slow song began and Ha Na slid off of my cock while pulling her skirt down, then taking Angela by the hand leading her back to the dance floor. Everyone seemed not to notice them dancing even more provocative than before as they grinded their bodies together.

They again returned to the booth as the song ended but this time Angela slid onto my lap guiding my cock into her pussy while Ha Na did the same for Mac. Angela’s pussy was milking my cock with her muscles and I was about ready to blow my load when she lifted up and off of it. She pulled me out from the booth and pulled me close into her back as she led me to the dance floor. Angela managed to work my cock back into her waiting pussy from behind and we began a slow grinding dance. Our DJ friend must have figured out what we were doing because he turned the lights down a bit more and followed up with another slow song. Angela came first, which triggered me to unload my cum into her pulsating pussy. Now we had to figure out how to dance our way back to the booth without exposing ourselves. Ha Na and Mac were both laughing as we made it back because they knew we both had an orgasm out there.

Our booth was dark enough that Angela was able to withdraw my cock as I slid on the seat. She ducked under the table and began to clean my cock with her mouth. When she was done I laid down on the seat so she could sit on my face so I could clean her up. Her pussy tasted delicious with our intermingled juices. When Angela let me up I saw that Mac and Ha Na were now on the dance floor and looked to be fucking as we had earlier. Being Mac was taller, it was having an even crazier effect on Ha Na. I heard her squeal when she came, causing Mac’s cock to slip free. They quickly returned to the booth and Ha Na guided Mac’s cock back into her pussy as she slid back into his lap. We decided that maybe we should move this party back to the hotel so we could all get more comfortable.

To Be Continued

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