Me and Her…and Him


After my best friend’s wedding, we went downstairs to the hotel bar because she said she had a surprise for me. She was my girlfriend of about 2 years. She stood about 5’6″, had long blond hair, 38D tits and a perfect ass. Not too big, not too small just perfect.

I was drunk so she half-dragged me to a dark booth in a corner of the bar. Sitting in the booth was a tall lean man who didn’t look familiar to me. He was wearing a suit but I was pretty sure I didn’t see him at the wedding either.

They smiled at each other and he stood and took her hand. She turned to me smiled and took me by my hand with her free one. We walked around the corner to the elevators. Someone pushed the up button. The three of us stood there holding hands waiting for the door to open. After what seemed like several minutes, the door finally dinged open. We walked in and she hit the 15 button for our floor.

As we reached the seventh floor she reached forward and stopped the elevator. She turned to me with that smile and slinked her way over to me in her low cut purple dress. She pulled me to her and kissed me long and hard. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that her hand had wandered down to his crotch and was rubbing him there. A bulge quickly formed under her hand. Suddenly, she stopped kissing me and started kissing him in the same way. I watched as her hand worked her way to my crotch. I quickly became hard as well.

Then as quickly as it started, it ended. She reached for the buttons and restarted the elevator. She grabbed both of our hands again, stood between us and we stared at the doors waiting for them to open again. Finally they opened and we walked out together and down the hall to the left to our room.

She let go of his hand and swiped Ankara escort the room key card in the door. We walked in and headed straight to the back of the suite where the king-size bed was located. She sat me down on a chair about 3 feet from the bed. She stood and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was before me in her black lace bra and black satin thong panties. She knelt down, unbuckled my belt and shifted my pants and boxers down to my ankles. She leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “I want you to play with this…and watch.” As she said this, she slid my hand down to my semi-hard cock.

She turned and I watched her perfect ass walk to the bed and that’s when I noticed he was lying on the bed flat on his back with a huge bulge in his trousers. She stopped at the edge of the bed and I saw that she was looking at me in the mirror that was on the wall over the headboard of the bed. She smiled at me.

She crawled onto him, straddling him. I could see his bulge rubbing against her. She kissed him deeply. I started playing with my balls. She undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of him. She slid down to his waist and unbuckled his belt. His bulge had gotten bigger. She pulled off his shoes and slid off his pants and socks. I noticed the head of his cock was sticking out the top of his boxers.

Slowly, seductively, she pulled down his boxers and his erect cock sprang out. It was easily 8 inches long. She stood and unhooked her bra. It fell to the floor. She slid her thongs down and kicked them off, giving me an eyeful of her perfect ass. She went to the side of the bed, insuring that I had a good view. She reached down and put her hand around his cock and started stroking him. I was stroking my own Ankara escort bayan hard cock which was 6 inches and thick. Already some pre-cum had started to leak out. She lowered her mouth onto the head of his cock and slowly worked her mouth halfway down it. She bobbed her head on it, moving her hand up and down with her mouth as she sucked on his cock.

His head rolled back, with his mouth wide open and he let out a long moan as she blew him. His hand wandered down her back over her ass and disappeared between her legs. I looked into the mirror and saw him playing with her clit and finally he started fingering her. She moaned. I loved when she moaned with a cock in her mouth.

She stopped sucking him and stood, straddling him on the bed in her heels. She knelt down and held his cock still as she lowered herself onto it. I watched as his large head met her and pushed it’s way into her wet pussy. She smiled and closed her eyes as she sat on him, his erect cock fully inside of her now. She shuddered and I knew that she was cumming. She leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest and started to fuck him. Her tits bounced in the mirror as she reached back and started playing with his balls. She was watching me watching her fuck him in the mirror.

She rolled off of him and laid on her back, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Without saying a word, he moved on top of her and easily slid his cock into her wet pussy. He was not being gently. He had worked one of her legs onto his shoulder and he was pounding her hard now. His balls were slapping against her ass and for the first time I could hear the sounds of sex and smell the scent of sex.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more. I shed the rest of my clothes and shoes and Escort Ankara walked around to the other side of the bed. It was the perfect height. I turned her head to the side, grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my still hard cock into her mouth. I thrust forward and started fucking her face. She was moaning loudly now. I looked down and saw his cock moving in and out of her pussy and I loved it.

She worked my cock out of her mouth and moaned “Cum on my face baby. Cum for me.” She took my whole cock back into her mouth and started sucking again. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I pulled out of her mouth and started to jerk off. The first stream of cum hit her in the check. I came in her mouth and even on her hair all the while he was still fucking her hard. It was one of the best orgasms in my life and seemed to last for several minutes.

I sat on the edge of the bed as she pushed him off of her and rolled onto her hands and knees with her perfect ass facing him. She looked back at him and wiggled it in the air. He got the hint and climbed between her legs and slammed his full 8 inches into her pussy. She let out a small yelp as he grabbed her firmly by the hips and started to fuck her harder than before. His pelvis slammed into her. She was screaming now, grabbing the bed comforter and biting down on it occasionally to muffle herself. My cum was dripping down her face onto the bed. Her tits were bouncing around rapidly as he increased his pace.

She made eye contact with me and winked. Just then he moaned awkwardly and I knew that his first spray of cum had shot inside her. He pulled out, cumming everywhere and rested his cock in the crack of her ass and the cum shot all the way to her shoulders. He shuddered and drained the rest of his cum all over her back. He collapsed beside her on the bed drenched in sweat.

By this time, my cock was rock hard again. She smiled and looked from me to him and back again “Well, boys, are we ready for round two in the jacuzzi yet?”

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