Mature Lady Gets Fit


No Pain – No Gain. Mature gets seduced by instructor and part of a football team

Unlike Bob who is a golf fanatic and since his retirement golfs 4 or 5 times per week, I am not a bad player but don’t really enjoy it. When we retired I rather resented him slotting straight into more time at the club and spending more time with his drinking buddies than at home. Obviously our sex life suffered too and I started to get bored and when I get bored I eat and had put on nearly a stone.

When he told me he had an offer of an all paid trip to the Algarve to write articles on golf and fishing I initially wasn’t for it, as I felt my new heavier figure was something I didn’t want to show off in a swim suit. However when I thought about it a bit more I felt that the sun had always made Bob randier and we might be able to rekindle our sex life.

I had just seven weeks to get in shape so I joined a health club that some of my younger friends go to. My determination nearly took a knock when having coffee with Libby ( de caff of course no cream or sugar) I noticed that all the women of any age were at least two stone lighter than me and quite toned. But she encouraged me by saying to me ” and most of them would die for those boobs of yours.”

Things perked up when an absolutely ‘drop dead gorgeous’ late twenties/early thirties guy walked past – very much the American beach boy type with blonde hair, tan, tight shorts, great shoulders, fab buns and great legs. He gave Libby a perfunctory nod and almost totally ignored me.

When I asked who he was, she said that he was Dave the managing instructor. When I said he was gorgeous she said ” and he knows it – believe me he’s bad news.”

She went on to say he made a point of seducing virtually every attractive new woman who joined the club. When I asked had she been one of his notches, she admitted that she had been with him a couple of years ago. He had pursued her relentlessly until he got her into bed and she had fallen for him big time.. Initially he had been charming and a great lover, for a couple of weeks until he moved on to the next conquest. When to her shame she had pursued him a little he had taken her out a few more times. But it was for very rough sex and he had rather treated her like a slut to whom he could do whatever he wanted.

She said he liked to show off his power over his ladies to his friends. On the final occasion he had told her how to dress to meet him – very short skirt, stockings and bra less. She hadn’t realised it was rather to put on a show for his friends and when they met up with a couple of his friends he had groped her in public and got her to expose her boobs and pussy to his friends. When she hadn’t objected to this or even his friends groping her, he had invited his friends back to his apartment to ‘party with them.’

Initially she had been flattered to be the obvious centre of attraction for three younger hot guys but the sex had been very rough and she had gone home with quite bad bruising which she had had to hide from her husband. She had called time on him and them.

My first couple of sessions, mainly assessments, were with a very pleasant girl Debbie before she suggested that Dave the managing instructor had suggested that he should take over to complete my fitness plan.

He smiled when I came into the room and he was charming as we chatted through what I wanted – basically to lose a stone and tone up for my holiday. I was a bit surprised when he said to drop my leotard and let him see me in my knickers. I thought for a minute I was going to get the ‘new girl’ seduction routine. And I suppose I was a little bit disappointed in some ways when he was totally professional. I thought the only reason he wasn’t trying it on was that I wasn’t attractive enough or I was too old for him.

He ran his eye quite professionally over my body stating : “Breasts Ok, tummy and thighs need some work.” And when he asked me to turn round said that my rear and thighs needed work.

When I asked “could we do it in seven weeks?” He said that it was up to me but it depended on hard work as there was ‘no gain without pain.’

Coming over to me he ran his firm hands from below my waist round my tummy – saying “we could probably take at least 2 inches off here.” Running his hands down my thighs inside and out “and a few inches off here.” And turning me round I felt his hand’s cup my buttocks and say “and you need quite a bit off that that ass if you’re going to wear a g string.”

I must have looked a bit crest fallen because he smiled and said “That’s the bad news, the good news you aren’t in bad shape for a woman of your age and you have good natural curves and great boobs and if you work with me I’ll get you into the sort of shape that young guys will be lusting after you at the pool and your hubby won’t be able to keep his hands off you.”

He started off by giving me a diet sheet and a work out that made my whole body ache for two days. He also stepped my visits up to three, Sincan Escort then four and then five days a week. Sometimes my sessions were with him and sometimes with other trainers.

I was disappointed he didn’t try it on with me and in fact he rarely ever touched me except in quite a necessary professional way. About four weeks in I hadn’t seen him for about a week and a few nights out at the golf club had put on a few pounds when I weighed in for a session with him. Once again I got the ‘strip to my knickers’ – this time I was glad I had a g string on and thought it might encourage him to show a bit of interest in me as a woman rather than simply a fat body to ‘knock into shape.’

However I was rather devastated when instead of a compliment on my weight loss and better toning he gave off to me for breaking my routine. He hit me a rather painful slap on the ass and said ” I thought we had agreed to get that butt into shape so you could wear a g-string bikini and look good on holiday. Your ass is still far too fat.”

When I started to cry he put his arm round me and said ” Look you have made great strides and you look much better toned overall but I thought you and I had a target to get that ass into the shape that guys would really lust after it. You have a very shapely ass and slightly better toned you could give any woman of any age a run for her money.”

Slightly mollified I tearfully said ” I’ll try.”

He smiled and running his hand over my rear said ” I’m sorry I was a bit harsh with you but I hate to see a beautiful woman who doesn’t try to look her best. You could have a great body but the older you are the harder you have to work for it.”

Over the next 4 weeks he took all my sessions and worked me really hard. Thinking back I worked really hard to get his approval but his interest in me seemed to be simply as a slimming and toning project.

On my final session two days before my trip we met for a final session. To be frank I had had a spray tan and I thought I looked great. And when I stripped for the weigh in he looked at me approvingly and said “Great work Carole, you’ve hit your target weight and you really do look great.” Moving forward he ran his hands over my waist and down over my thighs and said ” See the hard work has paid off.” Turning me round murmured appreciatively ” And that ass is now simply superb – I’ll be disappointed if you don’t get plenty of action when you’re in Portugal.”

I was disappointed that he, with his reputation, wasn’t trying for a bit of action himself but his comments at least made me think I wouldn’t be ashamed showing my body off at the pool and gave me the confidence to purchase some sexier clothes.

I hadn’t really decided to ‘road test it’ with action other than with Bob but in the Algarve when I saw the young guys at the boat , hotel and bars check me out it wasn’t hard for me to let it happen.

My new streamlined body and sexual confidence also turned Bob on and when we came back from our trip to the Algarve and I continued to dressed a lot younger and sexier we were soon back up to having sex three or four times a week. But my sessions at the gym and workouts in the Algarve ( in the gym and pool as well as on my back!) had given me a greater level of fitness and confidence and to my shame I often checked out younger guys as much as they checked me out.

I found that much as I loved Bob and enjoyed our lovemaking I wanted more. I told myself probably of the just physical no strings attached kind, but I really did enjoy having the fantastic feeling of being attractive to guys again and taking two or more guys on at once.

Since the Algarve ( where a bit more happened than we have reported on so far) we had another adventure in the North of Scotland when on a walking break – this was a bit near to home as Bob knew the owner of the hotel where we were staying but my desires overcame me and I had some fun with the owners son and some friends.

After that Bob, had suggested we wait until we went back to the Algarve again at the end of July this year but when my trainer came on to me I am afraid I threw caution to the wind and had a torrid fling with him for a few weeks.

We had just come back from Scotland and he called me in to his office to hear how I had got one in the Algarve as he been on holiday when I came back. He asked me to strip to my knickers and having asked me to do a twirl he admired my tan and said I looked different almost glowing. And said “I bet you it’s because you had a bit of action when you are away – hubby or other guys?” I wanted to appear confident and blasé and said “both.” But in spite of my new found confidence I felt myself blushing a bit.

He smiled and said ” Didn’t I tell you that it would worthwhile and that if you followed our regime you would have plenty of guys wanting to get into your knickers.”

Getting up he walked over to me and to my surprise I could see from the bulge in his shorts that for the first time he Sincan Escort Bayan was actually aroused over me. Taking my hand he pulled me towards him and pecked me on the lips saying ” You really have been one of my star pupils.” When I didn’t object he pulled me completely against him and kissed me more deeply and as I responded and our tongues met I felt him take the weight of one of my breasts with one hand while he cupped my ass cheek with the other. I have to admit I rather shamelessly melted against him glorifying in the fact that I could feel his large erection against my tummy.

When his hand moved from my ass to my crotch I responded my cupping his balls and then his cock with mine and I heard him murmur, as his fingers probed felt my wetness, “You really are up for it aren’t you?” Pulling my g string aside to expose my freshly shaven pussy he murmured approvingly – “that’s a fantastic big cunt I’m going to enjoy eating that – but I think what it needs now is a good bit of cock.”

He rather roughly turned me round and pushing me over the desk he pushed my g string aside and, pulling his large cock out of his shorts, he mounted me without much ceremony. This wasn’t making love, this was him taking me, but at the time I have to admit that I was pleased to have eventually caught his eye and I was flattered that this guy who basically had his choice of gorgeous women was very obviously aroused and wanted to have me. I enthusiastically thrust my rear up to meet him and after him riding me hard for about five or six minutes I felt him tense and felt the flush of cum in my pussy. As he dismounted he slapped my ass quite hard and murmured “if I had known you were as good a bit of ass I would had you a long time ago.”

When I turned round his large cock was semi flaccid so I thought I would try to show him how much I wanted him by kissing him and fondling his cock and balls. As we kissed he rather roughly groped my boobs before pushing me down on to my knees to take him in my mouth. His erection stiffened as I licked his cock and balls and when I took him in my mouth he literally ‘face fucked’ me. Grabbing a handful of hair he forced me to really ‘deep throat’ him and my choking seemed to turn him.

Although he was rough and I’m certainly no masochist, in a funny sort of way his roughness with me turned me on. Possibly it was because I had been slightly annoyed earlier to think he didn’t fancy me while I had a crush on him. Now although I was the recipient of quite rough sex with him his very obvious arousal demonstrated that he really wanted me.

I really wanted to please and pleasure him and quite obediently opened my throat to take the thrust of his large throbbing cock and was positively delighted to hear him murmur “you a fucking brilliant at giving head.”

I was actually looking forward to tasting his seed and was slightly disappointed that when I was holding his balls and felt him tense, that he pulled out and ejaculated over my face and breasts. I think he was pleased when I continued to lick and suck his cock as he smiled and ruffled my hair and murmured “you and I are really going to have some fun.”

Pulling me up he kissed my cum covered mouth and slapping my ass said “now lets get back to work I want you to keep that ass and those thighs in shape.”

After my workout he invited me for coffee after my shower and I have to say I felt really good to see the envious looks of quite a few of the other ladies. He was keen to discuss my exploits in the Algarve and I could see that it aroused him and he pressed me for a date that night. Unfortunately as I had a prior engagement with Bob I had to decline but agreed to meet him for a drink the following evening. He ‘suggested’ I wear something really sexy to show off my new figure.

The next day I went shopping in Princess Street for an outfit that would please him and throughout the day I was on a high like a teenager going on her first date. I realised I had fallen big time for this guy.

I had told Bob I was going out with the girls for a night out and might stay over at Liz’s so he was at the golf club when Dave telephoned about 5.00pm. I had just tried on my 4th outfit when he called to ask what I would be wearing that night. I asked him what he would like me to wear he said “something that shows of your ass and tits.”

He was obviously feeling randy because he then went on to ask what I was wearing then and when I said just a dressing gown because I was going for a shower – he said “mmm, wish I was with you.” I was a little stunned when he asked me to put my hand between my legs and ‘fondle that big pussy to get it ready for him’.

And when I did and murmured “It really is ready for you.”

He murmured “I’ve been thinking of nothing else all day than eating and fucking that.” He then instructed me to run a finger between my hips and imagine it was his tongue. Then to wet a finger and put in in my rear.

When I murmured “mmmm.”

He said “You’re going Escort Sincan to get it there as well tonight.”

When I murmured that that was OK too – I heard his heavy breathing and realised that he was really aroused and probably masturbating and was really pleased that he obviously wanted me as much as I did him. Rubbing my clit I too was aroused and murmured that “he could have what he wanted or do whatever he wanted tonight.”

I was brought back to reality when I heard him say damn and he told me he had ejaculated.

I told him I was hanging up as I didn’t want him to waste any more energy. I pulled out my vibrator and rather fucked myself silly with it thinking about how much this fantastic looking guy obviously fancied and wanted me.

After my shower I had calmed down and dressed in tight white linen slightly see through short trousers and after debating whether I should wear a more discreet white or more daring red g string I went for the latter. I completed the outfit with a rather sheer white shirt blouse with a sheerish lacey bra under it and a smart red jacket – to match the string and my red high shoes.

When my taxi dropped me off he was waiting outside the Filling Station Pub in the old town, and looked absolutely fantastic in a dark blue linen suit and a smart white shirt. He bent down and pecked me on the lips before telling me how fantastic I looked and as he stood back to let me through the door his hand brushed my rear and he murmured “that ass looks absolutely fantastic.”

After a few drinks and when we were getting on fantastically I was surprised when he got up and waived through the crowd to two guys who had just come in. Pete and Mick were two friends who he said always hung out in the Station but somehow thinking back to Libby’s story I thought it might have been pre-arranged. Certainly I noticed both guys checking me out before they sat down with us.

They were good fun and I had quite relaxed and was rather enjoying being the only female in the company of three great looking guys including seeing the rather envious glances of much younger women. When I got up to go to the loo I was slightly surprised when Dave helped me off with my jacket and whispered in my ear “Lose the bra when you’re out I’ve told the guys what great tits you have and I think they were quite looking forward to seeing them.”

I was a little miffed at being told what to do and when I slipped my bra off in the loo a little worried that without it I was really showing off too much through the almost totally sheer material of the shirt. But I was still enthralled enough with Dave to want to please him. I got some looks as I pushed out through the crowd back to our table with my large boobs bouncing and clearly on display but it was quite a turn on when both Mick said “Wow Dave wasn’t kidding you really are stacked.”

And Peter murmured “and really well built in all the right places.”

We all had a laugh when Dave said that Pete and Mick hadn’t been into older woman until they had seen my ass when I was going out to the loo and now they had seen my tits he was sure that he had them converted. Both boys chorused their assent.

As the drinks flowed he said that although they would love to share he had told them that my pussy and ass were solely for him tonight! He then recounted the fact that before he had got me in shape I had only ever been with a couple of guys and had never even been ‘butt fucked’ but that since he had worked his magic on me I had been able to have guys from as young as late teens. It seemed rather odd to be discussing my sex life with three young strange guys but also quite a turn on as I knew I could have all three of them if I wanted. But I was pleased that Dave wanted me to himself that night.

When we got a taxi back to his apartment he was truly lovely – full of compliments – and having opened a bottle of champagne he made undressed me except for my red g string which he asked me to leave on and made love to me tenderly. We lay and kissed and cuddled before he went down on me kissing my thighs , pussy lips and clit.

With his large leonine head between my thighs and his tongue and fingers doing most exciting things to me I was in absolute heaven and was totally open to him when he moved up with a huge erection to mount me. I almost climaxed with excitement to feel his hard muscular body between my thighs, as I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone. He rode me gently then as I responded, very passionately, and then the two us were really ‘fucking’ hard as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into me and I responded.. It must have been nearly twenty minutes of absolute ecstasy before I came off to a series of earth shattering and very noisy climaxes and I felt him tense and shoot his load in to me.

As we lay coupled I remember kissing him and letting myself go saying over and over again “I really, really love you.”

He responded with ” And I really fancy you.”

As he rolled off me I was straight on to his cock with my mouth and he was soon erect again and really shafting my mouth. I think he was about to come off when he rather abruptly pulled out and murmured “That’s really good but I really have been looking forward to taking that big ass of yours.”

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