Mattie Lake Pt. 04


Chapter Eight, Angela’s Fantasy, Part One

Angela stood up, “OK, I’ll tell you a little bit. Since Marcus got to have two sessions, I want to have two also, a session in the morning, and an afternoon session.”

Jason yelled out, “Alright! So far I like it!”

Angela continued, “In both sessions we’ll be focusing on sexually pleasing the ladies.” She looked at the two men, “Sorry boys. But don’t worry, I promise both of you will have at least one fantastic orgasm. In fact, in the morning session we girls will do all the work. All you guys will be doing is lying down.”

Jason yelled out again, “Alright! Now I really like it! Please continue, dear.”

She looked back at her husband and smiled, “I will. Maria and I will be doing all the work because you guys are going to be tied up. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Maria looked up her girlfriend, “That sounds really interesting to me. I’m intrigued… go on.”

Angela looked her husband in the eye, “I have all night to think about what I’m going to do to you, sweetheart.” She walked over to Marcus and gave him a mischievous smile. Then she looked over at Maria, “Do I get to play with Marcus too?” She reached one hand down and grabbed his dick.

Maria answered, “Of course you do… anything you want. This is your fantasy.”

Angela’s hand was still clutching his genitals, and Marcus had a look of concern on his face, “I’ve never been tied up before. I don’t know if I can do it. I mean… what if things get out of control, or someone gets hurt?”

But Jason looked happy and was grinning from ear to ear, “I think it’s a great idea. I love the thought of having a woman dominate me… and having power over me… like when Angela pegs me. Count me in.”

He looked his friend in the eye, “Marcus, you love your wife don’t you?”

Marcus replied, “I love Maria more than anything in the world.”

Jason said, “Well, then you should trust her. This is just playing around. Maria would never do anything that would physically harm you… and Angela loves you too. She would never hurt either of us. I know that for a fact. But if it will make you feel better we can have a safe word. When anyone says that word the activity stops immediately. Let’s say the safe word is Red.”

Angela smiled at her husband, “Thank you for helping us, Jason. Ok everyone… the safe word is ‘Red’, and anyone can say it anytime they feel like they need to stop. Does everyone understand that?”

She looked at the others and they all nodded back at her. “Alright everyone, I think we should get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.”

The four friends all stood up for a group hug, and then kissed each goodnight.

It was another beautiful morning in the high sierra. After they had eaten breakfast the four friends took off their clothes and sat together in a circle on the blanket.

Angela had brought the bottle of lube, some hand towels, and the strap on dildo, and placed them at the edge of the blanket. She also brought along the quarter-inch nylon rope that they used at night for tying their food up in a tree to protect it from the bears, six tent stakes, and a Swiss army knife.

Angela got up on her knees, smiled at her friends, and began, “Well, finally it’s my turn. I’m so excited I barely slept a wink last night. Are you guys ready to begin?”

Maria replied, “I’m ready, Ang. How should we start?”

Angela looked at the men, “You boys are going to be tied up for at least an hour. If you need to pee you should do it now.”

Marcus replied, “I’m fine.”

Jason looked at Maria and smiled, “I went five minutes ago, and while I was peeing I was thinking ‘I wish Maria was holding my dick. Oh well, like the song says, you can’t always get what you want.”

Maria smiled back at him, “If you treat me right Jason, you just might find, you get what you need.”

Jason chuckled, “Nice!”

Angela picked up the rope and handed it to her husband. “Can you cut six pieces of rope that are about three feet long, please?”

He took the rope from her hand, grabbed the knife and began cutting the pieces. When he was done he said, “Ok, now what?”

She looked at Marcus, “Lie down on the tarp over there please.”

He flopped down on his back and smiled back at Angela.

“Now I want you to put your hands behind your head, and I want you to spread your legs so your feet are about two feet apart.”

Marcus did what she asked. He looked comfortable and relaxed.

“Jason, I want you to pound three tent stakes into the ground, one should be two feet behind Marcus’ head, and the other two in front of his feet. Then I want you to tie his hands together and secure them to the tent stake, and then tie his feet to the other tent stakes.”

Ten minutes later Marcus was securely bound and humming the tune “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

“Ok, Jason. I want you to lie down on the tarp next to Marcus, and place your arms and feet the same way Marcus has his. Maria, I want you to pound in the tent stakes and tie Ankara escort Jason up just like Marcus. Make the knots tight; he shouldn’t be able to get free.”

Maria isn’t as strong or skilled as Jason, so it took about fifteen minutes for her to tie him up.

Maria and Angela stood at the feet of their husbands and looked at their bodies. Marcus is a big muscular black man with a beautiful body. He has very little hair on his body, and he also has a large penis. Jason, on the other hand, is an average size man with reddish blonde hair. He’s a handsome man with an average size penis. Both men are circumcised.

“Ok Angela, now that we have them at our mercy, what should we do with them… or should I say, what should we do to them?”

Her friend smiled back at her, “First, we need to get them hard. You can work on my husband and I’ll take care of yours.”

Maria giggled, “Okie dokie.”

She knelt down on the ground near Jason’s head, and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He opened his mouth and she probed gently with her tongue. They kissed passionately for a minute before Maria pulled away. She smiled at him. “Are you nervous Jason?”

“Not at all Maria, I know you love me and you’ll be nice to me.”

She gave him a mischievous smile, “We’ll see about that.”

She straddled his face with her thighs and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Jason pushed his mouth into her and began licking her labia. Maria reached down with her hands and spread her lips open so he could get more of his tongue inside of her. He pushed into her and then brought his tongue slowly up the inside of her slit. Moving it up to her clit, he closed his eyes and focused his efforts on pleasuring her on that intimate spot.

Maria whispered, “Thank you Jason… ooh that feels nice!”

Jason whispered back, “Whatever you want Maria… just tell me please.”

Maria looked back at Jason’s cock, and it was starting to grow. She turned around so she faced his feet, and again lowered her pussy onto his mouth. She leaned forward and grabbed his dick. She rubbed the tip with her thumb, focusing on the slit opening. His cock was getting harder and it felt warm in her hand.

She looked over at Angela, who was sitting between Marcus’ legs. She had his balls in one hand and was stroking his cock with the other. Marcus had his eyes closed and was moaning softly, and was taking shallow quick breathes. His dick was fully erect.

Maria yelled over, “Don’t make him come yet, Angela. I think we should take our time and really enjoy this.

Her girlfriend replied, “Ok, I know what to do.”

Angela grabbed one of his balls in each of her hands, and pulled down and away from his body. She continued pulling him harder, and stretching his scrotum. She looked up at his face and saw that Marcus was biting his lip. She knew she was hurting him, but she also knew he could use the safe word at any time to stop her. She pushed her thumbs into his testicles, and Marcus’ moaned softly. His dick was starting to go soft. Angela decided she would let Marcus rest for a bit and let go of his balls. A few seconds later Marcus relaxed and had a smile oh his face.

She got up and then knelt down between Jason’s legs. She looked at her husband’s dick and saw that he was not fully hard yet. She looked at Maria who was still pushing her pussy onto Jason’s tongue and said, “Want some help?”

“Sure, it’s your day. Go for it.”

“OK I will. I’m going to lick and suck Jason’s balls, and I want you to suck his cock.”

Maria giggled, “Your wish is my command, my queen.” She brought her face down to Jason’s penis, placed her mouth over the head, and began to lick and suck the entire surface of his shaft.

Angela licked his balls with the flat surface of her pink tongue, and then proceeded to take one testicle at a time into her mouth, and then suck on it as hard as she could. In no time at all Jason was rock hard. Jason had a grin on his face and was humming a tune.

Angela pulled away and tapped her girlfriend on the head, “You can stop now Maria… he’s ready.”

Maria released his dick and sat back up. Angela looked at Jason’s face… he was definitely enjoying this. “Jason, I’m going to fuck your dick until I come, and then Angela will trade places with me, and she’ll fuck you until she comes. So be a good boy, and don’t squirt until we’re done, ok?”

Jason smiled back at his wife, “After all the pleasure you and Maria have given us, I would be a total asshole not to return the favor. I’ll hold out until you tell me it’s ok for me to come. Then watch out, I might explode!”

Maria giggled, “That’s hot! I want to see that!”

Angela moved up until her pussy was above Jason’s genitals. She grabbed the head of his dick and placed it at the opening of her pussy, and lowered herself down onto him, slowly taking all of him inside of her. Maria watched and grinned, as his cock disappeared inside of her girlfriend, and then again sat on Jason’s face, pushing her pussy lips down onto his tongue.

Angela Ankara escort bayan closed her eyes and purred, “Oh baby, you feel so good in there. Let’s go for a ride.”

Slowly, she began moving her hips and pumping the hard cock inside of her. She impaled herself on Jason’s dick several times and then increased the speed. A minute later she was slamming her cunt onto his dick as hard as she could. Angela looked up at the sky, closed her eyes and yelled out at the top of her lungs, “Ah! I’m coming! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, baby!” She slammed her body down onto him one last time, and gripped his cock with her muscles as hard as she could, as her orgasm washed over her.

A few seconds later she relaxed her muscles and opened her eyes, “Holy shit… that was fucking awesome… I feel absolutely wonderful”

She looked at Jason and asked, “Are you ok, Jason? Can you hold out a little longer so Maria can have you?”

He replied, “I’ll try my best sweetheart, but it won’t be easy.”

She looked over at Maria who was still enjoying rubbing Jason’s tongue with her pussy.

“Ok, Maria, you can fuck him now.”

Her friend smiled back at her, “Thank you Ang.”

The two women traded places. Maria looked at Jason’s dick and saw that he still had an erection, and she also noticed some pre cum starting to leak out. She turned around so she was facing Jason’s feet, and positioned her hips over him. She grabbed his cock and put the head on her slit. She pushed down on him and his dick easily slid into her soaking wet cunt. Maria felt like a bitch in heat, and began pumping the dick inside of her as fast as she could, thrusting as deep as she could, trying to get all of that beautiful sweet cock inside of her, and to experience all of it.

She was kneeling over him but decided she wanted to fuck him harder. She placed her feet on the ground so she was squatting over Jason, and slammed her body down on his cock as hard as she could. She felt the head of his cock hitting her cervix, pushing it up into her body. She couldn’t take any more, and her body began to tremble. She arched her back and moaned, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” as she came.

Maria was motionless for some time, enjoying the feeling of the hard cock still inside of her body. Finally, she turned around to face Angela and Jason and said, “I’m exhausted, but in the best way possible… holy fuck!”

Jason smiled at his wife, “Is it time for me to come yet?”

She smiled back at him, “Not yet, babe… but soon… I promise. Right now we’re going to fuck a big black cock. Let me see, where can I find one of those?”

She looked over at Marcus’ crotch and pointed at his semi-erect dick, “Ooh look… there’s one!”

She leaned over towards Marcus, put his dick in her mouth and deep throated him all the way down to his balls. She bobbed her head up and down the entire length of his shaft, and a minute later she started to gag, She had to pull her mouth off of him, as his dick was now fully erect and huge. She took a good look at it, and decided it had to be at least eight inches long and two inches thick.

Angela looked Marcus in the eye and said, “Fuck Marcus, you have a really awesome cock. I can’t wait to get it inside of me.”

She squatted over him and then drove her pussy down onto him, filling her body up with him. She’d never felt so full inside… her pussy lips so stretched apart. It felt heavenly.

She began pumping him, slowly at first, but soon she got used to having this huge thing inside of her. It felt amazing, and she wanted more of it. She slammed her body down onto him, onto his beautiful hot black cock.

Maria came closer and was lying on her stomach, with her face six inches from Angela’s crotch, watching her beautiful husband’s cock slide in and out of her girlfriend’s soaking wet pussy.

She purred, “Yes Angela, fuck that big black dick like there’s no tomorrow. This is your day, sweetie… fuck the shit out of him!”

Maria was getting hot and decided she couldn’t just watch… she needed to come too. She reached over to the side of the blanket and grabbed the strap-on, pulled the red dildo out of the harness, and shoved it up inside of her as far as she could. She rammed it into her as fast as she could while watching her girlfriend fuck her husband.

The two friends looked at each other and smiled, “I like your big red cock, Maria. I know it’s longer than the one inside of me, but I think this real dick inside of me feels way better than that fake one.”

Her friend chuckled, “I’m sure you’re right Ang, but since you’re using it right now, I’ll just have to settle for second best.”

The two ladies giggled and continued pumping their pussies. A couple of minutes later they both closed their eyes and began to moan. Angela raised her hips, pulling away from Marcus’s dick, and then slammed the full weight of her body down on him, impaling herself on his rock hard cock.

She looked up at the sky and wailed, “I’m coming… I’m fucking coming!” Her body began to Escort Ankara tremble in ecstatic delight.

She opened her eyes and looked at Maria, who had put the base of the dildo into Marcus’ mouth, with the main body of the toy buried deep inside of her pussy.

Maria arched her back, slammed down on the toy and wailed, “Oh… fuck… yes!” as her muscles contracted around the dildo inside of her.

Maria relaxed her body, but did not move until her breathing returned to normal about a minute later. The she got up, retrieved the dildo from Marcus’ mouth, and put it down next to the strapon harness.

The two women sat cross-legged on the blanket next to each other, facing their naked and bound husbands.

Jason looked up at them and smiled, “Well ladies, did you enjoy yourselves? Is there anything else we can do for you?”

Angela looked her husband in the eye, “Oh, stop being Mister Perfect, Jason. You know damn well it’s your turn to come.”

“I thought I was being subtle, and yes, I do think it’s our turn. What do you say girls? Tit for tat, right?”

“Ok yeah, you earned it, but you’re going to come the way we want you to.”

Maria spoke, “It’s still your fantasy Ang. How should we make the boys squirt?”

Angela thought for a few seconds before answering, “You sit between their chests facing their dicks, and I’ll sit between their legs facing you. You jack them off while I work their balls.”

Maria nodded her head in agreement, picked up the bottle of lube, and applied a generous amount of the slippery liquid on the men’s dicks. Then she grabbed a dick in each hand firmly, and began stroking them up and down the length of their shafts.

Angela pinched the skin at the bottom of their scrotums and pulled down about two inches, stretching out the skin. Then she made a ring by bringing the tips of her index finger and thumb together around the top of their scrotums, forcing their testicles down into their ball sacks. She pulled down on their balls, and gripped tightly.

Jason looked at his wife, “Come on Angela… you know what I want… please baby?”

His wife gave him a mischievous smile and chuckled, “Ok dear… you asked for it.” Angela knows her husband well, and what he likes done to him. One of his favorites is experiencing some light pain with his pleasure.

She looked up at Marcus and released her grip on his balls, “I’m going to take care of Jason now, but I’ll be back to finish you in a few minutes. Ok Marcus?”

He smiled back at her, “No problem Ang. I’ll wait right here.”

Angela’s released her grip around her Jason’s balls, and then changed her position so that she was kneeling between his legs. She reached in with both hands and again stretched the skin of his scrotum, pulling down hard and moving her hands in a circular motion at the same time. Jason closed his eyes and whispered, “Yes baby… that feels so fucking nice… keep going, please.”

She looked at her girlfriend, “Grab his dick with both hands and jack him off.” Maria smiled back at her friend and took hold of Jason’s cock.

Angela wrapped her index finger and thumb around the top of his scrotum and pulled down hard, drawing his balls four inches away from his body.

Jason moaned, “Oh it hurts baby… yes… yes… yes baby!”

She brought her other hand up and gently poked the sharp fingernail of her index finger into his right testicle.

Jason moaned louder, “Oh baby… more… more… more!”

She raked four sharp fingernails across his skin, scratching the bottom of his scrotum.

Jason kept moaning, “Fuck… yes… fuck… yes!”

She gently slapped his balls with her open hand, hard enough to produce a clapping sound and a little bit of pain. She knew she could hurt him more if she wanted to, because Jason still had a huge erection. If he started to go soft she would know she’d gone too far. She might misinterpret what he was saying, or the expression on his face, but his dick told the truth.

Jason was taking short breaths and sweat was starting to appear on his forehead. She called to Maria, “It’s time. Stroke down, hard and slow.”

Maria interlaced her fingers together, and tightly gripped his shaft. She stoked down slowly, taking a full ten seconds to go from the head of his cock down to the base.

She was getting ready to stroke him a second time when Jason arched his back and yelled, “Here it comes!”

A six-inch strand of thick white spunk squirted out of the opening, landing on the back of Maria’s hands. She relaxed her grip but continued stroking, and three more strands erupted from him, coating her fingers with the sticky liquid. Maria stopped stroking but kept holding his dick, rubbing the tips of her thumbs lightly over the head.

Jason laid back quietly on the blanket, with a look of total contentment on his face, “Man oh man, that was intense! Thank you, ladies. You’re the best!”

Angela chuckled, “Yeah, we are the best. I hope you appreciate that.”

“Oh babe, you know I do. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

Maria was about to clean the come off of her hand when Angela stopped her, “Wait, I’ll take care of that for you.” She grabbed her girlfriend’s hands and proceeded to lick them clean with her tongue.

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