Masturbation in the woods

Masturbation in the woods
I’ve done this on and off this since I was a teenager. I started almost as soon as I discovered masturbation. I enjoyed the mixed feelings of pleasure and fear of doing it outside; the idea of it being doubly naughty. Originally I would masturbate when I walked the dogs. I lived in a semi-rural area near woods and open countryside. We also had a local country park and were surrounded by managed forestry so there was plenty of scope. I remember so clearly the first time I did it naked. I’d set off from the house as usual to walk to school but instead went through some woods to the edge of the country park where it merged into forestry. It was a warm summer morning but once inside the conifers it was shady and cool. I left the main track and zig-zagged between the closely growing trees to a small clearing I’d discovered. My heart was pounding as I took off my uniform and hung it on a low branch. I paused between each piece of clothing and listened nervously. Nothing, only the sounds of nature, and a far-off hum coming up from the town. I’d left my underpants till last. The thrill I felt as I pulled them down and off my bare feet releasing my hard-on which sprang up and slapped against my belly. I was so hard. Oh, the feeling of the air on my genitals, the realisation of being naked outdoors. I stroked myself a few times and brushed my sac against a stand of soft ferns. It felt so good. I walked away from my clothes. Just a few turns between the trees and they were out of sight. It was scary, but so exciting. The air on my naked body, the soft dampness of pine needles under my bare feet, the warm shafts of sun when there was a gap in the trees, the jiggle of my hard-on as I moved, the feeling of vulnerability. How far dare I go? I stroked my cock as I walked. It didn’t take long. In a shaft of warm sunlight, with my back arched and my member thrust forward as if in presentation, I spurted a milky arc high in the air.

I had stripped off, walked away from my clothes and had a nice wank as usual. As I came back to where I’d left my stuff I heard voices. Getting nearer I could make out that they were girls’ voices. My heart started racing. I edged closer until I could see. Across the clearing there were three girls sitting on a fallen tree trunk. They were older than me. They were in school uniform. The one worn by the Girls in the Grammar School. In those days, as it was summer, this was a blazer with a gingham dress and white socks. They were smoking cigarettes and passing a bottle of cider back and forth. They were too close to where I’d hidden my uniform for me to be able to retrieve it unobserved. Panic set in. when I calmed down I decided that I’d just have to wait until they went away. Despite the situation, my teenage libido soon kicked in. They were pretty girls and had all discarded their blazers. The sight of them; thin gingham dresses stretched across their pert breasts, riding up their soft smooth thighs as they carelessly moved about, giving occasional flashes of their knickers, was so exciting. I was soon erect. I started to stroke. I heard one of the girls say she was going to have a pee and she went into the trees. The thought that there was girl with her knickers down just yards away made me even more excited. When she came back she was carrying something. It was my uniform. As she was squatting she’d spotted it under the bush. It was real panic this time. After a bit of conversation one of them called out. She said that they guessed I was close by and that if I stayed hidden they would take my uniform with them. I stepped out from the bushes trying to cover my erection with my hands. They screamed with laughter. I was told to take my hands away and come closer. As they sat and drank their cider they made me run around and jump so that they could laugh at my cock waggle. Finally I was told to come for them. I stood in front of them and wanked as they opened their legs and showed me their knickers. I soon shot my load. After a bit more teasing they left and I was able to get dressed.

It was a hot summer day. I had cycled a good few miles on forestry trails and was on my way home. As I was passing through a section of trees which skirted a reservoir, I felt it was the right time for a nice open-air wank. I propped my bike against a tree. As I neared the water I heard voices. There was a guy and a girl standing knee deep in the shallows. Both were naked. At the edge of the trees I could see two piles of clothing, boots and rucksacks. They moved a bit farther off laughing and splashing each other. The sight of the pretty girl, the jiggle of her breasts, the glimpses of her pussy lips between her legs when she stooped forwards to scoop up water, made me so horny. Unseen by them I took two steps forward and snatched up the knickers off the top of one of the clothing piles. I moved as close as I dared to where the couple were. The guy dived into deeper water and began to swim, watched by the girl. I pulled my cycle shorts down and wanked my already stiff cock with the knickers as I gazed at her. Now and then I lifted them to my face to breathe in her scent. It felt so exciting; secretly spying on a naked girl as I wanked with her soft, warm knickers. I came quickly. I took the knickers home with me and enjoyed them for a couple of days until they lost their fragrance.

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