MasterPC Ch. 11


Chapter 11: The Intern

Having successfully resisted the temptation to conquer the world using the Master PC program, David Donaldson turned his attention to building his business. Julia, his new assistant, was proving a real asset to his work. Leaving aside the fact that their libidos were nearly a match, she was also whip smart and a great organizer.

One morning, as David was carefully sipping his first cup of Arco and reviewing his “to-do” list for the day, Julia walked into his office and perched her delicious ass on the edge of his desk.

“Boss, we need to talk,” she said. ‘Boss’ was her term of endearment for David and he enjoyed hearing her use it. It had a Clark Gable-Claudette Colbert kind of feel, sort of like some 1930’s screwball romantic comedy.

“You have the floor, start talking,” David said, giving her his full attention.

“We need to hire some staff. This business can’t grow if we don’t have some help.”

“Do I want the business to grow?”

“Boss, I know you always say there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers, but that is as close as I’ve ever come to hearing one. Of course we want the business to grow. Don’t we?”

“That’s an assumption, Julia. I kind of like the way things are right now,” he said, reaching out and rubbing his hand along the outside of Julia’s thigh. She grabbed the hand and pushed it away.

“None of that now, Boss, we’re having a serious discussion. Don’t try to distract me,” she said in a mock serious voice. She was smiling though, and she didn’t push his hand away with much force.

“If we hire more staff, how will we keep having fun in the office?”

“I’ve thought of that. If you let me do the hiring, I’ll make sure to only hire people who think like we do about sex and having fun.”

“How will you do that?”

“Let me worry about that part. What do you think of the idea of adding some staff?”

“How about if we start with an intern or two. Maybe someone from the local U?”

“Hmmmm…well, now that you mention it, that might not be a bad way to go. We could see how they work out and then decide if it was worth it to start adding more people.”

“What would you have them do; I mean besides the sex part,” David said, grinning.

“I could use some help with answering phones, maintaining our social media presence, updating the web site; things like that. Probably about 20 hours per week, maximum.”

“I can see that you’ve given this a lot of thought,” David said, leaning back in his chair and sipping some more of his coffee. “All right, go ahead. Start rounding up some candidates and we’ll see how it goes from there, OK?”

“Thanks, Boss,” Julia said, slipping off the edge of the desk and leaning into David, giving him a kiss. “You won’t regret this. You’ll see.”

He watched her walk out the door into the outer office admiring the way her skirt hugged her ass. She had a gorgeous ass. He loved looking at it clothed or otherwise. And, with the Master PC upgrades he’d given her (without her knowledge of course), she would always have that gorgeous ass. In fact, her entire body was now proof against aging. Oh, she’d die eventually just like anyone else including him, but her body would retain its firmness and suppleness for years thanks to a few modifications he’d made.

David pushed the thought from his mind and went back to work. He was enjoying his consulting business. He’d finally found an occupation that suited his inclinations. David was a “vision” guy and a problem solver. What he had always struggled with was finishing. He loved coming up with ideas and problem solving. But he was easily bored (even more so now with his Master PC enhanced intelligence) and quickly lost interest in a project once it was launched.

Being a consultant allowed him to swoop in, do some teaching and problem solving, get some ideas out there, and then watch as other people made things happen. Then he moved on to the next client and repeated the process. And, in Julia, he found an employee who complimented his abilities perfectly. She was a “finisher.” She was both creative and detail oriented, a rare combination. He could hand her something that he’d started and know that it would be taken care of. And, she knew how he liked to work. He liked being challenged and required lots of stimulating things to keep his mind occupied.

Later that day, she popped her pretty head through the doorway and announced, “The first candidate for the internship is here, Boss. Want to meet her?”

“Wow. That was fast. Sure. Bring her in,” David said, getting up from his chair and slipping his suit jacket back on.

Julia walked in with a young, by which I mean young looking, girl. She had auburn hair and a somewhat boyish figure. She was wearing a modest straight skirt with a white blouse and a green jacket which set off her beautiful green eyes. She had cute dimples. She was not, by any means a “knock out” but she wasn’t hard to look at either.

“Mr. Donaldson, this is Allie Weston. Allie, this is Mr. Bursa Escort Donaldson, who, as I told you on the phone, owns the company.”

Allie smiled and shook David’s hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Donaldson.”

“Likewise, I’m sure,” David replied, adding, “Please have a seat,” indicating a chair at the conference table which occupied the center of the room.

Allie smoothed her skirt and sat down. Julia took the seat opposite. David sat where he usually sat, at the head of the table.

“Well, Allie, did Julia explain what we do here?”

“Yes, Mr. Donaldson, and it sounds exciting.”

David glanced at Julia, who was smirking just a little bit. He looked away quickly and turned his attention back to the internship candidate.

“So, Allie, let’s talk about you. What are you studying at our favorite University? What are your interests? Things like that.”

“I’m majoring in Marketing and Mass Communications with an emphasis in social media. My minor is English with a writing emphasis.”

“Good choices. So, what do like to do when you’re not in class or studying?”

“Oh, I like all sorts of things, Mr. Donaldson. I like sports, playing and watching, I like to listen to music, go to movies with my friends, play video games, read books, that sort of thing.”

“OK, well, why are you interested in working with us?” Allie looked at Julia, who nodded briefly urging her to go on.

“I met Julia in my yoga class and we sort of became friends. When she told me about you, I mean told me about your company, and how much she enjoyed working under you, er, um, I mean working for you, I thought it might be a good place for me to get my internship. I need one to graduate and it might as well be something that suits me.”

Dave gave Julia a look that all but said “oh HO, I get it.”

“I see. Well, in that case, let’s move to the test.”

“Test?” Allie looked at Julia, who just smiled and nodded.

“Yes. It’s the test I give all the interns. I’m surprised Julia didn’t tell you.”

“N-n-no, she didn’t,” Allie replied now seeming just a little apprehensive.

“Oh it’s a very simple test, Allie. Stand up for me please.”

Allie stood up, looking at Julia, who just kept smiling. Allie looked back at David for further instructions.

“Turn around so we can see all of you.”

Allie turned 360 degrees. David smiled at Julia. Julia smiled at David.

“OK, now what?”

“Take off your clothes.”

Allie directed a questioning glance at Julia, who smiled and nodded. Saying nothing, Julia got up and went to the reception area where, presumably, she put up the “closed” sign, locked the front door, and turned out the lights in reception. Seconds later she walked back in and closed David’s office door, which she also locked. Allie was still standing exactly as she had been when Julia had left the room.

“Well,” Julia said, “you wanted this internship.”

“Just waiting for you to get back in the room, Julia. I knew you wouldn’t want to miss anything.”

Allie turned back to face David. Then she took off her jacket and folded it before placing it carefully on the table. Then, she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, which fell in a puddle at her feet. She stepped out of it, picked it up, folded it neatly, and put it with the jacket. The blouse was next — Allie took her time with each button, her bright green eyes never leaving David’s for even a second. When that, too, had joined the pile of neatly folded clothing on the conference table, Allie stood before David wearing a bra, a pair of thigh high nylons, a thong, and her shoes.

“Leave the thigh highs on. I like the way they look.”

Allie reached behind her back again and unfastened the bra. She held the cups against her little cupcake tits for just a moment before tossing it on the table.

“Turn around and bend forward at the waist, then take off the panties. Leave the shoes on for now.”

Allie slowly turned around and bent over, displaying her ass beautifully. She turned her head so that she was looking back at David and then she slowly pulled the thong down her legs and let it drop to her feet. She remained where she was, giving David a wonderful view of her ass, with her well waxed coochie peeking out from between her thighs.

“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks.”

Allie did as she was asked, spreading herself wide open; her entire crack was now in view and it was a delightful view from where David sat.

“What do you think, Boss? Does Allie pass the test?”

“She’s doing great so far, Julia. I think she’ll fit right in.”

David turned to find Julia, naked, lying on her side on the couch. She was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“Allie,” David said, “Go over and lick Julia’s pussy, please.”

“Yes Sir!”

Allie walked quickly to the sofa and took up station at the junction of Julia’s magnificent thighs. Julia cooperated by sitting up and spreading her legs wide, giving Allie as much access Bursa Bayan as she would need. Allie didn’t hesitate, but dove in face first and began servicing the woman who would be her new boss. She soon had Julia breathing hard and squirming against the leather surface of the sofa. David watched as he removed his clothes. Naked, he sat back down and stroked his fully tumescent cock as he watched Allie eat Julia’s pussy with gusto, and, apparently, some skill judging by the sounds Julia was making and her facial expressions.

“Right there…yes…yes…right there…right there…oh fuck…that’s the spot…don’t stop…yes…yessss… don’t you dare stop you little slut…c’mon eat that pussy…oh, yes…you do that so well baby…that’s it…that’s it …oh god yes…two fingers…yes…fuck my pussy…finger fuck me…harder…now suck the clit…ohgodI’m cummmmmmminggggggggg!!!”

Julia had a hold of Allie’s head with both hands and for a moment it looked like she was trying to pull the younger woman’s head right up inside her pussy. Allie kept working fingers, lips, and tongue not stopping until Julia finally pushed her head away and flopped over on the couch, a smile of total satisfaction on her face.

“Enough…god…you’re killing me,” Julia gasped.

Allie sat back on her haunches and licked her lips. Then she wiped her face with her hands and licked them as well, not wanting to waste a drop of Julia’s sexy sauce.

“Allie, come over here,” David said, fisting his big boner.

Allie crawled over to David and knelt with her knees spread apart displaying her sex. It was juicy, swollen, and ready for cock. Her back was straight, her chest thrust out. Her head was held up but her eyes were down. Her hands were placed on her thighs palms up. David smiled, recognizing the pose.

“You’ve eaten Julia’s pussy before, haven’t you,” David asked?

“Yes, sir, I have.”

“I see. Are you a lesbian?”

“No sir, I’m bisexual.”

“Very good. Does it turn you on to eat Julia’s pussy?”

“Very much sir.”

“Excellent. Well, one last little task and your exam will be finished. You’re doing well so far. Go back over to the sofa and kneel on it with your ass toward me. Put your hands on the back of the sofa and arch your back.”

“Yes, sir.”

Allie quickly obeyed and was soon displayed in a perfect fucking position. David got up from his chair, walked over to the sofa, and put his cock next to Julia’s mouth.

“Get it wet, please, Julia. I’m going to fuck your little intern here until she passes out.”

Allie shivered at his words. Julia opened her mouth and drew David’s big dick inside giving it a thorough coating of her saliva. David pulled it out of her mouth with a pop and then without saying another word, he shoved the entire length up Allie’s tight little cunt hole all in one go. It was a good thing she hadn’t been lying about being excited because if her pussy hadn’t been really wet, David’s opening thrust would have been, to say the least, painful.

“Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Allie screamed as she felt her pussy impaled on David’s cock. It was a scream of pure pleasure, rather than pain.

When David felt his balls slap against Allie’s pussy he stopped his thrust and held his cock buried deep inside the young intern. He leaned over her back and put his mouth right next to her ear.

“That’s a hot little pussy you’ve got there, Allie. It feels wonderful on my cock. Where’s my cock, Allie?”

“In my pussy, sir,” Allie said.

“Close, but not quite right. When you are in this office, your pussy is MY pussy. Do you understand?”

Allie moaned and her entire body trembled.

“Where is my cock, Allie?”

“In your pussy, Sir,” Allie gasped feeling David flex his dick in her guts.

“What’s it doing there?”

“Fucking your pussy, sir,” Allie said, again gasping with pleasure as David began slowly withdrawing his cock.

“Congratulations, Julia,” David said, now beginning to slowly work his cock in and out of Allie’s tender twat tissues. “You’ve brought me a winner.”

“Allie, tell Julia who and what you are,” David said, his voice showing a little exertion now as he began seriously running his dick in and out of Allie’s pussy hole.

“I’m…ugh…oh…fuck…I’m…ahhh…ohgod…alittlefuckslut,” Allie gasped as David began seriously pummeling her pussy.

“How do you feel right now my little fuck slut?”

“Ohmygod…ugh…I feel so good…ahhh…please…I love your cock in me…a girl can’t help it sir…a girl is cummmmmminnngggggggg!”

“What Allie is trying to say is that she is a little submissive slut….ahhhhh….that pussy feels great…where was I? Oh, yes…wriggle your ass just like that little kajira… Mmmm….yes…just like that…”

David grabbed Allie’s arms and pulled them behind her, crossing her wrists. Allie locked her forearms and wrists together, her forehead pressed into the back of the couch. He used her arms to pull her more Escort Bursa tightly against him, impaling her completely with his big dick. Allie’s cries of pleasure became a long high ululation like the cry of some sort of animal or large bird.

Julia looked on, mystified. She had known Allie for some time and had bedded her on more than one occasion and she had never known about this side of her personality until now. Allie had never shown submissive tendencies toward her, but she sure was showing them now with David. Julia was intrigued, and she was also a little turned on. She began to play with her pussy without even noticing what she was doing.

David was in his stride now, his cock sliding in and out of Allie’s sex like a well oiled piston. His big balls slapped against the top of Allie’s slit, bouncing off her clitoris with every stroke sending little jolts of pleasure along her nerve pathways to go with the big jolts of pleasure his cock was creating with its relentless assault on her cunt. On and on — Allie lost track of time — the sexual blitzkrieg continued and her orgasms had concatenated into one enormous pleasure wave.


She went limp. She was like a candle that had been snuffed. One moment screaming through the last in a long chain of orgasms and the next lying limp and covered with sweat on the sofa, out cold.

David checked Allie’s breathing and adjusted her body to a more comfortable position. Then he turned to Julia, who was half on and half off the couch, her legs spread, her head just touching the back of the couch, her fingers busy whipping her pussy to froth.

David knelt between Julia’s legs and replaced her hands with his cock, still hard and still wet from Allie’s pussy.

“Oh FUCK! YES!” Julia cried as he plunged inside her quivering quim. She had been right on the cusp of another huge orgasm and David’s sudden thrust was the catalyst for a sexual cataclysm in his beautiful blonde assistant. He felt her inner plumbing contract in ripples up and down his cock as she came and came and came. He forced his dick in and out of her in spite of the powerful contractions enjoying the feel of her powerful inner muscles massaging his rampant fuck stick.


David felt the pregnancy pudding boiling up from his balls. He let the waves of pleasure Julia’s pussy was providing wash over him and carry him off to sexual nirvana as with a long drawn out sigh of pleasure he released a torrent of scalding sex sap into the hungry maw of Julia’s molten sexual center.


Julia felt David’s cock pulse once, twice, three times as he blasted her innards with his liquid lust. More salvos followed and if she had possessed the capacity for lucid thought at that moment she might have wondered how any man could come that much. She did not have that capacity at that moment, however, and she would be forced to contemplate this conundrum later on. His flood triggered yet another climax as she felt his warmth bathe her insides and leak out the bottom of her coochie, coating her quivering anus with his goo.

Allie had come back from wherever it was her mind had taken her and was sitting up watching the end of David and Julia’s fuck. David noticed her.

“Allie, come here and clean my cock with your lips and then clean Julia’s pussy,” he ordered. His voice was quiet but it was easily understood that this was not a request.

“A girl obeys,” she said, quietly. She moved quickly to comply with her orders. Taking David’s dripping cock gently in her hands she lovingly licked and sucked it clean, relishing the taste his fluids combined with Julia’s, not forgetting to lick his balls. When she was satisfied that she had gotten everything she could get from him, she turned her attention to Julia who was still lying sprawled out with her legs spread and a steady stream of creamy juices running from the bottom of her gaping pussy hole and down her crack. She put her face into the swamp between Julia’s legs and lapped for all she was worth, even digging her tongue into Julia’s asshole in search of David and Julia’s combined spendings.

She even licked what had spilled onto the leather upholstery of the sofa, licking and lapping like someone after some delicious morsel that they had been deprived of for a long time.

“Enough. First position,” David said.

Allie once again knelt before him with her legs spread and her well fucked pussy on full display. Her back was straight, her chest out, and her hands rested on her thighs, palms up. This was the standard position of a slave girl before a Master.

David had once spent about a year reading through the literature of D/s, including the works of John Norman, and had spent hours on line chatting with women who believed themselves true slaves according to the Norman philosophy and world view. He had recognized Allie’s kneeling posture for what it was immediately.

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