Massage Reveals Hidden Talents


I had not long graduated from University as a Sports Therapist and Sports Masseur. I was looking to set up my own small business, providing treatments on a mobile basis.

I received a message from a girl who was a friend of a friend, interested in arranging a massage for herself. We’d briefly met on a night out and I got the impression she had a bit of a thing for me, but I put it down to the copious amount of alcohol flowing. Either way, nothing came of it that night. She was about 5ft6, very slim (maybe about size 8) with what I later found out were D cup breast.

So we arranged a date and time for me to go to her house for her massage. I arrived at her house carrying my bag and massage table. She answered the door wearing a vest and very short shorts which hugged her firm arse perfectly. I got a great view of this as she turned to show me into the house.

I set up the table in the living room and began to discuss what she wanted from the session. She said she’d never had a massage before, so I suggested a full body (legs and back) and we’d see if there were any areas that needed extra work.

She got on the bed on her back, I draped a towel over her chest and hips, tucked the towel into the bottom of her shorts and began to massage her thighs. Chatting always helps the sessions to go quicker, and the conversation really began to flow. I wasn’t sure if she was being flirtatious or not, but I tried to strike a good balance of professional and friendly. When I began to massage the tops of her thighs, she found it very different to concentrate on chatting. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling pain or getting turned on.

“Does that feel okay?” I asked.

“Yes that feels nice.” she managed to say softly.

I carried on with the massage and onto the other leg. She again found it difficult to concentrate when I reached the top of her thigh. This time I noticed her bite her lip and close her eyes. Now I was pretty certain she was getting turned on by this, but didn’t want to forced anything.

I got her to roll onto her front and again tucked the towel into the bottom of her shorts, this time getting a great view of her arse crease. The conversation continued and began to be full of innuendos and ‘hidden’ sexual reference. She began to compliment me on my massaging skills.

“You are very good with your hands.” she said.

“Thanks. I’ve been practicing with my hands a lot.”

“Well you have very talented hands.”

“So have you got any talents?”

“My talents are top secret. bahçeşehir escort Well… secret-ish.”

“Do I get to know what this talent is?”

“Oh you’ll know what is it when or if you experience it.”

“Well I’m very intrigued now.”

“That’s the plan.” she said as she look back over her shoulder and winked.

Continuing with the massage, this time as I reach the top of her thigh, I see her toes curl. I begin to get a little more bold with my massaging, brushing the inside of the bottom of her shorts. With each stroke, I see her fists clench hard. But I resist diving into her shorts.

I go to move onto her back. I ask her to take off her vest. She hesitates for a second.

“Oh, I er, I forgot to put a bra on before you came.”

“Well would you like me to step out while you take it off?”

“No its fine. I just thought it best I warn you.”

As she kneels up to take off her vest, I stand at the end of the bed so she has her back to me. I get a glimpse of her side boob, and a nice view of her boobs swing for a moment as she lowers herself down onto the bed. I again d**** the towel over her, this time tucking it in to the top of her shorts. I pull them down slightly. Professionally, it’s to get access to all of her back and the top of her gluts. Personally, its for more of a view of her arse. I pull them down enough to see her arse crack.

I get back into massaging. As I reach her neck and shoulders, I see her hips raise and she wriggles slightly.

I ask “is that ok?”

“Yes.” she says, breathlessly.

“Are you sure?” I stop massaging for a moment. As I do, she stops wriggling.

“Yeah it’s fine. That’s just my ‘special’ spot.”

“Oh I see. Well I can avoid that spot if you’d like?”

“Hell no! Who doesn’t want their ‘special’ spot touched?”

At this point she has both hands placed next to her head, one elbow tucked into her side, and the other elbow out to the side, giving me a view and some access to her boob. I am stood at her head, my crotch at the same level as her head, and her cock has grown hard. I start massaging long strokes down her back. Brushing over the top of her arse as it reach the bottom, and working into her shoulders as I reach the top, paying close attention to her ‘special’ spot. At this point she doesn’t try to hide her moans as I work my hands over her back, and her hips begin to almost hump the bed in her excitement.

I start to massage wider each bakırköy escort time I bring my hands up to her shoulders, edging closer to her sides. I brush against her elbow that tucked into her side. She moves it out of the way. I now have ‘access’ to her boobs on both sides. I massage up her sides slowly a few more times. I can feel her back begin to arch, as if she is starting to try and lift her chest off the bed, encouraging me to grab her boobs. I can resist no more.

I massage the side of her boobs in a circular motion, edging closer to her nipples. At this point she has lifted her chest off the table, giving me no obstacles to her boobs, her head still down on the table. Her hand now grabs at the front of my pants, squeezing my now fully rigid cock. I twist and play with her nipples. She pulls down the waistband of my pants, freeing my cock, and immediately takes it fully in her hand. She now lifts her head from the bed, and takes my cock in her mouth. I move my hands from her boobs. I place one hand on her head. The other reaches down to her shorts. I slide my hand inside her shorts and squeeze her arse. I work my hand round in between her legs to find her dripping wet pussy.

She is working my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth, varying the speed. This is the point where I experience her first top secret talent. She starts to take all of my 7 inches of cock deep into her throat with ease. She uses her tongue to work along the bottom. All the while, I’m working my fingers in and out of her pussy. I feel her moans vibrate through my cock which is being deep throated by this pro.

I don’t want to finish just yet. I pull her up by her shoulders and begin to passionately kiss her. One hand is squeezing her boob and twisting her nipple. The other is pulling down her shorts and squeezing her firm arse. I pick her up, she wraps her legs around me, and I carry her through to the bedroom. I drop her on the bed, lie on top of her, and begin to kiss her neck, remembering her reaction to me massaging her sweet spot. This time, she shows no restraint in hiding her pleasure, moaning loudly.

I work my way down her body to her chest. I take each nipple in to my mouth in turn, sucking and nibbling on it slightly, whilst twisting the other with my fingers. I keep one hand playing with her nipple, and kiss my way down to her pussy. She is still soaking wet and I finally get to taste her sweet juices. My tongue finds her clit, and my fingers work başakşehir escort inside her, exploring pussy, looking for her intimate special spots. Her chest rises and falls heavily as she gets close to orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, Yes!” she cries out, grabbing my head, hold me against her pussy. I feel her arms shaking as the wave of orgasm rushes through her.

After coming down from her orgasm, and releasing me from her grip, she pulls me onto the bed, lying me on my back. She kneels down beside me on the bed, and takes my cock in her mouth, again working it in and out like a pro. Her arse is in the air within arms reach. I grab hold of her further check and push my thumb into her pussy, circling around, again searching for her special spots.

Now is when I discover her second top secret talent. Almost without warning, I feel something wet hit my arm. I turn to see a second burst hit my arm. She’s a squirter!

“Wow” I said, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Well now you know both my hidden talents.”

At this point we are both ready to fuck. But she decides to tease me a little more. She turns to straddle on top of me, grabbing both of my wrists in an attempt to pin me down. With her being a slender girl, I could of easily fought up and over powered her. But right now, I was in no rush to do so. As she is kneeling over me, she keeps her hips just above my rigid cock. She lowers herself and rubs her pussy along my thigh. Her eyes close and she bites her lip as she enjoys teasing me as she excites her clit again. Eventually she brings her pussy up to my cock, rubbing herself along my shaft.

She reaches behind her, grabbing my cock, and points it towards her pussy. She lowers her head towards mine, looking straight into my eyes, our noses almost touching. She rocks back far enough that the tip of my cock just touches the lips of her pussy, stops for a moment, then rocks forward. She does this a few times, going further each time, before eventually I can take no more.

I release my still trapped hand from her grip. Place both hands on her hips and push her down onto my cock. We both let out a deep moan, a mixture of pleasure of relief. Relief that the sexual tension that has been building is finally about to be release. I waste no time in thrusting up, pounding her pussy for all I’m worth. By the look on her face and the screams of “yes”, “oh fuck” and “oh shit” she is appreciating my efforts.

The mixture of sounds of skin hitting skin, breathless grunts and cries of pleasure makes everything a blur, until I feel a stirring and a surge as I’m about to finish. I use the remaining energy in my legs, hips and abs to give her one last almighty pounding until I shoot my sperm deep inside of her. I thrust a few more times until I am spent.

She collapses on top of me, before summoning up the energy to ask “does that count as payment for the massage?”

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