Mary’s story Part 29

Mary’s story Part 29
Mary wanted to feel sorry for the Vicar, but she realised that this could be a perfect excuse for her when Mike found out about her own work. She knew what the most popular tattoo was going to be, and where it was going to go on the Vicar, so she could always say, “But I’m just like the Vicar, darling.” She decided that the Vicar was going to have to be pierced and tattooed for her sake, even if the Vicar did not know that she was helping one of her flock.

“Come on, then.” She pulled Jaqueline to her feet and led her to Room 2. Linda was waiting, and Mary handed her the letter. Linda quickly read it and turned to a filing cabinet. “Well, we have some of these in stock.” Turning to Jaqueline she told her to get fully undressed. “You probably will not bleed very much, but you don’t want to risk getting it on your clothes.”

Still sobbing, Jacqueline took her clothes off. She was quite a well-built woman, thought Mary, but a bit dowdy. As Jaqueline removed her tweed skirt and her dog collar blouse she revealed some very racy red underwear, a low cut bra which pushed her breasts together, a matching suspender belt and black seamed stockings, but she was not wearing any knickers, just a big black bush of hair.

Jaqueline could see the shock on their faces. “Another idea of the Bishop’s, he wants me to reach out to the working girls.” “What happened to the knickers?” “A client took them home with him last night.” “A client; surely you don’t mean that the Bishop expects you to sell your body?” “He says that it will help me understand their life a bit more if I truly experience it. And I suppose that it helps Church funds.” With that everyone laughed. “Get everything off, and we’ll make a start. We can talk about your experiences when we have finished.”

Jaqueline removed the rest of her clothes, and stood there naked. Her breasts were quite large, and she had very prominent nipples, which were surrounded by large dark brown areolae. Linda leaned forward and pinched Jaqueline’s nipples hard, pulling them sharply upwards, and then let them go. “Your Bishop has a good eye for ring sizes, but you will be able to carry 6mm easily, and looking at your areolae, I would suggest 55mm diameter, unless you want something larger?” “Whatever you recommend, Linda, but can you just do it before I change my mind, please?” “Right, stand with your back against the wall, whilst I mark you up. You don’t want them to be crooked.”

Linda put on a pair of sterile gloves and opened the packet that she had taken from the filing cabinet. She laid the contents out on the small stainless steel table in the corner of the room, and selected what looked like a pen. “This is a skin marking pen. The marks will take a couple of days to disappear, but they won’t smudge when I spray the anaesthetic on you.” Linda focussed on Jaqueline’s left nipple. “Right take a deep breath. Now let it go. That is very good; some women’s breasts turn the nipple slightly when they do that, but yours are perfectly straight up and down.” With that, Linda started to draw short lines on Jaqueline showing the direction that the needle would have to take. “Do you want to take a look?” Jaqueline had her eyes shut. “No, just do it. I can’t believe that I am doing this, but the Bishop must be obeyed.” “Right, get up on the bed.”

Mary helped her get onto the bed and lie down. Jaqueline’s breasts rolled slightly to the side, and Mary could see that the marks were no longer straight. Linda saw her looking. “That is lesson one, always mark standing up.” With that, she painted both nipples with a brown lotion. It stained the skin. “Lesson two, always make the area sterile. These larger nipple piercings have to be treated as a surgical operation, just like yours. Of course, yours are much more extreme, but the principle is the same.” Jaqueline opened her eyes and turned to Mary.
“There’s no easy way to ask this, Mary, but are you pierced?” Linda reached over the bed and pulled the zip down on Mary’s uniform, revealing the tunnels and stitches in her bright red nipples. “Two can play at that game.” Mary grabbed Linda’s zip, pulling it all the way down, so that the dress opened and showed Linda’s rings and tattoo. “Take your overall right off, slut, and show the Vicar your pussy.” Mary took off her uniform and exposed herself. A flood of pussy juice ran down her legs. Jaqueline’s mouth fell open. “That is the sexiest thing that I have ever seen on a woman’s body.”

Mary saw that Jaqueline had a hand between her legs, and she was rubbing herself furiously. “I think I will be able to tell the Bishop that he was right about more women getting pierced.” “Don’t forget the tattoos. Half the women in the town have one, and my houseguest is totally covered. You will soon be joining us.” Mary needed to keep Jaqueline focused on becoming her excuse. “Ah, the Bishop’s tattooing order. What do you think it will be?” “One like this.” said Mary, pointing to her pussy, “They are all the rage at the moment.” “I quite like the look of that, and it will certainly give me street cred with the girls.” “Better than that, you will be able to go places in the town where you wouldn’t have been allowed in. There is a new club opening, where you won’t be allowed in unless you carry a butterfly tattoo on your pussy. All the women in your congregation are very keen to go, judging by the numbers who are coming in for butterflies down there. Perhaps your Bishop knows about it already?”

Linda interrupted her. “Nipple piercings first; you will have plenty of time to chat when I am finished.” She picked something up, which Mary recognised from her own piercing. Swiftly, Linda positioned it on Jaqueline’s left nipple, carefully aligning the marks. “OK. I want you to take deep breaths; all the way in and out very slowly.” Jaqueline took several deep breaths, and there was the familiar click as she exhaled for the fourth time. The punch worked instantly, removing a core of tissue from the centre of the nipple. Jaqueline went very pale. “Don’t pass out on me; at least not until I get the ring in.” Linda removed the punch, pushing it out with the end of the ring meaning that the hole was kept filled, and it had no time to bleed. Linda screwed a ball into the ring and stood back. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Mary knew exactly how painful it was from yesterday, or perhaps it was not as bad as hers? After all, most of the centre of her nipples had been removed; with her larger nipples, Jaqueline still had quite a lot of hers left behind. She gave Jaqueline a mirror to see her new adornment, and Jaqueline broke out into a beaming smile. “I look beautiful,” she said, “please do the other one.” The process was repeated and both rings were soon in place.

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