Marooned Together Pt. 02


Marooned Together Part 2: Barbra and Dean’s Adventure

This part of the story begins as just before Jeff and Julie go overboard. Please check out Part 1 if that doesn’t make sense. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

Barbara did her best to hold the wheel of the ship steady as Jeff ran out to help Julie secure the sail. Dean quickly ran below deck to make sure the diesel engine was running okay. With her attention on keeping the bow of the ship into the waves, Barbara almost didn’t see Jeff and Julie go overboard, but out of the corner of her eye, she watched as their bright orange life jackets fell into the churning sea below.

“Dean, I think we lost Jeff and Julie,” she screamed.

Dean ran back onto the deck and tried to find them.

“Fuck, I can’t see them anywhere.”

“Should I turn the boat around and try and pick them up?”

“If we try and do that, we will capsize. Also, I can’t see them right now, I wouldn’t know what bearing to turn to. When the storm calms, we will start searching.” Dean yelled over the storm.

“I’m going to run back down and radio for help,” Dean said. As he turned to head back down, the sound of screeching and breaking metal stopped him in his tracks.

“Shit that’s the main mast,” Dean cursed as they watched the mast break and slam down into the boat. “I think we have to abandon ship.”

“Fuck, Dean are we going to die?” Barbara cried out.

“No, we have a life raft and an emergency beacon. I’ll get the raft. Try and keep the boat as steady as you can. I think it’s starting to take on some water.” Dean was stoic and unfazed, almost like he was going through a checklist in his head. He knew he had to hold it together for Barbara.

Dean quickly ran down into the hull grabbed the emergency life raft and a bag of emergency rations. He returned to the deck of the ship. He hooked the line of the life raft to the rail of the ship and then threw it into the water. He pulled hard on the line of the raft, deploying it. The raft expanded quickly. The raft was bright orange with a full canopy on top of it. It almost looked like a mix between a tent and a bouncy house floating on the waves.

Dean grabbed onto Barbara’s arm and guided her hand to the line.

“Don’t let go of this line until you are in the raft,” He yelled over the storm. “We will jump off together.”

Barbara nodded. Tears were streaming down her face, but Dean couldn’t tell because of the rain. They moved to the edge of the ship. Dean held on to Barbara’s life jacket with one hand and the line with his other. Barbara held on to the line.

“Jump on three,” Dean yelled. “One, two, three.”

They jumped into the rolling waves. Barbara’s hand broke loose from the line, but Dean held tight and pulled her back to the line which she then grasped. They slowly worked their way up the line to the raft. Once they got to the edge of the raft, Dean helped Barbara in first, pushing her ass into the covered raft with his free hand, holding the line with his other. Dean then climbed in after her and cut the line attaching them to the ship.

Once in the raft Dean lounged against the side trying to catch his breath. Barbara was curled up in a ball almost hyperventilating.

“Breath Barb,” Dean encouraged rubbing her pale freckled hip softly.

Her breathing slowed a bit. She got up on her hands and knees and went to the entrance of the raft. She stuck her head out, puking over the side. Dean grabbed her ankle to make sure she didn’t get tossed out by a wave. Dean watched the lights of the ship disappear over the horizon as Barbara finished puking.

“I’m sorry,” cried Barbara crawling back into the raft and into Dean’s arms.

“Don’t worry,” Dean started, “I may not be showing it, but I feel about the same. I’m going to check the emergency beacon. Help should already be on its way.”

He moved over to where the beacon was on the raft. He opened the pouch to find the beacon in pieces.

“Shit, Fuck, Goddamn!”

“What is it?”

“It’s broken Barb.”

“Oh no, are we dead then? What about Jeff and Julie?”

“We are going to be ok. I can’t be sure about Jeff and Julie. There are a lot of islands around here. They might get lucky and wash up on one. The water is warm enough. I don’t think they will get hypothermia. We have to stay positive. They might be ok.”

Barbara nodded her head.

Barbara and Dean cuddled together as the storm continued to thrash them with none-stop waves. They barely talked for the next few hours. Neither of them were sure when, but eventually they nodded off to sleep.

When they awoke the storm was over and the raft felt stable. The sun had started to come up. They took off their life jackets. Barbara had on a long white tee shirt, almost see through from water, and her skimpy bikini top and bottom underneath. Her long red hair was still damp. Dean had on swim trunks and nothing else. His blonde hair was a mess and his blue eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep and stress. His toned and tanned body was still flexed tight from the stress of the cevizli escort previous night.

“Let’s dry out the inside of the raft and then we can inventory our supplies and try and come up with a plan,” Dean suggested.

They started bailing out the large puddles of water in the raft and then used some large sponges that were in the raft to get the rest of the water out. They rolled up the canopy to let the sunlight in. The raft was meant for 4 people so it was actually pretty good sized for two people. They could both lay flat, side by side, if they wanted to.

Dean opened up the emergency rations from the raft and the extra bag he had grabbed before they abandoned ship.

“Looks like we have food for 3 weeks, fishing gear that should hopefully buy us 3 more, a knife, some rope, water for a week or so, a hand desalinization pump for after that, sunscreen, a pack of playing cards, a first aid kit, and three bottles of vodka,” stated Dean after it was all laid out.

“At least we won’t starve and we can have some fun with the vodka,” Barbara joked for the first time since the storm started.

“I think it’s supposed to be for cleaning wounds and what not,” smiled Dean.

“I’m more interested in the what not,” smirked Barbara.

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Hopefully we will drift to an island, with any luck one with people in the next few days, or be sighted by a ship,” said Dean.

“I hope that’s true for Jeff and Julie too,” said Barbara with more than a hint of sadness in her voice.

Dean set up a clothes line and Barbara removed her shirt and hung it up to dry. Dean couldn’t help but look at her freckled body. Her black bikini barely covered anything. If he wasn’t so stressed, he was sure he would be getting aroused, but for now his mind was on survival. He started prepping fishing gear.

Barbara started learning how the desalinization pump worked and kept an eye out for any ships, helicopters, or their loved ones. Dean couldn’t help but steal a few glances at Barbara knelt over the pump. Her toned freckled ass was fully in view. In any other situation he would be staring, of course in most other situations, Julie would be there to smack him. Julie didn’t mind him looking as long as it wasn’t for too long, he justified to himself as he stole another glance.

“Are you looking at my ass,” Barbara said smiling and looking over her shoulder.

Dean blushed and looked away.

“No, no, just getting the fishing gear together.”

“I don’t mind, you know, you can look as long as you don’t touch,” Barbara teased.

“Don’t worry Julie would murder me if I did,” Dean joked.

He watched as Barbara’s face when from a grin to serious.

“God, I hope they are ok,” Barbara said.

“Me too.”

Once her shirt was dry Barbara put it back on over her bikini. They spent the rest of the day fishing with no luck, but they seemed to get the system down and thought they might do better the next day. The sun went down and after eating some of their rations they were both pretty tired. They laid down to go to sleep.

“Can you cuddle me a little while I fall asleep?” Barbara asked.

“I thought you said no touching,” Dean winked at her.

“I think this will be ok.”

Dean nodded and they laid down on the raft spooned together. Dean couldn’t help but notice how well their bodies matched together. Barbara’s was a bit shorter than Julie. Barbara’s body though still fit, but was a bit more curvaceous and softer than Julie’s. He put an arm around her stomach and they were asleep in no time at all.

They next few days they got in a rhythm of fishing, eating rations, and talking. Mostly they talked about Julie and Jeff.

“You think they made it to an island?” asked Barbara.

“I mean it’s definitely possible,” Dean answered. “Can you imagine the two of them alone on a tiny island?”

“God we better hope they made it to two separate islands or they may have already killed each other?”

“Let’s hope they got rescued by two different boats instead,” Dean joked.

“Yeah, without us there to mediate; it could certainly turn into a blood bath,” Barbara laughed.

“Dean, I enjoy your company, but I’m feeling a little couped up and bored. Do you think it is safe to go for a swim?”

Dean thought about it for a bit

“Yeah, I think its ok, but only one of us at a time and we should tie a rope to the swimmer to make sure they don’t get to far from the boat.”

“Good plan,” Barbara nodded.

Barbara stripped off her long tee shirt and Dean tied a rope around her slender ankle. Dean tied the rope to a D-ring in the raft. It gave her about 50 feet to play with.

“Be careful not to get tangled and yell if you need anything.”

Barbara nodded, stood, and dove into the calm water. Dean admired her huge tits and perfect ass as she gracefully entered the water.

“How is it?” Dean asked watching her as she popped back up.

“Oh, the temperature is nice, but we are in really deep water,” Barbara said. “The water is erenköy escort clear but I can’t see the bottom.”

Dean watched as she swam out to the full length of the rope and back to the raft a few times. He was maybe watching her a bit too closely as she did the back stroke. He was wondering if her tits were going to slip out of her tiny bikini. That’s when he saw it out of the corner of his eye. A huge fin. He felt his eyes open wide.

“Shark!” He screamed. “Shark!”

Barbara barely heard him at first but when she lifted her head, she saw Dean was waving his arms and his face looked panicked.

“Shark behind you!

Barbara saw the fin and then turned back toward the raft and began swimming as quickly as she could.

Dean could see the shark was gaining on her; he looked around the raft. There was a short paddle to use for short rowing situations. He grabbed it and dived into the water. He had been a college swimmer and was soon passing Barbara. The shark was right behind her.

Dean put his face in the water. He saw the shark’s open mouth headed right for Barbara’s leg. He smacked at its face with all his might with the paddle. It connected directly with the shark’s nose. The shark turned away momentarily.

Barbara basically rocketed into the raft from the water. Dean was swimming back now at full speed. She could see the shark was circling back. Dean was swimming fast, but she wasn’t sure it was fast enough.

He got to the raft and Barbara helped pull him in. The shark turned away from the raft and after circling a few times disappeared back into the water.

Dean laid on the raft breathing heavily. Barbara laid next to him, herself still recovering.

“Thanks!” she gasped and rolled towards him kissing him instinctively on the lips.

Dean kissed back, caught up in the moment. He could feel her trembling body against his. He could also tell her breasts had freed themselves from her top and were pressing against him. He felt strangely aroused and then ashamed and pushed away from her.

“You’re welcome,” he stammered. “I mean I’m sorry, a wow guess that was exciting.” He sat up and looked down at Barbara’s huge freckled tits and large pink nipples. He was still catching his breath.

I took Barbara a second to realize why he was looking at her chest.

“Oh geez, I’m sorry.” She fixed her top and sat up too.

It was quiet for a while.

“I’m going to take this wet swimsuit off and wear my shirt.”

Dean nodded and turned around.

“You don’t have…”

“I think I better,” Dean giggled nervously and shamefully as he blushed.

They were uncomfortable for a while, but before too long they started talking again.

“You think it was a great white?” Barbara asked.

“No, I’m pretty sure it was tiger shark, but it was a big one.”

“Guess we will have to be more careful, maybe stay closer to the raft.”

Dean laughed and nodded.

Despite the intense day, the mood actually seemed lighter after the near tragedy. That night when they went to go to sleep, Dean suggested they maybe not cuddle together.

Dean woke up first the next day. To his surprise Barbara’s tee shirt had ridden up and her ass and shaved pussy were on display. Dean couldn’t help but look. He could fill himself getting a little hard. He quickly looked away and then headed to the side of the boat and peed over the side with his semi hard cock.

Barbara started to stir and pulled down her shirt.

“So, what’s the plan today?” she asked.

“Well, I guess we do some fishing,” said Dean. “Then maybe play some cards or something.”

“So, no swimming?” Barbara joked.

Dean smirked and looked at her rolling his eyes. With the tee shirt on Dean could see the outline of Barbara’s large nipples. The bottom of the shirt barely covered her pussy. Remember don’t touch, he thought to himself.

Barbara put on her bikini bottoms before they started fishing, but left the top hanging and wore the shirt instead.

They fished for a few hours and for the first time got a bite. Dean had Barbara help him pull it in and then he grabbed it once it got next to the boat.

“What kind of fish is it?” Barbara asked.

“It looks like a small yellowfin tuna. This will be perfect for sashimi.”

They didn’t really have a choice since there was no way to cook the fish.

They butchered and ate the fish. It was the first meat they had eaten in days.

“God that was so good!” Barbara exclaimed.

“I know right,” Dean added. “Fish has never tasted so good!”

“What do you say we chase it down with some vodka?” Barbara asked raising her eyebrows mischievously.

Dean thought about it a minute. They really had nothing else to do after they had eaten. They might as well celebrate the fish.

“Ok just a little.” Dean smiled at her.

They each took a shot of vodka. It burned a bit, but wasn’t bad. About 15 minutes later they took another shot.

“Cards?” Barbara asked picking up the deck.

Dean nodded.

They played esenyurt escort a few games of Go Fish and once that got old, they played War. They took a few more swigs of vodka from the bottle between games. They were both starting to get a little tipsy.

“Let’s play Slap Jack,” suggested Barbara.

Dean shook his head, “I don’t know that one.”

“You don’t know Slap Jack?” Barbara said surprised. “You play cards one at a time and when a jack comes up first one to slap it takes the cards.”

“Sounds easy enough.”

“Yeah, so let’s make it interesting,” Barbara’s green eyes flickered with mischief and trouble. “If you slap second you have to take a swig of vodka.”

“Fair enough.”

They played a practice round and then the game begun in earnest. Dean took the first two swigs; Barbara took the next three. Their swigs got longer and deeper. Pretty soon, they were pretty wasted.

“Ok I can’t drink anymore,” Dean announced.

“Lightweight,” Barbara laughed putting her hand on his leg. “Honestly,” she said overly emphatic, “me either.”

They both laughed.

“Well, we can play for something else. Clothes?”

“I only have shorts on Barb.”

‘Guess you better win then,” she slurred a bit.

Dean shuffled and dealt the cards.

Dean saw the jack first and smacked it. Barbara laughed she hadn’t even seen it. She unceremoniously lifted her hips and removed her bikini thong. Barbara threw it at Dean giggling. He caught it and shook his head. Barbara was sitting with her legs wide open giving Dean a full view of her pussy.

“Ok next person that losses has to do a sexy dance,” Barbara suggested.

“Afraid of being naked?”

“Trying to mix it for entertainment,” Barbara laughed.

“Ok Barb,” said Dean rolling his eyes.

They played the round. Dean won again, but Barbara’s hand came down on his a half-second later. She held onto his hand and stuck her tongue out and started crawling over to him.

“Bum, bum bum, bum,” she made fake striper music sounds as she crawled up his body and mounted him. She comically started giving him a lap dance. She flung her hair around and grinded animatedly on his hardening cock. She could fell it against her pussy through his shorts. God, she wanted him. It wasn’t just that she was horny and bored. He had saved her life twice in the past week. She missed Jeff but wanted Dean.

Barbara brought Dean’s hands up to her hips continued grinding against him. She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt removing it in one motion, but in her drunkenness the shirt got stuck at her shoulders and she fell over struggling with it.

Dean laughed but was beyond stimulated as he watched Barbara’s struggling naked freckled body. Her large tits were magnificent, pale and freckled with large hard pink nipples. He wanted to lean in and suck on them, but even in his drunken state he resisted. He knelt over her and helped her remove her shirt. She wrapped her arms around him and pecked him on the lips.

“Dance is over,” she smirked and rolled out from under him, picking up her cards again.

“Tease,” Dean mocked

Barbara stuck her tongue out at him and then pumped her eyebrows.

Dean shook his head lightly and picked up his cards.

“Next hand you get naked Dean.”

“What if I win?”

“You won’t,” Barbara said with boldness.

She was right. They played the hand and she slapped the jack a second before Dean even saw it. Apparently, she was motivated enough to concentrate through the alcohol.

Dean untied his shorts and removed them, throwing them at Barbara. Barbara caught them but kept her eyes on his hard cock. It was a bit smaller than Jeff’s she thought, but still a nice cock. Dean was circumcised and had his public hair all trimmed up. She was impressed he could keep an erection with how much they had drunk. The bottle was almost empty. She licked her lips.

“So, what we playing for this round?”

Barbara thought a minute.

“Loser has to masturbate,” She said.

Dean thought about it. It didn’t require touching so he guessed it was ok. The dance had been a bit much, but he still had shorts on then. His inhibitions were definitely pretty weak.

Dean slowly nodded looking Barbara’s naked body up and down, his cock getting even harder. They played the hand slowly laying down cards and eyeing each other up and down. It took a while but finally Dean laid down a Jack. Barbara was staring at his dick and licking her lips and more or less missed it. Dean slapped the card.

“Fuck,” Barbara scrunched her face upset at being distracted.

“You know we can stop if you want,” Dean drunkenly said. He grabbed the bottle and took a deep swig.

“Bets a bet,” Barbara answered. She took the bottle from him and took a deep swig.

Barbara laid back and spread her legs placing them on top of Dean’s. Dean was sitting up across from her, his legs spread somewhat open, his cock standing straight up. His eyes were squinting trying to get a good look and struggling to stay conscious from the alcohol.

Barbara slide one hand down her stomach and lightly rubbed her labia slowly in a circular pattern. She started moaning softly. Dean felt more blood rushing to his rock-hard cock and was trying his best to keep his hand off of it. His mouth was open a bit and nearly drooling.

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