Marlene’s Story

Cum In

Note: This is a story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the need for safe sex due to current epidemic of STDs.


Marlene and I moved in together a year before we were married and almost from the beginning we found we both enjoyed sharing stories of our pervious sexual liaisons with each other. These sharing times almost always led to more sex, whether we were at home or on the road.

Once I recall her telling me, “By the time I graduated from high school I could count all my lovers on one hand with a few fingers left over; by the time I graduated from college I could count them on both hands.”

With a chuckled she added, “Now I can’t count them on both my hands and feet.”

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and Marlene and I were curled up on our bed relaxing after several hours of playful sex which had taken place throughout the house. I was wearing a pair of boxers and Marlene was wearing a silky, short gown. After a little coaxing she began to tell me a story:

I played on the girl’s soft ball team every year I was in high school. During the summer before my junior year our long time female coach retired and was replaced by Coach Mims; he was a good looking, redheaded, and freckled married man in his late twenties. Of course all the girls on the team went crazy over him and were not at all shy in letting him know it.

Any time we won a game or had a really good practice everyone crowded around him jumping up and down with their boobs bouncing and rubbing all over him. He seemed to completely enjoy the attention and even grabbed an ass or two, by accident of course. There were rumors that several seniors even let him know about their admiration in the training room after school.

Even after being selected as team captain during my senior year I still didn’t get as much attention from Coach as the bubbly, bouncing, big boobed girls did. Even at eighteen I was tall, skinny, and small chested; nothing I had bounced at all. My long time friend and first lover, Mike, always told me I had great legs and a nice ass but I was still self-conscious about my body.

I paid attention to the girls in the locker room when they talked about Coach. One senior bragged about giving him a “blow job” and everyone laughed when I asked what that meant; I had given Mike oral sex but I had never heard it called a “blow job”.

One girl said he kept rubbers in his desk drawer supposedly to teach safe sex to the boys’ class during the Health Ed portions but Mike told me they had never had anything about safe sex in Health Ed class. I could not believe all the talk but I did see him close and lock the door after girls went into his office.

The spring of my senior year the team won every game we played. During our last game I over reached to catch a line drive and pulled a muscle in the small of my back. After the game I told him what had happened and he told me to shower and change then stop by his office before I left school. When I entered his office several other girls were already there so he took me into the training room and closed the door. I showed him where I felt the pain and he directed me to bend over the massage table; he lifted my blouse up in the back and firmly pushed his fingers over the small of my back and just under the waist band of my jeans. I winched when his fingers found the exact spot of the pain; he then took a large can of something that smelled like Ben Gay from one aydınlı escort of the shelves.

“Unfasten your jeans.” he told me.

Alarms went off in my head; I thought about all the stories I had heard in the locker room. I felt a bit uneasy but I also felt a little excited; his hands had felt good when he rubbed my back. I unfastened my jeans as he told me to do.

“Is the door locked?” I asked then added, “I don’t want all the girls in the office to see me with my jeans unfastened in front of you.”

He moved to the door and I heard the lock click; I was sure I heard giggles come from the outer office. I thought, “Screw them, let them think what they want.” He sat the can on the table and moved directly behind me then put his fingers into the waist band of my jeans and panties and lowered them down to my tail bone. My heart was racing; I felt him brush against my ass as he began to rub the strong smelling salve over my lower back and kneading it firmly with his fingers.

I quickly felt the heat penetrating my back muscles. I was almost sure I felt something else rub against my ass too.

He closed the can and set it back on the shelf then started washing his hands telling me that It should feel better by bedtime but that I should stop by and see him after school the next day.

He dried his hands then moved behind me again and pulled my jeans and panties up rather snuggly so I would not get the salve on my hands. I fastened and zipped my jeans in front of him and left the training room. When I walked through his office I heard the girls giggle so I turned and smiled at them then gave them a wink. I figured if they were going to think the worst I might as well reinforce their dirty minds.

By bed time my back was feeling better from the heat of the salve but it was not my back that kept me awake long into the night. The feeling of Coach pressed against my ass, the touch of his fingers lowering and raising my jeans and panties, all the stories the girls told of him kept going through my mind. Old memories of peeking from the dark bathroom adjoining my parents’ room seeing my Mom moaning and writhing from Daddy slamming against her from behind came back; I imagined Coach slamming into me from behind as I bent over the massage table.

Coach’s office was empty by the time I got there so I took a seat and started one of my homework reading assignments while I waited for him. My back was much better but even after a long hot shower before school and after PE the aroma of the salve was still strong.

Coach walked in and immediately asked, “How’s the back kid?”

I resented being called a kid but answered, “Much better but the stink is terrible.”

He laughed, “I can fix that for you. Come on into the training room”

He turned his back to me and reached into his desk drawer then put something in his pocket. I immediately thought, “Oh my god, he got a rubber out of his desk drawer. Is he going to try to fuck me?”

I followed him into the training room and laid my book bag on one of the chairs.

“Go ahead and unfasten your jeans. I’ll lock the door.”

As I unfastened my jeans I made up my mind that I would let him fuck me if he wanted to just to see if he was as good as all the girls had said. After all I was eighteen and had only had two different lovers; it might be nice to have another one for reference. I bent over the table and rested on my elbows.

After locking the door Coach reached for a bottle of lotion on the shelf.

“This will kill the aroma of the salve from yesterday and will help your muscles bağdat caddesi escort feel better too.” Like the day before he lifted my blouse up then moved his hands into the waist band of my jeans and panties and pushed them down much lower than the day before; I was certain enough of my crack was exposed for him to see wisps pubic hair that surrounded my rose bud-rose bud sounds much nicer than ass hole. I opened my legs a little wider.

He moved directly behind me and poured the lotion on his hands; as his warm hands glided smoothly over my back I felt him move closer behind me touching my almost bare ass against his lap. Again I felt something firm against my cheeks. I wondered if he could tell how wet I was getting. Could he smell the aroma I always put off when I got wet? For several minutes his hands and fingers kneaded the muscles where I had experience the pain the day before. I almost forgot my ass was mostly exposed to my soft ball coach then his hands began to move higher where my bra would have been if I had worn one and lower on my hips and ass where I had experienced no pain at all.

“That feels good, you have strong hands.” I told him.

His hands moved lower on my back then suddenly my jeans and panties were down almost to my knees. I looked over my shoulder as he stood up and pressed himself against my ass. I didn’t say a word but began to move my hips against him from side to side; I could feel his erection between the cheeks of my ass. He took a hold of my hips with his hands and pulled me tighter against his covered cock.

I enjoyed the pressure of his cock moving between my cheeks for several minutes then I turned around and placed my hand against the front of his shorts.

I looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Was that a rubber you took from your desk drawer?” He looked sheepishly for a minute then nodded that it was. I held out my hand telling him, “Give it to me.”

He put it in my hand and I held it between my teeth while I pulled his shorts down to his knees. I took his swollen cock in my hand and studied it for a minute. It was somewhat impressive as it jutted out of the nest of orange, reddish pubic hair. The shaft was light in color with a few freckles; it was circumcised and its purple head flared out from the shaft like the helmet top of a mushroom. I tore open the rubber package, then slowly moved it over the swollen purple head and rolled it down the shaft all the way to his pubic hair like I had done with Mike many times.

I turned my back to him and lowered my jeans and panties down my legs then lifted one foot out so I could open my legs wider but still be ready to redress quickly if I had to. I leaned across the table resting on my elbows; I was ready to experience my third lover. Instead of feeling Coach enter me I felt his hands on my hips and his face pressed into the crevasse between my cheeks. His lips kissed me and his tongue explored the folds of my cunt and lapped my juices; I felt the tip of his nose press against my rose bud. His kisses moved higher on my back as I felt more of his body touch mine. His hands moved over my rib cage heading for my hard, tight nipples and small tits. He couldn’t have known how sensitive my nipples were or how hot I got when they were played with but he was about to find out. I felt his latex covered cock against my bare bottom then his hand took control of his shaft and guided its large head to the folds of my vulva. I moved my hips to invite him to enter me but he continued to play, teasing me by rubbing the encased, swollen instrument up and down my slit. I bahçelievler escort looked back and smiled to encourage him to continue to play; I loved fore play.

Soon I felt slight pressure as his bulbous head parted the labia around my vagina and began to stretch the membranes surrounding it. My body and mind began to give up control as Coach plowed deeper, completely filling me with his hard cock. I felt his cock bump against my cervix then slide past it; I felt his torso against my bare ass.

I struggled to get my breath to say, “Oh Coach, that feels so good. I have secretly wanted you to fuck me for a long time.”

He sunk his cock deeper and pulled my hips against him, “I’ve thought about it many times myself. You have the sweetest ass.”

I moved my hips up and down as he moved in and out of me. I reached between my legs and played with his balls before moving to my clit. My fingers danced over my pleasure button as Coach held my hips and thrust hard and fast into me, our bodies smacking together. My fingers worked feverishly on my clit, pulling, pinching and rubbing it. My hips moved faster; I gasped for breath to get oxygen to my brain before I passed out. A bolt of pleasure shot through my body. I wanted to scream out but I stifled it in my throat and let out a deep moan instead. Coach slammed into me again and again; the sound of our bodies smacking together seemed to echo throughout the room. Soon Coach let out a loud grunt then thrust into me a few more times before going limp. He also gasped for breath.

As soon as I recovered I moved away from the table. Coach stood there with the semen filled rubber slipping down his shrinking cock. I reached out and removed it before it dropped on the floor spilling its contents. I tied a knot at the top then bent over to pull up my panties and jeans. Being so close to his slimy cock I decided to clean it off first; with just two passes of my mouth and a whirl of my tongue it was clean enough to pass his wife’s inspection, should there be one.

I pulled up my panties and jeans then put the cum filled rubber into my pocket, opened the door, and walked out. Coach stood there with his shorts around his ankles and his limp dick out for anyone who walked down the hall to see. I knew what all the girls had talked about and was mildly impressed. Maybe I would have felt different if it had taken place somewhere more private and we had had more time; over all though it was a nice quickie fuck.

I saw Coach at graduation and around town several times after that but to this day I always remembered him standing with his pants around his ankles and his cock limp.

Even before the story ended I had a raging hard-on and looking forward to continuing our afternoon of fucking. As I slipped down my wife’s long legs to enjoy more of her delicious, juicy treat a thought popped into my mind.

I looked up and asked, “What did you do with the rubber you put in your pocket?”

She chuckled, “Some of it I put on a slide and studied it under my brother’s microscope. I saw those little buggers swimming around like crazy.”

As I nuzzled my face into her damp and matted patch of pubic hair she added, “The rest of the semen I dipped my fingers into and spread it over my clit and masturbated with it.”

Just as I was about to dive face first into her juicy cunt the phone beside our bed rang. Marlene answered it then announced, “It’s our friendly pervert.” She lowered the receiver closer to me so I could hear him breathe then put it back to her ear, “I know you want me to scream with disgust and hang up but the truth is that I would love to see your hand wrapped around your hard cock poised to plow deep into my hot, wet pussy. That would be so wonderful.”

Then she added; “Now that isn’t very nice. You really should apologize for that.”

I heard the click as our no longer so friendly pervert hung up?

“What did he say darling?”

She took my head and pulled my face into her cunt, “Never mind, this bitch says get back to work.”

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