Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales


The orphanage rested about 15 miles outside of town. Unlike many stories, there were no signs of mental, physical, or sexual abuse at this particular orphanage. Though it was strict, and at times, extremely strict, this orphanage truly took care of all the disowned occupants. Father McMichael oversaw the orphanage, and he paid extra attention to Justin for all of his 18 years he had been living there. Father McMichael watched with teary eyes as Justin began packing his few belongings while the Marine Corps recruiter stood patiently downstairs to haul Justin off, probably forever.

Here is how Justin looks in the eyes of the one man who had protected, sheltered Justin for his 18 years living on earth. Justin stood about 5’7″ tall and weighed a solid 156 pounds. Since nobody had a clue as to whom his mother was, Justin’s skin complexion offered signs that he may have been born as a mixed race. His skin complexion is naturally an olive color with his hair being a brilliant blond, bordering pure white. Even Justin’s thin eyebrows were nearly invisible due to its white brightness. His eyes, oh yes, his eyes. Justin’s eyes had the awesome power to capture your breath at first glance. Resting in their socket, the sparkling crystal of piercing blue glistened ever so brightly. His face is slender and perfectly implanted into each unblemished cheek, nestled the cutest little dimples any man could ever hope to be blessed with.

Father McMichael stood over Justin and constantly kept brushing back his tears. Justin on the other hand had a mixture of emotions coursing throughout his mind. After all, for 18 years, this place was all he had ever known. Only on the rarest of occasions would he be allowed to go with the nuns into town. From the occupants to the staff, the orphanage was the only family he had ever known. Now, on his 18th birthday, he had to leave all that he knew behind. He was also a bit anxious to join the Marine Corps as well cause he knew he would possibly get a chance to see a world he had only been able to dream about.

Up to now, Justin had always slept in a dorm style setting. As he grew older and his hormones kicked in, Justin found it to be nearly impossible to “break the rules” and gratify himself by masturbating. That was a definite no-no inside the orphanage. Justin was also a rather late bloomer when it came to puberty. He was midway through his 16th year before any hair began growing on his pubic mound. Even now, Justin had no need to shave either. Justin also knew he was somewhat different from most other guys. It all began when he was around 10 years old. Naturally, in this type of setting, Justin took showers with all the other boys inside the orphanage. He got to see them naked all the time, but for whatever the reason, Justin did look, but the boys his age seemed to not interest him in the least. His fancy had always been set on the older boys. He would do anything he could to catch a glimpse of the older boys as they took their showers and his roaming eyes always feasted upon their swinging soft cocks.

It was Father McMichael Justin had confided in about his thoughts. So, it was Father McMichael who had did his best to protect Justin from the outside world. Father McMichael knew all too well that Justin would be the perfect victim for a pedophile. He was gorgeous and simply too naive, so it was instructed that Justin would be home schooled, for his protection. Justin didn’t seem to mind either, staying at the orphanage while some of the other kids went off to school. In the eyes and minds of all the staff, Justin was truly their favorite. He was polite and very well mannered. Justin would always console the younger ones if they didn’t get adopted as well. As time went on, everyone knew this day would eventually come. There beloved Justin would leave the protection and sanctity of the orphanage and would likely never return.

Justin finished packing his few belongings and began the tedious task of hugging all the staff and children, exchanging their goodbyes. There wasn’t a dry eye in the orphanage as Justin walked side by side with the recruiter out to his vehicle. All hands were waving as the recruiter put his car in drive and slowly drove away, leaving the only home Justin knew of behind him.

Several weeks later, after completing Boot Camp, Justin got his orders and he would be stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. There was no doubt about it. Boot Camp was a living hell and he was glad that it was finally over. His drill instructors tore his ass up by always screaming at him no matter what. He knew that there was a reason for their constant verbal torture, so he played the game and got a stripe as a result.

He had arrived at his duty station and was waiting outside of the platoon’s office for further instructions. Some burly looking Marine came out of the office, closing the door behind him, then whispered, “Whatever you do, don’t piss the Gunny off! He can be a mean mother fucker at times!” The guy walked away after Ankara escort making that statement. A few minutes later, the door opened and another Marine invited Justin in. After instructing Justin to take a seat, Justin read the sign over the office door indicating Gunnery Sgt. Franks. A long couple of minutes passed when Justin was instructed to go inside and see the Gunny.

Justin’s fingers trembled as he opened the door and came face to face with the Gunny. Gunny Franks was sitting behind his desk and informed Justin to sit down. Justin did as ordered but for whatever the reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the Gunny. Justin figured the Marine to be somewhere in his thirties with a thin, neatly trimmed, mustache. Just like the hair on the Gunny’s head, his mustache was jet black. Justin also noticed the jet black hairs curling out from under the Gunny’s t-shirt. As he sat there, Justin’s cock grew to its hardened state.

While Justin was checking out the Gunny, the Gunny was doing some checking out himself. Gunny Franks had seen thousands of Marines during his time in the Corps, but not one of them could come close as to this heavenly creation of utter pure perfection who was now seated within a few short feet in front of him. The Gunny took the necessary time to take some mental notes and to the best of his ability, this is how he described Justin. He knew this Marine was 18 years old, but his facial features left an everlasting impression that he was closer to 13 years of age. His blond hair was almost pure white and so was his thin eyebrows and upward curling long eyelashes. The Gunny was mesmerized when he peered into Justin’s piercing blue eyes. It was like this Marine’s eyes could hold him at bay at any given time. Forcing his eyes from Justin’s eyes, the Gunny realized that Justin’s slender face was totally oblivious as to any imperfections, and those precious little dimples made his mouth water even that much more.

Justin’s nose was small and perfectly formed, matching his two smallish ears that seemed to rest on the side of his head ever so perfectly. Even the young Marine’s lips, naturally cherry in color, made his own lips somewhat pucker with sheer envy. The Gunny moved his eyes to Justin’s folded arms and could just barely make out the tiny scattering of snow white hairs laying sparsely upon Justin’s forearms.

As you may already be aware of, Gunny Franks is gay. His ultimate fantasy is to be in the arms of younger Marines, to which he did so on a regular basis. His Marine Corps secret of being gay was only a secret to the so called “straight” Marines who he had bedded down. He wasn’t openly gay, but to a few of the chosen ones, they knew that the Gunny Franks loved cocks and he loved to fuck. Now, seated before him was an angel that only in a dream could he had ever concocted. This young Marine was the true definition of pure angelic beauty, and now, the Gunny had his sights set on Justin!

The Gunny got Justin to tell him all about himself and the Gunny fell even more in love with Justin as to his soft heavenly voice. During their conversation, the Gunny actually had managed to free his 8 inches of burly Marine cock while being able to hide it from Justin. Safely under the opening of the desk, the Gunny slowly stroked his pre-cum spitting cock while keeping both eyes entranced upon the unbelievable beauty seated before him. Justin did see the Gunny’s right arm moving, but he didn’t put two in two together, so he continued talking to the Gunny about his life at the orphanage.

There were times that the Gunny’s eyes watered while listening to Justin tell his life story. He simply couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting to take him home and give him all the love they possibly could offer. His heart was breaking as he listened, but as for Justin, he spoke ever so proudly. By no means was Justin ashamed of his prior living arrangements. The Gunny sat there and listened to the entire 15 minute story. He knew he could sit there forever and listen to Justin speak, but he also knew he had to quickly muster up a plan to get this young Marine naked.

Shuffling some papers around on his desk, the Gunny came up with a great idea to be even closer to Justin than his previous idea. Clearing his throat, the Gunny said, “Looks like I got a bit of a problem here. It seems as though I don’t have any vacancies at all. Shit! Let’s see here, um, fuck it. You need a place to bed down and I got the only room left with an empty bed. Yeah, that’s it, that settles it! You’ll be sharing a room with me temporarily until something else comes available.”

With that being said, the Gunny gave Justin a key and directions to his new room. Since this was a Thursday, the Gunny told Justin to go unpack and get acquainted with his new living conditions. Thankfully enough for Justin, his erections went away prior to standing up and departing the Gunny’s office. The Gunny however didn’t miss the opportunity to steal a mouth watering view of Justin’s savory Ankara escort bayan little ass. Even with his pants on, the Gunny could clearly see the outlines of what would have to be one hell of a tight, delicious ass. The mounds pronounced themselves with glorified details of its superior shape and muscular definition. Just as Justin closed the door, the Gunny’s cock began shooting jets of cum all over the under side of his desk. His body shook savagely as the last of his thick semen oozed onto his cock pumping hand. Once he cleaned himself up, the Gunny could hardly wait for this day to come to an end so he could have some more time, private time, with the young Marine who now had his mind and hormones ablaze.

Justin was inside his new room, placing his clothes into his new locker. It really wasn’t anything special. The room was like a motel, offering two beds, a bathroom, and a small kitchen area. None the less, Justin found his new living conditions to be exciting. Once he finished placing each item into its proper place, Justin decided to take a shower and freshen up a bit. The bathroom was rather small, offering a sink, a toilet, and a small shower. He showered and brushed his teeth, then put on his Marine Corps issued boxer style underwear, then flopped down on his new bed. Using the remote control, Justin cut the television on and began flipping through the channels. He had been laying there about 20 minutes when someone knocked on the door. Justin quickly slipped some pants on and opened the door. The Marine told Justin he needed to report to sick bay for his physical.

Following orders, Justin put his camouflage uniform on and headed over to sick bay. Once inside, there were two navy corpsmen standing on the other side of the counter. Justin reported as ordered and one of the corpsmen took him into an examining room. Once there, the corpsman ordered, “Okay Marine, let’s make this quick! Strip out of your clothes and lay on the table!” Justin quickly shucked out of all of his clothes and got on the table as ordered, as naked as the day he was born and abandoned.

The corpsman, whose name is Jeff, stood entrancingly still as his eyes danced within their sockets as to the vision of perfection now ripping through them. Jeff’s eyes went from Justin’s face, down his solid, hairless chest and onto his 10 pack rippling stomach that rippled with the young Marine’s every breath. Jeff also made a mental note of Justin’s belly button. It poked slightly inward and was incredibly tiny, offering no “goody trail” whatsoever. The bright blond, almost transparent white pubic area was something to marvel over as well. The pubic hair was about an inch wide and only traveled upwards about a half an inch.

Jeff also studied Justin’s flaccid cock. It was only about an inch long and rested ever so peacefully over to the right side on top of two, seemingly hairless, balls that were about the equal size of large grapes. The light olive tan complexion brightly was displayed on Justin’s nut sac as well as it rested between his legs, slightly touching the top of the table.

Jeff shook his head trying to clear the entire breath taking beauty from his mind so he could actually do his job. Somehow, Jeff managed to conduct his physical examination, but still couldn’t tear his eyes off of Justin, no matter how hard he tried. And speaking of hard, Jeff’s cock angrily pressed against his pants, forming a large wet spot for any eyes to see. Seeing that this young Marine was a bit on the naive side, Jeff placed Justin’s flaccid cock between two of his fingers, offering a professional inspection. He had seen plenty of cocks in his time, but whoever the surgeon was that circumcised this young Marine should have been given a medal for perfection. Jeff held the flaccid olive tanned morsel in his hands as his eyes roamed every soft inch, noting that the piss slit was rather small. Justin was desperately fighting back the urge to get hard as he could feel the corpsman breath beating down on his cock, mixed with the fingers softly touching him.

Jeff released Justin’s cock and now found the palm of his right hand holding the most spectacular pair of balls he had ever came in contact with. It almost gave him the sensation that he had pure silk in his hand. As he kneaded his fingers into the silky flesh of Justin’s sac, Justin’s cock began to pump life, thus for, beginning to get hard. Knowing he had to move on, Jeff released Justin’s balls in the nick of time. No matter how hard Justin tried, his cock wasn’t cooperating.

Once Jeff wrote some notes on a document, he had Justin roll over and get into a doggy style position. For Justin, this was a bit embarrassing, but this wasn’t a position he was not unaccustomed to either. As he awaited the corpsman, Justin’s mind took him back to the orphanage’s doctor. No matter what the problem was, the doctor always made Justin strip. Many times, while he was in this very same position as the way he was in now, he thought he could feel Escort Ankara the doctor’s breath on his butt hole, but he always shook it off and never said a word to anyone.

Jeff was now standing on shaking legs as his eyes feasted upon the most incredible taunting butt his eyes had ever laid eyes upon. The tiny crack was completely void of hair life and the olive tan complexion even covered this areas as well. Stepping even closer, Jeff was in total awe of Justin’s bung hole. Due to his profession, and his sexual preference, Jeff had seen plenty of butt holes, but the one he now was looking at was by far the most incredible. It wasn’t even a hole so to speak. Justin’s butt hole was nothing more than a tiny speck lost into a sea of beautiful olive coloration.

Almost out of sheer instinct, Jeff mindlessly found his nostrils within a fraction of an inch, inhaling ever so deeply, filling his lungs with the most powerful aphrodisiac not yet discovered by man. The scent was absolutely mind boggling at best, and the aroma sent shivers racing up and down Jeff’s spine. As Jeff was totally engrossed at smelling Justin’s upturned ass, Justin once again, felt the warm air strike his asshole. As per the case, Justin didn’t utter a single word and allowed whatever was happening to continue.

Fighting back the pressuring urge to slam his tongue into Justin’s asshole, Jeff tore his face away from this breath taking beauty and began lubricating a finger. Unlike all the other times, Jeff didn’t put on a glove. He wanted to feel this young Marine’s anal canal first hand. Taking it slow, Jeff eased his finger all the way up Justin’s anal canal. Justin grunted and squeezed his legs at the burning sensation shooting throughout his entire body. Jeff let out a soft moan as he felt Justin’s anal muscles converge on his finger as he began searching for Justin’s prostate.

Using one hand to softly caress Justin’s butt cheeks, Jeff whispered, “Sorry about this guy, but I got to check out your prostate.” Justin squinted his eyes and softly replied, “Yes sir, I understand, aghhhhhhhhhhhhh it buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnssssss!” Jeff began working his finger in and out, twirling and curling it in the process. He had already found the young Marine’s prostate, but he was lost in the pleasures his anal dwelling finger was sending his swirling brain. Justin used his toes to press against the table top as he felt every movement of the finger digging away inside his butt. His fingers curled around the edge of the table as his teeth sank into his lips to try and muffle the burning sensation he was now experiencing.

Jeff didn’t want to, but he knew he had to stop or else his fellow corpsman would soon be checking up on him. Easing his finger out, Jeff examined his finger. It was shiny from the lubricant but as clean as it was prior going in to Justin’s ass. Without any hesitation, Jeff quickly raised his finger to his nose and moaned softly as to the aroma exploding inside of his lungs. By no means, could the fragrance filling Jeff’s lungs be misconstrued as anything remotely close as to being foul. Simply speaking, the fragrance was nothing less than heavenly!

Once Jeff was done, he informed Justin to get dressed. Even as Justin was dressing, Jeff couldn’t resist stealing glances. His own cock was painfully hard and he knew once Justin left, he’d be in the bathroom until he released his seed. No sooner had Justin departed from the examining room, Gunny Franks stepped out from behind the closer concealed only by a large hanging curtain. Walking quickly up to Jeff, Gunny Franks grabbed hold of Jeff’s wrist, raising it up to his nose and began sniffing wildly at the finger that had just once dwelled inside of Justin’s ass. Gunny Franks growled, “Ummmmmmmmm, now that’s fresh! (Taking another long whiff) Mother fucker, that boy’s ass was meant to be eaten 24/7!”

Jeff spoke up while the Gunny was busy indulging himself with Jeff’s aromatic finger, “Hell yeah, you just said a mouthful. I’ll tell you this Gunny, that boy’s ass is tighter than tight. His anal muscles like to broke my fucking finger, but I sure as shit aint about to complain, hell no, not me. When you called me and told me about him, I thought you was exaggerating a bit, but holy shit, that boy is one gorgeous sons a bitch. Oh fuck Gunny, his skin felt like pure fucking silk and that cock of his, well, it’s got to be a grower and not a shower. Even his circumcision scar was done fucking perfectly! Yes sir, he’s a fucking beauty alright!”

Gunny broke his trance from smelling Jeff’s finger, then stated, “Yeah, I almost blew my load when I first laid eyes on him. Fuck me, even in my best of dreams, I couldn’t have come up with someone as gorgeous as him. Just no fucking way! I took a big risk sticking him in my room, but from what all I just seen, well uh, it’s worth all the fucking risks and then some!”

The two shook hands and as the Gunny was fixing to leave, Jeff spoke, “Gunny, I know that boy his hands off, but if there is any room for seconds, just don’t forget me. I’d love to suck the life out of his cock and eat that asshole until my mother fucking tongue fell of!” Gunny waved, then replied, “I got your back, and thanks for everything.”

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