Mandy’s Mommy


BIG FUCKING DISCLAIMER: Some people thought my tone was a bit dickish in this disclaimer, so please bear in mind that that’s not my intention.

First: this story is EVEN WORSE than its predecessors, although it’s a much shorter and far less descriptive. As usual, expect scat, but this time expect EVEN MORE COLD-BLOODED torture and abuse.

Second, this is a work of FICTION, and I in no way condone ACTUALLY DOING any of these things! The people who made Die Hard aren’t bank robbers in real life, it’s JUST A STORY.

Third, and I really can’t emphasize this enough: while all the tags are accurate, this is primarily a SNUFF story! It features MUTILATION, MURDER, and TRULY HORRIFIC IDEAS ABOUT TORTURING PEOPLE. Please, PLEASE only read on if you’re convinced that only the most DEPRAVED and utterly BRUTAL SEXUAL VIOLENCE will satisfy you!

Kevin locked the basement door, and walked back downstairs. He flicked the wall switch, and the lone, bare, 100-watt bulb dangling from the center of the ceiling came to life, illuminating his handiwork.

It had been a long journey to this point. His highschool girlfriend, Jennifer, had been slow to have children with her husband, forcing Kevin to wait longer than he would have preferred. He had amused himself in the meantime, but he had never lost sight of his plans; indeed, they had only grown more elaborate and well-defined over the last six years.

But now, finally, the daughter had been born. He would have had to drastically change his plans if there had never been a daughter, but he had left little to chance. He had visited their home many times with chemicals and syringes in the dead of night, forcing two miscarriages before he got the child he needed.

The baby girl lay in a crib on the floor, her skin pale and silken-smooth, her hair already almost black. But the child was on display for her mother’s benefit, not his – infants held no interest for him. He turned his attention to Jenny, who was fastened to the wall, her face bruised from the blow that had incapacitated her and allowed him to bring her here.

He looked her over, lamenting the damage done to her by the intervening years. When they had been thirteen, and in love, she had been a goddess – now, she was a housewife. Still fit, still attractive by most standards – but not the sweet Lenore of his memories, not the pale-skinned beauty who had awakened his first stirrings of lust. Her pale skin showed signs of age and strains of childbirth, and her near-black hair had somehow lost the lustre of youth.

Faking her death had been an elaborate and time consuming affair, and he still secretly wondered if he had truly gotten away with it – but it had been three days, and there had been no police. He was finally beginning to relax, to allow his victory to simmer in his mind.

Jenny stirred, squinting her eyes open in the harsh light. The body was an amazing thing – three days of passing into and out of consciousness, and she had only soiled herself once. Pulling a pair of scissors from his pocket, he cut her jeans off, then snipped her stained panties at the side, allowing the small pile of involuntarily expelled shit to begin sliding out onto the floor. Eager to begin now, Kevin pulled them off, carefully keeping the majority of the waste inside, wadded them up, and forced them into Jenny’s open, drool-marred mouth.

She choked and tried to spit them out, but he was quick with the tape, and soon she was securely gagged – and violently gagging, to boot. He slapped her in the face, hard, to wake her up, and waited while she finished vomiting into her own mouth, unable to expel anything, her cheeks bulging.

“Better swallow, Jenny,” he said, relishing each syllable of the command. She had always hated swallowing cum, even when they were children. She screamed at him, muffled by her own vomit and excrement as much as by her wadded, soaked underwear. Eventually, choking on her own fluids, caught between impossibly disgusting horror and painful, spluttering death, he saw her swallow the mess down, vomiting back up a bit with each gulp, until she finally managed to keep it all down. Her breathing was ragged and strained, and her nose had run down to her chin. She struggled a few times against her chains, but Kevin was confident in their installation.

He cut the rest of her clothes free, revealing her disappointing body. Childbirth had been relatively kind, but her tits had still swollen with milk, and her stretch marks were still evident. She finally turned her head to look around, and found the surprise to her left: her husband, chained just as she was, but with a few additional straps for Kevin’s safety and a sturdier leather gag.

The two lovers locked eyes, and Kevin smiled – he had waited years for this moment. As they stretched their wrists against the restraints, trying to hold hands, Kevin brought the scissors up in a smooth arc, slashing cleanly into the burly man’s throat. The aluminum washbasin below him caught most of the blood, but plenty spurted onto the floor as well, looking like nothing less than thick black tar under the yellowish light.
Jenny screamed again and again as she watched him spasm and struggle, and Kevin savored every moment of her despair, watching the hope fade from her Escort eyes as the life faded from her love’s. The screaming, though muffled somewhat by the gag, was loud enough to wake the baby, and Kevin decided he would limit himself to one more indulgence.

As Jenny screamed, violently yanking her restraints, Kevin, after pulling the blood-filled basin to the side and pushing a fresh, empty bucket under the dead man, walked over to the crib where the six-month-old lay screaming even louder. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his throbbing cock and in a few quick strokes, staring at Jenny’s naked, wailing form the whole time, he jerked himself to climax. His cum roped out all over the infant, coating her tiny face and even entering her wet, pink mouth, causing her to cough a few times. He looked down at his handiwork as the mother’s screams took on an even more desperate, enraged tone.

He had never found babies or even toddlers arousing – but this was different. This had a purpose, this heralded the beginning of a brand new life for both mother and child – this was something he could enjoy. Leaving the light on so Jenny could still see her murdered husband and cum-covered infant daughter, Kevin walked upstairs, ready to sleep soundly and return again tomorrow.


The next day, after work, Kevin tried to wait as long as he could to return to the basement. He calmly ate dinner, washed the dishes, and caught up on webcomics. He checked his phone – almost ninety minutes. Proud of his restraint, he changed into more comfortable clothes and brought a sponge and bucket down with him, opening the thick, carpeted door and descending the cold concrete stairs into the private hell he had created for the woman he had loved when she was a girl.

Jenny hung nearly motionless from the wall and the child lay restlessly, tossing and turning. The little girl had pooped and peed at some point, soaking her crib and covering her legs with a coating of light-brown baby-food shit.

James smiled at Jenny, wetting the sponge and starting to clean her daughter’s body. “She’ll need either some food or some of your milk soon. She’ll get less than would probably be healthy, but she’ll live.” He finished quickly, and moved over to Jenny.

“We’ll keep you fed too, my love,” he said, wiping the shit-and-cum-covered sponge on her face, then wiping it down her body and shoving it suddenly, forcefully into her cunt. “I intend on keeping you down here for a while longer, at least.”

Jenny hadn’t the strength left to scream at him. He dumped the water out of the bucket and into the drain in the center of the floor, washing away some of the husband’s blood as he did so. He appraised the room for a moment before returning upstairs to gather the rest of the supplies he needed, returning with a host of cleaning supplies and a large leather bag. His planning had been meticulous – every depravity had been thought out carefully and logically, and now that the moment had come, he intended to implement every single fantasy that his darkest dreams had dispensed in the intervening decade.

First he cleaned up her husband – his name had been John. As anyone who is killed and held upright would do, John had voided his bladder and bowels much like his daughter and wife had done in their turn, but much more messily and in much greater amounts. Gloves and mask in place, Kevin carefully emptied the dead man’s shit and piss out of the half-full bucket he had placed there before, pouring the mixture into a dozen resealable plastic bags. Next he released the chains holding the corpse in place, and began the slow, bloody process of butchering – Kevin didn’t wager himself any kind of expert at this process, but he did his best to collect as much meat as he could, and John’s muscular frame provided plenty of raw material.

At this point, the baby awoke. Leaving the half-dissected body for a moment, Kevin retrieved a jar of baby food and an electric breast-pump apparatus. Hooking Jenny up to be milked, and relishing in how obviously painful the process was for her, he fed the crying child until she was satisfied, then covered her with a blanket and gave her a shiny new rattle. Cooing in amusement, the baby girl was content for the time being, and Kevin returned to the task at hand.

Disposing of the remaining organs and bones was an arduous process, and Kevin’s stomach was turned several times over the course of the next few hours – as was Jenny’s, quite audibly. Each time the sight of her dead husband’s entrails made her vomit, she then had to swallow it back down or choke, and each time he heard her gasping, heaving gulps, his cock swelled; only to shrink again as he returned to the nauseating chore of apportioning the remains.

Finally, some time after midnight, having fed the baby twice more in the interim, he finished. Pulling a simple turkey sandwich from his bag, he ungagged Jenny long enough to stuff it into her mouth, then taped it shut again. He pushed the bucket that had held her husband’s final excretions under her now, and as she chewed and swallowed her meal, he removed the pumps from her breasts – he had paused to fill a new set of bottles every few hours, and he now had a dozen or so in a small cooler.

The baby awoke again, restless, Escort Bayan and Kevin wavered on whether to let the child scream, or risk using the extremely light sedative he had prepared. Preferring not to risk the sedative until he had gotten the baby onto a more steady diet, he let the child lay there, growing fussier by the minute. He did, however, take a moment to lift the child up and affix a simple cloth diaper – he didn’t want to waste too much time cleaning the child, and the cloth would be easy to wring out, allowing him to collect the contents more efficiently.

After allowing Jenny to suckle at a water bottle for a few minutes, he spent a few minutes packing up and hauling his supplies back upstairs, where he placed the various remains into the deep-freeze. Returning downstairs, he removed his trousers entirely this time, and as the child began to cry, he used one hand to shove her tiny head into his asscrack while jerking off. Staring into Jenny’s eyes the whole time, feeling her daughter’s mouth working against his asshole, he sat up and spun around, covering the tiny child in cum yet again – enough this time to almost completely coat her, head to toe.

As Jenny’s screams mingled with those of her baby girl, Kevin closed the door on them and went happily to bed.


He returned the next day immediately, wasting no time. He ran a hose from the deep sink in the basement corner and attached a sprayer-head. After collecting the excrement of both mother and daughter, he hosed each down in turn with cold water. After getting each sufficiently clean, he removed the sponge from Jenny’s cunt and shoved the sprayer into her instead, and pulled the lever, shooting a hundred ice-cold, needle-thin streams of water into her with jackhammer force.

He paused to towel off the baby, who had begun screaming as soon as the water hit her. He calmed her and played with her, eventually feeding her – but this time, he began to implement the next part of his plan.

In plain view of Jenny, Kevin took one bag of John’s dying shit and piss, and one bag of Jenny’s own excretions, and mixed an eyedropper of each into the girl’s baby food. The girl could obviously taste the difference, as she grew even fussier after eating, but Kevin had brought a thick, modified bassinet which would muffle the baby’s screams while still allowing her enough air to breathe.

Once the baby was strapped into the bassinet, Kevin finally spoke to Jenny again.

“Your baby just ate her mommy and daddy’s shit,” he said, running his hands all over her naked body, occasionally fingering her cunt. Barely fed for nearly a week, she was barely able to stay upright, much less struggle against him.

“It won’t be the last time,” he went on, freeing his cock and forcing it into her almost totally dry cunt, still cold from his impromptu douching. He thrust into her anyway, grinning in delight as he felt her body betray her, lubricating his strokes. “She’ll eat a little bit of it every time, until there’s nothing more left from her daddy. Then she’ll start getting mine.”

Jenny mumbled something obscene at him, managing to struggle a little. Kevin grinned wider, increasing his pace. “And every night when she sleeps, she’ll do it in a blanket of my cum. And starting tomorrow, I’ll be scraping a bit of it off her each morning. I’ll mix it with her little baby shit and her little baby piss, and it’ll get mixed in with your own waste, and your dead husband’s, and you’ll eat it all, every time.”

He pulled out of her, noting the tears rolling down her cheek. He pulled the daughter out and put her in her crib, where her stuffed animals – added by Kevin earlier that day – kept her quiet for the time being. He returned to Jenny and continued fucking her.

“And the best part is, she’ll never hear you speak, ever. She’ll never hear a single word of love, or kindness, in her entire life. She’ll never even have a name. She’ll be my toilet, and my fucktoy. She’ll never see the sun, ever. She’ll be here, in this room, eating my shit and piss and cum, for her whole life. Every scrap of food that either of you eats will be tainted, and not only with waste, but with meat from her daddy’s corpse. I’ll fuck both of you with his bones, and shove his intestines over a dildo that’ll go into every hole in each of your bodies. She won’t ever learn how to talk – she won’t really be a human being, honestly. Your daughter, the product of your love and your pain and the most wonderful thing you’ve ever brought into this world – will live and die in the dark. She’ll be malnourished, and probably sick. Every so often, I’ll hurt her, just to make sure that her world is completely free of happiness. I’ll give her toys, and burn them to spite her. I’ll give her good food, and force her to vomit it up and eat it again, for days at a time. I’ll sew her mouth to your asshole, and she’ll eat nothing but her mommy’s shit until I decide to rip her loose so she can start eating my shit again. I’ll cut off one of your fingers and shove it in her cunt, and leave it there until it starts to rot, then I’ll pull out its rotten meat and force her to eat it, maggots and all. I’ll tape her eyes open and coat them with my cum and my piss, and when she screams, I’ll shove your shit down Bayan Escort her throat until she chokes on it. I’ll put ipecac in your food, and tie you both in place so that your puke goes straight into your daughter’s mouth, and she’ll swallow every last chunk of it or suffocate. She’ll scream and cry every night, but no-one who loves her will ever hold her, or comfort her. When she cries, I’ll gag her with a shit-covered dildo I pull from your ass. I’ll take off her diapers and make her lick them clean – and she’ll keep your body clean with her own tongue.

“I’ll keep you around so you can watch, for a while – and of course, I’ll do many of these same things to you. But once I know she’s old enough to understand, I’ll try to explain that you’re her mother, and that you didn’t love her… and I’ll cut you up in front of her. Maybe you’ll die quickly, and she’ll watch me fuck your corpse, and she’ll suck my cum from your dead cunt, and eat everything that comes out of your dead asshole – and she’ll do it all with her daddy’s severed cock stuffed into her cunt, rotting there. But unlike her daddy, unlike your dearly beloved John, I’ll leave you down here to rot. Your daughter will live with the stench of your corpse until I decide I’m tired of laughing about it. Or maybe you’ll hang in there as I cut an inch off your fingers on one hand then keep cutting, an inch at a time, all the way up each arm and leg, one inch per week, until there’s nothing left to cut, all the while feeding you to yourself and to your daughter. Then I’d cut off your tits, a sliver at a time, and then cut out your tongue, and then slice off your eyelids. How much could you take, I wonder?”

Jenny was crying in earnest now. Her sobs shook her body almost as hard as Kevin’s cock did as it pounded in and out of her. Kevin could feel himself almost ready to cum. “Either way, after enough years have passed,” he continued, “She’ll be old enough to get pregnant. And the first baby, well, I’ll probably murder it in front of her, and make her eat it. But maybe after one or two, if I get a girl from her, I’ll finally let her baby live. And I’ll hook up a camera so she can watch me as I love it, and care for it, and give it all the things she never had. Oh, she’ll still be a toilet and a fucktoy, but she’ll know love, she’ll go to school, she’ll play with her friends, at least for a while – just so your daughter can see exactly how horrible her own life was, so she doesn’t die thinking that she wasn’t missing anything.”

Jenny’s sobbing was uncontrollable, and she barely seemed to notice as Kevin pulled out of her and brought his cock over to her sleeping baby, smearing the child with her juices as he jacked off more and more rapidly. “And when your baby, this beautiful baby girl, when she’s given me a daughter of my own, when I finally don’t need her anymore, after her entire life has been nothing but pain and misery and despair and shit, I will kill her slowly. I’ll cut her a little bit at a time, for months, covering her body in open wounds, and then I’ll tie her at the bottom of a tub, where I’ll piss and shit for as long as it takes to fill it above her head, and she’ll drown in my shit and my piss and her daughter’s, covered in deep, stinging cuts, with her eyes taped open and kitchen knives shoved up her cunt and asshole. She’ll die in unimaginable pain as her lungs fill with thick, oozing muck, and in case she’s picked up enough English to understand me, I’ll remind her one last time that no-one ever loved her, and that her daughter will be mine forever. And who knows – maybe I’ll have changed my mind and let you live until then, so you can watch your daughter die in agony, slowly drowned in sewage, some of which came out of your own body. I would like to come into your eyes as you watch your daughter die, screaming and choking…”

He came, long watery globs of sperm covering the baby, getting in her mouth and this time also in her eyes. She began crying, but Kevin ignored the noise and, after concentrating a moment, managed to begin pissing onto the little girl. Soaking her bedding in his piss in only a few seconds, he turned to Jenny and, standing on the bucket to reach, soaked her hair with the rest of his urine.

Looking at mother and daughter both sobbing, both drenched in his piss, he knew he could come again, and he did so, spraying his load into his hand and smearing it all over Jenny’s face, pulling her eyelids open to coat her eyes as well.

He knew he hadn’t described even half of the things he would do to Jenny and her daughter over the next decade, but he was in no hurry. After all, he thought as he reviewed the footage he’d recorded so far with the cameras mounted surreptitiously in each corner of the room – what was life, without a few surprises? Smiling, truly happy for the first time in six years, Kevin went to bed, and dreamed of the daughter that the infant below would someday birth for him; he wondered what he would name her.

IF this brief prologue has turned you on, you are a TERRIBLE PERSON – just like me!

Let me know if you’d like a longer, more graphic description of Jenny (and her nameless daughter, Mandy’s mom) in captivity, in the style of my previous works. If you’d like to really get in the mind of a pregnant girl whose lips have been sewn to her mother’s anus while her dead father’s cock slowly decays inside her vagina, I’ll be more than happy to detail every excruciating chapter of her misery!

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