Man Enough


I had timed it just right, stepping into the back employee elevator at the stop above the parking garage. “Fancy meeting you here,” I smarmed, and she glared at me. I was taken aback, remembering our delightful kiss I had finally dared to snatch the night before. Her full body yielding in my arms. The beautiful scholar nearly twice my age and much more intelligent and accomplished than I. Her reddish-brown skin and jet-black hair cascading down to her waist, breasts the size of cantaloupes, it seemed, straining under a bra and blouse that must have been of superhuman strength to restrain them.Knowing that such a woman needs to be approached slowly, seduced carefully, slowly roused to a fever pitch, especially when she is a professor and you are a lowly second-year, and she is an Indian woman loud in denouncing anything with a hint of colonialism and you are a white man, I had seized my chance to give her a kiss as an earnest of good behavior and pleasures to come and bid her good night.After a second she snapped her head away from me. “Oh, it’s you,” she muttered.“Should I have taken you elsewhere?”“Elsewhere,” he adds. “Gormless boy.”“Boy?” I’m a man.”“No, a man knows what to take when he needs it, stopping at nothing but a no.”It took a second to see, and then I hit the button stopping the elevator. It was a little-used staff elevator in the back of the library, going to the offices on the 10th floor and not stopping any place convenient for book carts, but even if someone complained at its stopping (unlikely, I knew), I didn’t care.I took her by the arm and pulled her to face me. I then put my hands on her shoulders and pushed. “You know what I need.”Her eyes flashed in outraged anger and blossoming desire and she knelt with alacrity. I unzipped quickly and held her head in place as I pushed roughly into her. “Use your tongue,” I said. “You won’t get to suck a work of art like this every day.”Her eyes lit up as her tongue swirled around the head, and I muttered, “Bob your head so your lips are like my fingers when I jerk off Ümraniye Escort at night. In my dreams, I come all over your face, but this time you are to swallow every drop I give you.”She nodded happily and looked up at me, setting my loins on fire. I said, “I’ve imagined you on your knees worshipping my cock every night since I first saw you. So cool, so collected, so magisterial, I knew I would have you swallowing my seed within a month. And here you are, half a dozen mouthfuls waiting for your service.”Her mouth worked me vigorously, opening to let me into her throat. “You love my eight inches, don’t you? Longest you’ve ever had, isn’t it?” She nodded and opened further. “That’s right, deep in your throat. Give me a straight shot to your stomach.” She blinked, smiled, and adjusted her position slightly, and with a sudden bob of her head, I was in her to the hilt. “Yes, look at your lips buried in my hair. You are truly talented.” Her throat pulsed as she hummed, pushing me over the edge, and I drained copiously into her swallowing throat, hum turning into a yum between swallows. After a dozen spurts, she sucked me dry and smiled up at me.She pulled back as I relaxed, stood, and pushed me roughly to my knees. “A woman takes what she wants too.” She lifted her skirt, pushed her panties to one side, and shoved her cunt in my face. She was drenched, her thick hairs a sodden mass rubbing my nose raw as I licked into her salty pussy, her lips swollen as I licked and kissed them. “That’s right, my boy, suck my cunt. Show me your mouth’s good for something besides bragging. You know mine is. I’m the best cocksucker you ever met, and only the very best men get to experience it twice. Prove to me now you deserve a second shot to my stomach. Don’t use your fingers; this is a purely oral exam.”I sucked happily, feeling her respond and reacting intuitively to pull out every tremor of pleasure her body suffered from my mouth and tongue. She tilted her hips at the end so she could thrust hard against my Ümraniye Escort Bayan face full on, my tongue shoved into her cunt as she fucked my head mercilessly. She squealed loudly as a thick jet of fluid rushed into my mouth, and when she came down from her high after a minute of pleasure, she pushed the button to start the elevator again and said, “Don’t wash your face. That is your well-earned trophy for a job well done.”We walked toward her office, which was in an abandoned corner of the floor, itself the lowest-rent faculty housing at the university. We passed another professor on the way, another Indian woman, and when I made to move aside, she held me in place as they chatted briefly in Hindi; her friend sniffed suddenly, leaned in, sniffed again, smiled, and said something that sounded like high praise. They said goodbye in English and we went our separate ways.As she unlocked her door, she said, “Another reason for you to wear my trophies. I like to show off my best trophy winners. You suck cunt remarkably well, you know.”When the door closed behind us, I reached around, locked it, and said, “I fuck cunt damn well too.”She glared at me, angry and horny, and said, “You wouldn’t dare.”I said nothing. After a second she blinked and I lunged. We wrestled each other to the carpet and finally, I was atop her. I said, “See?”“I see nothing…so far. What is your point?”“Allow me to show you.” I reached down to where her skirt had gotten bunched up to her waist and pulled her panties down to her knees. She then raised her knees so that they slid to her ankles and helped me undo my zipper.“You know you want it,” I said.“Want what? Whatever do you mean, young man?”I thrust hard into her open cunt, rough and hard and relentless, and she gasped as I sank deep into her steaming tunnel, inside her to the hilt on the first thrust.“Oh, you mean that? I can take it or leave it, you know.”“You’ll take it and you’ll love it.”“That remains to be seen.”I fucked long and slow inside her for a minute, Escort Ümraniye then sped up as her body bucked hard undermine. I looked down at her beautiful round Indian face, her full, firm body, and smiled as her massive breasts squished back and forth with each of my thrusts despite the bra. I said, “I’ve wanted this delicious Indian cunt of yours for such a long time.”“You dare put such a pitifully pink monkey dick inside me?”I glared at her and fucked her mercilessly for ten minutes, during which she came again. I looked down at her in triumph and said, “You’ve never had better, have you?” She said nothing, but I took her head rolling from side to side as my answer and added, “Or longer?”She smiled wickedly, “I’ve never had one longer, but I have had some for longer.”“We’ve only started.”“We’ll see how you finish before we decide if we’ve started anything but a regrettable lark. I hate pitiful failures, you know.”“The only pity you’ll have from me is that you didn’t get on your knees and worship me into that throat of yours the moment you set your eyes on me.”“Prove it.”I put her ankles on my shoulders and lifted her hips so that her weight rested on her shoulders; I then fucked her mercilessly for fifteen more minutes, weathering her next three climaxes. After the last, she said, “Okay, you’re the longest. Finish up; I’m about to break.”I pulled out, said, “Don’t turn your head, no matter what,” and shot my first stream down onto her face and into her hair. The next two spurts joined them, and the rest coated her blouse and skirt.She glared at me, “That was silk, asshole.”“Now it’s a trophy for work well done. I think you went above and beyond earning it.”She stood up and continued glaring angrily at me, but she took great care not to smear it as she took it off. “Let me set these away to dry properly,” she said. “But you owe me a new one.”“For future target practice? A capital idea!”She glared and undid her lacy black bra, then slipped off her lacy black panties as I stripped in front of her. She was a dream of perfection, a deep red to her brown in all of her skin, dark brown nipples in wide aureolae, a thick thatch of hair atop her thighs, firm toned belly between, stretch marks on her breasts attesting to their great size and weight, and I said, “My cum looks good on you.”“You shouldn’t have wasted it on my blouse then.”

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