Malicious Intent P2


Chapter 1 Sunday, 17 August, 22:48Moggies’ PubSharon had been a waitress and worked behind the bar in Moggie’s Pub since she was seventeen and still at school. Now, at twenty-three, she knew all the regulars and was an old hand at the job; never getting flustered, no matter how busy it was or how much hassle from come-on’s she got, especially from the regulars in the bar. She had just called ‘time,’ cleaning and polishing the bar counter before closing time at 23:00.She knew the seven regulars in the bar tonight were watching her five-foot, seven-inch, slim, long-brown-haired frame rubbing hard at the bar top, breasts jiggling in her dark blue shirt as she rubbed.Sharon knew all the guys who drank in the pub, and didn’t have a high opinion of any of them, but some were creepier than others. By and by, she loved working in the restaurant, instead,  and only took on more shifts in the bar so she could put more into her savings. She and her fiancé (Mark, who worked off-shore to earn more money) were both working so they could afford their first house together.Sharon heard the Pub door open and saw Stan come Üsküdar Escort in. Stan was one of the creepier regulars that drank in the bar, and wasn’t well-liked by the other regulars. Sharon herself had learned to give him a hard time, so he knew to leave her alone.(She remembered about the time when she was seventeen and Stan had groped her as she passed with a tray and told her how beautiful she was.) Sharon still wished she had been stronger then, to tell someone; but had let it go, preferring to toughen up and deal with it by giving him a hard time in front of the other regulars. Stan walked up to the bar.“Closed, Stan. You missed last orders,” Sharon said without looking at him. She knew Stan would be going red because the other drinkers were watching him get a hard time.Stan shuffled to the end of the bar where Sharon was. “Can’t you just serve me my usual, quickly? I’ll finish real quick.”Sharon then took pleasure in looking him in the eyes to tell him, “No,” loudly enough so all could hear and further the unwanted attention he was getting.Stan stood for a few seconds, Üsküdar Escort Bayan just leering at her as she worked.“You’re not getting served, Stan,” Sharon said again, getting more annoyed as he was still standing there.Stan then reached into his pocket and pulled out an old crispy note. “Well, can I have some change for the Fruit Machine then, please?”Sharon looked at him. Then, thinking it would get him away sooner, opened the till and took out the change. As she swapped the tattered note with the coins, she noticed her hand touched some kind of silver disc or coin that hung on a chain around Stan’s hand.Stan took the coins and walked over to the machine.Sharon put the note in the till and continued work at the bar. She was still working hard on polishing up the counter but seemed to be finding more energy, like it was getting easier. She was continually glancing up to the Fruit Machine, which was around the corner in a recess of the pub, in order to take up less space.Stan was muttering to himself as he played the machine, and she found herself thinking Escort Üsküdar she had been a tad hard on him. So, after calling ‘time’ for the last time, she poured a pint and walked round the bar and over to the machine, going round the long way so the remaining drinkers wouldn’t notice. She placed the glass on the shelf next to the machine.“It’s on me,” she said and looked at him.“Thanks,” said Stan, as he picked it up and went back to looking at the machine.Sharon walked back round to the other drinkers and started collecting empty glasses and ushering people out. Eventually, at about 23:10, after locking the Pub door and washing the remaining glasses, she sat at the end of the bar and took her shoes off to rub her feet.Stan came over and sat next to her, placing his empty glass on the bar.Sharon smiled. “Do you want another, Stan? My treat.”Stan sighed. “No, I got what I came for. Thanks,” and he smiled slyly.Sharon jumped from the seat. “Well, how about something else? Something stronger.”At that point, Brian, the Manager, came in from the restaurant and into the bar to check that everything was alright as she closed up.“You okay, Shaz?” he asked.“Yeah, fine,” Sharon said, looking at him. Then, when she looked back around for Stan, he had made his way to the other unlocked door and left.“You sure you’re okay, Shaz?” Brian asked, again. “It’s just, …I thought you really didn’t trust Stan.”

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