Making Peace


We had been feuding all week, a low simmering roil of resentment. The cause, of course, was small and petty, but it was the small wound that allowed long-suppressed resentments to pour forth. Each, alone, was minor, but after long seasons to fester, they’d become toxic, and the rush of bitterness caught both of us by surprise. We’d fought with viciously controlled intensity, each laying our attacks with deadly precision, with deliberate aim, and hateful vigor. New wounds opened veins of old poisons, and we mined these lodes with cold intent, forging newer, ever more cruel barbs from the hard ore of forgotten hurts. Not a curse crossed our lips, nor was a single voice raised in our anger. Civil, quiet, deadly, was our battle, and the very house trembled in the thundering silence that fell afterwards. We nursed our new wounds, banking the fires, storing away hurts with gleefull intent, preparing for future battles.

Sleeping in the same bed, each out of sheer stubbornness refusing to yield our place, we may as well have been in separate fortresses miles apart. Backs to each other, we re-fought the day’s skirmishes in our minds, and prepared for the morrow.

I sleep deeply, but have that peculiar talent for waking at a moment’s notice, when necessary, that comes from a decade and more of listening to ship’s announcements in my sleep, deciding which applied to me, and which did not, without conscious thought. I came awake with instant alertness this night, my mind seeking the cause. It wasn’t hard to find. A hot, almost searing, hip was pressed to mine, and I was rigidly erect, with an animal need coursing through my body. Angrily, I tried to suppress my need, not willing to yield anything to my foe, but her hip moved, gently, against me, and a red wave of lust obscured my vision.


I wasn’t about to allow myself to respond. I was still too angry. With perverse satisfaction, I cruelly squashed my desire again, though my cock remained defiantly erect, and my mind kept darting toward the heated contact of our bodies. She moved again, snoring gently, her shoulders shifting, her back rolling onto my arm, and seemingly of its own will, my free hand slid across her waist, over her smooth belly. I was in an almost hypnotic state, mind locked around my core of resentful hurt, but Ataşehir Escort other, stronger, more primitive emotions and needs were directing my actions. I pulled myself over onto my side, freeing my trapped arm, the arm laying across her waist moving down, hand crossing a nest of downy curls, up, across a smooth thigh, down around the back of that tightly muscled leg.

A growling moan escaped my lips, and I lay, quivering with need and lust, restrained by anger and stupid pride, the focus of my desire in intimate contact with my body.

I leaned closer, smelling her hair, my breath ruffling it’s light silkiness. Closer still, I took in the musky scent of her, faintly floral from her perfume. My hand stole slowly up the back of her thigh, fingertips only now, until my palm came into firm contact with her smoothly rounded ass. Cupping her cheek with my hand, I squeezed, gently, firmly, hard. With a sharp intake of breath, she awoke, and started to roll towards me.

Oh no, she didn’t!

I wasn’t about to give her any leeway now! My freed arm snaked up, hand sliding up into her hair, grabbing a fistful, pulling her head back firmly. My other hand leapt off her ass, and returned with a flat, meaty SMACK. For a second, there was shocked stillness, I surprised at my action, she, perhaps even more surprised at the reaction my swat had roused in her. For a long moment, neither of us moved, or even breathed. Then she wiggled her ass under my hand, just a little; almost an involuntary shudder, and I swatted her a second time, more tentatively. Her hips lifted under my hand, and there was no doubt the wiggle was deliberate this time. Again, I swatted her ass, harder this time, and she sighed, pulling her head forward just a bit, increasing the tension in her hair. I shifted my grip, getting a firmer, more full grasp of her thick, silky hair, pulling her head back again, sharply, then pushing, positioning her, rolling her part way onto her belly, my chest pressing across her upper back, pinning her to the mattress.

With breath coming hard, growling deep in my throat with each breath, I bit at her neck, shoulders, back, ribs, and arms. Bearing down with barely-controlled violence, I gathered her flesh between my teeth, pulling back, allowing it to slip away through my teeth, Ataşehir Escort Bayan escaping damage, fleeing back to the safety her body, only to be caught again, and again to escape, pursued by my growls. Even as I mauled her upper back, I continued to spank her; the flat cracks as my palm met her ass competing with my growls, filling the air in our room. Constantly changing rhythm, force, and location, I punished her for quite a while. My palm was beginning to sting, and I could feel the heat rising off her ass, but she would whimper and wiggle her hips when I slowed down, and encouraged, goaded, by this, I worked her ass over thoroughly, and with a will. She squirmed, whimpered, and cried out, shifting her hips, writhing beneath my punishing hand.

Normally, spanking does nothing for me, but this night, my heat rose with each blow, and I quivered like a bowstring, nerves thrumming with excitement. Her whimpers and cries became moans, and she lifted her hips more with each strike. I could finally no longer wait, and pulling at the fist-full of hair, I urged her to her knees, she rising willingly, eagerly to my command. Working around behind her, I finally had to release her hair, but instead grabbed her hips with bruising force, pulling her up to meet me, taking her deeply with my first vigorous thrust, slamming our bodies together. She cried out, loudly, her first climax claiming her even as I entered the heated, clinging wet depths of her body. With no thought in my mind at all, I thrust into her, mindless lust riding me as hard as I was riding her, and she came again and again, abandoning herself to my need. The string of climaxes, so unlike her normal response, raised me to a heat like I’d never before known, and the full, heated walls of her pussy clutched at my cock with desperate need. I was a wild beast now, and had no mercy, my hips slamming against her ass with violent slaps. Tension building at the back of my neck gave me scant warning of my impending climax, and I came explosively, roaring, grinding my hips into hers, pushing as deeply into her as I could reach, body arched with the searing, shocking intensity, pouring myself into her depths in urgent surges.

For a long minute, maybe two, we held that pose, held together with fierce possession, and then she shuddered Escort Ataşehir over her whole body, an almost convulsive tremor, coming yet again. A searing cramp speared the back of my left thigh, and I pushed forwards to escape the burning pain, knocking her to her belly, coming to lie atop her back, still partly inside her, panting, sweaty, but still aroused.

I lay over her, sweat stinging my eyes, watching her own sweat beading on her neck and shoulders in the dim light. I leaned in, and licked the nape of her neck. She tasted of salt, and of the musky, floral scent I had smelt earlier, and of something less definable, but more exciting. My lips ran hungrily, caressingly across her back, tasting, sampling her flavor. She arched her neck, pulled her hair aside for me, and I devoured her nape, beginning to growl again, cock responding, hardening to full length, and my hips began to move, awkwardly, with just a portion of my length within her. She moaned, her hips lifting, and I missed with the next trust, my cock sliding along her labia and clit. With a gasp, she came, legs scissoring shut, clamping my cock between her smooth, muscular thighs. I thrust between her thighs for a few moments, but the rounded smoothness of her shapely ass against my belly brought other thoughts to mind, and I slid up her back, disengaging from between her thighs, and probing between her ass cheeks. Realizing my intent, she humped her ass at me, and I found her anus, pushing at it, entering her, feeling the incredible tightness of her grip on me as I pushed deeper into her. She humped her ass up into me again, and I began to thrust, driving as hard and deep as I had before, she pushing back equally hard. Again I lost myself to lust, to animal need, and again she yielded completely to my desire as I rode her again, and again she came repeatedly before, almost exhausted, I finally came a second time. A great, shuddering climax raced up and down my body, the searing pleasure wrenching a desperate cry from me.

I collapsed onto her, and she rolled slightly to one side, causing me to pull out of her, to fall to my side, still partly covering her with my body, both of us gasping as we separated. For a long time, we lay, cooling, spent, still. I pulled the blanket back over our bodies, and held her close, smelling her, listening to her breath. Slowly, dreamily, we passed into sleep.

The war was over. We both won.

My first submission. My editor was “A+ Editor Girl”, but I’ve made a few changes from what she saw. Any errors are entirely my own.

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