Making it Stretch

Big Cock

I could tell Roger was getting agitated with me.

“Will you just stop gritting your teeth when I am trying to fuck you?”

I didn’t realise I was doing it but his efforts were hurting, even though he had dowsed me with K-Y jelly.

I guess his patience was getting a trifle short because he couldn’t get his regular fuck of me. Well it had been a few months since we last met, and being the loyal guy I am, I have never been with another guy, even though almost tempted by a coloured guy called Ned. Hearing about how coloured guys can move and how they are bigger than average.

But as said, I kept loyal to the guy I deeply loved, the guy I had missed so much when he left on business to go to Australia for six months.

But try as may he could not open sufficiently to get a gratifying fuck and equally, I was downright disappointed too.

“At least it proves I have been good while you were away “I .said trying to ease the tension.

“Well we shall simply have to give it some attending to” retorted Roger, “but in the meantime you’d better make it good!”

He meant of course to stiff wank and suck him off and that was the least could do to make my lover happy. I arose from my bending position and still felt the result of his pre-fuck attention to detail, my ass still feeling the pangs of his brisk slaps and handling, my anus was so numb after he had sucked it dry and done all that probing. He was a bum man and made no reservations about that – he’d have me dressed in skin tight jeans, tights, skimpy briefs -all the time concentrating on the pleasure my hind could give him, he’d feel me, nudge me, suck me -, have me sit on his face as he sniffed and tasted the favour of the week, usually after having dowsed me down-under with a good helping of double cream or edible paint, which he’d take time to lick and suck it off every part of my private anatomy, mecidiyeköy eskort to his sheer delight and mine too. I so adored the wonderful feelings and vibrations he gave me and especially that deep gratifying fuck to conclude another wonderful weekly session in the privacy of his bedroom.

But poor Roger was at his wits end, carrying a very large and throbbing cock which was a dream to feel and suck, so I just had to give him the alternative gratification he would have gotten stuck into my ass,

I squeezed him between thumb and forefinger making a tight make-do hole, grasped him tight and made like he was fucking m, then bending down enough so that my mouth could suck him off at the same time. Even that he said was never quite the same as the feel of my asshole but it would suffice until we could get it sorted.

Of course we always took time in the gorgeous and thrilling experiences foreplay can give. Closing my eyes I gulped his cock and tasted its earthy salty flavour which was so beautiful – his lengths pliable and workable in the confines of my mouth as I sucked and licked him to my hearts content, waiting for the coming which always felt so wonderfully complete.

Slapping my ass he yelled he was nearly there and I braced myself for a good dowsing, his climax was always in plenty and I knew what to expect. The feel of his hot spunk creaming my mouth and face made it all a wonderful finale until we could once again indulge in the deep sensual feel of anal glory.

But in a way, I was happy my ass could not serve him completely on this occasion because what followed after he’d purchased a set of anal vibrators from an Ann Summers store, guaranteed to stretch me generously – Rogers cock was wide girth and nearly eight inches so there would be a great deal of stretching required for him to achieve that perfect fuck of me.

“Wes hall follow taksim eskort what it says on the packet” joked Roger the next Sunday we met and he showed me several sized of ‘plungers’ as he called them to widen and stretch me and I could see by the look in his eyes and his shaky hand, when holding what was to be the first ‘plunger’ how enthusiastic he was to try each one.

“I am simply besotted by you Peter and if you will just strip off those gorgeous skin tight brush jeans and reveal yourself to me, like always – I will be so happy to fuck and stretch you with the prize at the end, and you know what that is huh?”

I knew exactly and the feel of his magnificence inside me was always a treat to behold, and to feel him trying all those things in me was going to be a wonderful new experience of our deep and special relationship.

After stripping he felt me around my buttocks whish he always did, cupping my cock and balls and complimenting me, saying what a lucky guy he was to have me as a lover and how he adored me. He asked me simply to bend over as steep as I could across his lap and his voice was all of a quiver as, beside him, placed on the coffee table, was the remaining set of five ameliorators, one already in his hand ready for insertion, and as I laid there, stretch over his knees like that I felt wanted, and it was wonderful to know that I could give my lover so much pleasure, I perked up my ass for him as he liked it, it felt good, I wanted just to be all ass for him, I knew how besotted he was with my rump.

I felt the warmth of his eager hands annuitant me with lubrication. It felt so nice and I really looked forward to the new experience of just being there for his new venture, and it was going to be a real thrill for us both as one by one he inserted, moved and stretched my anus, twisting and turning each one at first just inside, switching on the vibrator şişli eskort which was really lovely, and slowly working it into me..

By the time he got to the fourth vibrator which was a little more bulbous than the others he’d already used in me, I really felt the stretch inside, just stinging at first, but gradually, with my telling Roger when to start and when to pause, he maneuvered it right inside me, turned on the vibrating massage facility and I was a goner, enjoying that wonderful deep massage which I knew then was going to be the absolute perfect primer for the flesh fuck.

But first Rogers aid he wanted to go with the full treatment, and I knew I was to expect the eye watering sensation of the equivalent in size, if not a little more, to Roger’s delight so I gritted my teeth and waited for it.

I needn’t have been concerned, it seemed I was well initiated and it slipped up inside me beautifully and with a little generous movement I felt the buzz of the vibrating massage stretch me to the full, so again I was well and ready for the real flesh fuck Roger could give me, and when we went upstairs, me before him like always, he well and truly showed me how much he appreciated my ass which he said was my best feature, and I laughed saying was that all?

But he made it so nice for me, having already being sent into a virtual paradise being fucked six times in the most beautiful way I felt, as I laid on the bed completely naked, and him too, my legs as wide as could be and my anus glowing with the residue of six fucks, now ready for reality, only the fuck that Roger could give me.

But never failing, he sucked me first, deep into my ass = he moving me in different ways, so that he could massage his face into my being before at last I so wanted the feel of real hard cock up inside me, to give me the fucking I had been worked up for, and then, with that fleshy circumference , fucking my ass completely, feeling the waterloo cum, so deep and so wonderful, we were back on course and once more was ready for all that Roger wanted of me.

And no longer needed grit my teeth!

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