Make Yourself at Home


Make Yourself at Home

I’m Simon. I’m thirty-six years old. I’m not in great shape but I’m no slob either. Jennifer and I have been married for a little over ten years. She’s very tall and slim with tiny, pert breasts that don’t sag at all even though she’s now thirty-seven years old. She has shoulder-length blond hair, fairly wide shoulders with a narrow waist and slender hips. She has a high, tight butt and her legs are incredibly long. They appear to make up more than half of her six-foot stature. If she puts on the lowest heels she owns she is just as tall as me.

I’m an average guy with a middle-management job that pays pretty well; while Jennifer is a brilliant accountant whose job pays even better than mine. Our relationship has always been very solidly based on a deep, abiding love and mutual respect. We’ve always lived within our means and have rarely argued about anything and never about money. Jennifer is so skillful with money management that, even though we’re not wealthy, we own our home, three cars and a boat.

Our house is a nineteenth century farmhouse. It isn’t big or fancy but it’s comfortable and homey. My wife loves to spend her free time cooking and quilting while I tend to spend my time with my own hobbies. We both have always enjoyed the company of good friends and have often hosted friends for the weekend.

Over the years Jennifer and I have helped several friends who found themselves in need. We took them into our home and let them stay in our guest room without ever charging rent. It was never our plan, it just sort of happened that way. Early on, we took in one of Jennifer’s best friends who needed a place to stay while working toward her master’s degree. Candy lived in our spare room for a little over a year in order to establish in-state residency, save money and be close to school.

Candy was the thirty-year-old daughter of Chinese immigrants but she was very “American.” She’d been born and raised in the U.S. and even had a little bit of a southern accent. Candy always dressed very conservatively for school but was in the habit of wearing considerably less when at home. She worked out every day, either at home or at the gym, and wore skimpy little spandex outfits for the occasion. She had long, luxuriously thick black hair that hung well past her waist. She had wide shoulders and lovely womanly hips with a thick waist. She wasn’t fat, just sort of thick.

Living together, there were the inevitable awkward moments since there’s only one bathroom in the house. I’m sure she caught a glimpse of me in the shower or changing after work and I certainly got an eyeful of her a few times.

She’d been living with us for about a month when I came home early on a Friday afternoon to find her dancing around, completely nude, in the kitchen. She had a pair of earphones in and was blending her smoothie while she un-self-consciously gyrated her hips to a tune that I couldn’t hear. I stood mesmerized by the spectacle until she spun around and noticed me staring.

Candy froze for a long moment before blushing and yanking her earphones out. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself with her hands. With an arm across her breasts and one hand in her crotch she only succeeded in looking even sexier than before. Her small nipples were set in the middle of large, dark areolas at the tip of relatively small breasts that sagged only slightly. She sported a thick tuft of jet-black, very straight pubic hair that did little to conceal her dark outer labia.

I couldn’t help laughing and said, “Sorry! I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at the situation. I must say, you’re a very good dancer.”

Candy continued to blush but laughed too. “Sorry. I didn’t think you’d be home for at least a couple of hours. Let me go put something on.”

She headed toward the stairway behind me. I stepped aside and she casually brushed up against me as she passed. “I’ll be back when I’m decent.”

I felt myself blushing now, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look more decent.”

“Very funny.” She giggled as she ascended the stairs. “Keep your eyes in your head or I’ll tell Jenny.”

I tried to keep my eyes in my head but everything jiggled rather nicely as she bounded up the staircase.

“I’m pretty sure Jenny would agree with me!” I called out after her as she reached the top of the stairs and the door to her room.

Candy came back downstairs after less than five minutes. She was still barefoot but was now wearing an oversized cotton t-shirt that advertised the Hard Rock Café in Hong Kong. The t-shirt came down to about mid-thigh on her.

“No pants?”

She raised the hem of her shirt to show her shiny blue, skin tight, lycra running shorts and smirked, “You wish.”

“A guy can hope, right?” I grinned and set about pouring myself a beer while she drank her smoothie through a straw.

“Seriously, I’m sorry to barge in on you. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s OK, I guess. I’m not easily embarrassed and, besides, it’s your house.”

“You should mamak escort feel at home here too. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s OK. It’s bound to happen occasionally. I just don’t want to upset Jenny. She’s my best friend and I don’t want her to think I’m coming on to you. I’m not, you know. You’re like a brother to me.”

“Yeah? How do you feel about incest?”

Oh my God! You’re such a pervert!”

“I am not! I’m…”

“A pervert!”

“Ok, guilty. But you started it!”

“Yeah. Sorry about that.” She smiled at me over the rim of her glass as she drank down the last of her smoothie.

I pulled my tie loose and said, “I’m going to go get out of this monkey suit.”

“I should barge in on you. It’d serve you right!”

I was halfway up the staircase, “Anytime, Candy! I’d be happy to give you a show anytime you want!”

“Oh, for God’s sake! Pervert!”

I was still chuckling as I closed the door to my bedroom and stripped out of my jacket and slacks. I had quite a hardon and the front of my jockeys was soaked with my precum. I decided that I was going to have to jerk off before going back downstairs or I wasn’t going to fit into my shorts properly.

I pulled my button-down shirt off, stood naked in front of the full-length mirror and assessed myself as I tugged on my cock a bit. I wasn’t in great shape but I wasn’t too bad for a guy who was approaching forty; I guess you could say I had a “dad bod.” I was mostly bald with a well-groomed mustache and stylish glasses. My circumcised cock was average length and fairly thick with a large head. My rather muscular legs were probably my best feature. I had nothing to be ashamed of.

I stopped playing with myself when I heard Jennifer come in the front door and greet Candy before heading up the staircase. She entered the bedroom as I was pulling a clean t-shirt over my head.

“Hi Honey! How was your day?”

“Same old… Oh my. What’s gotten into you?”


She was staring at my erection, “You look like you’ve had an exciting day.”

“Ha! No. I had a really boring day until I got home early and walked in on Candy dancing around naked in the kitchen.”

Jennifer closed the distance between us and kissed me deeply while grabbing my cock and balls with both hands.

“Oh. Poor baby. She teased you and left you like this? She didn’t even offer to blow you?”

“She’s a selfish bitch,” I said with an exaggerated pout.

“Well, I’ll have to speak to her about that. Do you want me to take care of this in the meantime?” She squeezed my cock hard and gave it a little tug.

“Yes, please.”

Jennifer knelt on the carpet and unceremoniously engulfed my cock in her mouth and began to suck me off. She moaned on my cock as she gently fondled my balls. She began to guide me in and out of her mouth by manipulating my balls; tugging, pulling, pushing and massaging them as she went.

I didn’t last long. I erupted without warning and filled her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out a little as she tried valiantly to keep up with my orgasm and swallow my load. When she’d swallowed everything, she continued to lick and suck in order to clean up every last drop before taking me out of her mouth.

“Is that better?” She stood and lightly tugged on my softening cock.

“Oh, yeah! Thanks Honey. I needed that more than you know!”

“I could see that. You were pretty worked up. You were about to jerk off when I got home, weren’t you?”

“Yeah. I was going to have to in order to get dressed.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help.” She smiled and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She tasted of me a bit but that’s never bothered me. If she was brave enough to blow me and swallow my cum then I was going to be brave enough to make out with her afterwards.

“Did you really walk in on Candy?”


“She was completely naked?”

“Yep. She was dancing around with a pair of headphones in.”

Jennifer started to strip out of the skirt and blouse she’d worn to work, “What’d she do?”

I was pulling on running shorts over a clean pair of jockeys. “She didn’t notice me at first and I probably should’ve turned around but I just couldn’t. I stood there and watched. It seemed like quite a while but it was probably only about two minutes before she noticed me. She just tried to cover herself with her hands and blushed.”

Jennifer smiled at that. “Yeah. She’s not particularly shy, is she? She doesn’t need to be. She’s got a great body and she knows it. What’d she say about getting caught naked?”

I laughed at the memory of it. “She apologized and then excused herself to put on a t-shirt and some workout shorts. She didn’t seem terribly bothered and made it very clear that she would never come on to her best friend’s husband. She said that she thought of me as her brother.”

“She’s my best friend but I wonder if she’s considering incest. I happen to know for a fact that she broke up with Clyde two weeks ago ofise gelen escort and that she’s been desperate for some dick.”

I laughed out loud. “I suggested incest to her and she called me a pervert.”

Jennifer patted my butt and gave it a squeeze. “She’s not wrong. That’s one of your most endearing qualities.”

Jennifer pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts. I didn’t say anything about it but I couldn’t help notice that she’d neglected to add panties to her outfit.

We headed back downstairs together and into the kitchen. Candy was seated at the table watching the T.V. that sat atop the refrigerator.

“Simon tells me that you were teasing him and then refused to give him a blowjob. I had to blow the poor guy so that he would fit into his underwear again.”

Candy immediately stiffened and said, “I didn’t! I didn’t even know he was home! I’m sorry. I…”

Jennifer and I were both laughing by now and Candy stopped apologizing. “You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?”

“Sure Candy. I’m not upset. It’s going to happen if we’re all going to live here together. Don’t worry about it. Simon obviously enjoyed the experience. You should’ve seen how hard he was.”

“Oh fuck.” Candy almost groaned.

“Sorry. You haven’t had a good dicking in a while, have you? You should get naked more often. I’m sure Simon wouldn’t mind letting you play with his.”

I was a little surprised but not terribly shocked by this. Jennifer was always pretty blunt. She had teased me when Candy first moved in by suggesting that having two hot pussies in the same house might be fun for both of us. I thought it was just teasing but now it appeared that she may have been at least partly serious.

“Oh my God! You’re both perverts!”

“Yeah.” Jennifer said, “Isn’t it great?”

Candy laughed, shook her head a little and mumbled, “Don’t tempt me.” She opened a bottle of wine and filled three glasses while Jennifer set about making dinner.

We opened a second bottle of wine and shared it along with a delicious meal that Jennifer had prepared. We laughed and told stories about the day’s events and finally opened yet another bottle as the evening grew late.

I excused myself to use the bathroom and headed upstairs. As I was coming back down, I heard the girls laugh and stopped at the bottom of the staircase when I heard Jennifer say, “It’s OK with me if you want to. I’m sure he’d be willing.”

“He was really hard, huh?”

“Yeah, and he came like a damned volcano.”

I purposely scuffed my foot on the bottom stair to let them know I was returning to the kitchen and the girls went quiet.

We sat up and watched Candy’s favourite detective show with her before we all retired for the night. Jennifer and I both gave Candy a hug before retreating to our rooms.

Jennifer and I closed our bedroom door and stripped off our shirts and shorts. “What was that crap about letting Candy play with my dick?”

“Oh c’mon. Don’t pretend that you don’t want her to.”

“I didn’t say I don’t want to but…”

“It’s not cheating if I give you permission. Right?”

“Really? Are you giving me permission?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“Really? You think she wants to?”

“You know how girls talk, right? Well, she told me that she’s so horny since breaking up with Clyde that she’s about to burst. She’s probably fingering herself to a third orgasm right about now.”

“So, what have you told her?”

“I told her you’ve got a great dick and that you know how to eat pussy better than any man alive.”

“Do all girls talk like that?”

“Of course we do! Don’t try to convince me that you haven’t told all your buddies about how good I suck dick and how I swallow every drop.”

“Not all my buddies. Only most of them.”

“I know you look at her. I know she turns you on.”

“OK. That’s all true but…”

“I also know you’re crazy in love with me so there’s no way you could fall for her. So, why not; it might be fun for all of us if it’s only sex.”

“Are you saying that you’d make it with her too?”

“I couldn’t make it a lifestyle; I love your dick too much for that, but I think it might be fun to try.”

“What do you think she’d say? How would she react?”

“Well, she seemed relieved when I told her.”

“What? You already discussed this with her?”

“A little bit. I told her that it’d be OK with me if she wanted to scratch her itch with your dick.”

“What’d she say to that?”

“She said thanks.”

“I’m just a piece of meat to you two, aren’t I?”

“Uh huh. Now give me that meat, mister!”

Jennifer crawled onto the bed and, remaining on all fours, pulled a pillow under her shoulders and raised her ass high, wriggling it at me.

I was already hard as a diamond cutter and oozing copious amounts of precum. I knelt behind her and, holding myself in my fist, rubbed the head of my cock from her asshole to her clitoris.

“Where do you want me, Baby?”

“Ooh. otele gelen escort Keep doing that for a little while and then just pick a hole and shove yourself inside me.”

I continued to rub my cock over her backside and her pussy, paying special attention to her clitoris. She writhed and moaned while she pressed back against me.

When she started to cum I shoved my cock all the way into her pussy while pulling her hips back toward me. I was pressed tightly against her rump while my cock was buried deep inside her. She groaned and rocked her hips a bit. I felt the walls of her cunt massaging me as she continued to cum for a full two minutes.

When she finished cumming I began to fuck her like a jackhammer. She yelped and shoved back into me matching the rhythm of my thrusts. I guess the wine was having an effect because after almost five minutes I still hadn’t cum.

Jennifer suddenly moved forward and my dick slid free of her. “Lie down,” she commanded.

I lay on my back and Jennifer straddled me, pressing my cock flat against my belly. She began rubbing her sopping wet pussy along the length of my cock and got herself off again very quickly.

Without stopping she guided me into her and sat astride my hips. She planted her hands in my chest and began to move. She wasn’t lifting up and down; she was just rocking back and forth, rubbing herself hard against me with my cock buried as deeply inside her as it had ever been.

Wine or no wine I started cumming after only a couple of minutes of this. My cock jumped and spasmed several times in quick succession as I emptied myself deep inside her.

She sat atop me with a very satisfied grin. “Mmmmmm. I can feel you cumming inside me.”

I couldn’t speak. I could barely breathe.

When I finally relaxed, Jennifer raised up just enough to allow my softening cock to fall out of her pussy. She slid up my torso and presented me with her cunt.

“Make me cum again, Baby. Eat my pussy until I cum again.”

I didn’t hesitate. I sucked her clit into my mouth like a tiny dick while flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She started cumming almost immediately and was oozing a mixture of both of us onto my chin. I reached inside her with my tongue and cleaned her up while still applying sporadic licks to her clitoris.

When she stopped cumming she slid back down my torso, licking me clean all the way from my face down to my cock before rolling off me. “I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, Honey.”

I fell asleep flat on my back while she lay pressed against me with one arm and one leg draped across me.

* * *

The weather service said that Saturday temperatures would be in the mid-nineties. Candy spent the morning in the garden while Jennifer spent her morning in the kitchen, cooking and preparing meals that would feed us for most of the upcoming week. I grabbed some tools and was doing some badly needed repairs to the railing around the back deck. I could see Candy from the deck and was enjoying the view as she alternately bent down, squatted and stretched while working in the flower beds.

Candy stood up from the garden at one point to wipe the sweat from her face with a bandana that had been tucked into the waistband of her lycra shorts. She turned toward me and caught me staring.


“Cock Tease.”

We both grinned and returned to our projects.

As the sun got higher in the sky it started to get hot. I eventually pulled my t-shirt off and wiped my sweaty face and chest with it before draping it over the railing.

I looked up to see Candy staring this time.

“Now who’s the tease?”

I picked up a bottled water and dribbled it over my head and down my chest while doing a sexy little dance for her.

Candy laughed and returned to her gardening.

By 11:00AM it was already too hot to continue working in the sun. I put a final nail into the railing, grabbed a bottle of water and stood to drink it down.

Candy came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. “Got any more of those?”

“Cooler,” I said, while pointing at the little ice-chest on the deck.

Kelley grabbed a bottled water from the ice and raised it to her forehead before quickly drinking it down; spilling some of it down her front. Her nipples instantly grew hard and poked at the wet fabric of her cotton t-shirt. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra today.

“It’s not fair. I wish I could take my shirt off in this heat.”

“Go ahead, it’s not gonna bother me.”

Candy chuckled and shook her head. “I might if there was more privacy.”

I looked around the big back yard. There was a high privacy fence that concealed it from the street but the other three sides of the yard were surrounded by chain-link so that our neighbours could easily see into the yard.

“Well, I guess that’ll have to be my next project.”

“Don’t do that. I was only kidding. I’m not going to take my shirt off.”

“That’s too bad.” I shook my head and went inside with Candy on my heels.

As I said, it was a nineteenth century farmhouse; there was no central air-conditioning. We had window units but it was only slightly cooler in the kitchen than it had been outdoors. Jennifer was sweating through her t-shirt. She had her hair pulled up into a tight bun and was wiping her brow with a small towel as Candy and I walked in.

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