Maine Friend: Hotel Balcony


The kiss was not the beginning nor was it the end. It was just a kiss. As they stood inside the door of their room for the first time neither knew what to expect, neither had any plans for the next moment.

The only thought, expectation, or intent was the kiss. There was no fantasy to this moment. This moment was real. It was a personal moment, a personal kiss between two people who were beginning to sense that all the kisses they had shared with others before this kiss had not been personal. The insistence of this kiss was a promise that this kiss and all the others that would follow would remain personal.

Lightly at first their lips softly brushed and coaxed each other to desire. Her fingers traced patterns on the back of his neck as his hands guided themselves to her chest where he gently cupped a breast in each hand. His hands were light, molding the shape of her. His mouth and his hands pulled her into him. As his hands moved slowly over her nipples, she could feel the sensation of want throughout her core. He moaned softly into her mouth as he felt her nipples grow to large gumdrops under his palms.

The kiss broke as he pulled her close, holding her, reveling in his body’s response to her. The freshness of her body, her responsiveness to his touch made him want to take her in that moment, his body wanted to feel all of her and he wanted to let himself sink into something he wasn’t sure he had ever known.

That moment could wait. The years leading to this moment had provided training for patience and it was this patience that guided the two to separate. Taking a breath they wandered their room, organizing their things, enjoying the feeling of anticipation as they went through the motions of routine.

The room Bostancı Escort had a balcony overlooking the ocean. The swing on the balcony offered an ideal place to sit and talk while watching other people below. Her long legs crossed in front of him as they sat and talked about private things, things kept secret until this moment. Her leg casually caressed his mindlessly as they talked about the questions they had shared and new questions never asked.

His hand began to stroke her thigh feeling the smoothness of her skin. Their conversation slated as they simply enjoyed the ocean breeze and the calming end to the afternoon. She loved how his hand felt on her thigh. It felt like it was where it belonged, at home with her body.

He could feel the heat of her as his hand moved closer to the opening of her shorts. Her shorts were very short and he was only inches from her dampening panties. Her hips wanted to move, to move closer to his hand.

He felt her hand start to wander his own thigh. He could feel her determined touch, her fingers exploring and massaging. He felt her fingers exploring beneath the opening to his shorts. He held his breath wanting her fingers to continue their journey to his hardening cock. To his shock, her fingers reached his groin but instead of taking his cock in her hand like he had anticipated, he felt her likely stroking his balls with her fingernails.

Her fingernails were light, ever so slightly massaging the warm skin surrounding his balls. He leaned back and let his own hand continue to explore the heat in her own shorts. He groaned as has her nails continued to massage. His cock hard, standing, pulsing, his desire was deep and intent. His fingers now stroking the outside of her silken Bostancı Escort Bayan panties he marveled at her wetness.

Her fingers reached further back toward his anus and he felt that marvelous finger firmly stroking that spot that could so easily drive him over the edge. Her finger was beckoning him to a deeper arousal he could ever recall. His own fingers becoming more determined as he moved her panties to the side.

His finger slipped easily inside her. The wetness so complete they could both hear the sounds of his finger playing. Her hips began to gently move to his hand as his hand found the rhythm she so desperately desired.

Briefly her own finger joined his taking the wetness of her own pussy. Her finger, now wet with her own juices, returned to that place behind his cock. Her wet finger applying pressure to his anus she heard him groan and push down onto her hand. Slowly, persistently her finger gently probed that tight hole. In ever so slightly and then out, then a return to a deeper place she continued her play.

His hand now more determined in his stroking was nearing her to orgasm. She wanted to cum against his hand. Feeling his response to her finger, his pressing onto her hand, while his own hand continued in that rhythm made her groan softly with pleasure. The root of her orgasm began at his fingertips and moved swiftly through her groin. Her thigh clenched together against his hand, holding him almost involuntarily in that place. Her hips gyrated against him as the intensity of the orgasm forced her own finger to deepen into his anus.

Leaning into him now, kissing his mouth, her tongue twining with his, she kissed her way to his neck, down his chest, and let her free hand tug his shorts Escort Bostancı off. Kneeling before him, her mouth began its play.

While her finger continued to lightly fuck his anus, her tongue started its exploration of his balls. Licking, with her fingernails lightly following her tongue, she took a ball in her mouth and gently sucked. Her tongue swirling, encapsulating the ball, she sucked ever so softly but her lips held a determined grip.

Her tongue moved up his shaft, swirling, circling exploring all the veins and textures of his hard cock. He was thick, long, hard and a wonderful place for her tongue to play. Just beneath his head was a bulging area that her tongue stroked and explored. His hips moving she could sense he was ready for her tongue to finally lick his head.

Around the rim her tongue traveled and over his smooth head. His hips bucked gently and she took him finally deeply into her mouth. His groan beckoned her to continue. She could feel his hands on her head guiding her now. Her mouth moved to his needed rhythm, her tongue could feel the pulsing of his desire. She could hear his breathing, ragged and panting. Her finger returned to that spot near his anus and her finger massaged, rubbed bringing him closer to his edge.

She felt his cum starting to build. Her finger moving back now to his anus, she stroked herself gently back into that tight, hot place. Her tongue on his shaft could feel the imminent pulse, she took his cock deeply in her mouth as her finger entered his anus. Pushing while she sucked she felt him buck into her mouth deeper while his hands held her head steady.

He came hard into her mouth this first time. Pulsing, deeper, filling her mouth, her tongue licking she swallowed all she could. Using both hands she stroked him to his end as her mouth licked all his remaining juices.

Spent, he leaned back and watched her as she kissed her way back up his body. As he watched he could only imagine what the night might bring.

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