Made to Submit…3


Made to Submit…3Daniel menacingly said ‘one more cock to suck and you can go, you better do this one right. If you don’t swallow all my jizz you’ll be sorry. Now get busy bitch.’My hand could not enclose the girth of Daniel’s cock shaft and his cock head was enormously huge, nearly the size of a tennis ball. I had to stretch my lips to their fullest and still my teeth slid across his cock head. I gagged as his mammoth penis glans filled my mouth, it was so full I could not close my mouth around it.Daniel cursed and rotated his hips slowly causing his gigantic cock head to rotate in my mouth. I could not take it any longer, I gagged and started to retch. Daniel had my head in both his hands trying to push more of his monster cock into my face.Finally Daniel stopped and pulled his cock from my lips, looking Aliağa Escort at Bruce and Charlie, Daniel said ‘we gonna fuck this bitch good’. I coughed and looked up at Daniel as he turned his back ‘you promised you wouldn’t do that, if I sucked your nasty dicks’.Daniel stopped looked over his shoulder and said ‘you didn’t finish the job. Now you pay the price.’ Charlie glaringly said ‘fight if you want, you still lose and get fucked for a bonus’.Bruce was stroking his now rigid piece of man hood, and was smiling menacingly saying ‘boi pussy is better when it puts up a fight.’ Than he went on to speak about a time in detention that the three of them subdued another young guy and manage to fuck him for hours on end till…’he went stone cold crazy’… Terrified I recoiled Alsancak Escort from them into a corner of the room. Bruce and Charlie took hold of my feet and d**g me across the floor and scuffling with me manage to get my clothes off. I new I did not want them to have sex with me willing or not. No matter what I did the two of them toyed with me, pulling on my cock or sticking their fingers into my anus.Daniel stood at the window gazing out into the night, finally Bruce turned me to my stomach and Charlie sat on my back, his naked butt on my shoulders, Bruce took hold of my right ankle and bending my leg at the knee pulled my feet back till Charlie took hold of it.They did the same with my left leg, I tried to struggle free but to no avail. Bruce worked his body Balçova Escort between my bent legs and spit a blob of his saliva into my butt crack. Taking his fingers, Bruce poked and spread the substance into my anal orifice, preparing my butt hole for his cock. No matter how I tried to twist and turn I could not extricate myself from their grasp. I felt Bruce as he lowered his body to my exposed buttocks and his rubbery rigid penile glans probe my tightening buttocks. With his oozing sperm from his cock head and the glob of his spit, it wasn’t long before I felt the pain of his cock head pushing at my terrified butt hole.I cried out from under Charlie’ butt begging Bruce ‘please don’t do this, I sucked your dick, I sucked your dick’, Bruce said ‘now you gonna get fuck by it too’. I cried out in pain as Bruce worked his stiff penile shaft deeper into my ass hole till he his thighs was resting against my buttocks.Bruce reached around my legs, that Charlie was still holding, and took hold of my shoulders and began to lunge hard into my rectum sinking more and more of his cock into my butt.TOO BE CONTINUED…

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