Macho Man in Charge


After a long hot rainy day, Julio came over, totally drenched from head to toe, sweat, rain… grime all over him. I leaned gingerly close to his cheek and almost kissed him but he quickly held me back.

“NO! You need wait. I am very, very dirty — I need shower. You wash my clothes, yes?”

He stripped, went to get cleaned up, the filthy clothes put into the washing machine. No choice! His shoes were sopping but had to be left on a little rug at the back door. I had plenty of food — a variety of treats. He came down, wrapped in a towel and sat at the table, as I brought him everything. Steak, potatoes, cheeses, salad, bread, beer… all of it enjoyed with a big smile on his face and me gazing at him in adoration. He cut large chunks of meat and brought them to his mouth with the point of the knife. He had four beers, sucking on limes, ripping the fruit with his white even teeth. I watched him, my crotch getting damp and hot.

As he ate, he let his left leg swing out and the towel slipped open — and of course I looked at his cock, hanging there. He nodded at me, his mouth full. “Kiss my dick.” That order, that firm tone in his voice, zapped my clitoris. I got on my knees, touching my lips to the head of his penis. He gazed down at me approvingly, made kissy lips. He kept eating and I kept kissing, licking, softly rubbing the shaft of his cock, feeling it swell to its full length. “Suck my balls,” he commanded, spreading his legs far apart. I opened wide, my lips a huge oval, and pulled each of his balls into my moist warm mouth, rolling my tongue lovingly over and all around, nuzzling, pushing my cheeks against them. ‘Mmmm, mmmm,” I moaned, and he finished his food and clutched my hair in his fist. “This is good, me gusta, I like this,” he growled, pushing my head back and raising me up from the floor. “Come we go to the bed.”

We went upstairs. “Quitate la ropa,” he ordered. (Take off your clothes) But I had no time to comply because he did it all. Impatient, he stood in front of me and tugged at my filmy blouse, which came over my head easily. He put both hands on my leggings and slid them right off me in two seconds. His palm at my back, he undid my blue lace bra in one quick motion and flung it aside. He plopped down on the bed, lay his head and shoulders on a heap of pillows, both arms behind his neck, and spread his thighs. I knew what to do next: I positioned myself between them and put my mouth on his cock, to continue what we had started at that kitchen table. He was looking at me — a slight smile on his lips. I had both hands – all my fingers – around the base, my lips on the large head. I wetted it with spit and moved up and down, my eyelids closing in pleasure. I relished every inch, moving over that shape of a torpedo head, and down the thick shaft, as his penis got even harder and fatter, my cheeks, my lips, my tongue feeling it all, as it hit the back of my throat, nearly choking me. He lay back, calm, relaxed, eyes half shut, mouth in a little crooked smile, contemplating me at work.

Suddenly he spoke in a crooning voice: “You know Miguel want fuck you?”

My mouth full of him, I felt my eyes pop wide open. I instantly stopped my motion but I did not take my mouth off his penis. At first I could not even look up; but when I could, I stared up at him in total shock. He was watching me very closely. I felt that I had been turned to stone; I could not speak — for several reasons! For one thing, his cock completely filled my mouth and for another, I was at a total loss as to what to answer him. He reached his hand onto my hair and softly took hold of a big fistful, twining his fingers around my curls.

“What you say? You like fuck him?”

I took my mouth off his body, but remained totally locked in his gaze, not making a sound. I was bakırköy escort quite alarmed, really. I had broken off with Miguel, Julio’s cousin, quite some time ago, but it somehow was not over. Miguel was still calling me, trying to get me back, to have me fuck him again. But I had stopped seeing him because he was too rough when we had sex. He had bruised me that last time. I was very apprehensive about being with him, even though he was still very hotly sensual to me.

When able to talk, I said, “Wait – I — I don’t understand — are you talking to Miguel about me? Did he say that to you?”

“I talk with him — yes. I tell him I love you, I tell him I fuck you for long time. I tell him I love you, porque for you are beautiful woman, muy caliente — you put me very hot, yes; I say this. Y la semana pasada, last week, I talk with him more; he know I love you. He tell me last week he want fuck you too. We make grupo de tres. (a threesome) This is okay for you?”

“No — no — he — he — no! Oh no, please!” I sat up, feeling entirely upset. I got tearful and I was shaking. “Please — I can’t do it! Don’t talk like that. Please!”

“Que es toda esta basura?” he said, somewhat impatiently. (What is all this garbage?) “Who is you boss? Is me, you are mi esclava, (my slave) you do what I want. Yes?”

He wanted me to follow his orders. This idea of being used, of being fucked by both him and Miguel seemed to be no big deal to him at all. This confused me — Julio is so possessive! And yes, I acquiesce; I agree, I submit, I like it. I do what he wants with him -but now he is saying also with anyone he decides? Nevermind that I am ‘his’ and ‘only for him, as he is so determined to make clear. He asks me nearly every time when he calls, if I love him — if I am ‘his’, if my pussy belongs to him … and I always say ‘yes, yes, yes, to everything! Well, all this is a new notion to my little world of what is ‘ok’ with him.

Meanwhile, seeing me in such distress and confusion, he got very tender. He put his arms around me and began to caress me, pulling my head onto his chest. He stroked my face gently, and breathed into my ear, his lips hot and moist:

“Mi corazon, te amo mucho y mas para siempre. (my heart, I love so much and forever) I ask you for if you like this, porque I think maybe you like fuck me and Miguel, same time, para darte mucho placer (pah-rah dar tay moocho plah-ser), give you lotta pleasure. Piensa en eso: Dos hombres, dos pitos … muchos besos, muchas caricias – ah?” (Think about that, two men, two dicks, many kisses, caresses)

“I don’t even know what you are saying!” I sobbed. “What is ‘pito’?”

“Pito? Is the penis, my dick, is verga, is pene… (ver-gah, pen-nay) all is same.”

I began to calm down and I realized I might have to adjust to whatever weird stuff he thinks is ok. Culture shock…for me! The same guy who explodes in a flurry of questions about any other guy he notices might be in my life, seems to think a threesome with someone he approves of is perfectly all right! No hot-blooded jealousy, no issues of love making technique, looks, whatever!

And instantly the crazy fact of how these two men do SO many of the exact same things in lovemaking went through my mind. Maybe they do ‘threesomes’ a lot — or have done it. So that’s why they tend to have similar techniques?

But I also realized that that would be simply insane! Oohh — oh my God! NOOOO! I don’t dare have both of them together. I KNOW how big their cocks are. I KNOW how physically powerful they both are, how wild they both get in what they do in having sex — I don’t think I could live through the two of them. I’d surely be ripped in half. They both kind of go crazy at times, flipping me every which way, slapping me; they bakırköy bayan escort both plunge headlong into any part of me — mouth, pussy, ass, in any positions or actions they want, lose any sense of how strong they are, lose control — especially Miguel! Yanking my arms behind me, flinging my legs open in any way they want, pulling my hair, biting me with such force –ooohhhh noooo! So if I want to survive, the possibility of both of them at once is ZERO. It’s terrifying!

But for now –in his arms, I was enveloped by the magic of my strong, beautiful Julio, who held me close, being as tender as anyone can be. I let myself relax and melt into his scent, his heat, the totality of his masculine appeal. He began kissing me softly, pushing my hand down to his hard cock. “Ay! Mi diosa, ay, sabes que te amo, te amo- bay-bay, no llores! Quiero ver tu sonrisa.” (Ay, my goddess, you know I love you, don’t cry. I want to see your smile)

And the answer for his question — as to whether I had been ‘fucked’ by Miguel — that never came out of my lips. But he seemed to know already that it happened. In any case, obviously the subject had turned him on. A LOT. Well there is no way round it, I fully adore Julio. Plain fact: I will do whatever he wants — almost! But I don’t dare have him and Miguel together – not if I want to emerge alive.

He laid me down on the bed and went into the 69 pose — his arms holding my hips and thighs, his face between my legs, tongue slipping in and around all those in-betweenies… and I began to rise to the occasion, my body quivering in waves of heat, my hips moving up and down, my legs pressing against his cheeks and ears, his loins above my head, as his cock insisted on thrusting its way into my mouth, choking me, making my chest heave.

Then he turned his body and put his legs at my head — his cock went right into my mouth again, and I sucked and moaned, my hands touching his muscular thighs, my fingers digging in all along his torso, his chest, his broad shoulders. And just when I felt I was about to faint from lack of air, he stopped.

He wanted his cock in my vagina and my pussy was more than ready, drenched with his saliva and my own juices. He stood up at the side of the bed, as he spread my legs by holding my ankles wide apart. Suddenly, he just began to kiss my feet — the soles of my feet! Oh what a marvel of a man! My calves were lovingly kissed, my knees, my inner thighs — then he folded both my legs, set my feet on his chest, pressing fully on top of me and plowed in to my pussy like a train rushing into a tight tunnel. I could barely breathe — but I was in heaven. Oh that fabulous fat thing pushing deep into my inner core, that electric prod, shooting currents into my entire being, making me gasp and scream, as I dissolve in that whirlpool of piercing pleasure-pain… Oh yes! I wanted it so, so much.

“Ohhhh, ooohhhh!” I gasped as my body clamped his cock, my belly convulsing; I was coming over and over. He pushed himself so deep, it electrified my insides, my head kicked backwards and I arched my back even though he was crushing me. A look of pure pleasure and love on his face, he began to kiss me — and I could taste a bit of my own juices — from the 69 thing. I had his tongue working into every part of my mouth, his teeth biting at my lips, the warmth of his honeyed kiss melting my whole being, I fully surrendered to his desires — which of course were my desires as well.

He came. He scooped some of the semen from my pussy to my face and I licked his fingers. He grinned, shaking his head, amused at my eagerness to do it. Finally we both lay still, dozed awhile. All was quiet. Perhaps fifteen minutes or so went by. Stirring, he sat up, tugging at my arm and said, “Mi amor, we bayan escort bakırköy make a shower. Come, come, bay.”

Groggily, I stood up, briefly looking back at the bed, which was altogether a wild mess of pillows, sheets, just so crazy. The water was turned on and we stepped into the shower stall. Shampoo, scented gel, my big sea sponges, his hands all over both of us, my hands all over him. He even brushed his teeth, as I keep a toothbrush and paste on the caddy, just for him. He got one of those soft big scrunchies, and rubbed it all over my pussy, then sank to his knees and sucked at me while I held his head against me.

“Julio, Julio! Aahhhh!”

“Mmmmm,” he answered, not stopping his tasting of me for even a moment. He had his hands firmly on my ass, keeping me steady, and burrowed his face into me, pressing deep. Then he got up and turned the faucet — so the water suddenly was much colder, which made me squeal and he held me under it, laughing. Hating icy water, I struggled and got away, bursting out of the stall. Shower done!

I grabbed a large towel and scurried to the heap of bedding, rolling around to warm up a bit. In a moment, there he was – naked, wet and using no towel, he leaped onto the disarray of all of that — with me in there someplace! He was just chuckling and grabbing at me and I was laughing too. More nuzzling, more kissing… and then he got the jar of coconut oil. He slathered some onto my pussy, as I was not very wet in there, after the shower. But I knew he was going to fuck my ass, as he slid his finger inside my anus – and I began to protest.

“No! No-no-no!” I begged him, “No quiero eso, no!”

“Ah? What! You tell me ‘no’? ”

Suddenly, he moved so quickly, grabbing both my wrists tightly in his left hand, spreading my thighs easily with his knee. My legs flopped over the edge of the bed and I kind of tried kicking at him, to no avail. He pressed himself against my legs, pinning them down.

“Who is you boss, mujer? Hah? Dime! (Dee-may =say it!) Who give you ordenes? Who? Tell ME- who is you boss? Is me? Yes? Now, SAY!”

“Ohh — yes,yes, yes! You — you — it’s you!”

“I do what I like — everything, all! Si, todo! Lo que quiero, ah?”

“Si, todo, todo — si, si, si!”

“This is correct! You are mine, muchacha! Nunca olvides! Eres mia.” (Never forget it, you are mine)

He nodded, then began to softly rub my clitoris with his thumb, round and round, slip-sliding between the labia with his fingers. Oh, God, it felt so fantastic — my entire body instantly went limp all over — just lost in the sensations. His cock was hard again, and I knew it was all going to happen as he wanted. And now I wanted it all too… everything, everything.

I was starting to come, that throbbing, that surge of heat – it was beginning… I closed my eyes and then felt his lips on my belly, as I began to moan in helpless pleasure. At that moment, he flipped me onto my stomach, swiped more oil around my anus, pulled me up on all fours with his arm under my belly and pushed into me quickly, thrusting deep. I howled and grabbed at any pillows I could get at, frantically gasping and crying out loud, “Ayyy, Ohhhhh please — ohhh God –ohhhhh!”

He was totally on top of me, his arms around me, his knees forcing my legs wide apart as he pumped like a madman. He held me locked in position, and all I knew and all I heard was both of us panting fiercely, and the sound of his body slamming into mine — slap, whap, smack! I had been just about to come and I did come. He felt it, and in his passion, he actually bit onto my head like a maniac wild beast, his jaw holding my scalp, while his right hand shot down to my pussy, where he rolled his fingers all over as I climaxed in powerful pulsing jolts.

“I love you, chiquita, I love you! Ahhhh!” He sighed with his mouth against my ear as he came, and I felt the force of that last thrust and the spurting inside my body as he collapsed and got quiet at last. Ohh good lord! Never has any man done what he does to me. I could not move, did not care if I died then and there.

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