Lydia and Andrew Ch. 02


When Lydia awoke the next morning, rays of sunlight penetrated the thin curtains of the window which was nearest her side of the bed. There was a strong tang of sex remaining; a pungent mix of body odour and stale cum, after the passionate lovemaking between her and Andrew the previous evening. Her mouth felt dry and she could still taste him on her tongue; the fruit of a blowjob which, she remembered fondly, had given Andrew particular pleasure. She could feel a large damp patch on the sheets between her legs. Evidence of the satisfaction Andrew had given her some hours earlier. She glanced at the radio alarm clock on the bedside dresser. It read 06:11AM. She didn’t normally waken until 8 o’clock. She turned her body so that she was facing him. He was fast asleep.

His thin chest heaved up and down . She reached her arm over and lay it gently across, pressing herself against him. She looked up and could see every feature of his face. His stubbled chin, his thinning brown hair which was fast receding, leaving his broad forehead exposed. She stretched a leg across his thigh and started to knead the fleshiness of his nuts with her knee, while still looking at his face. She saw a smile appear and moved her leg upwards slightly, so that her knee pinned his cock against his belly. She continued Kurtköy Escort to rub against him until she felt his stickiness on her knee and upper thigh. She was wet. Soaking wet. She placed one arm on the other side of him and lifted herself over, so that she straddled his lower body.

Andrew stirred from his sleep as Lydia took hold of his hard on and lifted her body several inches before lowering herself gently, sighing as she felt his firm shaft pressing the lips of her cunt apart and slipping inside her.

“W-What you doing?”

“Sssshh….I couldn’t help myself. I want your cock so much,” replied Lydia as she rolled her hips, mashing her clit against his ball sack.

Andrew smiled, wrapping his hands round her buttocks and then her hips, pulling her towards him. Her upper body fell forward and she gripped the bedrails tightly as she leaned over him. She rolled her hips backwards and forwards, clenching his shaft tightly with her muscles.

“Oh…Oh fuck….,” Lydia gasped through clenched teeth, as she felt him stiffen inside her.

Andrew gripped her arse tightly and started shoving his hips upwards and driving his hard on fully into her drenched and sticky cunt.

The bed was starting to shake as they fucked ardently. Lydia looked down at Andrew’s Kurtköy Escort Bayan face and could see that his mouth was open, his eyes screwed tightly shut. He was approaching climax. Then, like an express train, it hit her. She felt her eyes roll to the back of her head, her vision lost focus and she lost control over the movements of her hips. She lifted herself into an upright position, supporting herself with her hands on his belly, pounding herself up and down furiously on his cock and causing the mattress springs to creak so loudly that there was little doubt that Robert would be able to hear them having sex from his bedroom next door. She was gasping for breath, staccato intakes of air all she could manage as the initial waves of climax built into the full on surge of a mindblowing orgasm. As she squealed and moaned like a stuck pig, she could already hear Andrew grunting. They both came at the same time, her drenching his balls with her wetness at the same instant as she felt a succession of warm, sticky squirts of creamy spunk spurt up her cunt as he orgasmed inside her.

She slumped onto her back next to him. She could still feel a tingling itch between her thighs, as his cum oozed from her.

“I’d better go and have a shower,” said Lydia softly, the after effects of Escort Kurtköy a good shag, causing her to smile with pleasure.

“Yeah I’ll be in right after you,” responded Andrew.

Once they had both showered and dressed, Lydia walked through to Robert’s bedroom and wakened him. “Time for school!” she announced loudly.

Half an hour later, Andrew dropped Robert off at school before driving off to the school where Lydia worked several miles away.

“I really appreciate the lift,” she said as he stopped outside the gates.

Andrew smiled.

“I really appreciate last night. You’re a special woman.”

She smiled back coyly.

“Well thanks for saying so. I…well I just don’t want you to think that I sleep around that’s all. I don’t normally take a guy to bed on the first date”

“Please don’t think that. Like I say, I think more of you than that. I’d like to see you again. I’ll ring you. OK?”

“Yeah, OK,” Lydia replied, her smile widening slightly.

“You’d better get into work. Here – give me a kiss.”

She leaned towards him and felt the softness of his lips against hers, as he stroked her neck. A thousand shivers of pleasure rippled from her neck, where his fingers caressed her, down her chest, her abdomen and between her thighs. She let out a soft moan as she felt her heart pounding. Then their lips parted.

“I can’t wait to see you again,” she whispered in his ear.

Then she got out the car and strode towards the gates of the school, and into work.

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