Lust Letter


it sucks you’re working so hard today.

i woke up not two hours after dozing off, naked, tangled in the covers, hot. so early.. dammit, and what else to do but try to sleep again, even if only a little? i have to work again tonight.

my skin felt feverish.. the ceiling fan hadn’t been on, i’d forgotten it.. the heat here is heavy, muggy, a little sweat beaded up on the back of my neck, across my back, between my tits… i rolled over, embracing the pillow, baring my back and part of one leg to the air, and dozed fitfully, dreaming of you.

my brain shifted slowly, lazily, from one scene to the next:

meeting you at the airport, so scared, god, and you, so gentle, so accepting maslak escort of the nerves i tried to hide, so surprised when i couldn’t wait anymore and took you between my lips under the sun and wind… ( i wanted to kiss you full on the mouth this last time, to slide my hand across your dick, to feel you under my fingertips, but i’m such a shy girl sometimes)

later the same day, looking into your eyes, your cock sliding in and out of me as we melted into each other, getting to know us.. the heat, there in the semi-dark, and the realization that i wouldn’t ever be the same person again, not really, and you felt so good inside me i never wanted it to sarıyer escort be over, but i wanted you to cum deep in me, hard, and you did… again, and again

all the times you’ve just flipped me over and taken what you wanted, so sure of yourself, never mean, just confident i’ll let you fuck me (and i always do)

being under the water with you on more than one occasion, all blurring into a single composite episode of lust and steam and grins and moans and you taking me from behind, slamming into me so hard my feet left the floor of the tub, rubbing just the right places inside my cunt, please don’t stop, please…your hand wrapping itself in beyoğlu escort my hair, on my hips, on my shoulders, and you came so hard

you, sliding into my throat, fucking my mouth, watching me being fucked relentlessly, the sweet frustration when you started to cum and pulled out to explode on my tits, so hot, so you… i couldn’t decide if i’d rather have had you there or down my throat, and oh, you always taste wonderful, i love licking you off my fingers…

and you behind me, asking if it’s okay and me saying yes, oh yes, oh please… you fucked my ass so expertly, not too hard but ohhhh, goddd, i never felt anything like it before, and i had to stop sooner than i wanted….but in my hazy half-dream you just kept going until i screamed and shuddered and

and riding you, hands on your shoulders, feeling every inch of you rocking inside me.. mmmmmm

i woke, again, panting, my pussy contracting in great waves, coming hard, hot and wet against my drowsy fingertips and thoughts of you

love, me

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