Lunch Visit


Lately my husband Ron’s job had taken him away from my life and I was feeling very lonely. I had thought about meeting Ron for lunch in his office for quite some time now, but didn’t know if he would be too busy for me and what I had planned. As an investment banker, Ron worked long and late hours, and most recently had been working even longer and later hours. After 20 years of marriage I knew I had nothing to fear from another woman, but Ron had always been dedicated to his job. His occupation had given me everything a woman could want in her life; a beautiful home, new cars, fashionable clothes, and 2 wonderful children. But both of our kids have grown and gone off to college, and I was feeling lonely and very under appreciated.

At 43 years of age, I was in what I considered the prime of my life. I was a pretty damn hot woman, with thick, shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, and sparkling green eyes. My large D-cup breasts had begun to sag a little as is with the natural course of nature, but to my surprise, they still looked soft, firm, and ripe. On the advice of a friend, I had begun shaving my pussy and the few times that Ron and I had sex after that were incredible. I had never had more energy then I did at this point in my life, and frankly, I was feeling horny most of the time. But, with Ron working and coming home after 14 hour days, he was in no mood for some hot sex. So, I was content to use my fingers and my dildo on my sorely needy pussy.

However, today was a different story. I had awakened a little after Ron had left for work and my body was tingling all over. Ron and I hadn’t had sex in over 3 weeks, and the way my pussy was feeling right now, I realized that my fingers weren’t going to do the trick. I made a firm decision to finally call Ron up at work and ask him to clear his afternoon schedule for some lunch time with me.

I called him a little after 10 in the morning, asking that he let me bring him some lunch to his office and we could spend some time together. Ron was very curious as to why in all of our 20 years of marriage I decided now to travel into the city and meet him for lunch, but I just insisted that it would be worth his time and quickly Tokat Escort hung up the phone. Ron didn’t know that I was going to make this first lunch together something to remember by fucking his brains out in his office.

I dressed in a short black dress that clung provocatively to my body. The dress was low-cut, showing off a great deal of my tits and cleavage, which I knew Ron loved. It was also dangerously short, barely covering my ass. I decided to not wear any underwear, since I knew it would merely get in the way. I drove the 45 minutes into the city and parked in the garage of Ron’s office building.

Taking the elevator to the 50th floor, I entered the main office, receiving quite a few stares from the people milling about their business. With a purposeful stride, I marched straight to Ron’s corner office, giving his secretary a sly grin as she buzzed me in.

Ron was seated behind his large oaken desk, his jacket hung on the back of the leather chair, his tie loosened around his neck. Ron was busy reading some giant banker’s tome and hadn’t looked up yet.

“Hi Kalie,” he said. “What did you bring for lunch honey?”

Locking the door behind me, I cleared my throat to get his attention. As Ron looked up, I pulled the dress up over my head and tossed it onto his desk. “This is lunch today dear,” I smiled, my hands running along my large tits, tweaking my hard nipples.

I saw Ron’s eyes light up with a burning desire that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, as he moved from behind his desk and walked towards me. I could see the hard bulge in his pants already, and walked towards him, pushing back onto the edge of his desk. I pressed my naked body against him and kissed him forcibly, shoving my tongue deep into his mouth. I let my hands move to his belt, slowly undoing it, pulling his pants down around his ankles and setting his throbbing cock free.

I took his hard member in my hands, slowly stroking it while we continued kissing. His hands had moved to my cup my ass, squeezing it hard, pulling my crotch against his, as my hands continued to jerk him off. I broke our kiss and quickly sunk to my knees, not letting him react at all, taking Tokat Escort Bayan his cock into my mouth.

“Ohhh,” Ron moaned, as he felt my hot, wet mouth engulf his cock. Ron had always loved my blowjobs, and I knew how to tease him and how to get him excited. But, today was not a day for teasing, as my mouth and tongue quickly went to work on his cock.

I took him deep into my mouth on the first try, letting his cock slip into my throat, burying my nose in his pubic hair. My hand reached over and gently fondled his balls, to Ron’s delight. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I left the head inside, the tip of my tongue licking it like a lollipop. I could taste the sweet pre-cum his cock was producing.

I pulled my husband’s cock from my mouth and looked up at him with green eyes burning for sex. “Do you want to fuck me Ron? Want to fuck my pussy with this hard cock of yours?” I asked, my hands slowing stroking the length of him.

“Yeah Kalie,” Ron moaned through half lidded eyes. “I want to fuck you so hard you’re gonna scream for me to stop.”

“Yessss,” I moaned and crawled on my hands and knees over to the leather couch in his office. I raised my body up onto the couch and bent forward, closing my eyes in pleasure as I felt the cold leather press against my tits.

I felt Ron walk up behind me, his strong hands grabbing my ass. I could feel his cock, wet with pre-cum, press against my swollen lips and then move slowly, seductively inside my wet pussy.

“Oh God yeahhh,” I groaned, as Ron pushed his entire 9″ cock into my pussy. At first Ron moved slowly, with long deliberate strokes. We moaned softly together, my hands reaching down to my tits, pinching my hardened nipples. Then I felt Ron’s hands tightened their grip around my waist, and his cock started to move faster and faster against my pussy.

“Oh yes Kalie, you beautiful bitch,” Ron cried, his balls slapping my pussy in his wild sexual movements. “Oh yesss, your pussy is sooo good baby,’ Ron continued.

I reached my hand down between my legs and quickly found my hard clit, rubbing it as my husband fucked me hard from behind. “Oh yesss Ron, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Escort Tokat I moaned, my fingers working furiously at my clit now.

Ron’s thrust became harder, almost violent, in his need to fuck me. His hands reached around and grabbed my tits, roughly fondling them. I could feel his breath on my neck, as his guttural cries of passion mixed with the wet slapping sounds of his cock fucking me.

Suddenly, Ron stopped and pulled out of me. I began to protest, but didn’t have the chance as Ron grabbed me by a handful of hair and pulled me over to his desk. Pushing me down on it, Ron knelt down and started licking my soaked pussy. “Oh shit baby, mmmmm,” I cried at this unexpected pleasure, his tongue darting along my pussy fast and furious. Folding his tongue like a miniature cock, Ron began shoving it inside my pussy, as my fingers entwined around his brown hair, pulling him harder against me.

“Yeah Ron, eat it, eat my pussy, make me cum,” I yelled, my legs wrapping around his head tightly. “Oh yessss, Ron baby, yeahhh, I’m cummmming,” I yelled, as my body tightened and my back arched up off the desk in intense orgasm.

Ron quickly untangled himself from my legs and shoved his cock inside my convulsing pussy, making me cry out in pleasure. As his hands grabbed hold of my large tits, Ron pumped away at me, looking into my eyes like a man possessed.

“Yeah Kalie, you’re my bitch aren’t you?” Ron demanded, his increasing thrusts threatening to push me completely off the other side of the desk.

“Oh yes Ron,” I managed to croak out of my hoarse throat. “I am your slut baby, cum for me, fuck me and cum inside of me.”

Ron closed his eyes and slammed his cock into me once, twice, three times, then I felt his cock begin to spasm and his cum exploded deep within my pussy.

“Ahhhhh yeah,” Ron moaned as his cock filled my pussy with his cum.

Ron lowered himself down to me, kissing me gently, our tongues playing together as his cock began to soften inside my pussy.

“God that was wonderful Kalie,” Ron smiled, kissing my lips lovingly. “I really needed that.”

“You really needed that?” I laughed, my hand pulling his up to cover my tit. “I needed that for the past 3 weeks!”

Ron grinned. “I know, I know and I’m sorry baby. Put let me make it up to you.”

I smiled as I felt Ron’s cock twitch and begin to harden again as I thought of ways for him to make it up to me.

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